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FBI (2-12-09)

It has come to my attention that my Fabulously Boring Imbecile's still maintain their interest in me. I find that comforting that this giant agency is not resting comfortably in their supposed victory. Their malice toward my Phase One website has been discovered. Sure they are looking out for you clients. At least they are still reading my blog. I may have to take another route to accomplish my goal. I’m putting that to prayer now. I’m not a conspiracy nut but if you knew why I was in the SHU the timing of these agencies seems a little too coordinated. Regardless God is easily triumphant over these retards. I was holding back a couple of my weapons but I am being encouraged by their timing to suspect it is the right time to perfect them.

There are a couple of cases you might take interest in. C08-2325-JSW which is the lawsuit to remove all the liens (UCC 1’s) placed on many actors, and C08-2462-JSW which is a habeas. The liens will probably receive an order this week to have them expunged. Sounds like a loss. I couldn’t be happier to arrive at my goal. When I get the opportunity to teach some of you the truth you will learn just how tactical God has made me. When you have a big predictable bully confronting you use his energy against him. The habeas was filed in May, went to default in June, in Dec. I asked the court to issue a default or make the US answer. Nothing yet. Funny how they can’t answer a simple jurisdictional problem. Of course I know why. My next move should prove interesting. Until next time seek God.


Anonymous said...

crooked fed allow bakes to kook they books.....

Scandal at Treasury: Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal
Darrel Dochow Allowed IndyMac Bank to Cook Its Books, Investigators Say
March 5, 2009

The man at the center of a fraud scandal at the Treasury Department has been allowed to quietly quit and retire from his job as a government regulator, despite allegations that he allowed a bank to falsify financial records and amidst outcries from investigators who say the case shows how cozy government regulators have become with the banks and savings and loans they are supposed to be checking on.

Former bank regulator Darrel Dochow evades ABC News' questions about the Treasury Department Inspector General's investigation into allegations he allowed IndyMac to cook its books when he worked at the Office of Thrift Supervision.
(ABC News)

Darrel Dochow, the West Coast regional director at the Office of Thrift Supervision who investigators say allowed IndyMac to backdate its deposits to hide its ill health, quit last Friday. Prior to his leaving, Dochow was removed from his position but remained on the government payroll while the Inspector General's Office investigates the allegations against him.

Anonymous said...

Darrel Dochow Allowed IndyMac Bank to Cook Its Books...tell yo sumting darrel, doc how yo do it???

judge allslop said...

FBI. A fine group of men and woman who are expert joggers,unfortunately contolled by the US Goverment and justice dept crime syndicates. A growing sense is detectable that the public is aware of crime syndicates at work in the US bank system, heightened by the TARP funds issue. The underlying problem that persists is the common alignment of the remaining Wall Street banks. None can be killed off without all suffering death. They desperately require another death event to reload, to force new CDSwap demand for USDollars. They are finally cornered. Expect next an acceleration in the USEconomy breakdown, that by the end of 2009 will be openly called a collapse.In my opinion, some TARP funds went to emergency measures to quash credit derivative fires. No disclosure has come on fund disbursement, since exposure to the scummy connections with threats involved would have caused embarrassment. Also, exposure of credit derivative eruptions would have caused contagion problems. Also, satisfaction of some counterfeit bonds might have occurred, also not to be disclosed.Geithner now appears to have promised far more than he delivered, a rookie error, since no cleanup can be done without the revelation of an entire dead US bank system.The USGovt has now morphed into a babysitter for the elite bankers, monitoring their bonuses and extravagant spending from offices to parties. As the crisis worsens, the credibility of the US Federal Reserve has vanished, gone, kaput.
Even phony accounting rule changes cannot fix the problem, since dead banks will not lend, easily aware of their deep insolvency. Look for the results of such stress tests to eventually be kept secret, bank by bank, since the outcome will surely show widespread insolvency on the edge of systemic bankruptcy. Watch disclosure of the stress tests not to occur. The glaringly absent traits of the US bank system crisis are asset disclosure, proper price discovery, and realistic accounting.The deceptions are ongoing, widespread, and cunning. The financial gang talks of trillion$ on the sidelines, due to enter. But it might want to avoid both crime centers, falling structures, and black holes.The Harry Markopolis testimony on securities regulatory bodies is the height of sunshine directed as extreme criticism against the Wall Street syndicate. As former regulator, he testified in strong stark powerful terms before the USCongress. The compromised fools in the Congress tried to scold the compromised thieves on the Securities & Exchange Commission. Their discussion of lax SEC regulators and their huge failure is telling, but only the tip of the iceberg. The collusion is enormous. The SEC is not under-funded or without adequate tools. Their staff is populated by Wall Street insiders, who have no interest in protecting the public investment interests. Their staff protects their friends and colleagues on Wall Street, and is often paid not to pursue fraud. The current effort to reform is likely to grant more power to the SEC, highly likely to be used as syndicate tools. The SEC did not fail. It did exactly what its masters ordered it to do, to permit the fraud.We are witnessing an evolution of syndicates, and the pathogenesis of subservient systems to support them, after they permeated the most important organizations. The most crucial elements of the linkage to syndicates are the USMilitary and the Treasury Dept. Control reaches from defense contractors, along with their lobbyists, and from Wall Street, along with their henchmen inside the Treasury Secretary offices and regulatory agencies. The rotating advocates of each organization are totally incestuous, entrenched, and beyond dispute for blocking their agenda, appropriations, and appointments. When was the last time a defense budget was objected to, blocked, and altered? When was the last time the Dept Treasury objected to, blocked, or altered an initiative ordered by Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan? The USGovt financial structure has morphed into a holding company for the fraudulent activity behind the crime syndicates. This is a normal sequence at the end stage of a fiat currency management. Parallels to Nero when the Roman Empire collapsed fall short. This is 10 thousand times bigger, and the fires are all economic and financial.

mogel007 said...

