Tuesday, August 09, 2005

“New Plan”

I have prayerfully considered our current business path and the problems we are having taking care of our current clients. I believe it is best for us to suspend taking on new clients even though the (TRO) remains temporary. Perhaps this would be for as long as the next 60 days. We shall use this time to get a better grasp on our promise and should have completed the great thing we have spoken of. There is still much work to do and now my remaining staff can focus on solving problems. For those of you waiting to participate please tolerate the delay. I will make our process stronger and more seamless in the mean time. This will also allow us to get the tactical advantage over our enemies. You will begin to hear many bizarre events and see the end of the real story behind The Dorean Group. Up to this point has been the warm up. I will explain the events as they unfold. I can tell you that August first was a pivotal date. To be continued…


Elmer Fudd said...

The man with the plan to stick it up his clients Cans...Lmao

truthtooth said...

OOOOOOH! He is so mysterious. I know that he has all of the answers.

August 1 was pivotal....wow I can not wait to see how pivotal it was. It was a pivotal foreclosure day for some.

Put the guy in jail and he still believes that he can carry on his scam.

truthtooth said...

What is this guy a fortune cookie?

dgwondering said...

Since they don't have internet access in the jails who can anyone believe what is put here supposedly from Scott or Kurt? It could be anyone.

WillToFight said...

Obviously you people have nothing else to do, but wait around for a new post.

You guys are not brave, but only chumps. Why would he say anything that could be used against our process.

You spys, you moles! Who's going to help you when your the last one left. You'll have no one to turn too.

You help the greedy power elite to stop us from doing the right thing! for people

Believing that this current systems is the best and only. You programed, you blinded by a material ideology that is doomed to failure.

I Just hope your there to enjoy the fall!

Your boring! Go fight against "Reverse Mortgages" or "Payday Loans!"

If the so-called judiciary systems is not recognizing the legal ability for Dorean to do it job, then the problem is not Dorean, but our ass kissing judicial system.

Gforce said...

Thanks for the update,Kurt. I know of many who are eager and patiently waiting to get their properties back from the deciever and thief who is satan(ALL things are spiritual).---We are standing strong in our faith and not wavering."...for one who wavers(hesitates,doubts) is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown and tossed by the wind. Truly, let not such a person imagine that he will recieve anything he asks for from the Lord. For he is a man of two minds(hesitating, dubious, irresolute). he is UNSTABLE and UNRELIABLE and UNCERTAIN about EVERYTHING he thinks, feels, and decides."James 1:6-8

diggs said...

Funny is if this is a big scam, Why don't you see any of this on 20/20 or Fox News "HUSH HUSH" maybe? I was alwayls very weary of certain things but hey if you do your homework which i've been, think you will all see the light!

diggs said...

Prayers are with you Kurt and Scott. Keep up the good work and i know in the long run alot of people will be helped.

truthtooth said...


Your process? Then you are either a crook who is in on it or a fool that will get screwed by it.

We will pay when we are the last. We will pay our mortgages and keep our homes. You will follow these clowns to your doom.

truthtooth said...


Every scam does not have to be on 20/20.

A lot of people will be screwed by this not helped.

~~The Swami~~~ said...
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diggs said...

The Swami said...
If the "Stained Undie Bandits"(Bruce Macomber and His Butt Slammin Buddies) want a crusade to win.........I have the crusade for you. Ignore all of us here for a real challenge. Push the right buttons, and spread the right message to get my $2.50 a gallon gas reduced to where it was a year ago! This overpriced gas costs EVERYONE money and jobs - not just the misguided few of us Dorean clients. Take a real task challenge!! Find out why and how Rajhi Raghead can now charge twice what he did a year ago for oil! Did the cost to produce the oil double? NO! Was the supply cut in half? NO! There is your SCAM to expose! Pursue the answers to this scam and fix the problem and the Nobel Prize is your next stop! Jump on that Grasshopper!

Woof Woof You go brother...Tell em like it is.

WillToFight said...

I have no more time for you badbreath. Your one of those that has probably never fought for anything!

Again leave this site. Call congress asked them why they allowed United Airlines to back out on so many retirment funds at the peril of all those employees.

Ask why the employees of Enron are not being paid back.

Your a chump Badbreath!
Your one of those that stands around talking much crap you can not back up! As soon as who you consider (with you program self) are the right type people to be involved you'd be there acting like you knew we where right all along.

You will not be able to pay you mortgage anyone badbreath once the Feds pull or stick a pin in the mortgage bubble!

no more time for you chump!

Ace said...

diggs is right. When the fed pops the bubble and the real estate market crashes a lot of people with big mortgages are going to be instantly screwed. You will owe a half million dollars on a piece of property worth a hundred grand. The banks will own the country then.

Starfish Prime said...

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.


diggs said...

Ace said...
diggs is right. When the fed pops the bubble and the real estate market crashes a lot of people with big mortgages are going to be instantly screwed. You will owe a half million dollars on a piece of property worth a hundred grand. The banks will own the country then.

Actually that was swami's post :) But he covered it very well i might say. All the resistence you see on here could be feds or bankers friends trying to discourage you from taking the big step. Listen and do your homework people and come to your own conclusion..

Starfish Prime said...

Anybody see Oliver Stone's film JFK on DVD with the commentary..wow I really began to understand why we live in an invisible dictatorship. We can dissent but only to a certain extent. Our first amendment right to petition our government for redress of greivances is completely denied.

Can anyone not see how the Justice Department is corrupt and should be torn down and rebuilt from scratch? The Treasury Department and Revenue Departments need to be restructured.. the FBI and CIA are corrupt.

Warren Commision = 9/11 Commission
(read the latest stories)

Reichstag Fire = 9/11
Blame on communists = Blame terrorists
Reichstag Fire Decree/Enabling Act = US PATRIOT Act

Hitler = Bush

We are afraid of our government.. no man dare utter his true opinions lest they be cast away in jail or worse..

Due process is dead.. Parts of our Constitution are being torn down and we do nothing.. nothing at all..those of us who know there might be something to all of this stay quiet for fear of being called a "quack" or "extremist" or "conspiracy theorist".. not me. Quatloos.com is a prime example of the evil out there.. government's abusive and corrupt judges and cases pointing to an argument being ruled on a certain way does not take into account of what is REALLY legal folks..so I guess it comes down to this. Even if some of those dissenting patriots go down hard for all their efforts it just means that we have lost all of our reliance on the Constitution and fall to tyranny. On a side note..prepare for a US (even if un-provoked) NUCLEAR strike on Iran in the coming months..Iraq is just the beginning.

Starfish Prime said...

"Should we expand government power, or reduce it? This is the fundamental political question of our day, but it’s quickly forgotten by politicians who once promised to stand for smaller government. Most governments, including our own, tend to do what they can get away with rather than what the law allows them to do. All governments seek to increase their power over the people they govern, whether we want to recognize it or not. The Patriot Act is a vivid example of this. Constitutions and laws don’t keep government power in check; only a vigilant populace can do that." - TX Congressman Ron Paul Republican - (Libertarian) www.house.gov/paul/

diggs said...

Wish "WE" could revamped our medical system too. Who's suing who. Doctors charging you just to say hello. It's ludacrious. Just my two cents off the topic sorry folks. :)

Starfish Prime said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Starfish Prime said...

Congress [voted] on a bill to expand the power of the United Nations beyond the dreams of even the most ardent left-wing, one-world globalists. But this time the UN power grabbers aren’t European liberals; they are American neo-conservatives, who plan to use the UN to implement their own brand of world government.

The “United Nations Reform Act of 2005” masquerades as a bill that will cut US dues to the United Nations by 50% if that organization does not complete a list of 39 reforms. On the surface any measure that threatens to cut funding to the United Nations seems very attractive, but do not be fooled: in this case reform “success” will be worse than failure. The problem is in the supposed reforms themselves-- specifically in the policy changes this bill mandates.

