Monday, February 26, 2007

Jehovah-Jireh My Provider (01-23-07)

If life is a fortress where one is isolated and stocked to resist the assault of others, there comes moments of lonely choices. We all build walls to defend psychological territory we have deemed valuable. Throughout our lives we come under siege as those with influence seek to lay claim to our domain. This fortress is always changing shape. There are inner courts most sacred and the outer courts which most come into dispute. As I analyze my fortress under the assault of government I get the sense many times I have not sufficiently stocked my stores to endure until the end. This is a desperate place because you truly are not prevailed upon by someone stronger but have failed in your own calculations. I’ve kind of found myself in this place recently as many of you have. There comes a desperate cry out to Jehovah-Jireh the providing God. What has always happened to me before I have to lower my gates and submit to the will of others is an insight or recollection is given in response to this prayer. I suddenly recall vast new storehouse God had hidden from me until that moment. Not only do they keep me in the fight but far exceed my own ideas of sufficiency. My resolve is strengthened and my endurance lengthened until it has the effect of reverse upon my enemy. They now see dwindling supplies, poor planning and a new slew of lonely choices. Suddenly the taker is threatened with having to depart leaving much booty behind. Now that which was intended for harm has enriched you. Many shortcut this blessing by letting down their gates before seeking Jireh. At the end of the year with my faith focused upon a word of deliverance I had only prepared stores for that moment. Jireh hear my prayer burst forth from a famished soul and instantly my eyes were opened. I will share more with you soon in the ram in the thickets. If you find yourself pulled beyond your resources this is where God begins. As I found comfort, strength and endurance I’m certain you will too. Quitting is not an option. I encourage you from that lonely place to call upon Jireh.


kaz4541 said...

when was the next court date again? i thought something is coming up at beginning of march...

mogel said...

Josh Wolf has set the record for a journalist being imprisoned now for 6 months. He is standing on his constitutional rights & CA law seems to favor Wolf's position. Apparently the Federal Court in Northern CA & Defendants associated with Judge Alsup like to play games with their Courts which end up setting records of imprisoning people wrongfully without bond for long extended periods of time & the Court there can't seem to solve problems quickly. Judge Alsup has handed things over to Judge Spero on this case with Wolf hoping he can get somewhere. Course Judge Alsup did the same thing with the Dorean Group & the Court got nowhere too. This is more evidence that Alsup's Court is a joke:

mogel said...

mogel said...

'In the interest of reaching a resolution satisfactory to both sides'

Judge abruptly sends Wolf case to U.S. Magistrate

by Howard Vicini
Posted Wednesday, February 14 , 2007

San Francisco – In yet another strange twist in the case against San Francisco independent journalist, Josh Wolf, U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who has rejected several defense requests to free Wolf, one as recently as last month, issued a brief order Tuesday referring the case to U.S. Magistrate Joseph Spero "in the interest of reaching a resolution satisfactory to both sides.''

On February 6, Wolf surpassed the standing record of 168 of coercive confinement of a journalist in U.S. history for refusing to give up sources. Most legal experts had concluded that Wolf would remain in a federal holding facility in Dublin CA until the Grand Jury that issued the subpoena was dissolved in July. Others speculated that the Grand Jury would reconvene and that Wolf's period of incarceration could be extended for much longer.

Wolf has been in prison nearly six months for refusing a federal grand jury subpoena to turn over raw video he shot of an anarchist protest against corporate globalization held in San Francisco's Mission District in July 2005, though government lawyers had already obtained Wolf's edited video that he sold to a local independent television station that aired it on the day of the protest.

Alsup did not explain his order or give any indication for why he suddenly believed there was a reason to expect a settlement. Neither federal prosecutors nor Wolf have given any indication that they are ready to compromise and neither side has requested mediation.

Wolf's attorney, Martin Garbus, said today , "The Court has ordered mediation. We have asked the Magistrate to schedule the mediation as soon as possible. We will proceed with the mediation as soon as we can."

The case was brought against Wolf in federal court on the claim that demonstrators at the protest attempted to burn a police car, a federal crime according to government lawyers because the San Francisco Police Department receives funds from Homeland Security. Wolf and his lawyers accused the government of manipulating the case to side-step California 's shield law, which allows journalists to withhold unpublished material and confidential sources from prosecutors. There is no federal shield law to afford the same protection in federal court.

