Wednesday, August 17, 2005

“The Law of Politics”

A Habeas Corpus has been filed with enough merit to have me released many times over. Do not get your hopes up because you must understand I am suffering at the hands of a political beast not a lawful one. Judge Alsup is not the only political hack. The FBI I’m certain has employed every amoral coward who would sell their soul for a paycheck to put on a robe and gavel in my proceedings. Collectively they are enforcing their public policy to steal from you and enrich themselves through the favors to the bankers. Take courage in the fact that they are focusing all this energy because Dorean has figured out the maze of their deception and fear has appeared. They have enacted their emergency policy of intimidation, which breaks the average man. The pledge of our determination rattles them more than their heavy hand unnerves me. How about you? Will you continue to study, challenge, and stand, against an aggressive minority? I will join you if you do! To be continued


dgwondering said...

Ah, yes. Putting on the cloak of the martyr.

It doesn't fit well.

No longer wondering.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Elmer Fudd, you are wrong on your accusation. I have not signed anyone up for mortgage elimination for Dorean or any other company. So please check your facts before you start throwing out accusations.

down but not out said...

E Fudd.

Did you not read what I posted? I am seeking third party intervention to see if something can be done to help us out of the situation. When that information is available I will pass it along.
BTW I appologize for the name calling and harshness of past posts. If you will show some restraint so will I and maybe we can help everyone out of the situation.
If you want to continue to call me an idiot , a liar, and a cheat, so be it. I will do my part to get some helpful info. What will you do?

Starfish Prime said...


The problem with the 7% as compared to 200% percent argument you mentioned on another thread is that back in the day people used to buy houses only if they put 10-20% down. And the loan is over 30 years..a good part of a lifetime. The only way the bankers would lend money over generations is if they made HUGE profits for it. Getting $7,000 over 30 years just isn't worth it for the bankers; especially in todays money.. So what rate is a "FAIR" rate for a 30 year loan??.. thoughts anyone?

Gforce said...

Kurt---Those of us who know TRUTH and have chosen to do battle with you, have extremely high expectations and hopes for our soon to be manifested victory. I,for one, knew the outcome of the battle before I entered it. I ALWAYS play to win. "He(the uncompromising righteous) will have NO FEAR of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is secure, he will have NO FEAR; In the end he will look in TRIUMPH on his foes....the desires of the wicked will COME TO NOTHING."---Ps.112:7,8,10---VICTORY!!!!

neodemes said...

>>the desires of the wicked will COME TO NOTHING

Nothing except some jail time and the loss of a lot of houses.

Live and learn.

Dorean Victims Unite

Malachi's Hope said...

I am for you Kurt! Thank you for encouraging us to keep learning. We are here because of the decades of the "lies in lending" practices. The "lies in lending". Kurt and Scott are revealing the "truth in lending". Thank you Kurt and Scott, thank you for your sacrifices. The continued monitizing of borrowers loans is corrupt unless the lender reveals how they are going to use the borrowers signature, it is right to have this disclosed. Can we agree that with this disclose to the borrowers many borrowers would let the banks use the their signatures to monitize their loan in exchange for their payments or other compensations. Everyone wins. The lender is making money by using the borrowers signature and the lender compensates the borrowers by paying their loan... Win, win, win. Right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong. Right will be right even if no one does it and wrong will always be wrong even is everyone is doing it. Fraudulent acts are still fraudulent. Can't we work together for the good of all. If Kurt and Scott hadn't opened this can of worms it would still be wrong.

Eliot51657 said...

For all of those in dire straits caused by the deceitful and fraudulent actions of TDG, the most beneficial action you can take at this point is to contact the Loss Mitigation Department at your mortgage company. You have undoubtedly received numerous letters listing just how to do this. I know that you all were hoping for some “magic pill” as espoused by TDG, but the only sure way to save your home is to either repay the arrearage amount in full, or make some arrangement to do so. That arrangement is called a Loss Mitigation plan.

Despite what you have been spoon fed by the thieves at TDG, or may even believe, you really were loaned money for your home and that must be repaid. While it sounds great to possibly receive something for nothing, do you really believe that someone was just going to give you your home?

If you really want to keep your home, quit looking for some “magic pill” and own up to the fact that you did borrow the money and begin to figure out a way to repay that amount to the mutual satisfaction of all involved.

imbigo said...




you will know them by their fruit said...