The proposed legislation opens the door for the United Nations to routinely become involved in matters that have never been part of its charter. Specifically, the legislation redefines terrorism very broadly for the UN’s official purposes-- and charges it to take action on behalf of both governments and international organizations.

What does this mean? The official adoption of this definition by the United Nations would have the effect of making resistance to any government or any international organization an international crime. It would make any attempt to overthrow a government an international causus belli for UN military action. Until this point a sovereign government retained the legal right to defend against or defeat any rebellion within its own territory. Now any such activity would constitute justification for United Nations action inside that country. This could be whenever any splinter group decides to resist any regime-- regardless of the nature of that regime.

What if this were in place when the Contras were fighting against the Marxist regime in Nicaragua? Or when the Afghan mujahadeen was fighting against the Soviet-installed government in the 1980s? Or during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising? The new message is clear: resistance-- even resistance to the UN itself-- is futile. Why does every incumbent government, no matter how bad, deserve UN military assistance to quell domestic unrest?

This new policy is given teeth by creating a “Peacebuilding Commission,” which will serve as the implementing force for the internationalization of what were formerly internal affairs of sovereign nations. This Commission will bring together UN Security Council members, major donors, major troop contributing countries, appropriate United Nations organizations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund among others. This new commission will create the beginning of a global UN army. It will claim the right to intervene in any conflict anywhere on the globe, bringing the World Bank and the IMF formally into the picture as well. It is a complete new world order, but undertaken with the enthusiastic support of many of those who consider themselves among the most strident UN critics.

Conservatives who have been critical of the UN in the past have enthusiastically embraced this bill and the concept of UN reform. But what is the desired end of “UN reform”? The UN is an organization that was designed to undermine sovereignty and representative government. It is unelected and unaccountable to citizens by its very design. Will UN reform change anything about the fact that its core mission is objectionable? Do honest UN critics really want an expanded UN that functions more “efficiently”?

The real question is whether we should redouble our efforts to save a failed system, or admit its failures-- as this legislation does-- and recognize that the only reasonable option is to cease participation without further costs to the United States in blood, money, and sovereignty. Do not be fooled: it is impossible to be against the United Nations and to support “reform” of the United Nations. The only true reform of the United Nations is for the US to withdraw immediately.
- Ron Paul


tcob247 said...

why dont YOU be the one to stand up to them Stankfishy.
You seem to know all the conspiracy theories.
I believe you are being called to be the next Moses (Kurt) to take a stand.
Wow Bush is evil isn't he?
Kinda makes you want to revoke your citizenship.
To where? Maybe Cuba.

tcob247 said...

do you have an origianl thought or do you just copy and paste all day long from all the wacko sites?

Starfish Prime said...

tcob..go do your homework.

I write to my Congressman every day and am taking part in the Right to Petition Lawsuit..and I support the J.A.I.L. Legislation and do what I can do make certain issues clear to many people I come across.

I certainly support Dorean but am not in a position where I have to possiblity to lose this new house I "bought".

Tcob..keep your head in the sand and you'll do just fine. At least it would keep you quiet.

Starfish Prime said...

The posts are from the House of Representatives of our very own government from Congressman Ron Paul. It is no secret that I paste things but I am in no way accepting the credit for writing it. The point is for those to READ it..let's fight about something more worth while. . Like politics.

Starfish Prime said...

Healthcare Reform...absolutely this is another issue that certainly needs to be addressed. We certainly need to cut down the paperwork and streamline the process to save overhead costs. That alone would save billions...

Starfish Prime said...

Real Estate bubble will burst in 18-24 months.. I guarantee it.

partysecured said...

"If you believe certain words, you believe their hidden arguments. When you believe something is right or wrong, true or false, you believe the assumptions in the words which express the arguments. Such assumptions are often full of holes, but remain most precious to the convinced". Book Three of Dune, page 244.

Starfish Prime said...

Larken Rose's Trial was today..

--Mark W. Everson, Commissioner

Internal Revenue Service

1111 Constitution Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20224

Dear Commissioner Everson,

For someone to determine his federal income tax liability (if any), he must first determine his taxable income. Enclosed are six important questions about how to do that properly, according to the law itself. Though the IRS' stated mission includes helping Americans “understand and meet their tax responsibilities,” the IRS has been very non-responsive—often even insulting and threatening—to those who have asked similar questions in the past. I do not wish to be insulted, threatened, accused, or ignored. Instead, I would like you to please provide me with direct, written answers to the enclosed six questions regarding the proper method for determining one's taxable income. (Citations of law supporting your answers would also be appreciated.) Thank you for your time.

Questions Regarding Determining Taxable Income

1) Should I use the rules found in 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR § 1.861-8 (in addition to any other pertinent sections) to determine my taxable domestic income?

2) If some people should not use those sections to determine their taxable domestic income, please show where the law says who should or should not use those sections for that.

Reasons for first two questions: The regulations at 26 CFR § 1.861-8 begin by stating that Sections 861(b) and 863(a) state in general terms “how to determine taxable income of a taxpayer from sources within the United States” after gross income from the U.S. has been determined. Section 1.861-1(a)(1) confirms that “taxable income from sources within the United States” is to be determined in accordance with the rules of 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR § 1.861-8 (see also 26 CFR §§ 1.862-1(b), 1.863-1(c)). Cross-references under 26 USC § 61, as well as entries in the USC Index under the heading “Income Tax,” also refer to Section 861 regarding income (“gross” and “taxable”) from “sources within U.S.”

3) If a U.S. citizen receives all his income from working within the 50 states, do 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR § 1.861-8 show his income to be taxable?

Reason for question: Section 217 of the Revenue Act of 1921, predecessor of 26 USC § 861 and following, stated that income from the U.S. was taxable for foreigners, and for U.S. corporations and citizens deriving most of their income from federal possessions, but did not say the same about the domestic income of other Americans. The regulations under the 1939 Code (e.g. §§ 29.119-1, 29.119-2, 29.119-9, 29.119-10 (1945)) showed the same thing. The current regulations at 1.861-8 still show income to be taxable only when derived from certain “specific sources and activities,” which still relate only to certain types of international trade (see 26 CFR §§ 1.861-8(a)(1), 1.861-8(a)(4), 1.861-8(f)(1)).

4) Should one use 26 CFR § 1.861-8T(d)(2) to determine whether his “items” of income (e.g. compensation, interest, rents, dividends, etc.) are excluded for federal income tax purposes?

Reason for question: The regulations (26 CFR § 1.861-8(a)(3)) state that a “class of gross income” consists of the “items” of income listed in 26 USC § 61 (e.g. compensation, interest, rents, dividends, etc.). The regulations (26 CFR §§ 1.861-8(b)(1)) then direct the reader to “paragraph (d)(2)” of the section, which provides that such “classes of gross income” may include some income which is excluded for federal income tax purposes.

5) What is the purpose of the list of non-exempt types of income found in 26 CFR § 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii), and why is the income of the average American not on that list?

Reason for question: After defining “exempt income” to mean income which is excluded for federal income tax purposes (26 CFR § 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)), the regulations list types of income which are not exempt (i.e. which are subject to tax), including the domestic income of foreigners, certain foreign income of Americans, income of certain possessions corporations, and income of international and foreign sales corporations; but the list does not include the domestic income of the average American (26 CFR § 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)).

6) What types of income (if any) are not exempted from taxation by any statute, but are nonetheless “excluded by law” (i.e. not subject to the income tax) because they are, under the Constitution, not taxable by the federal government?