Here is a case where the Plaintiff was awarded 4 times in compensatory damages and 200 times in punitive damages due to conversion by the insurance company:
499 U.S.1, 113 Fed 2d 1, 111 S.Ct. 1032 (no. 89-1279)

The lenders and banks are also GUILTY OF CONVERSION so the same damages should apply FOR DOREAN CLIENTS.

Even the guilty admit their wrong. Can it be any plainer?

"Federal Reserve bank credit does not consist of funds that the Reserve authorities get somewhere IN ORDER TO LEND, but constitute funds that they are empowered TO CREATE." (Federal Reserve Bank: Its Purposes and Functions, 1939 Edition) Evidence straight from the Federal Reserve’s own documents !! Almost like taking candy from a baby !! WHY WAS THIS MATERIAL FACT NOT PUT IN MY LOAN DOCUMENTS?

Why would the Dorean Group settle for 10 times in damages FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH & NEVER WAVERING AND PAYING THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR ALL OF THEIR ACTIONS? 10 times in damages was just for the banks ignoring the presentment & not answering within 10 days ACCORDING TO THE CHALLENGE SENT TO THE BANKS. It's not that simple anymore and hasn't been for some time.

Is the Dorean Group going to ignore all of the other punches in the face? I know Jesus said turn the other cheek, but the history of the abuses are ridiculous if not THE WORST BAD FAITH EVER ON THE PART OF THE DOREAN GROUP ENEMIES.

Why is 10 TIMES THE VALUE OF OUR HOMES PUT IN THE PROCESS enough FOR CLIENTS considering that from day one the FBI, and other enemies have fought the Dorean Group repeatedly at every attempt and turn of the road to obtain justice & financial compensation?

There is no one anywhere that hasn't been touched by the fraud of the lenders of this country. All one needs to do is read the news. Almost 50% of people with subprime mortgages are in default now. It will only get worse in the next 2 years. As it does, the tide will change & more & more people will see that Kurt & Scott weren't the bad guys here.

Now the FBI is attacking the website, & now the UCC-1 liens will probably be expunged in complete disregard to all of the rules? How long can God ignore these abuses without unleashing his complete fury?

10 times the value of our homes as damages is certainly not enough. Justice and fairness and fair play
and Supreme Court cases SAY SO.

It's TIME to up the auntie. Whatever weapons that need to be unleash, unleash them now. The time of negotiations is past & I'm pissed off.

Anonymous said...

FBI. A fine group of men and woman who are expert joggers,unfortunately contolled by the US Goverment and justice dept crime syndicates

jug slop, i can make it even eesier fo yo.....


(end of sotry)

Anonymous said...

but they like jug beans will get theirs 'in da end' too...

just lookit? GM is becasue of the crimnal enterprose FBI, those idoits think, well this wont affect me....really???

well ho bout yo famlee, kids, g/kids, brosthers, sitters, etc???

thik somenone of them workded fo GM????

beecoss of yo, now they out of work. but dats ho deese crimnal govt. tipes think....

mogel007 said...

If there exists a "jurisdictional problem," that HAS GONE UNANSWERED, than when can we expect you, (Kurt & Scott) to be out of prison?

Or does cheating & the rules not apply to your lives & freedom?

BigO said...

Ol1, OL2, OL3, OL4……

Everyone that’s in this program has been in for a while, and if you have been scammed the scam was over after you paid whatever you paid to enter the program, what other scamming need to happen?

mogel007 said...

Latest article on Dorean Group:

Anonymous said...

Latest article on Dorean Group:

mar. 22 2008....
not exacky 'ho off da press' now is it??? LOL!!!!

mogel007 said...

If the Dorean Group UCC-1 liens are expunged, than maybe it doesn't matter since
the Dorean Group are the beneficiaries of 2.7 trillion from the Pennibanc Trust who has UCC-1 liens filed against major players too:


The Courts will have to get these liens ordered & expunged too if they think they can make us impotent. To my knowledge this hasn't been done, although the Principal of this trust hasn't been heard from in many months. It's as if the powers that be, has ordered his death or silenced him in some way. For him not to continue to speak on the internet is unlike him, so something is deadly wrong.

mogel007 said...

Dr. If you can find a more recent article than March 2008, than by all means, post it. If not, I stand by my comment.

Anonymous said...

Dr. If you can find a more recent article than March 2008, than by all means, post it. If not, I stand by my comment.

r-e-l-a-x....mongrel...dont bare yo teeth :-[=) ....just tweekin' yo dats all....

an now to my poiint...da feral resert jus dun wanna give up da $$$$....deeze reetods wont do anythins until they have to/forced to, so they keep trying to hole on to thins stratus ko.....they jus dun get it, do they???

can they figur out dat da pres is jus gonna keep da stumilose project gong until they finally "bust out" the country....and inderelictly 'bust out' da freall reverse sytem???

cunt they figur it out dose dum bastits????

why dun they jus 'give it up' all ova....get ova it why dun they.....

same reeson all dose propensity programs holin' on to they money an not payout....they still think dat sumho they gonna hole on to da stratus they just gonna haf ta get 'busted out' complety till they nothin left of the FR and indirclty the US doola....soon da dolla be wroth pennis... ¢

Anonymous said...

It's as if the powers that be, has ordered his death or silenced him in some way. For him not to continue to speak on the internet is unlike him, so something is deadly wrong.

i thins dat he is alive but in hiding for safey reesons....yo gotta be like a goondhog with deese peepls...dun even sho yo nose to dem....they will shoot it off....

jeeez....if they say 4000 mebers of da DG and they gonna get over a $1T, den ho much eech none gonna get???

seem like big bux.....

mogel007 said...