Wow did this blog backfire!

May God be will all of you who are in such terrible circumstances. Amazing and horrible stories at the same time.

I think it would be healing in nature if even others could share their story.

God Bless

WillToFight said...

Neodemeneousassfacelift, dogfacewondering & blowfishprime

Have nothingelse to do but hang out here attempting to cause distraction, dirversion from what we know to be true.

Many have no fear here, and if so would not tell you!

Your leaches, liars, losers. Soon you will see that this process only went through growing pains.

We are here to stay. We will make change for the better.

Again I say, it is a shame that likes of all of you should benefit from our hard work!

The Good Fight

tcob247 said...

hey willtofight....
What do you say to this guy?

Watergod said...
I can appreciate what you are trying to accomplish...but the fact is there are a lot of damaged lives. My wife of 7 years just filed for divorce as our entire financial life has been destroyed. She trusted me because I trusted you. We lost our 2 homes...and $600,000 in equity. Now it looks like I am also going to lose the love of my life as well. (And NO there weren't any other problems in our marriage before TDG. Best friends for 10 years. But destroying everything we worked for was just too much for her. Look it up. #1 reason people divorce...FINANCES)

It seems this whole system being sold WASN'T proven at all. It was an educated guess...gambling with other people's assets. Now I hear there is a new direction for TDG. Good for you. But just because McDonalds was a HUGE success...doesn't mean you can open your own burger joint and expect to have the same results. The fact is you are all flying by the seat of your pants grasping at vines in the jungle and all the while justifying the casualties along the way.

People who have passed through to the other side...and returned (Near Death Experiences) report that they were forced to experience EVERYTHING they put other people through...down to the last emotion and pain. Pray this isn't true...because I doubt you could handle the pain of what you have put countless families through. I have lost everything...and don't think the idea of ending my life hasn't crossed my mind...over and over again. I could handle losing the houses...but now TDG has reached out and destroyed the most important part of my life.

I feel like the biggest sucker in the world.

Great you decided to fight the good fight.

Shame on you for using other peoples lives as the means to make your Whistle.

what would happen if..... said...

what would happen if....

one just stops making paymenst and lets the bank come after them???

if one cannot refinance because at best the title is unclear and no title company would touch it, then this would apply to the bank as well.

they cannot effectively foreclose and auction off a property to which they cannot obtain a clear title as no one would touch it.

so, one gets to stop making payments, until this mess is resolved one way or the other. when the bank comes to foreclose, tell them to take a hike. ask under which law are they going to foreclose and tell them how are they going to take ownership with an unclear title. tell them you'll give them $100 for it and to stop wasting their time and go back to their cubicles and twiddle their thumbs.....LOL

So, what would happen??


tcob247 said...

you would lose your house

tcob247 said...

Hey Will to fight.....
What do you say to this lady???

connielee said...
What kind of courage is needed when you are about to have your house sold and there is no one from Dorean able to appear in the court? Some of you may not care and can keep up the fight
but we like to be able to sleep at night. There has been no peace in this home for a year and lots of ugly hateful bank letters and grief. We tried to make payments and it was like forcing spinach down the throat of a baby who hates spinach. The bank would not negotiate the payments with the note on the back. So we tried to pay without the note and still to no avail. We have always defended, supported you and still cheer for you. But now we have to do what the attorney says before we are fed to the wolves. We have over $100,000 equity at stake. We have paid over $20,000 in bank and attorney fees, not to mention the money spent on this program and effects of a negative credit report.
We still feel we should rightly be compensated with the "administrative judgements" regardless of what actions we must take for reinstatement favor for virtually fighting on our own in the cause for over a year to no avail. We feel distressed and disappointed by your note today. Are you not going to reward any of us since we just have to "quit claim" to have any defense at all in the court. And we do hope we can at least have the "quit claim" done. That is a simple procedure that may prevent the foreclosure and reinstate the loan for us. Do not admonish your faithful servants, your most precious clients who have become pawns it this game to fulfil an agenda. I want to be positive in attitude but if the judges say " "so you got a house and you were compensated???"....what will be your new endeavor in the missing note project????

2:08 PM

Judge Roy Bean said...

Swallow your pride, admit you were taken in by a too-good-to-be-true scheme and take the legal steps to put the title and deed back the way it was before you fell into the trap.