Reason for question: Older income tax regulations defining “gross income” and “net income” said that neither income exempted by statute “or fundamental law” were subject to the tax (§ 39.21-1 (1956)), and said that in addition to the types of income exempted by statute, other types of income were excluded because they were, “under the Constitution, not taxable by the Federal Government” (§ 39.22(b)-1 (1956)). (This is also reflected in the current 26 CFR § 1.312-6.)

Starfish Prime said...


Thanks for all that crap.

This one makes more sense. The Courage of Integrity--

The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity... these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.
Poster on the Wall

Tony Tuba said...

"The difference between average and a legend is 9 inches".

John Holmes Sept 17th 1979

~~The Swami~~~ said...

What do you call a good looking girl with Bruce Macomber? His Cousin.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Uh Oh!

Creator of:

The Puerto Rico Scam.

The Bed Wetter Threads.

Antarctic Boy - John 2004.

The Butt Boil Telethon.

Author of "My Left Nut: Can Someone Lend Me A Hand"

The Doctor Dollar Saga.

Neodemes Cleaned My Windshield.

The Coup D'Etat of Propertysites.

The Swami Room.

The Taco Bell Arrest.

Swami Denied Bail.

The Good Sh*t Lawsuit.

Is my next gag already in the works? Stay Tuned.........

~~The Swami~~~ said...

S chizophrenia
W ill
A lways
M islead
I nsanity

Starfish Prime said...

Even before the Federal Reserve announced its tenth recent increase in interest rates Tuesday, key financial players already knew that the housing bust had arrived.

Home prices continue to rise, and new building is frenetic - but that's typical of the last gasps of a bubble. At the same time, those on the inside at major home-building companies are selling shares of their companies' stock - and at a brisk pace.

Do they sense that the housing bubble is about to burst?

We think they know better than most.

For the first half of this year, executives at home-building companies - those with market caps exceeding $500 million - sold off a total of $671 million worth of stock, compared to $189 million for the same period last year, according to Forbes magazine.

Robert and Bruce Toll, co-founders of Pennsylvania-based builder Toll Brothers, have unloaded $441 million worth of stock since last November. And this year, execs at home-building firm NVR have sold $125.4 million worth of stock - more than double the $54.3 million they unloaded in the first half of 2004.

Hovnanian Enterprises executives have dumped $39.5 million in stock this year, after selling just $900,000 worth in the same period for 2004, while Lennar execs have cashed out for $32.5 million -- eight times the total sell-off from the first six months of last year.

Forbes reports: "Makes you wonder if there's anything to the Fed chairman's repeated mumblings about ?froth' in the housing market."

Our guess is that if the insiders knew their stock would continue to rise and the real estate run-up would continue, they wouldn't be unloading their shares in such massive amounts.

Clearly, higher rates will drive the "froth" out of the market. The Fed Fund rate is now up to 3.5% - at its highest level in almost four years.

The Fed move Tuesday was sure to be followed by an announcement from commercial banks that they were increasing their prime rate - the benchmark for millions of consumer and business loans - by a similar quarter-point.

That would put the prime at 6.5%, its highest point in four years.

The Fed has raised interest rates at every one of its meetings going back to June 2004, when the Fed Fund rate (the interest that banks charge each other) stood at a 46-year low of 1%.

As MoneyNews reported Tuesday, Greenspan is acting to raise long-term interest rates to stop the housing bubble. For months, long-term rates actually decreased. But that trend has been changing.

The Fed's desire to further increase rates will force long-term and mortgage rates up.

And that will kill the U.S. housing market.

Be prepared.

--MoneyNews from NewsMax.com

Starfish Prime said...

I am going to make one of my famous and usually correct predictions: the elections of November of 2006 will be a congressional Republican bloodbath, and if good people don’t step up to the plate right away, we will be saddled with a liberal Democratic majority that will impose draconian, Socialist laws and other typical liberal misdeeds unprecedented in the history of this nation.
The final nail just pounded into the Republican coffin was the narrow passage of CAFTA, the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Like the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban that resulted in a similar political bloodbath for the Democrats in 1994, the overwhelming sentiment of the people of this nation has turned against anything even resembling a free trade agreement.

Just last evening, before the midnight passage of CAFTA, CNN’s Lou Dobbs ran a poll asking if CAFTA should be passed or rejected. Something like 94% of respondents overwhelmingly wanted the agreement rejected. That was a significant warning sign the Republicans should have acted on, but they totally blew it. It is now too late for them, and many of them will be thrown out of office for it.

You may recall that a number of smart, liberal RINO’s, that is, Republicans In Name Only, saw the 1994 Democrat massacre coming and ran against Democrats who supported Clinton’s gun ban. Well, we have to do the same thing in 2006 or we’ll be very sorry.

Within the next two days I intend to drop by the Jackson County Clerk’s office in Medford, Oregon and register as a Democrat. I am very seriously considering running against Republican Representative Greg Walden, who was one of the traitors who voted to inflict yet another free trade agreement on his constituents last evening.

My gorgeous Hispanic wife is dead-set against it. She knows how dirty politics can be, and to tell you the truth, if I do this, I’m going to do it holding my nose.

I may not be elect-able anyway. After all, I am the Liaison Officer for the Southern Oregon Militia, which my opponent will try to use as a blunt instrument against me. Of course, the SOM has done absolutely no wrong, and has been instrumental in exposing local corruption, including a Jackson County Airport Director for using county employees to do work at his home on county time, three Jackson County building inspectors for conflict of interest and a Klamath Falls area judge we caught dipping into his court’s bail bond trust account for personal use. But just watch: I’ll be damned by the Militia moniker anyway.

I have absolutely no criminal record of any kind, and maybe one speeding violation, but I am estranged from my mother and two sons for reasons having nothing to do with my willingness and ability to hold public office. It doesn’t matter, because desperate politicians will stoop to any level to retain power, and my personal family matters will definitely be used in an effort to tarnish my character.

On the other hand, my wife and I have been married almost 27 years, I don’t commit adultery, we have perfect credit and own everything we live in and possess outright. We have no credit card debt except one for around $6,000.00 that carries 0% interest. If and when the credit card company starts to charge interest, I’ll pay it off, but hey, I’m not stupid! If I can use their money for free, I’ll do it.

I am obviously a fiscal conservative, which the “new” Republicans definitely are not anymore. I am self-employed and disabled from a severe back problem, but at least I know how to run a successful insurance business. I am categorically against sending our military into war that is not declared and where no true threat to our national security exists. I am 56 years old, a product of the Vietnam War era, and I learned from it. You don’t dishonor the deaths of 58,000 American kids who died fighting Communism, by establishing full diplomatic and trade relations with the same Communist nation they died battling 32 years ago. Call me crazy.

On the other hand, I see no good reason to continue to punish the people of Cuba through our continued and mean-spirited embargo, when we’re doing a massive amount of business with Communist China and Communist Vietnam. If the trade is fair, I’m okay with that.

I am against a woman’s option to kill her own baby for no better reason than personal convenience, but my opinion on elective abortion has no bearing because that issue is solely in the hands of the Judiciary Branch, and almost all the justices sitting on the Supreme Court regard Roe vs. Wade as established law.

I strongly support home schooling for any family that is willing and able to do it, and the results strongly support my enthusiasm for it.

I am obviously against “free trade” agreements that result in unfair trade and job losses.

I stand in support of a federal sales tax that replaces all current federal taxes, including Social Security and Medicare taxes, and taking that action will result in the permanent downsizing of the IRS as well as the total elimination of the IRS from the lives of private citizens. When you buy something, you pay the tax, and you never have to declare income that can be questioned later. Further, if you make $70,000.00 in a state with no income tax, you take home $70,000.00. How you save and spend it is up to you.