Mr. Alvin Joseph Hansen's last post:

mogel007 said...

Partial list of Mr. Hansen's liens filed in CA:

mogel007 said...

More UCC-1 liens filed, starting on page 7:

Anonymous said...

More UCC-1 liens filed, starting on page 7:

make it eesy on yoself google....the hole cuntry is in leans.....thinner dan shaved stake....

Anonymous said...

it like yo gotta be like 'dirty larry' clink westwood say when yo walk into jug beens coatroom, yo say:

"hey beans, yo better let me go, or i will file 1099 OIDs on dis hole f***king coatroom....den da ISR will will be afta yo *ss......


mogel007 said...

FDIC insurance could go bust this year:

mogel007 said...

Right link to article:

judge allslop said...

DEAR FBI. You have way bigger problems than Dorean or Kurt Johnson,who did the right thing, like YOUR paycheck and pension.YOU need to do the right thing as this is unraveling in order of magnitude.
Pension Plans: How Long Can We Sweep the Problems Under the Rug?
"March 05, 2009The dirtiest little secret in government finance has to be the sorry state of the state and municipal pension plans. Leaving aside the promises of rich retirement benefits that were from inception mathematically impossible to deliver the schemes and deception that the various governments are employing to delay the day of reckoning are stunning."
As long as you do not see the reinstitution of the uptick rule in the USA and the USA does not enforce the up tick rule, and there is no criminal fraud indictment of naked short sellers, the inviting conclusion is that the equity disaster is WANTED, DESIRED and ENGINEERED.If you think you are immune, your damn fools. Citi as a penny stock is a disgrace to the USA, its Administration and regulators.This disaster now exceeds 1929.
NEW YORK, March 5 (Reuters) - Japan’s Financial Services Agency plans will retain restrictions on selling stocks short because the market remains unsettled, financial daily Nikkei said in its Friday edition.
March 5 (Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve Board of Governors receives daily reports on loans to banks and securities firms, the institution said in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Bloomberg News.The Fed refused yesterday to disclose the names of the borrowers and the loans, alleging that it would cast “a stigma” on recipients of more than $1.9 trillion of emergency credit from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.
Scandal at Treasury: Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal
Darrel Dochow Allowed IndyMac Bank to Cook Its Books, Investigators Say
March 5, 2009The man at the center of a fraud scandal at the Treasury Department has been allowed to quietly quit and retire from his job as a government regulator, despite allegations that he allowed a bank to falsify financial records and amidst outcries from investigators who say the case shows how cozy government regulators have become with the banks and savings and loans they are supposed to be checking on.

Anonymous said...

from a blaaaaaagh......

March 5, 2009

Financial Apocalypse "Imminent"; as is Vigilante justice for those responsible!

Within weeks, we will face financial Armageddon; an absolute Apocalypse and I don't see any way at all to avoid it.

The stock market continues to drop, companies continue to layoff employees or go out of business, banks continue gambling with derivatives and losing, Congress is throwing money at the problems hoping to make it all go away. Sorry to have to tell you folks, but the worst is yet to come.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, most average Americans have absolutely no clue whatsoever what's actually coming at them and it is going to kill a lot fo them. Here now, the blunt facts:

If Washington DC doesn't change policy (here and now) before the collapse in equities comes -- which could start as soon as today if the indicators I watch have any validity at all -- our nation will experience Financial Armageddon; the Apocalypse, within weeks.

For what its worth, those indicators are painting a picture of the Apocalypse that I simply can't believe, and they're showing it as an imminent event - like perhaps next week imminent.

* All pension funds, private and public, are done. If you are receiving one, you won't be. If you think you will in the future, you won't be. PBGC will fail as well. Pension funds will be forced to start eating their "seed corn" within the next 12 months and once that begins there is no way to recover.
* All annuities will be defaulted to the state insurance protection (if any) on them. The state insurance funds will be bankrupted and unable to be replenished. Essentially, all annuities are toast. Expect zero, be ecstatic if you do better.
* All insurance companies with material exposure to these obligations will go bankrupt, without exception. Some of these firms are dangerously close to this happening right here and now; the rest will die within the next 6-12 months. If you have other insured interests with these firms, be prepared to pay a LOT more with a new company that can't earn anything off investments, and if you have a claim in process at the time it happens, it won't get paid. The probability of you getting "boned" on any transaction with an insurance company is extremely high - I rate this risk in excess of 90%.
* The FDIC will be unable to cover bank failure obligations. They will attempt to do more of what they're doing now (raising insurance rates and doing special assessments) but will fail; the current path has no chance of success. Congress will backstop them (because they must lest shotguns come out) with disastrous results. In short, FDIC backstops will take precedence even over Social Security and Medicare.
* Government debt costs will ramp. This warning has already been issued and is being ignored by President Obama. When (not if) it happens debt-based Federal Funding will disappear. This leads to....
* Tax receipts are cratering and will continue to. I expect total tax receipts to fall to under $1 trillion within the next 12 months. Combined with the impossibility of continued debt issue (rollover will only remain possible at the short duration Treasury has committed to over the last ten years if they cease new issue) a 66% cut in the Federal Budget will become necessary. This will require a complete repudiation of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, a 50% cut in the military budget and a 50% across-the-board cut in all other federal programs. That will likely get close.
* Tax-deferred accounts will be seized to fund rollovers of Treasury debt at essentially zero coupon (interest). If you have a 401k, or what's left of it, or an IRA, consider it locked up in Treasuries; it's not yours any more. Count on this happening - it is essentially a certainty.
* Any firm with debt outstanding is currently presumed dead as the street presumption is that they have lied in some way. Expect at least 20% of the S&P 500 to fail within 12 months as a consequence of the complete and total lockup of all credit markets which The Fed will be unable to unlock or backstop. This will in turn lead to....
* The unemployed will have 5-10 million in direct layoffs added within the next 12 months. Collateral damage (suppliers, customers, etc) will add at least another 5-10 million workers to that, perhaps double that many. U-3 (official unemployment rate) will go beyond 15%, U-6 (broad form) will reach 30%.
* Civil unrest will break out before the end of this year, quite probably as early as this summer. The Military and Guard will be called up to try to stop it. They won't be able to. Big cities are at risk of becoming a free-fire death zone. If you live in one, figure out how you can get out and live somewhere else if you detect signs that yours is starting to go "feral"; witness New Orleans after Katrina for how fast, and how bad, it can get.