Wolf has received a considerable amount of Press attention in recent weeks in the time leading up to the date of setting a new record. However, his case received broad press attention from the start and he gained support from major professional organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists which gave him their 2006 Northern California Journalist of the Year award for his stand and made a substantial contribution to his defense fund.

The National Lawyers Guild condemned the handling of the case and several major newspapers, including Wolf's hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, published strong editorials in his favor, none of which seemed to impress Judge Alsup throughout the proceedings. The Chronicle has two reporters of its own, Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, who are facing the likely prospect of 18 months of confinement for refusing to comply with a federal subpoena to tell a grand jury who leaked secret testimony of Barry Bonds and other athletes in the government's steroid probe.

A case against technical writer, radio producer and independent journalist Saran Olson with similar implications was resolved on January 29, when the U.S. Army dropped its subpoena of Olson in the court martial of First Lieutenant Ehren Watada for refusing an order to redeplo y to Iraq . Olson interviewed Watada in May 2006, during which he asserted that it is his duty as an officer to evaluate the legality of his orders. He said that he could not participate in the Iraq War because it was 'manifestly illegal' and that it would make him a party to war crimes. Prosecutors then brought a subpoena to force Olson to testify as a prosecution witness to substantiate a charge in his court martial that was based on Olson's interview.

In their editorial, SF Chronicle editors stated, “…the really ominous element of the government's argument is the notion that a journalist can be compelled to turn over raw material -- be it notes or video outtakes -- at the government's whim. If that standard can apply to Josh Wolf, it can be used against CNN, NBC, Fox News or any independent journalist who is conducting an investigation or trying to record a chaotic event. Journalists are not agents of the government. "

Linda Foley, president of The Newspaper Guild/CWA, noted, "What was once a cherished constitutional mandate that journalists operate free from government interference increasingly has come under attack."

"Josh is fighting a brave battle that an increasing number of journalists in the U.S. are facing today," said Jerry Zremski, president of the National Press Club. “Chillingly, many journalists must battle to keep their reporting from becoming a tool that prosecutors can use to further their cases."

Pacifica network's "Democracy Now" radio show held a prison interview with Wolf on Friday during which he said that his case shows the need for "a free media that's not encumbered by interference, that doesn't force journalists to act as agents of the State.''

Wolf's immediate fate is now in the hands of Joseph Spero appointed U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of California in 1998, after serving as pro tem judge in San Francisco 's Superior Court. While Spero is known for calm talk and reaching out to all participants in a case to resolve differences, it remains to be seen if he can find enough common ground in a case that has been contentious throughout because both Parties must stipulate their desire to have the case remain in the hands of a Magistrate; and, if either Party balks, the case will be returned to a U.S. District Judge.

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mogel said...

Picture of Judge Alsup:

mogel said...

Josh Wolf claims that his videotape doesn't show any of the activity that prosecutors are investigating, and says he even offered to let the judge view the tape to see for himself. Wolf contends that the prosecutors are just on a fishing expedition to identify "activists" in San Francisco.

Despite this good faith, Josh Wolf is still imprisoned & they revoked his bond & still sits in jail.

Judge Alsup seems pretty unreasonable in light of these events.

son of a prophet said...

"If that standard can apply to Josh Wolf, it can be used against CNN, NBC, Fox News or any independent journalist who is conducting

LOLO! it doesnt have to be used agaisnt those networks, as they already vouluntarily "give-up" all material to the govt. as they are all govt. shill networks anyway.

mogel said...

Here's an interesting patent case that Judge Alsup presided over:

Two things caught my attention in this case. The first thing, this "Mohsen" character apparently put a hit out on Judge Alsup or wanted him killed back in 2004.

The second thing that caught my attention is that "The entire San Franciso bench had recused itself from Mohsen's case." Why is that????

mogel said...

In this article I picked this up too:

"In November 2001 Alsup wrote to federal prosecutors in San Francisco suggesting they investigate the Mohsen brothers for perjury and falsification of evidence."

More evidence that Judge Alsup seems to think that he is not only in the judiciary branch of government, but he thinks he belongs in the executory branch of government too.

More evidence of his abuse of power by overstepping his bounds?

Judge Alsup seems to show a pattern for this type of behaviour.

mogel said...

Judge Alsup knows his place after all. His own words:

"I was quite struck by Judge Alsup saying, "I'm stuck between a rock and a hard spot." LOL

Yetter said...

Bill Alsup see's in 3d. Deny, delay and discredit.