I stand solidly behind the Minutemen and their efforts to protect our borders from illegal entry and drug smuggling, but as a state representative, I will work diligently to make their efforts unnecessary by forcing the federal government to comply with its constitutional duty to do the same. If the president and Congress won’t do it, why should we pay federal taxes at all?

Finally, I am a Protestant Christian who actually believes what Jesus taught, and I try to live by that message. I don’t go around worrying about what homosexuals do behind closed doors, but I certainly do not see any good reason to protect them with any kind of special rights that are not afforded anyone else, and I know marriage is something reserved for a man and a woman. I definitely do not subscribe to situational ethics, and I let God’s word tell me what’s right or wrong.

So here’s the deal, folks: If we don’t run moderate and conservative Democrats against these very vulnerable Republican congressmen and women, the liberal faction of the Democratic Party will run stark-raving Socialist liberals who still have a good shot at replacing them.

Here in Southern Oregon, it is mostly Bush Country, but even here I’ve been watching a gradual recognition by lifelong Republicans like myself, who are realizing all too late that they’ve been had. So if I, as a conservative Democrat can manage to get enough support to run against Representative Greg Walden, I think I can beat him so long as they don’t start using those questionable electronic voting machines. I might be a bit more conservative than the local Democrats would like me to be, but on the other hand, at least they would know I wouldn’t sell them down the economic and trade river like Greg Walden has! At least they would be confident in the knowledge I would never vote to send their kids off to be killed or maimed in an undeclared or needless war.

In summary, Ron Paul needs more people like him to turn this nation around. My question to you is this: If you had someone like me to vote for to replace your existing traitor and coward, even if s/he is a conservative Democrat with these foregoing philosophical beliefs, would you vote for me? What I represent is what the Republican Party used to be, even if I have to run and win as a Democrat.

I’d like to hear from you.

Carl F. Worden P.O. Box 1173 Eagle Point, OR 97524 (541) 826-6528 (541) 830-0154 FAX

Starfish Prime said...

A Disturbing Rumor...

Attack on Iran: Pre-emptive Nuclear War
The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons.

By Philip Giraldi

August 2, 2005
The American Conservative

In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran.

The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing—that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack—but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections.

Starfish Prime said...

Beijing-Moscow Alliance: Solzhenitsyn's Prophecy Fulfilled?
by William Norman Grigg
August 2, 2005

"A China armed by America would be more than a match for America," warned the respected Russian dissident writer in 1980.

A quarter of a century ago, Russian Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn condemned Washington's tilt toward the Communist regime controlling mainland China. The much-admired literary warrior against Communism warned that plying Beijing with trade and aid would result in a "fateful reconciliation of the two Communist regimes"in an anti-U.S. alliance. "But even without such reconciliation," he warned, "a China armed by America would be more than a match for America."

A report in the Financial Times of London documents what must be considered at least a partial fulfillment of Solzhenitsyn's prediction: "Nearly 10,000 troops are to take part in unprecedented joint military exercises by China and Russia this month aimed at strengthening ties between the armed forces of two powers that were once bitter foes."The exercise, dubbed "Peace Mission 2005," is meant to display the results of "a military relationship that has blossomed over the past 15 years" between Moscow and Beijing.

Russia is currently China's chief supplier of high-tech weaponry, and the Chinese regime -- its bulging coffers reflecting a huge and growing trade surplus with the U.S. -- is keeping Russia's military sector in business. But it should not be forgotten that the U.S. has done more than its share to abet Beijing's build-up, as well.

Thanks in no small measure to illicit technology transfers during the Clinton administration, China was able to refine its missile technology, thereby accentuating the potential strategic threat of its nuclear arsenal. The corporate China lobby, which includes such heavyweights as Boeing and Halliburton (Vice President Cheney's former employer), has done more than its share to build up Beijing's tech sector -- with the help of U.S. taxpayer subsidies.

Although the Clinton-era "Chinagate" tech-transfers-for-bribes scandal was a uniquely cynical exercise in selling out our country, both Republican and Democrat administrations -- and their corporate allies -- have pitched in to aid Beijing's build-up.

Bejing is also reaping the diplomatic rewards of the Bush administration's needless war in Iraq and announced plan to conduct a "global democratic revolution." Nations in resource-rich central Asia, worried about Washington's intentions in the region, are drawing closer to China and Russia. This shouldn't be surprising in light of the fact that nearly all of the nations involved are ruled by "ex"-Communists.

Roughly 10 years ago, China and Russia, along with three central Asian states -- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan -- created a regional political and economic mini-bloc now called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The SCO is now being promoted by Beijing as a counter-weight to Washington's efforts to project power in the region.

Iran, which is plainly in the neo-"conservative" crosshairs as the next nation to be "liberated," sent a delegate to the SCO's most recent conference. This might not be considered surprising, in light of Iran's hostility toward the U.S., and its close relationship with both Moscow and Beijing. However, the government of Afghan President Hamid Karzai -- which was installed by the U.S. and is kept in power by a U.S. occupation force -- has petitioned for "observer status" in the Beijing-led regional group. Pakistan, another putative ally in the ongoing war on terrorism (or whatever the Bush administration is calling it this week), is right behind.

The occupation of Iraq is bleeding America dry, and offering Islamic terrorists a training ground to refine their tactics. Meanwhile, Beijing is quietly amassing the economic, political, and military means to do the U.S. real harm.

Starfish Prime said...

Our Founding Fathers, the ones our elected public servants are always chirping they respect, warned the American people about usury and unscrupulous bankers:

"If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and orporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power of money should be taken from banks and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies." ~ Thomas Jefferson

So what we have is a central bank issuing worthless paper "money" that controls our economy, our lives and our future. This private banking cartel was unconstitutionally granted this power by a devious, scheming group of senators back in 1913. In essence what they did was place the American people into indentured servitude by forcing The People to pay usury on worthless fiat currency (paper money created out of nothing), not to fund the government, but to enrich the bankers and fund wars in which America should never be involved. This system exists not to fund the government, but to allow the U.S. Congress carte blanche power to continue funding unconstitutional agencies and programs by providing them with a bottomless source of worthless ink.

- Carl F Worden

Starfish Prime said...

Here's what the "mainstream" media has been reporting.. the buildup continues...

U.N. Removes Seals at Iran Nuke Site By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer
21 minutes ago

U.N. inspectors removed the final seals from equipment at a uranium conversion plant in central Iran on Wednesday, paving the way for Tehran to fully open the facility despite U.S. and European calls for it to maintain a suspension.

In Vienna, Austria, diplomats with the International Atomic Energy Agency were discussing how to persuade Iran to step back from its nuclear activities and de-escalate its standoff with the West over U.S. allegations that it secretly plans to build atomic bombs.

But the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, made clear that Iran would not be deterred from developing its nuclear program, which it says is for peaceful purposes.

Iran began work at the Uranium Conversion Facility in Isfahan, 255 miles south of Tehran, on Monday, but some key units at the facility remained under seal by the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency since a November suspension in activity as part of negotiations.

The agency confirmed that its seals at the plant were broken Wednesday, as it postponed a meeting so diplomats could seek consensus over how to rebuke Iran for resuming activities that could lead to an atomic weapon.

The agency said it had a surveillance system in place at the facility to keep tabs on the work.

Washington suspects Tehran of having a clandestine nuclear weapons program, and President Bush said Tuesday he was "deeply suspicious" about Iran's intentions. But there appeared to be little stomach at the IAEA meeting in Vienna for referring the issue to the U.N. Security Council, which could impose punitive sanctions.

In conversion, yellowcake is turned into UF-6 gas. In the next stage of the process — which Iran has said it will not resume for the time being — the gas is fed in centrifuges for enrichment. Uranium enriched to a low level is used to produce nuclear fuel; further enrichment makes it suitable for use in an atomic bomb.