The good news is that this process will clear The Bezzle out of the system.

The bad news is that you won't have a job, pension, annuity, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and, quite possibly, your life.

It really is that bleak folks, and it all goes back to Washington DC being unwilling to lock up the crooks, putting the market in the role it has always played - that of truth-finder, no matter how destructive that process is.

Only immediate action from Washington DC, taking the market's place, can stop this, and as I get ready to hit "send" I see the market rolling over again, now down more than 3% and flashing "crash imminent" warnings. You may be reading this too late for it to matter.


When the collapse above takes place, I and a whole slew of like-minded men intend to take revenge on EVERYONE involved in causing this.

So there is no mistaking what I actually mean, we intend to kill people. Hunt them down and kill them.

You see, that's what should have happened when the "Great Depression" struck back in the 1930's. It didn't happen, so the scummy financial guys thought to themselves, "Hey, our grandfathers got away with it, we can too!" Not this time.

This time, we have all the knowledge necessary to apply the most vicious vigilante justice the world has ever seen. We know who the key players are in the big corporations, banking, insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, money markets, real estate, derivatives and the like. We have all their home addresses too!

Did they really think we would let them utterly destroy all our years of hard work, planning and personal responsibility and walk away scott-free? Did they really think we would let them outsource American jobs and get away with it? Did they really think we weren't smart enough to know they ran up almost $60 TRILLION in derivative gambles and lost it all?

No, not this time. This time vigilantes like me will be coming for those folks. Vigilantes like me, with a whole slew of other men, armed with guns, equipped with bullet resistant vests, carrying ropes that will be tied into nooses and used to lynch the people who did this. Trees and lamp posts will be full of dead "masters-of-the-universe."

I envision so much carnage, that no one in the next thousand years will dare pull financial shenanigans like the ones that caused this mess, again.

Prepare yourself, America, the end is nigh. But have faith, vigilantes like me are ready.

Anonymous said...

fum da same blaaaagggghhhhh......

March 5, 2009

Washington, DC -- Remember when the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernake and Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson were up on Capitol Hill begging for bailout money?

Do you also remember how both men repeatedly promised "transparency" and full accountability for any taxpayer-supplied bail out money.

Guess what? They lied.

For months, various news media outlets have requested lists of which banks and companies received funds and what assets they pledged as collateral for those funds. Each and every request for such information has been flatly refused by the federal reserve Board of Governors.

Just this week, the Federal Reserve told a Judge that since they are not a government agency, they do not have to obey the Freedom of Information Act. They also told a Judge the information they have is . . . . . ready for this . . . . . . . a Trade Secret!

Long story short, they got hundreds of Billions in taxpayer money and no one knows where any of it went.

I am starting to wonder if it may be time to grab up the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and start knocking the living shit out of them one by one?

I'm interested in YOUR opinions. Please take the POLL in the left column of this blog which asks
"What method of "communication" would be best understood by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to make them honor their promise of "transparency" by revealing which entities received emergency bail-out loans and what collateral was pledged for those loans?

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in YOUR opinions. Please take the POLL in the left column of this blog which asks
"What method of "communication" would be best understood by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to make them honor their promise of "transparency"

ho?? hang em' by they b@@ls...dat ho yo do it....jus like juge beans will be hung.....

Anonymous said...

when they get they b@@ls hung, they will get da massage reel misundastaining dat mean of communction....

Anonymous said...

Just this week, the Federal Reserve told a Judge that since they are not a government agency, they do not have to obey the Freedom of Information Act. They also told a Judge the information they have is . . . . . ready for this . . . . . . . a Trade Secret!

an den jug beans tole em' dat "it ok, yo dun haf ta tell us...."

dat why yo too jug beans will be hung by yo tentacles too!!!

Anonymous said...

On Thu, 3/5/09, Mark Clarke wrote:

From: Mark Clarke

Subject: Home foreclosure and NESARA

To:,, "Nanct Pelosi", "Nancy Pelosi",,

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 1:57 PM

From: Mark Clarke

Subject: Home foreclosure and NESARA

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 1:24 PM

Senator Harry Reid,

I AM writing to ask for your assistance in a matter concerning my home. Bank of America foreclosed on my home and now has hired two 'Property Management' companies to evict my sons and I from the premises. It is common knowledge that many loans made to homeowners were done on a fraudulent basis. Also it is common knowledge that most of the foreclosures are also done fraudulently. In fact I believe Bank of America was unable to produce an original deed in order to process the foreclosure documents on this home.

Here is the information:
Clark County Nevada Assessor information

1921 Badger Canyon Avenue

North Las Vegas Nevada 89031

Bank of America N. A



GREENSBORO NC 27410-8110

Eviction Management Company #1

Contact Date February 27, 2009

First Preston Asset Recovery Unit

First Preston Management, Inc.

