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The Gifted Bride (2-23-09)

I am fortunate to have a gifted bride whose many graces bless my life. Because of circumstances I am very limited in the gifts I can give her. The Bride of Christ does not suffer as mine He gives man gifts. In II Pet. 1:5-8 we have a list of gifts that bring us to a knowledge of our Groom. I Cor. 12:7-11 is another set of gifts. Imagine for your wedding you have gone into the finest store that possessed the most desired gifts and there you placed your registry. Can you imagine your hope and joy of expectation? Do we view these gifts from God in similar fashion? How about the great gift of love, (I Cor. 13:4-13) do we really appreciate this treasure? Then there is the gift of God’s armor for the battles we face. (Eph. 6:10-18)

I can’t tell you how absolutely priceless these gifts have been to me. There is no human strength that would have sustained me in this struggle for truth. No matter how desperate or deep I had to dive the gifts never came up empty.

As the world struggles with materialism and a despairing haunt for the good old days and phony men make their promise in vanity to return them what gifts do they have for their help. In all this calamity the greatest gift is our Groom. (Prov. 18:10) We have a shelter from any storm of nature or of man. Do you hear the voices of those who are not married and how they easily proclaim doom? They do not possess these gifts or know of the shelter of the Groom. Our Groom is known for His judgment (Psalm 9:16). He is the one in power who executes. What befalls us and this world are not random acts of chance in a cause and effect free environment. This is God’s world, His form. He is not subject to the cause and effect subjectively but can enter into this history objectively any time He desires as Lord. For us Lord also has the gracious Groom who lavishes upon us many rich gifts and His loving devotion. Do we have or can we justify the gloom and despair for ourselves? Do we face the world’s problems? Is the faithful Bride treated the same as the adulterous? I implore you to walk in the glorious matrimony of your calling and make full use of the gifts you have been given.


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3-5 years for banks to get rid of the homes that have been foreclosed on or will be foreclosed on in the next few years. AlTA loans & reset loans will add a second wave of home foreclosures soon which will be worse than the situation now. 2010 will be worse than 2009 as the inventory of the banks increase:

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Judge Beanhead: This is for you!!! This is a "Must Read". The IRS is committing fraud when they file tax liens without authority, but their fraud GOES BEYOND WHAT ANYONE HAS EVEN EVER CONSIDERED UNTIL NOW. That's choice, making a stamp FOR A SIGNATURE with a fictitious person THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. LOL

Subject: Depositions of High Ranking Treasury Officials Begin April 2, 2009 and your help is greatly needed.
Lindsey Springer here and I would like to report that on April 2, 2009, I will be honored to take the Court Ordered deposition of R.A. Mitchell. My case is 08-278. If you have ever had a tax lien or assessment then listen up.

How I was able to convince the United States District Court this deposition was relevant was that I subpoenaed R.A. Mitchell because this name was on several documents in a civil case the U.S. Department of Justice attached to their amended complaint against me.

The Government tried to block the deposition saying R.A. Mitchell did not even know her name was on the documents they relied upon. I pointed out that was an admission of forgery. On February 24, 2009, I took the deposition of a Kim Norman in Tulsa who swore that R.A. Mitchell was a stamp and not any real person.

Needless to say if that is true all Notice of Federal Tax Liens are no good and I will be able to show each of you how that would be. In each State you have a Uniform Federal Tax Lien Act and this Act directs federal tax liens to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. A Forged document in the County Recorder’s Office violates both the Act and the UCC. It gets worse for the revenuers from here.

Assessments are required for a lien to arise after notice of that assessment is given and a demand for payment. Once you refuse to pay then a lien arises as a matter of law. Assessments are done under section 6201, 6202 and 6203 of the Tax Code. Regulations under 26 CFR 301.6203-1 require the district director to appoint an assessment officer. The position of district director was abolished by the Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998. As of 2000 no district directors existed to appoint summary record of assessment officers. The regulation above says the record of assessment must be signed and if the person signing was not assigned by the district director or director of the service center servicing the internal revenue district that you live in then no assessment exists according to the law and no notice, demand, or refusal, could be proven in Court for the collection of any purported assessment.

I need your help. I cannot afford to take the this part of the IRS down without some help from each of you. I need whatever you can give me. I realize many of you know someone who is in some way making some challenge to the status quo. Please realize it is rare to be offered the opportunity to depose high ranking treasury officials and even more rare to actually do it. Most attorneys would simply not do it for fear of attack. I hope you know by now I am not afraid. Concerned yes, afraid no. Imagine me getting to ask the questions and the U.S. Department of Justice not being able to do anything to obstruct me, my questions, or the answers.