Starfish Prime said...


You seem to be confused as to how predatory lending is different from mortgage elimination.

Starfish Prime said...

There is, however, a legal method that has case law to
support a method that is being recognized by the
courts. I am talking about the Truth in Lending Act,
the Real Estate and Settlement Procedures Act, Usury
Laws, etc. I found that there is actually a legal
alternative to stop predatory lending that lenders are
practicing on a daily basis. Trouble is, the banks and
mortgage companies have most lawyers and attorneys
that know TILA, RESPA, FDCPA, etc., to represent them.
Two lawyers around where I live bluntly put it that
they represent “several mortgage companies” and would
not be able to take my case because of a conflict of
interest. It is almost impossible to find attorneys
that represent the CONSUMER to hold the banks
accountable to the Consumer Protection Laws that
Congress has passed. There is a group of paralegals
and attorneys that do nothing but specialize in TILA,
RESPA, and other important consumer protection laws
passed by Congress.

After my mortgage documents were reviewed by the
paralegal, it became obvious that I had multiple
violations of RESPA in particular. The most important
aspect of my case would deal directly with disclosures
(or lack thereof) located on my HUD-1 Settlement
Statement for both of my mortgages. On line 812 of my
HUD, I see that there was a compensation to broker POC
(yield-spread premium) in the amount of $1,604.91 on
the first mortgage and $408.12 POC to broker by lender
on the second mortgage. The amounts are not
(purposefully) disclosed on either line dedicated to
where money was paid from borrowers or sellers funds.
Instead the fees are located in the description line.
This is done because the banks want to increase your
interest rate and fail to disclose that you had an
opportunity to quality for a lower rate but instead
they finance the YSP which costs the borrower


What I propose is to
first have you call to put any questions you may have
at ease by calling Ken DeLashmutt at Phone:
401-349-4717 EST email: and website:

Eliot51657 said...


Oh do not worry, I have plenty of education on this subject. The strange thing is though, I cannot find a single instance of a successful mortgage elimination by TDG. Before you rail on me, what I define as successful is one in which all parties agree that a mortgage no longer exists. I do not count those cases where TDG has duped another lender into a refi based upon a fraudulent release of mortgage. Just show me one case where all litigation is over and the homeowner has free and clear title to their home.

Before you respond with a statment that "there have been thousands", just give me one. The name of the homeowner and address will suffice.

tcob247 said...

eliot.....You will not get one. There are none. All they will say is it is in progress and we will see in the end.
In the meantime you have thousands of people who are facing foreclosure or who have lost their homes (Quit Claimed to Kurt)
People who are still making payments on their "free and clear" mortgages.
I know people who were urged by their CCR broker to go out and get the maximum eguity loan possible before they entered the process. That way they could get cash and then eliminate. This fine fellow chaged them 10% of the loan they took out.
Lots of crooks out there,not just Kurt,Scott and Farrel.

imbigo said...

To Be Continued.....

BIG "O" 1+1+1=1

WillToFight said...

What thousands are in foreclosure status?

I say to you TACO, what was the condition of these folks coming into the process?

Many were already in negative financial conditions before coming in. They lied about there conditions and then expected Dorean to fix what was already broke. It said this process could take up to 12 months.

Many people counted chichens before they hatched.

I have the utmost sympathy for anyone in forclosure status or just problems with making ends meet.

I blame somthing much larger than Dorean for those issues.

Certainly the banks are not attempting to help these people?

Are you one of those that counted chickens before they hatched??

Are you in this process TACO or only attempting to keep the status quo.

Keep people dumbed down.

This is a greater fight my friend! Change must be made for you and your and mine and theirs. We could all be slaves in this matrix of greed and destruction. I choose to go down fighting!

If I chose to spill out! I just might be in as much a serious conditions as anyone cring on this sight.

I CHOSE TO FIGHT. Not against the whistleblower!

Knowledge=experience tells me that I must fight!

No comment BLOWFISHPRIME except, I am certainly confused to the greedy elite enemy that must be stopped. Are you one of those along with JRB?

Malachi's Hope said...