3525 Piedmont Road NE. Suite 6-605

Atlanta, GA 30305

Telephone: (404) 442-4920

Fax: (404) 442-4921


Eviction Company #2

Contact Date March 5, 2009

American Realty & Investments

American Realty & Western Services, LLC

1810 East Sahara Blvd., Suite 126, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Ava 702-302-7098

Fax (702)643-5862

Northwest Contact - Ed

(702) 641-3590

6390 W. Cheyenne @ Torrey Pines

As you are aware I AM a major supporter of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act or NESARA. I have written to you about it many times. I believe the Federal Reserve Bank and the United States Federal Government have conspired unconstitutionally to defraud the people of the united States of America out of land, property and real monetary value.

I believe Sir that several NESARA related programs were implemented on October 1, 2008. Are the Banks, Management Companies and municipalities being allowed to reposes property unlawfully? It would be consistent with previous activities of the Federal Reserve and it's Private owners to make a final illegal grab for the last drops of blood from the American people. Are you going to stand there and allow this rape and pillage of the World continue under your "Leadership"?

Maybe you can explain to me why the day I received an eviction notice on my home a story came out that United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton granted 'eminent domain' rights to the Chinese government as collateral for buying more toxic United States Treasury Bonds to prop up the Fraudulent Federal Reserve System.

This is staggering when you realize that the Human American People are considered PROPERTY by the Banking Elite via The Strawman aka Social Security System.

Let me get this straight... You Sir United States Representative Harry Reid stood bye and said nothing when OUR Country and all it's HUMAN PEOPLE, plants and animals for generations to come were given away as COLLATERAL FOR DEBT to another COUNTRY!

I believe there is a special place for beings that allow the enslavement and trafficking of other beings.

Once again Sir I demand that you support the immediate announcement of NESARA

I have been working with many family members concerning NESARA and First Contact. I have already asked for their assistance.

I simply wish for a world where all beings can live in Love, Peace and Harmony as the Creator intended.


Mark Clarke

1921 Badger Canyon Ave.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89031


PS FAIR WARNING: I plan to make this fight for my home and OUR WORLD as public as possible!

"Misprision of felony" is still an offense under United States federal law after being codified in 1909 under 18 U..S.C. § 4:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

cc President of the United States of America

Representative Shelly Berkley

Senator John Ensign

Galactic Federation of Light

Ashtar Command

George Knapp KLAS-TV

Media List 7

Anonymous said...

right! noosara gong to hep yo!.....yo got a betr shot at asking mongrel fo hep....he may be mo hep to yo den nestaro will....i bin ritin dem fo yaers now and they neva hep me eether.....

Anonymous said...

Ashtar Command

corse i neve rit to a hiher powa beefo ether...maybe they can contak mr. spook an beem yo up!

....btw...astar command, are they wit the untied felloration of plans....ufp??

Anonymous said...

o they wit da romulans or kinkons??

o maybe they wit da andromdans/dr. smtih form lost in space??

Anonymous said...

As you are aware I AM a major supporter of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act or NESARA.

jeeez....yo shud send yo money to me...i can do mo fo yo....than they can.....

Anonymous said...

feral reverse soon to be 'busted out'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

speekin' of dose ho shud be hung by they b@@ls....

ho bout da peepls at bastit labs ho "accidntly" put bird floo in they vaccines??/


doc, ho yo do dat???

tell ho da f**k dat can hoppens???

i gotta go ask Don Corlene if he beleive in "concidense"??????

sumho, i dun thik so.....

Anonymous said...

oh yea, the url fo the atticle

Anonymous said...

Frustration among Americans is also growing over the destruction of their wealth, savings and retirement as their stock market continues its historic plunge into the abyss and each day sinks to new historic lows while the US Federal Reserve, called the ‘final backstop’ for the American economy is now reporting that its reserves have shrunk to less than $2 Trillion.

So angry have US lawmakers become against the Federal Reserve too that they are now threatening to withhold more rescue funds for the ailing Global insurance giant AIG which has swallowed countless hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars but which the Federal Reserve still refuses to disclose to the US Congress the exact amount.

.....kepp gong....yo gut $2T more to go beefo yo 'bust out' the viral reserve and den we can strat from scotch again....jus kep gong.....2T shunt be that hard to den the feral reserve be all busted out....c'ya.....wah da loonymati bakers gonna do den??? no mo doe......LOLLOOOL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So angry have US lawmakers become against the Federal Reserve


they shoudl be bying some of dose balls of string fo when they hang em by they b@@ls.....

Anonymous said...

i relly hate to say dis, but looking at da cnbc reports, i actally fell bad fo bin binke....he jus a stooj fo da bakers....yo will never see da reel powers behing da fed res....he look scarred, like a wooned if he make da rawng move, then the loominate bakers will put him in da make a peeza out of him....

Anonymous said...

It's only when the PowersThatBe realize that they have shot their whole economic wad and their financial fix-it toolkit is empty that something akin to real panic sets in. Of course, we have been able to avoid that largely due to the make-work wars of 'liberation' which although they sound like pre WW II Germany in a certain sense, they have also kept a lot more people from showing up in unemployment numbers...which we will get to in a second. Let us not overlook giving credit to Housing Bubblemeister Al Greenspan, too, for helping to orchestrate the Housing Bubble, nor should we overlook the republicorps who passed up that Gramm-backed end of the Glass-Steagall act, which complicitous Bill Clinton signed, which enabled the Banks to remodel themselves as Casinos.