Last week, Britain, France and Germany, which are negotiating with Iran on behalf of the European Union, offered Iran a package of aid measures and support for a civilian nuclear program in exchange for Iran's promising to abandon enrichment.

Iran rejected the package, insisting that as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty it has the right to enrich uranium. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the proposals were an "insult" to the Islamic Republic.

The German and French governments warned Iran that if it did not reconsider its rejection, the IAEA was likely to refer the country to the U.N. Security Council, which could impose sanctions.

But the draft resolution before the IAEA's 35-nation board of governors in Vienna does not mention the Security Council. Written by Britain, France and Germany, the text expresses "serious concern" about the resumption of conversion in Isfahan and urges Iran to cooperate by "re-establishing full suspension of all enrichment-related activities."

The IAEA canceled a session tentatively planned for Wednesday afternoon, signaling disagreement over the wording. Diplomats were expected to continue negotiations privately on a resolution urging Iran to suspend its latest nuclear activities.

"They need more time," IAEA spokesman Peter Rickwood said.

Iran has said it would rather be referred to the Security Council rather than give up its right to control the entire cycle of nuclear fuel — from mining uranium to enriching it.

Iran suspended enrichment and related activities, such as conversion, in October 2003 to build trust while negotiations with the Europeans proceeded. But it has expressed frustration with the talks, and has been threatening for weeks to resume parts of its enrichment program.

The United States says Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran denies this, saying its nuclear program is only for producing electricity.

Search for this article at yahoo.com then click on the video link on the left-hand side entitled "Dissident: Iran Seeks to Build Atomic Weapons" .. the guy tells it like it is.. and the White House is already on top of it, of course.

Starfish Prime said...


In reference to truthtooth and dgwondering's posts are a little disturbing to me when you mention how bad the banks are but then go after payday loan companies..

Have you averaged out the annual APR of NSF fees?

There has been an avalanche of stories and editorials in the mass media portraying the payday-loan industry as nothing but loan sharks who prey upon the poor and ignorant and who are usurers of the worst order. This, however, is a great distortion of fact and is primarily the result of propaganda from the banking industry designed to hinder or eliminate its competition.

The facts are that (1) rates charged for a typical payday loan are reasonable for that class of loan, (2) rates charged by banks for similar transactions are much higher, although the press seldom comments on that fact, and (2) to eliminate this class of loan would work a great hardship upon many low-income families who, otherwise, could not obtain emergency funds. They would be unable to pay for unexpected medical needs, auto repairs, traffic fines, or similar emergencies. It is sad that many families do not save for these inevitable expenses, but the reality is that they do not. That being the case, he who loans the money -- even at seemingly high rates -- serves these families better than he who refuses to make the loan at all.

The rate is very high -- by comparison to larger, longer-term loans -- but it is the correct rate for this class of loan, which is typically only a few hundred dollars for a two-week period. If one were to hire a Taxi to go across town, the cost would be, let’s say for comparison, $1 per mile. Yet, if the trip were shorter, the cost per mile would be greater. The shorter the trip, the higher the per-mile cost. If one were to take a taxi for just a few blocks, the cost could easily be $20 or $30 per mile, and it is logical that it should be so. If cab drivers were required to charge the same per-mile rate for short trips as for long ones, they would not be able to accept short-trip passengers.

The same is true with loans. Interest rates that seem high when compared to long-term loans are reasonable when applied to small transactions, which require almost as much preparation and credit checking as larger loans. Without the ability to apply higher rates, these loans could not be offered. It must be remembered, also, that the default rate on this type of loan is much higher than for other types of loans, and that, too, requires a higher interest rate to cover the losses. Low-grade loans require high rates of return. That’s economic reality.

Banks traditionally do not service this type of business. However, if a bank customer covers an emergency by writing a bad check, the bank will charge interest plus Insufficient-Fund fees that add up to much more than the cost of a payday advance. Many banks allow customers to overdraw checking accounts with the understanding that the amount will be paid back within a short period of time. That is the same as a payday advance. However, the interest plus service charge for this loan typically averages out to 37.5 percent for one week. On an annual basis, that is 1,955%! Yet, mass media corporations, which are deeply indebted to banks for funding, seldom draw attention to this fact;. They choose, instead, to point with alarm at payday loan companies that offer a far less expensive alternative.

Another consideration is that payday-advance companies loan money that was earned and saved by investors such as you, whereas the money loaned by banks is created by a mere bookkeeping entry. It does not exist prior to the loan and has not been earned or saved by anyone. (For an explanation of this process, see The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, available at www.realityzone.com/creature.html.) That means banks actually are collecting interest on nothing; and if that isn’t usury, there is no definition for the word. All-in-all, the comparison is highly favorable to payday-advance companies.

The bottom line is that there is no reason to feel uncomfortable investing in the payday-loan industry. These companies provide a valuable service to a large segment of our population. They are legal, profitable, and entirely ethical. Investing in banks? Well, that is another matter. ~ G. Edward Griffin

truthtooth said...


Fight? Your a fool.

You call sitting there waiting for a guy in jail to save you from the mess he got you in a fight?

You are on the ground and every kick that does not hit you is your little victory.

truthtooth said...


Why are you taking out adjustable rate mortgages? They are a bet that you will get out before they rise. Risk reward!

Those of you on fixed rates will ride out a bubble, those that bet may lose the bet, that is how bets work.

truthtooth said...


Add to that homework that real people are losing their hard earnd homes and the two that created this scam are in jail.

You might want to give those facts a teenie tinny bit of weight.

truthtooth said...

Starfish Prime:

How did you buy your new home? Was it a mortgage? If so, why would you help the evil bankers by participating in their evil scam?

Starfish Prime said...


Jul 27, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.com

by staff reports

U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who believes that western governments may be complicit in what would seem to be Muslim fundamentalist terror unleashed on the West, took another step forward in documenting such suspicions by holding a formal, eight-hour government hearing in Washington DC. last Friday. Witnesses who were critical of the 9/11 Commission testified that there should have been more attention paid to controversial evidence undermining the officially sanctioned view of events regarding the collapse of the New York World Trade Towers. McKinney’s website explained the reasons for the hearing as follows: “One year after the release of the 9/11 Commission Final Report many questions about what transpired on September 11, 2001 and who should be held accountable still remain unanswered. At this briefing, family members will address questions about 9/11that remain unanswered, and the shortcomings of the 9/11 Commission. Other experts and authors will explore the omissions and errors in the Commission’s Final Report, will provide historical perspective not found in the Report and will review its recommendations and offer alternatives.”
The Bush Administration has consistently and vehemently denied any foreknowledge of 911 or involvement in a cover up of any of the specifics. The Administration, almost all holders of high political office, whether democratic or republican and almost all major media outlets characterize statements regarding a cover-up by credibly elected or appointed authorities as “conspiratorial” – both simplistic and inaccurate, not worthy of serious consideration. Despite, the position of the Bush Administration – and of the US political power structure generally – questions about 9/11 refuse to go away and the Internet itself has predictably become a conduit of such queries, as well as numerous theories about events that contradict the currently accepted chronology. A quick Google search shows that about 1.6 million mentions of a 9/11 “conspiracy,” 1.37 million mentions of a 9/11 “fraud,” and 4.4 million mentions of a 9/11 coverup.

While the questions and explanations of the panelists regarding 9/11 differed, there was some level of commonality. The majority believed that the Bush Administration at best ignored a series of warnings given to them, and at worst actually participated in planning or execution of the events. They also agreed that the clear motive was power, and that the events of 9/11 have been highly exploited to attack civil liberties. The hearing panelists included experts on security and terrorism, former CIA agents, and families of 9/11 victims. C-SPAN TV was said to be taping the entire event for rebroadcast at a later date.

