Monday, March 30, 2009

The Marriage Bed (2-23-09)

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the marriage bed. Even with all this time of absence I can recall the first time lovers revealed themselves to each other. With God as our Groom knowing and being known is not as easily obtained as the sexual union of the flesh. Yet many times through many scriptures being known by God as we are known and knowing Him is expressed as a relationship possibility.

We have a God, a Groom, who is beyond our reason and comprehension. He is infinite and we are finite. He is a Creator and we are creation. He cannot be known unless He reveals Himself. He only chooses to reveal Himself in the marriage bed and the love relationship. (Job 26:14) This is a spiritual union not one of the flesh. (Jn. 4:24) Christ is a visible display of this invisible unknown God. Through Him we learn of Him and His ways. As our Groom and lover He has chosen to lay Himself bare in the marriage bed with His beloved bride. Now we know in type when we lay ourselves in the marriage bed we are not revealed in our completeness but in truth. My wife doesn’t know all of me but she knows me in intimate truth. Many of the invisible attributes of my spirit in our love relationship have been revealed by my words and deeds. I am not known in my entirety but in truth. Can you imagine what privilege is ours to have God choose to reveal Himself to us? Can you acquire the mentality of a loved bride and trust in this true love relationship?

I miss the passion of intimacy of my wife but I thrive on the intimacy of Christ and His love. He is my hope when hell and the world try and seduce me by saying “stolen water is sweet” into their tragic life of apostasy and adultery. They are prohibited from any knowledge of our beloved Groom because they are precluded by their selfish lustful loyalties. Be faithful dear bride and enjoy the marriage bed of truth and love. Our Groom has overcome this world and our marriage relationship will be a perpetual and sound witness.


mogel007 said...

Judge accused of jailing kids FOR CASH:

mogel007 said...

It was starting to look like the problem was easing before January, when foreclosure starts declined to 69,000 in November from 77,000 in October and then dropped again to 56,000 in December. But in January the number of started foreclosures jumped to 217,000, and now February's numbers have leaped up again to 243,000. 87,000 homes were repossessed (foreclosures completed) by banks during February, a 28% jump from the 68,000 foreclosures completed in January. Since the mortgage meltdown hit in July 2007, 1,395,044 homes have been lost. In February, nearly 250,000 homeowners received either mortgage modifications or repayment plans from their lenders.

mogel007 said...

"We were starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but it's beginning to look oddly like a train." That pretty much captures investor sentiment.

habakkuk said...

These judges can be so corrupted that they'll even victimize children...Why wouldnt they jail a couple guys who could expose their banking buddies?


mogel007 said...

Why wouldnt they jail a couple guys who could expose their banking buddies?

I think it has to do with the "But" factor or the "but phenomenon." We all like to talk about our ass. Girls seem to be the biggest offender. What do they first notice about a guy and what is it that impresses them? Well it's their "but" isn 't it & what do they like to talk about?

"BUT," I thought the courts were there to exercise and expense justice?

Has anyone ever said to you, "I don't mean to be rude, "BUT".....*&**&##
And then they do exactly what they said they DIDN'T WANT TO do?????

"I don't mean to hurry you, BUT....." "But" can I hurry you by mentioning my ass? How superficial is that?

"I don't mean to be rude, "BUT" CAN I SMOKE IN YOUR CAR."

Sure you can, "BUT," do you mind if I throw up in your lap after you light up a cigarette?

And Everyone knows, that you got the house, didn't you?"

"But" it isn't right to get something for nothing. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, SO WHAT IS THERE ELSE TO CONSIDER?"

"But".......... "I don't mean to be rude, and superficial, so why do I keep bringing up my ass? Because my "But" has nothing to do with reality.

"But" you know the gangsters invented the system, and you know they can't allow this to happen AND THEY'RE BETTER AT PLAYING THIS GAME THAN ANYONE ELSE, because it would ruin the economy IF THE dorean group WERE TO PREVAIL, "BUT" everyone knew that things would turn out the way they did, "BUT" DIDN 'T I TELL YOUT THAT LONG BEFORE NOW, SO I'm smarter than you are, "BUT" you can admit that later."

The moral of the story is, that when a person wants to talk about their "but" and has a fascination with the word, "but", it's time to look for the truth elsewhere.

Since when was the "but" suppose to rule the brain?

Can you talk about crap without mentioning the "but"? It's pretty hard to do, isn't it?

mogel007 said...

I think Kurt & Scott should write a book in jail about their experience as whistleblowers against the mortgage industry.

It could be titled, "Truth or 'but,' the stinky truth the judicial system never wanted to face."

Didn't Al Gore write a book about "global warming" & he won the Nobel Peace Price?

Global warming comes from the "but", not from where Mr. Gore says it does. Look what all those California cows do from all that grass they eat? It emits all that carbon dioxide gas into the air which warms the environment.

"BUT" then again, isn't Al the ass, that invented the internet too, or did he lie about that too?

"Truth or But," might be the next game show which challenges a person on his perception of truth vs. fantasy. It should be alot of fun.

mogel007 said...

"In essence, the government tricked the jury into returning a tainted verdict against the senator based on false evidence," Stevens' lawyers Brendan Sullivan Jr. and Robert Cary said in a statement."

No, say it isn't so? The justice Dept. wouldn't do that, would they?
Done to a US senator, no less. Gives new meaning to the term, "Justice Department".

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

mogel007 said...

mogel007 said...

Lindsey Springer who will be hot off the trail of a deposition scheduled for April 2, 2009 (this Thursday) of the infamous "R. A. Mitchell" for my show 5-7 PM CST (the Ralph Winterrowd Show) at

http://republicbroa dcasting. org/

This "R. A. Mitchell" "stamp" signature has been applied to probably thousands of Notices of Federal Tax Liens "for" some other purported Revenue Officer plundering the property of the vox populi within these United States. This party may have a first name of "Renee", but it seems this may be just a fictional person - will find out Sunday after Lindsey deposes this person/entity this Thursday. We will see in the Land of Oz when the curtain is pulled back, who is this Wizard of Oz, a.k.a. "R. A. Mitchell."
This should be a very interesting show and the first time that Lindsey and myself have been on a show together.
Lindsey is involved in civil actions with the IRS and was just recently indicted by the USA, a.k.a. the IRS along with Attorney Oscar Stilley in USDC Northern District of Oklahoma Case 4-09-cr-43 around March 10, 2009.
The IRS and DoJ should probably schedule some time this Sunday as the people are becoming enlightened to the acts of Treason and Traitors we have in Congress, the IRS, the courts and DoJ.