Of course, now that their gambling losses are becoming clear, it's you and me that are expected to pay the bill, but it's only what passes for money...paper with symbols on it. And how important are zeroes anyway? Shoot, bubba, I've got me a gen-u-ine Zimbabwe Agro-Cheque for Z$100-billion Zimbabwe dollars on my wall. I look at it on mornings like this and wonder how the West can make such fun of Robert Mugabe, who simply started adding zeroes sooner than we did...

What we should be doing is sending errant bankers to Gamblers Anonymous, or better, jail. The Swiss - in many ways smarter about money - actually do that (jail bankers who fail).


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The Swiss - in many ways smarter about money - actually do that (jail bankers who fail).


well ho yo like dat????

yo dun wanna be a baker have to gong to jail nowdays....yo mite haf to watch out fo dat gonsu guy gonna get yo....maybe he cut yo b@@ls off.....LOLOLOLO!!!!!

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yo dun wanna be a baker have to gong to jail nowdays

or even a juge....beans, if yo go to jail, dun worry, maybe they will CUT yo sum slack....


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jeez...anynun wanna guss wha the low fo da day was on da S&P 500 index???

only slop cood have gussed it....

it was 666.xx



better get all yo money out stox now.....

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dg sending massages????

From: DG
To:undisclosed recipients

Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 11:18 PM

Subject: ICE US Trust LLC

Recently the Federal Reserve refused a Bloomberg FOIA request that they release the names of the recipients of $2T taxpayer funds. They cited it was a 'trade secret'. Indeed. So, they are not in the mood to reveal who got what?

Meet the newest shareholder of the Federal Reserve, ICE US Trust LLC, an uninsured trust company organized under New York law, as seen here: "ICE Trust" will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ICE US Holding Company LP (“ICE LP”) as organized under Cayman Island law. ICE LP is indirectly controlled by Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE), traded on the NYSE as "ICE". ICE’s wholly owned subsidiary, ICE US Holding Company GP LLC (“ICE GP”), a Delaware limited liability company, will be the general partner of ICE LP.

Confused yet? Good you should be, that is what they want. In the document listed above, they screw up the very first page, note the end paragraph. Folks these are some of the people that will tackle the trillion(s) of dollars of derivatives, better known as Credit Default Swaps (CDS). They are going to bury the CDS market so nobody can back track the derivatives market and discover, what the derivatives were based on in the first place?

Now please visit this website: Ambassador Lee Wanta recently wrote about the AIG debacle as seen here: That is $150B thrown at AIG and a Federal Reserve who refuses to reveal who, what and where?

Next week or soon thereafter, ICE Trust will see its $4.2B market cap rise significantly when Citi starts to collapse followed by B of A, GM, GE, etc. AIG will very soon dump there mess in the Cayman.

We have a new Sheriff in town and Helicopter Ben really hates it.

Until next time,

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btw- to dg, ho i can get in on this HYIPs???

it seem better than bruly baals hypes...

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if yo axe me, then i wood say dat sumho dis is the 'bad bank' dat they ssay dat they were gong to crate to dump all da toxic ass/ets in....but they trow everynone off by doing it offshore like a hyips....mabye it a good invetment afta all??

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Both the principal sum and the illegal profits generated by the bank can theoretically be reclaimed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which, given the huge gaps in the accounts of these and other Government-Sponsored Enterprises, they urgently need to do), since it was their funds that were obtained by fraud in the first place.

Of course we are now well and truly through the Looking-Glass, because Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Bank System and other relevant Government-Sponsored Enterprises (or GSEs) and the banks themselves are all actually government agencies--although the double-minded phrase Government-Sponsored Enterprise itself gives the lie to such obfuscation and the banks are independent organizations as well as being supervised government agencies.

- The GSEs cannot operate in the private sector and at the same time refrain from seeking the remedies due to them when they have been defrauded: and officials in Government who may seek to restrain them from so doing would be acting illegally. In any case, the books still need to be balanced, but that's a problem for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; it's not the buyer's problem.


US case law already exists in which the banks concerned have been obliged by the courts to pay back all the money paid in by borrowers who were not informed in writing at the outset, that their payments would rise as soon as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, so that through the bank's failure to disclose, the contracts were shown to have been illegal.

The banks appealed against this outcome, and lost. As a consequence, thousands of home owners had millions in payments and fees returned to them. However the case in question did NOT bring up any of the issues discussed in our analysis.

When loans are extended, the party extending the loan MUST provide FULL DISCLOSURE, or the transaction is illegal. Another thorny problem facing banks is that once a banking corporation has committed an ultra vires action, their charter is required to be suspended and they are obliged to cease all business transactions immediately until reinstated by the State banking authority.

While in this condition, banks may not enter into any contracts, nor may they sue in court. What, then, does this mean for ALL THE BUSINESS that they have conducted SINCE the first ultra vires action was committed?



Does it not mean that all the transactions following the ultra vires action have been null and void? And if so, does that not mean that the trillions generated off the back of funds that are owned by others (e.g. Ambassador Wanta) are all not merely illegally procured, but also that the transactions themselves are null and void? And to complicate matters even further, the insurance companies contracts contain clauses which state that policies are in effect ONLY so long as corporate banking charters are in effect and/or the corporation is in good standing.

Nor can it be complacently taken for granted any longer by the criminalist classes that American Courts are now so notoriously corrupt, and the Judiciary so irrevocably compromised, that they can be relied upon to sustain the illegal status quo indefinitely.


In other words, all of a sudden, the bank's books are balanced, since the bank possesses a credit and a debit that suddenly match. But that process does not create a contract, which is what the court requires to be filed, in order to support any request for foreclosure PROVIDED A CONTRACT IS REQUESTED BY THE PERSON BEING FORECLOSED UPON, WHEN THE FORECLOSURE IS BEING CHALLENGED IN COURT.