Cynthia McKinney has been persistent in her questioning of 9/11 and has attracted critisism for statements on the issue. An article in the right wing Weekly Standard early in 2005 focused on conflicts of interest that provide an implicit rationale for her criticisms, as follows: “Appearing in print just months after the September 11 attacks, McKinney's charges couldn't be excused. Nor could her list of campaign donors, which included both terrorist sympathizers like Abdurahman Alamoudi, the former executive director of the American Muslim Council, and apparent actual terrorists like former college professor Sami Al-Arian. Nor could her October 12, 2001, letter to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which she rebuked New York mayor Rudy Giuliani for returning the prince's post-9/11 "gift" of $10 million and urged bin Talal to donate the funds to 'charities outside the mayor's control,' especially those that dealt with "poor blacks who sleep on the street in the shadows of our nation's Capitol." -CM


9/11 panel members call for new probe
- Philip Shenon, Douglas Jehl, New York Times
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Washington -- Members of the independent commission that investigated the Sept. 11 terror attacks called on Congress to determine whether the Pentagon withheld intelligence information showing that a secret American military unit had identified Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as potential threats more than a year before the attacks.

The former commission members said the information, if true, could rewrite an important chapter in the history of the intelligence failures before Sept. 11, 2001.

"I think this is a big deal," said John Lehman, a Republican member of the commission who was Navy secretary in the Reagan administration. "The issue is whether there was, in fact, surveillance before 9/11 of Atta and, if so, why weren't we told about it? Who made the decision not to brief the commission's staff or the commissioners?"

Lehman and other commissioners said that because the panel had been formally disbanded for a year, the investigation would need to be taken up by Congress, possibly by the House and Senate intelligence committees.

"If this is true, somebody should be looking into it," said Thomas Kean, the commission chairman and a former Republican governor of New Jersey.

Detailed accounts about the findings of the secret operation, known as Able Danger, were offered this week by Rep. Curt Weldon, the Pennsylvania Republican who is vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and by a former defense intelligence official.

Their comments are the first assertion by current or former officials that Atta, an Egyptian who was the lead hijacker, had been identified as a potential terrorist before the attacks.

Spokesmen for the commission members said this week that although the staff had been informed by the Pentagon in late 2003 about the existence of a so-called data-mining operation called Able Danger, the panel had never been told that it had identified Atta and the others as threats.

In a final report released last summer called the authoritative history of the attacks, the commission of five Democrats and five Republicans made no mention of the secret program or the possibility that a government agency had detected Atta's terrorist activities before Sept. 11.

The Pentagon has had no comment on the credibility of the accounts from Weldon and the intelligence official.

At a news briefing Tuesday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he could not comment on reports about Able Danger and suggested that he knew nothing about such an operation.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Conway said later that "there were a number of intelligence operations prior to the attacks of 9/11" but that "it would be irresponsible for us to provide details in a way in which those who wish to do us harm would find beneficial."

An intelligence official said Tuesday that the office of John Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, was "working closely with the Department of Defense to learn more" about Weldon's statements.

Weldon went public with his information after having talked with members of the unit in his research for a new book on terrorism. He said in a telephone interview Tuesday that he had spoken with three team members, all still working in the government, including two in the military, and that they were consistent in asserting that Atta's affiliation with an al Qaeda terrorism cell in the United States had been known in the Defense Department by mid-2000 and had not been acted on.

The official said in an interview Monday that the Able Danger team had been created in 1999 under a directive signed by Gen. Hugh Shelton, then- chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to assemble information about al Qaeda networks around the world.

He said that by the middle of 2000 the operation had identified Atta and three of the other future hijackers as members of an American-based cell and that the information had been presented that summer in a chart to the Pentagon's Special Operations Command headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

Page A - 11
URL: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2005/08/10/MNG16E5JTA1.DTL

WillToFight said...

That is my point Prime. In all the list of things to fight about or to get involved in. Truthtooth (badbreath) elmer and the rest haven't fought for anything.

Reverse Mortgages or Payday loan are one of the biggest legal unlawful scams going!

I disagree to agree with you on one of your post of the 2006 election. Yes, republicans will lose. They don't really care. They done most of the damage they intended to do. They care not to loose. These guys got jobs just waiting after they implemented policy to support only big business.

The people need to relize we no longer have a two party system, it is a plutocracy! A one party system. Many on both sides need to go to Jail.

How about a Ron Paul & Cynthia McKenny Ticket in 2008! Wouldn't that rock the house?

Starfish Prime said...


First off I want to express my upmost sympathy towards those who are in foreclosure because of this process (plese do not think that because you are experiencing a foreclosure that this is all a scam..you may very well be pointing the finger at the wrong people)... but I really wish that Kurt and Scott and others would have tried this process on a smaller scale before going on an all-out marketing campaign to market an EXTREMELY RISKY process. This program should have been geared more to those who were already experiencing diffculties paying their mortgage and then those who just want to take the risk regardless. I do not fall into either category.

I wanting the American Dream, my friend, .. to buy and live in a house. I am in a fixed mortgage (15 years) and sometimes you have to deal with the hand you are dealt. People can buy homes and still work to encourage an overhaul of the banking system.

We certainly know that by paying rent (which seems to be inching closer and closer to a mortgage payment anyway..lol) we are getting no return on investment because there is no investment. Those that can COMFORTABLY afford a home should buy one as they will serve better paying towards a little bit of principle rather than giving it all to a Land LORD.

I pray that those claims for homeowners experiencing foreclosure to recover monetary damages for what Kurt calls the banks "bad behavior" become a reality..I really do.

Kurt is not perfect and neither am I nor you. I encourage those to really take a close look at what Kurt and Scott are saying about the current system. Look at the underlying backbone of the operation and the supporting laws (that may or may not be enforced by our corrupt Justice System)!

WillToFight said...

911 an inside job! Who believes that?

I do. Actually I know, the facts are out.


Starfish Prime said...


Please, sir. I encourage you to take a closer look at the payday loan industry. To put certain restrictions and supporting reform of the payday advance industry would be one thing, but to abolish it altogether would be unwise.

Please realise that first of all we now are seemingly judged more and more on a 3-digit credit score and emergency loans for those in need (with bad credit or those with good credit that don't want their credit pulled or just want to be discreet) are absolutely necessary.

What do you propose then when your credit is ruined (for whatever reason) and you have NOWHERE to turn for money. Some payday loan companies are worse than others. Some charge $15 per $100..others $30 per $100 or more. It is intended to be a SHORT-TERM loan.

Those who are just despirate (or ignorant) for $$$ are what drives the industry to unimaginable profits..BUT!! BUT! Please remember that the underlying issue is what are we to do when we are denied credit everywhere and have nowhere to go?

We should focus on reforming the loans themselves not getting rid of it altogether. Please take a closer look at this.

Starfish Prime said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Starfish Prime said...


Infowars.com is his other site. But please view with caution. I believe Alex Jones might suffer from "reality shock" in that once a person like Mr. Jones discovers and accepts a new truth one becomes a bit paranoid (which is absolutely understandable) about everything. Who can blame those like him though..and he very well may be right about EVERYTHING..BUT! When you have put your trust in faith in someone or something and it betrays you in the worst way..how can you put that much trust or faith in something again? It's hard..

TwinGift94 said...

We sit here in judgement with nothing on the line. Kurt and Scott are the ones who will ultimately sacrifice. No one ever told people to stop making their mortgage payments and now they blame Dorean, that's just foolish thinking. K & S's freedom is definitely at stake not ours. Remember warriors like these are blazing a trail that very few of us would be willing to ever undertake. I will always continue to respect them and people like them that are willing to take a stand and fight for what they believe in.