Thank you Kurt for your post! Thank you for reminding us of the vision. "lies in lending vs. truth in lending". This is a battle that medals, ribbons and honors are given for participation! Boo's and hisses are hurled by the ignorant who side with the fraudulent lenders as they keep up the "lies in lending" acts, stealing the wealth of our nation. Please continue to fight for fair lending practices. I am for you Kurt! Thank you for encouraging us to keep learning. We are here because of the decades of the "lies in lending" practices. The "lies in lending". Kurt and Scott are revealing the "truth in lending". Thank you Kurt and Scott, thank you for your sacrifices. The continued monitizing of borrowers loans is corrupt unless the lender reveals how they are going to use the borrowers signature. It is "right" to have this disclosed and "wrong" when it isn't disclosed. Can we agree that with this disclosed to the borrowers, many borrowers, would let the lenders use the their signatures to monitize their loans in exchange for the borrowers payments made in full or other compensations. Everyone wins. The lender is making money by using the borrowers signature and the lenders are compensating the borrowers by paying their loans in full... Win, win, win. Right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong. Right will be right even if no one does it and wrong will always be wrong even is everyone is doing it. Fraudulent acts are still fraudulent. Can't we work together for the good of all. If Kurt and Scott hadn't opened this can of worms it would still be wrong. Let's keep learning and win for our children and our children's children. Victory for truth in lending practices! Why not self liquidating loans???

Starfish Prime said...


Cut the paranoia please..really. I see alot of DG clients thinking that people affiliated with the financial elite would actually waste their time posting on this blog. I do not believe any government plant or "elitist" has EVER posted on this blog.

Plus, why would I point people to a legal remedy to prevent DG clients' house(es) being taken by the bankers that I have openly critisized.

Hmmm...paranoid willtofight..hope you won't be camped out on the street corner soon.


tcob247 said...

willto fight
My name is not taco
Yes I am in the process
No I did not count my chickens before they were hatched.
My mistake was believing the lies Dorean and CCR put out about the process
Should have done more DD and waited longer before I got in
No need to call names
There are a lot of people huting out there because of this process

Elmer Fudd said...

E Fudd.

Did you not read what I posted? I am seeking third party intervention to see if something can be done to help us out of the situation. When that information is available I will pass it along.
BTW I appologize for the name calling and harshness of past posts. If you will show some restraint so will I and maybe we can help everyone out of the situation.
If you want to continue to call me an idiot , a liar, and a cheat, so be it. I will do my part to get some helpful info. What will you do?

What will i do? Meaning did i take their money? NO! Why should i do anything? Dorean Should be doing something am i correct? If i could do anything to help them i would trust me, But maybe since Dr Fred and farrel are the next in line why don't they answer these phone calls and help connie and the other gentlemen? No offense i don't spout out names until someone else does so my apologies also.

TwinGift94 said...

Food for thought…..

The DG and their clients are in a war. Battle lines are drawn and each side is basically beating their chests. We’re right (FBI/Courts) and your (DG) crazy wrong. All this is just posturing and intended to verbally assault and demoralize both DG and their clients. Does anyone here know what it takes to win this war. This effort will involve individual defeats on both sides but the bottom line is; Who will win the war. I have personally undertaken so far a 2 year odyssey in various courts of law & state regulatory agencies accusing the banks, mortgage brokers and other related parties of various crimes and violations of TILA, HOEPA, RESPA and other disclosure requirements when extending mortgage loans. It is a very time consuming and emotionally draining process with many ups and downs. The lawyers for their side say I’m crazy and that I have no basis for my claims and try to intimidate me into giving up; which I have almost done a couple of times. I believe I am right and have every right to contest their actions. The courts after almost 2 years now say I am right and the other parties are wrong. WOW what a surprise that they now want to settle and have me sign a confidentiality agreement to not discuss my case with others.

My point is this……I believe that Kurt and Scott will deliver on their promise. That was/is to battle the establishment on our behalf and expose the same kind of fraud that does exist. We all know it exists but who is willing to fight? Face imprisonment? Face intimidation? Face divorce? Face financial ruin? to bring these issues front and center. Anyone? I don’t see anyone running to the front of the line. So let this play out and see what happens and don’t let your own financial situation get in the way. I certainly did not get into this process expecting the DG to wave a magic wand to save everyone when they themselves stopped or where unable to make their mortgage payments. Just because you were in a financial bad way should not have given you the green light to sign up with Dorean. This legal fight is far from over and everyone should just relax and keep the faith.