The crucial point here is that when the person being foreclosed upon requests the contract when challenging the foreclosure in court, he or she will be able thereby to demonstrate to the court that the bank cannot provide any such document.

In the case cited with Deutsche Bank , they could not provide the contract because it did not possess a contract . Accordingly, the court properly dismissed the foreclosure process. Cases were cited out of Ohio.

So the message to all who are vexed by this fraudulent finance offensive is that no loan can be foreclosed upon without a contract to back it up: and no contract exists in these cases. However it is essential for the foreclosure to be challenged at the hearing and that the contract be requested. This is usually done in America by means of a motion lodged prior to the date of the hearing.


The Court will (perhaps surprisingly to some) usually do the right thing if the right documents are placed before it by means of the proper procedure, as it has no choice in the matter. On the other hand, the Court does not have to answer a question that it is not asked to adjudicate upon or to take into consideration. This means that even if the Judge may be aware that no contract exists to back up the foreclosure, UNLESS THE REQUEST FOR THE CONTRACT IS MADE, the foreclosure will be granted. Therefore those concerned must always ensure that a motion challenging the foreclosure and requesting the contract MUST be lodged prior to the hearing.

In the Ohio report cited, the author implies, but does not actually state, that the reason the bank did not possess the contract was that the contract had been collectivized as the bank had been a purchaser of some of the packaged sub prime derivatives. It can now be seen that these so-called mortgage-backed, collectivized, synthetic derivatives that have been sold around the world which are based on loans, have nothing to back them up and are therefore worthless.

APPENDIX B: Summary of the Law of Voids in the United States:

What follows is a brief summary giving details of how to stop a foreclosure or else to get one's house back after it has been taken through the invalid Court process.

Before a Court (Judge) can proceed juridically, jurisdiction must be complete consisting of two opposing parties (not their Attorneys: although Attorneys can enter an appearance on behalf of a party, only the parties can testify, and until the Plaintiff testifies, the Court has no basis upon which to rule juridically). The two halves of subject matter jurisdiction equate to the statutory or common law authority that the action is brought under (the theory of indemnity) and the sworn testimony of a competent fact witness concerning the injury suffered (= the cause of action). If a jurisdictional failing appears on the face of the record, the matter is void, subject to vacation with damages, and can never be time-barred. So a question that naturally occurs is:

International Currency Review, World Reports Limited [see this website] Volume 31, Numbers 3 & 4, Fourth Quarter 2006, pages 178-179; and International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 1 and 2, September 2007, pages 383 and 285.

(2) E.g. Transamerica Insurance Co. v. South, 975 F. 2d 321, 325-326 (7th Circuit 1992); United States v. Daniels, 902 F. 2d 1238, 1240 (7th Circuit 1990); King v, Ionization International, Inc., 825 F. 2d 1180, 1188 (7th Circuit 1987); and: Central Laborer's Pension and Annuity Funds v. Griffee, 198 F. 3d 642, 644 (7th Circuit 1999).

(3) Wahl v. Round Valley Bank 38 Ariz. 411, 300 P. 955 (1931); Tube City Mining & Milling Co. v. Otterson, 16 Ariz. 305, 146p 203 (1914); and Millken v. Meyer, 311 U.S. 457, 61 S. CT. 339, 85 L. Ed. 2d 278 (1940).

Fraud in the Inducement: --- is intended to and which does cause one to execute an instrument, or make an agreement The misrepresentation involved does not mislead one as the paper he signs but rather misleads as to the true facts of a situation, and the false impression it causes is a basis of a decision to sign or render a judgment Source: Steven H. Gifis, Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: Fraud.

Step 2: Fraud in Fact by Deceit (Obfuscation and Denial) and Theft:

--ACTUAL FRAUD. Deceit. Concealing something or making a false representation with an evil intent [scanter] when it causes injury to another. Source: Steven H. Gifis, Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2003, s.v.: Fraud.

Theft by Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance:


--FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose.

---The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes fraud is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties: failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual ˜fraudulent concealment.

--- To suspend running of limitations, it means the employment of artifice, planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and mislead or hinder acquirement of information disclosing a right of action, and acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., Black's Law Dictionary, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v. ˜Fraudulent Concealment.


---˜FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCE A conveyance or transfer of property, the object of which is to defraud a creditor, or hinder or delay him, or to put such property beyond his reach.

Conveyance made with intent to avoid some duty or debt due by or incumbent on person (entity) making transfer.

Source: Black, Henry Campbell, M.A., ‘Black’s Law Dictionary, Revised 4th Edition, St Paul: West Publishing Company, 1968, s.v.˜Fraudulent Conveyance.

**********There's More***********

Do you really know what happened now? Or do you need one more push?

Here it comes.. The process and what you can do



Beginning at the Escrow closing table we become victims of Predatory Lenders. We sit down, and before we leave the Escrow Company we believe we have borrowed enough money to buy the American Dream -- Our home.

Does it ever occur to anyone to actually read the Deed of Trust or the Mortgage Note in detail without an attorney and take the responsibility to know exactly what we are signing?


A.Security Instrument means this document, which is dated together with all Riders to this document.

B.Borrower is the American Dream Buyer and/or Mrs. American Dream Buyer.

Borrower is the trustor under this Security Instrument.

C.Lender is ABC MORTAGE Lender is a CORPORATION under the law of a federal savings bank. And the address is 2345 USA Street, Any City, Any State.

D.Trustee is You Got Screwed Trust Company

E.Mers is Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. MERS is a separate corporation that is acting solely as a nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns, MERS is the Beneficiary under this Security Instrument. MERS address is PO Box 2026, Flint, MI 48501-2026.