So lets all wait and see what happens. I for one can accept rejection of a belief if I truly believe that it was worth the fight. The money i paid to enter this process is well worth it and should not be perceived as scamming victims out of their lifelong savings. We all knew the risk, understood what was being attempted and were willing to accept it when we started.

Starfish Prime said...

TwinGift94 had a very thought-provoking and insightful post:

TwinGift94 said...
We sit here in judgement with nothing on the line.

**I believe we ALL do, when all is said and done, have SOMETHING on the line.. yes I do. Our freedoms I believe. One must look at the full picture and realize that there are a lot of forces that operate within (or with cooperation of) our government that set the stage for Kurt and Scott to fight for our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS (even though it seems DG clients are seeing even more-so the murder of their rights and freedoms because of the process AS SRUCTURED) because they have (beyond a desire to be wealthy..but do they deserve it in the end?? I believe so.) INTEGRITY; To do what they believe is right regardless of the consequences; who face adversity in the face with a pure spirit of truth and resolve of a warrior, in my opinion. At first glance we only see one part of the problem and get caught up in whether what Scott and Kurt are doing is worth it (which remains to be answered)and whether it's just a scam etc., IF ONE WOULD LOOK CLOSELY AT THE ARGUMENTS AND DIG A LITTLE DEEPER THEY WILL DISCOVER THAT THERE IS LITTLE LEFT TO THE IMAGINATION AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY. THE COUNTRY WE LOVE AND WHOSE LAND HAS SEEN MILLIONS SACRIFICE FOR THE FREEDOMS OF THE PEOPLE TO WALK UPON IT IS BEING PLACED IN DANGER. WE MUST BECOME AWARE THE EXTENT OF THE PROBLEMS WE FACE IN PROTEST AND REFORM OF OUR GOVERNMENT. OUR LEADERS ARE BETRAYING US AND MISLEADING US ALL INTO TYRANNY. OUR SOVEREIGNTY, OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, OUR LAND, IS FALLING TO THESE CORRUPT AND EVIL MURDEROUS HANDS. WE ARE PLAYING WITH THE DEVIL AND ARE DYING A SLOW DEATH. AND WHEN WE SEE THE TYRANNY TAKE HOLD IT WILL BE TOO LATE. WAKE UP AMERICA!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT RED VS. BLUE! IT AS ABOUT THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE, OUR COUNTRY WHOSE FREEDOMS ALLOW US TO FIGHT OVER SMALLER POLITICAL ISSUES BUT ALSO PERMIT US TO BE EASILY DISTRACTED. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED A TRUST IN OUR GOVERNMENT TO A CERTAIN EXTENT TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY NUMBER ONE NO MATTER WHO IS PRESIDENT AND THAT IS WE WILL ALWAYS BE FREE.


Kurt and Scott are the ones who will ultimately sacrifice.

**We all should sacrifice if we ever hope for change; for the better anyway.

No one ever told people to stop making their mortgage payments and now they blame Dorean, that's just foolish thinking. K & S's freedom is definitely at stake not ours.

***Not ours? Take a CLOSER look.. see what you find.

Remember warriors like these are blazing a trail that very few of us would be willing to ever undertake. I will always continue to respect them and people like them that are willing to take a stand and fight for what they believe in.


So lets all wait and see what happens. I for one can accept rejection of a belief if I truly believe that it was worth the fight. The money i paid to enter this process is well worth it and should not be perceived as scamming victims out of their lifelong savings. We all knew the risk, understood what was being attempted and were willing to accept it when we started.

Starfish Prime said...

BusinessWeek warns of more "red flags" that the housing bubble may soon bust.

Here are some key points from BW's recent editorial:

History tells us that we can never be certain of the existence of bubbles until after they pop. But the current U.S. housing frenzy is certainly starting to pass the smell test, at least in certain markets. Existing home prices have skyrocketed 29% since 2003, with white-hot markets like Las Vegas and San Diego seeing even greater gains. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, last year 23% of homes were bought as investments and an additional 13% as vacation homes. That means more than a third of homes that changed hands in 2004 were not primary residences. Many of those buyers are no doubt riding a horse called price appreciation, and so far they have been richly rewarded - or simply lucky.
More worrisome, there is growing evidence that even owners of primary residences are raising their bets by increasing their leverage. A new report by mortgage giant Freddie Mac (FRE ) shows a continuing surge in so-called cash-out mortgage refinancings, where a homeowner pockets cash while increasing the size of his mortgage principal. For instance, 74% of Freddie Mac-owned loans that were refinanced in the second quarter resulted in new mortgages with loan amounts that were at least 5% higher than the original mortgage balances, the highest such share since early 2000. In contrast, only 9% of Freddie's refinancings resulted in lower loan amounts. In other words, the current borrower strategy is to take the money and run.

Real estate's current spate of "irrational exuberance" is fine as long as personal income growth holds up, loan-to-value ratios don't increase, and financial institutions are careful to hand off risky loans and mortgage securities (which could quickly drop in value if cash-strapped owners start to default on their loans) to other investors. But that's a lot of ifs - especially at a time when fee-hungry lenders seem fixated on near-term profits and the lure of cheap money actually penalizes people for being too cautious. ~MoneyNews from NewsMax.com

INVEST IN GOLD!! Which is what makes the recent prediction by Merrill Lynch all the more interesting: Merrill predicts $725 gold soon.

"Some of the sharpest minds on Wall Street are betting you'll make more money in metals than Microsoft the next few years," wrote John Waggoner in USA TODAY.

• Newmont, NEM
• IAM Gold, IAG
• Barrick Gold, ABX
• Golden Cycle Gold Corp, GCGC
• Pan American Silver, PAAS
• Great Basin Gold, GBN
• Eldorado Gold, EGO
• Freeport McMoran Gold & Copper, FCX
• Placer Dome PDG

truthtooth said...

Starfish Prime:

I agree with you on the need for payday type loan businesses. You are dead on about the need for people to be able to get emergency cash when the traditional methods fail.

truthtooth said...


What people fail to remember is that Kurt and Scott put their asses on the line for what was and could have been a hell of a lot of money.

Those two stood to get very rich off of the backs of those that put it all on the line (their homes).

Starfish Prime said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Starfish Prime said...

See what happens when people get together and take action? Success.

Ballot Issues Aim to Change Ohio Politics By JOHN McCARTHY, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 2 minutes ago

Backers filed petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures to put measures on the November ballot aimed at curbing the power of elected officials in the way Ohio runs its elections.

The coalition of labor unions and Democrat-leaning activists is counting on support from voters disillusioned with a state scandal that has dogged majority Republicans for months and was sparked by the revelation of losses in investments into rare coins.

The measures would create a court-appointed board to choose congressional and legislative redistricting maps, create a state elections board and lower the limits on campaign contributions.

"We, the citizens, are supposed to drive the system, not the politicians," said Jan Fleming of Uptown Progressives, a Columbus community activist group. "Elected officials now choose the voters, rather than the other way around."

The coalition on Tuesday filed petitions with the state bearing 521,000 signatures for each of three ballot measures. To get on the November ballot, the backers need 322,000 valid signatures of registered voters.

Counties will have about two weeks to verify the signatures, said Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio's chief elections official. If supporters fall short on valid signatures they will have another 10 days to meet the goal.

Under the ballot proposal, a five-person board appointed by a judge would choose plans for legislative and congressional districts from among proposals that anyone could submit. The ability to map legislative districts is prized because lines are drawn to strengthen the majority of the ruling party.

The lines now are drawn every 10 years by the state Apportionment Board, consisting of the governor, auditor, secretary of state and a lawmaker from each party. Republicans control the board and the Legislature, which draws congressional boundaries.

Another ballot proposal would put a nine-member, bipartisan board in charge of elections, instead of the secretary of state. The third would lower the limit on individual contributions from $10,000 to $2,000 for statewide candidates and $1,000 for legislative candidates.