My ministry is asking each of you to consider being part of actually getting to ask questions. If you email me your questions relative to assessments, liens, and notices, I will be glad to consider your ideas in forming my questions. I get to take depositions on the 2, 6,7 and 9th of April, 2009. I realize this is short notice but I would not ask for held if it was not needed.

Please stand with me and help me take this part of the IRS out of the County Court Houses. You can send any support to Lindsey Springer or Bondage Breaker’s Ministries, 5147 S. Harvard, # 116, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74135, or you can paypal at gnutella@mindspring .com. Those of you willing to support me in this endeavor will be emailed a copy of the transcript of any of the depositions I take once it is read and signed by the deponent and as always your blessings for such support will be difficult to even count or express in words. Thank you,

Lindsey Springer 3.26.09

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Judge Allslop said referring to the fraud the government/IRS is engaged in: "Sure why not. Works for the US Goverment Crime syndicate."

On the other hand, maybe it shouldn't work!!!!! Well the fact that the IRS is engaging in forcing people to pay a tax they don't owe & leading them to believe they owe it by force & lies & manipulation, is just the tip of the iceburg. The fact that they engaged in document fraud & harassment by trying to collect on this illicit debt is another thing by filling unenforceable & fraudulent "notice of tax liens" is a revelation!!! This is true simply because the lien is NOT SIGNED BY A REAL PERSON. Since the instrument is not really signed, it isn't valid.

After hearing about this I decided to do a little research to verify since you always seem to hear crazy accusations from time to time. This is important for many reasons, among which I am trying to buy my neighbors home & have been for a while. She has a tax lien on her home which I thought was a problem. How is that problem quickly solved by a real estate investor?

There is an IRS procedure & code to get the tax lien removed without paying a dime if you provide certain information & send two appraisals & show that their is no equity in the home for the lien to be executed upon to the regional IRS office. In other words, getting the lien removed is not really an issue or a serious problem if you understand the code & do some legwork.

Course the last buyer walked away from buying the home thinking it was an insurmountable problem. The so called "experts" of these companies that charge a fee to do a "payment in compromise" procedure" can take anywhere from 9 months to 24 months to accomplish & they tell you that's the only way to get rid of the debt other than paying it off in full. On a payment in compromise, you might pay 10 - 20 cents on the dollar to settle the debt, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Course there is a better way. Here is the IRS Code & Procedure: IRS Code and Section 6325(b)(1), & Section 6325(b)(2)(B) states "that a lien can be discharged if it is determined that the interest of the United States in the property to be discharged HAS NO VALUE." Due to plumetting real estate values If the home is worth $85,000 today and the 1st mortgage is $125,000, than obviously the 2nd lien of the IRS HAS NO VALUE. The IRS HAS TO DECIDE ON YOUR REQUEST TO REMOVE THE LIEN WITHIN 30 DAYS. Doesn't take 9 months like the experts were telling me!!!! More than 10% of people now are in an "upside down house" where they owe more than their home is worth.

However, more importantly I received a copy of the lien at the local courthouse recently of my neighbors house, since it is a public record. Sure enough on this lien at the bottom, there is a stamp that says: R.A. Mitchell for DEBRA K. HURST.

Well since RA Mitchell is not a real living person, according to an affidavit already filed, the whole INSTRUMENT OF LIEN IS A FORGERY & INVALID. LOL

Who would have thought??????
Judge Beanhead, put that in your pipe & smoke it, because it's obvious you need to get high to release your obvious stress. You'd probably make more sense if you were on drugs anyway.

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Judge Beanhead: By the way, "good luck" with peddling your crap.

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Why is it important to know about RA Mitchell & the importance of this?

Because ALL IRS TAX LIENS have this name of RA Mitchell stamped on them as evidence, false evidence at that OF A SIGNATURE!!!

In other words, all filed federal tax liens are invalid, & unenforceable ACCORDING TO THE UCC RULES & all people who have had these illegal liens filed against them have damages, huge damages. LOL

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What does the law that says that wages & salaries (Labor) is taxable, RA Mitchell, and bank loans, all have in common?

Answer: They all are fictitious, totally made up things created out of thin air & imagination!

If (a) Santa Claus, (b) the Easter Bunny, (c) RA Mitchell, and
(d) Kurt Johnson, (e) None of the above,
were in a marathon race, who would eventually win and be first to cross the finish line?

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Makes a person wonder if R.A. Mitchell, a fictitious person, will miraculously show up at the deposition to answer questions under oath, with false I.D. and false testimony?

No, the IRS can't be that stupid adding one fraud upon another, can they?

So the lady, will her win her case by default if this case doesn't get shuffled underneath the carpet at some point. She has an affidavit under oath from an expert, saying that R.A. Mitchell doesn't exist & R.A. Mitchell probably doesn't show up at her scheduled deposition. Looks like the IRS is hiding material information and is guilty for sure OF MAIL FRAUD, once the deposition doesn't happen. The IRS knows that R.A. Mitchell isn't a real person, so their fraud is unbelievably in bad faith in this charade.