Eliot51657 said...

What would Happen if,

You seem to think that if you screw up title to your home this would somehow affect the lenders position. What you fail to grasp, is the concept of foreclosure. The purpose of the foreclsure is to grant the lender, or eventual purchaser, clear title to the property. Screw up the title all you want, it will be "cleaned up" in the foreclosure process.

They_and_or_Them said...

Always remember:
1. Blame "Them" for everything bad that happens to you.
2. "They" did it, and "They" should be punished, I didn't do anything wrong, I'm just a victim.
3. I didn't take any of the funds from the 2nd mortgage, or I didn't get the chance to take the money from the second mortage, or I wouldn't have taken the money from the second mortage.
4. Eliminating the original fraudent note was a noble thing but once done, if you participated in any further acts or if you agreed to participate, That is the point at which "You" became part of the problem and not part of the elimination of a fraudent debt and the correction of the system by which the original deciept was done.

Remember that "They" said wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it.

If you need someone to blame,and it will make you feel any better then blame me, afterall my name is "They_and_or Them" and I'll take the blame.

southernspoken said...

And God said, " May all of your doings and your harsh words return to your bosom."

Just want out said...

All the Dorean supporters are all fucking WACKOS!!!! You guys have no clue how they tricked you, you stupid assholes, and are still messing with your heads. Dont be a conspiracy theory loving bunch of fucking nerds! The guy was in jail before... are'nt you guys a bunch of nieve fools thinking you can get somthing for free...?

Tony Tuba said...

Just Want Out, it's a little difficult to take you seriously when you have a severe case of pody mouth.

Tulsa John said...

It amazes me how many scared lying bankers and other mole possers there are posting to this blog.

they are like politicians, avoid the issue,especially if it's true. accuse accuse accuse... of what? Oh anything... as long as proof isn't needed.

Dang where is my promissory note Mr. Banker?

Mr. Banker, I am confused... the UCC code says that anything added to my note after the fact is fraud.. why won't you let me see for myself?

Oh you mean that is your note now, its not mine? Ok if it's your note, you pay the mortgage...?

Your honor, I am confused.. who is this banker.. I have no contract with him... why is this servicers here, I don't have a contract with him?

Oh well, truth don't matter if you got the guns and a good lier on your team...

A little more Alice and the looking glass... hmmm

Gforce said...

"There are a lot of people hurting out there because of this(TDG) process."--------What a brainless, uneducated, selfish, and emotional statement that is. What about the hundreds of thousands of families that have been forclosed upon since the greedy, lying bankers initiated THEIR process in the early 1900's. What about all the families that split up during the Great Depression---parents giving their kids away so that they would not starve to death. Mothers leaving their babies on other peoples' doorsteps never to see their child again. Fathers working thousands of miles away from their families for pennies a day. "Come now you rich people, weep aloud and lament over the miseries that are SURELY coming upon you."James5:1 ----Scott and Kurt--Our VICTORY is sure!!!

imbigo said...


For those of you who REALLY care, I saw Kurt today with my OWN eyes (all four of them) and he looks great. Continue to send up prayers to OUR Heavenly Father for his strenth.

GOD is Good ALL the Time!!! 1+1+1=1


WillToFight said...

TACO you have no faith. No spine. How could you be hurting. Couldn't you keep up with your payments.

How is it that you are in forclosure?

BlowFishPrime the elite don't have to post here. They have flunky's like you believing every word they say instead of studing for yourself.

The paranoia is on your end BlowFish. One honest peak at history on your part, might allow you to see what I might be talking about.

But your soooo programmed, nothing would help you except you siting on that corner homeless yourself!

There has never been positive change anywhere unless the people proleterate decides they will not take anymore.

Don't you see this is what we are doing here.

When this change is made of our banking and financial system. You will be the first in line to receive you piece.

Although you scaughed at those initially attempting to make that change that you will obviously enjoy.

Call me what you like. I will welcome you later. Maybe?

Starfish Prime said...


What have I ever said and posted that supports the BIG BANKERS?? You are a retarded redneck I do believe. That's the only way you could read my posts and come to that conclusion.

First in line to buy the DVD?? I am not a client and already have m finances in order. No thanks Jack.

Believing every word the bankers told me??? No, sir YOU are paranoid you little shit.

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