Backers got another boost Tuesday when the state Supreme Court unanimously dismissed a lawsuit that sought to keep the proposals off the ballot. The suit had argued their wording was flawed.

TwinGift94 said...

Lets not lay the mortgage problems of everyone in the Dorean process at the feet of Dorean. One cannot be in a financial crunch whereby they can't pay their mortgage so they will try and see if mortgage elimination can get them out of their problems. Then blame Dorean after they stop making payments and go into foreclosure and say that Dorean did'nt rescue them from their own plight. Dorean doesn't have a magic wand to rescue everyone from a whole variety of situations that they themselves create. People literally think they can stop making their mortgage payments (at any stage) just because they are in the Dorean process and are protected at all times. Think again before going down this road.

tcob247 said...

Starfish......why don't you get your own blog instead of all your posts that are off topic

partysecured said...

Hey tcob247 I bet you're the type of guy who'd even bitch if they hung you with a brand new rope.

tcob247 said...

who's bitching??
What an asshole
You make no sense
I've never even seen you on here before
go f*ck yourself

tcob247 said...

my mistake, you have been on here before
you quoted from the esteemed book of Dune

partysecured said...

What's even more amazing is that you're convinced that you make any sense

tcob247 said...

no use trying to converse with you.
You are at a level far superior to others.
Can you send me that book of Dune?
I'm out of toilet paper..
I used my free and clear mortgage papers for the same purpose.
Pretty expensive toilet paper though. It cost me $4,500. Almost lost my house too?
Where were you when I needed you, oh wise one?

Starfish Prime said...


9/11 Commission Wants Atta Claims Pursued By KIMBERLY HEFLING, Associated Press Writer
32 minutes ago

Members of the Sept. 11 commission want to know whether defense intelligence officials knew four of the hijackers were part of an al-Qaida cell but failed to tell law enforcement.

Lee Hamilton, co-chairman of the now-disbanded commission, said Tuesday that members of the panel could issue a statement by the end of the week after reviewing claims that officials had identified ringleader Mohamed Atta and three other hijackers.

"The 9/11 commission did not learn of any U.S. government knowledge prior to 9/11 of surveillance of Mohamed Atta or of his cell," said Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana. "Had we learned of it, obviously it would've been a major focus of our investigation."

The commission's report on the terrorist attacks, released last year, traced government mistakes that allowed the hijackers to succeed. Among the problems the commission cited was a lack of coordination across intelligence agencies.

Rep. Curt Weldon (news, bio, voting record), a Pennsylvania Republican who serves as vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, said a classified military intelligence unit known as "Able Danger" identified the men in 1999.

That's an earlier link to al-Qaida than any previously disclosed intelligence about Atta if the information, which Weldon said came from multiple intelligence sources, is true.

A group of 9/11 widows called the September 11th Advocates issued a statement Wednesday saying they were "horrified" to learn that further possible evidence exists, and they are disappointed the 9/11 Commission report is "incomplete and illusory."

"The revelation of this information demands answers that are forthcoming, clear and concise," the statement said. "The 9/11 attacks could have and should have been prevented."

With the 9/11 commission disbanded for a year under provisions of the legislation that created it, some of the panel's members have said congressional committees should investigate Weldon's assertions.

According to Weldon, Able Danger identified Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaf al-Hazmi as members of a cell the unit code-named "Brooklyn" because of some loose connections to New York City.

Weldon said that in September 2000 Able Danger recommended that its information on the hijackers be given to the FBI "so they could bring that cell in and take out the terrorists." However, Weldon said Pentagon lawyers rejected the recommendation because they said Atta and the others were in the country legally, so information on them could not be shared with law enforcement.

Weldon did not provide details on how the intelligence officials identified the future hijackers and determined they might be part of a terrorist cell.

Defense Department documents shown to an Associated Press reporter Tuesday said the Able Danger team was set up in 1999 to identify potential al-Qaida operatives for U.S. Special Operations Command. At some point, information provided to the team by the Army's Information Dominance Center pointed to a possible al-Qaida cell in Brooklyn, the documents said.

However, because of concerns about pursuing information on "U.S. persons" — a legal term that includes U.S. citizens as well as foreigners admitted to the country for permanent residence — Special Operations Command did not provide the Army information to the FBI. It is unclear whether the Army provided the information to anyone else.

The command instead turned its focus to overseas threats.

The documents provided no information on whether the team identified anyone connected to the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people.

If the team did identify Atta and the others, it's unclear why the information wasn't forwarded. The prohibition against sharing intelligence on "U.S. persons" should not have applied since they were in the country on visas and did not have permanent resident status.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said he was unaware of the intelligence until the latest reports surfaced.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

My next mission is:

Send Starfish Prime a virus to disable the copy/paste feature of his computer. WISH ME LUCK!

Starfish Prime said...

why can't I paste?

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I want to give a shout out to The Nighttime Daydreamer! His "Best of" CD of "his" songs is one of the 10 best CD's I've ever heard. Superb job Nighttime Daydreamer!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Have you ever given a speech Starfish? I'm about to blow some people's minds with the next sentence. Three weeks ago I gave the message at my church. However, I've done it enough times to know you'll have a more attentive audience if it's kept to 12 - 15 minutes. Copy / Paste is the same. Too much in such a short amount of time just creates a serious case of tired head. If it's your thing though, the blank spaces await.........

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Somebody just e-mailed me and reminded me that I'm the Nighttime Daydreamer!!!! Well what do you know about that - a cheap plug about "my" music. You got me Lenny!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Somebody just e-mailed me and reminded me that I'm Lenny!!!!! Well! A plug from a plug!

OK People! With both of my Trustees in jail, and no CCR update call tonight - It's either Starfish pasting or me plugging........pick your poison.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Your facetiousness is only equaled by your unequivocal bridled attempt at sarcasm. The galbanum you smoke will not seek subtitude to the ruritanian theory. The paedomorphosis you suffer injudiciously will not desorb itself on this board as you meander subconciously through phobia and lemniscus devitrify. Otherwise get help.

Did I just paste this?

Starfish Prime said...

Now THAT should be banned from the public eye..

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I guess the virus I sent you worked! 45 minutes and no pasting!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

A Bad Day in Alaska:

Urinating through six inches of clothes.............with three inches of dick.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Brooke Burke = Impure Thoughts?

Starfish Prime said...

Swami..you're fucked up man.

I started a revamped blog..so no more posting here any longer


(or just click my post name)

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the Swami and Starfish Blog ?


No.......this is not the next gag! The next gag is a doooooooozzzziiiieee!!!!!!!!!! Just wait!!!!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Starfish Prime said...
Swami..you're fucked up man.

I started a revamped blog..so no more posting here any longer


(or just click my post name)

Ladies and Gentleman, with no more pasting from Starfish........you can make out those checks to SWAMI! That's S W A M I ! I guess that degree in psychology is starting to pay off! NITE NITE or is that Nighttime Daydreamer?

Swami....Super Genius!!!!!!!!

douglasc said...

Swami, do you think that in addition to the claim for damages we have against the "banks," we can request additional damages for the suffering our wives have put us through? What say you to that? Possibly 5000x damages?

WillToFight said...


Words have been changed. If you look into a current dictionary definitions have become shorter and shorter or have not much meaning.

If you can obtain a pre-1970 dictionary. The word paranoid meant A heightened awareness.

Paranoid has become somehow a negative word.

I by know means agree with everything Alex Jones speaks about. But there is much, much truth/fact in most of what he talks about, he delivers the news that corporate media will not.

Infowars.com and prisonplanet are only a couple ways I research info.

I do not care where the truth/facts come from. This should be the attitude of the people!

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