F.Note means the promissory note signed by Borrower and dated who knows when, And the note states the Borrower owes Lender A bazillion dollars, plus interest. Borrower has promised to pay this debt in regular Periodic Payments and to pay the debt in full not later than 500 years from now..

G.Property means...

H.Loan means...

I.Riders means...

J.Applicable Law means...

K.Community Association Dues , Fees and Assessments means

L.On and On and On...

1.24.All the awesome things you agreed to within the Deed of Trust.

15. Notices. All notices given by Borrower or Lender in connection with this Security Instrument must be in writing. Any notice to Borrower in connection with this Security Instrument shall be deemed to have been given to Borrower when mailed by first class mail or when actually delivered to Borrower's notice address if sent by other means.

BY SIGNING BELOW, Borrower accepts and agrees to the terms and covenants contained in this Security Instrument and in any Rider executed by Borrower and recorded with it.

______________________________ Borrower



1.The Deed of Trust is NOT a contract it is only signed by one party. A promissory agreement between two or more person that creates, modifies, or destroys a legal relation. An agreement between two or more parties, preliminary step in making of which is offer by one and acceptance by other, in which minds of parties meet and concur in understanding of terms. Lee v, Travelers Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn.

2.Who did you have a Meeting of the Minds with in order to create this contract? Is required to make a contract is not based on secret purpose or intention on the part of one of the parties, stored away in his mind and not brought to the attention of the other party, but must be based on purpose and intention which has been known or which from all the circumstances should be known. McClintock v. Skelly Oil Co.

3.Who did you make the agreement with and who do you have to perform for?

4.Is this an Unconscionable Contract? One which no sensible man not under delusion, duress, or in distress would make, and such as no honest and fair man would accept. The lenders, escrow companies, trustees, and beneficiary's accept these agreements beings they are not honest or fair. Franklin Fire Ins. Co. v. Noll.

5.Unilateral contract: One which one party makes an express engagement or undertakes a performance, without receiving in return any express engagement or promise of performance from the other. There is no other! The alleged lender indicates they have given you a loan, and you have promised to pay it back. They didn't give you anything.

Without a contract there is no Deed of Trust, without a Deed of Trust there is no lien or Security Interest, therefore what you have created is a one sided agreement with yourself. What you create you can un-create. As if in the making of a WILL.


1.We have created this agreement called a Deed of Trust so now we will work it backwards to unravel puts things right.

2.First we will follow the agreement, by honoring what we have agreed to by sending appropriate Notices to alleged Lenders and the Trustees we assigned or were appointed by original Beneficiary and/or Lenders.

3.We will exercise the Right to Cancel which we created within the Mortgage documents by canceling this Voided contract.

4.Notices are sent out dismissing, releasing and discharging these appointments, and all further assignments shall be dismissed.

5.Notices of Revocation of Power of Attorney that we appointed and agreed to will be revoked, rescinded and voided. Not further appointments will exist.

6.On the same day or shortly thereafter we send out the Notices of Removal and Revocation to all alleged Lenders, Trustees, and Beneficiars.

7.We will file a Quitclaim with the county recorders to Notice the Substitution of our newly released appointments of Trustees and Beneficiary's and set on file our new appointments.

8.As soon as we receive the green card receipts back for the post office to assure the opponents received their notices we will then file a Release of Trust Deed and reconvey the property back to the Borrower, Owner, Trustor, Grantor --“ YOU.

9.A final document could be a Grant Deed or Warranty Deed whichever applies in your state.

10. You are now in control without obligation to anyone of your own property.



CALL 866-425-1179


PO Box 9277 Bend, OR 97708


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mo frum yo frendly 'crimnal enterprise'....aka da us govt....

4 arrested in Nev. probe of anti-government group

LAS VEGAS – Four members of an anti-government group have been arrested on charges that include money laundering, tax evasion and weapons possession, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Authorities said the four men are members of the Sovereign Movement, a group that attempts to overthrow the government and defy authority with "paper terrorism." The arrests in Las Vegas on Thursday capped a three-year investigation into the group's activities led by the Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, U.S. Attorney for Nevada Greg Brower said.

A grand jury indictment in federal court in Las Vegas names Samuel Davis, 54, of Council, Idaho; Shawn Rice, 46, of Seligman, Ariz.; Harold Call, 67, of Las Vegas; and Jan Lindsey, of Henderson.

Davis and Rice are accused of laundering roughly $1.3 million for undercover FBI agents, who described the money as loot from a bank fraud scheme. Davis and Rice are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and 30 counts of money laundering. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine on each count.

Davis was described by prosecutors as a national leader in the Sovereign Movement, whose members believe government licenses, taxes and currency are invalid. Rice described himself as a lawyer and rabbi devoted to anti-government teaching, authorities said.

Davis and Rice pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas late Friday. Call and Lindsey also were due to appear in court. Authorities did not know if the four had lawyers.

Brower's office said Call and Lindsey, a retired FBI agent, are leaders of the Nevada Lawmen Group for Public Awareness, a group affiliated with the Sovereign Movement.

Call is accused of possessing an unregistered machine gun, as well as parts designed to convert manual firearms into automatic weapons.

He faces two counts of possession and transfer of a machine gun and three counts of possession of an unregistered machine gun. If convicted, he could get up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count.

Lindsey is charged with one count of evasion of payment of tax and four counts of evasion of assessment of tax. He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count.

Anonymous said...

WTF is 'paper terroism'????

yo crimnal judges/persector jus dont give up do yo?????

why dun yo wip yo as* with yo paper terroism sh*t.....

Anonymous said...

WTF is 'paper terroism'????

in a way, dis is a 'go(o)d sign....teh last desprit trows from a f(l)ailing govt...yep, beans yo and yo crupt govt. is cumming down....they no ? about it....yo on life suport sytems....