At least when Scott Heineman signed documents, or used a stamp or whatever on any documents, he was at least a real person that could be deposed. The IRS have to be cowards about filing these "notice of federal tax liens" hiding behind a made up person.

Hey, come to think of it, all top IRS officials that have allowed tax liens to take place all across the country and have sent these false & forged documents to be sent through the mails to be recorded, should get at least 21 years in prison for this or more. I wonder how many individual counts there could be? Hey, they all should get several life times in federal prison. After all, fair is fair, right? And the same standards should be diveed out.

What do you think Notarial Dissent? Or maybe I should ask the esteemed "good luck with that" Judge Bean? Why aren't you both railing against this APPARENT fraud? Can't you both be fair ever & show the same level of disgust against SUCH AN APPALLING THING? Oh I forgot, you both enjoy a fantasy world.

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The Government tried to block the deposition saying "R.A. Mitchell DID NOT EVEN KNOW" HER name was on the documents they relied upon.

The government isn't lying here. After all, a fictitious person has no recollection at all. LOL

R.A. Mitchell's signature is on EVERY DOCUMENT WHERE A TAX LIEN HAS BEEN FILED, AND THE GOVERNMENT CONTENDS THAT R.A. MITCHELL DIDN'T KNOW her signature is on the document(s)? Is there any Judge in the land that would buy that B.S.?

Course come to think of it, how does the government know that R.A. Mitchell is female?

What kind of idiot signs their name on a legal document & doesn't sign out their FULL NAME but uses initials? Isn't that the BIGGEST CLUE?

Yes, my first name starts with a B, and my middle name starts with an S, so I'm going to start signing my legal documents as
"B.S. mogel" from now on. Do you think anyone will tell that I might be hiding something with initials like that? Would you invest millions of dollars with someone with a name like "Madeoff" as in "made off" with your money? Sure you would & you would think nothing of it.

Maybe it should have been B.S. Mitchell instead? What was the IRS thinking when they picked R.A.? Does R.A. sound feminine to you? What female do you know that goes by initials as a name? Males do that, but certainly not females.

Now I have an issue with that. Everyone with evil intentions, knows that all fictitious persons are of the male gender. LOL Ever heard of "the Father of all lies". Isn't he male? The Devil, and all the other names he goes by. Is there really a "she devil" that is the leader over an evil kingdom of darkness? I've heard of "sons of perdition", that are thrown into outer darkness, but I've never heard of a "daughter of perdition". Why is that? Maybe the government knows otherwise? Talk of imagination!!!! The government even tries to insult the Devil himself taking credit away from him for his evil by giving credit to a FEMALE for this huge lie.

Now if the government is lying about R.A. Mitchell's existance and then knowingly & purposely lied to use the FEMALE GENDER, to further confuse the truth, I would say that a sexual harassment case is in order against the government slamming females everywhere as the perpetrator of a lie, which lie is gender specific and damaging to the credibility and integrity of all females everywhere. Sounds like a hate crime to me TOO.

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I have faith in our government to prevail by coming up with an even BIGGER LIE that will be like "sugar to help the medicine go down" with.

They'll probably say that R.A. Mitchell won't be able to be deposed because she ate some piss-statio nuts and died of a heart attack due to being poisioned.

Course they'll come up with something much more imaginative, but you get the point.

R.A. Mitchell is dead!!!!! LOL

Dead men don't talk. I mean "dead females" don't lie or get caught in lies.

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After all, "silence is golden".

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Do a google search on R.A. Mitchell. You won't find anything to link R.A. Mitchell with the IRS.

Why is that? Isn't that odd?

Because she's a FICTITIOUS PERSON.
Two more days for R.A. Mitchell to be deposed. April 2, 2009 is the big day!!!!

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An interesting case against the IRS:

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Remember the game, called "Find Waldo" in the puzzle? It should be renamed, "find R.A. Watkins".

Who can find the face of "RA Watkins"?

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More disinformation the IRS gives to confuse:

At the bottom of the lien just below the signature of R.A. Mitchell for Debra K. Hurst, it reads: "Note: Certificate of officer authorized by law to take acknowledgment is NOT ESSENTIAL to the validy of Notice of Federal Tax Lien." rEV. rUL. 71-466, 1971 - 2 c.b. 409)

Who is authorized by law? A fictitious person? By the name of R.A. Mitchell? LOL
Debra K. Hurst is the real flesh & blood officer.
The IRS wants people to believe the lien is valid if signed by a ficitious person & even if Debra K. Hurst knows NOTHING ABOUT THE FILING OF THIS FRAUDULENT LIEN?
Not according to the "Uniform Commerical Code"