Friday, February 16, 2007

Who is your God (01-14-07)

Exactly who do you serve? Tcob how can you pray with any certainty to your god for the safety of your son if your God can’t even keep you from a $3,000 tragedy? How can you have a hope for yourself if he is so harsh that I am doomed for you would be doomed also by the same standard? Your suffering must be evidence of your sin as mine. Tcob I’m not singling you out as a person but a type. If you’ve repented from your error why am I not given the same access of hope as you? Your god is not true or the traditions you practice on his behalf are faulty. Am I being unreasonable in my logic? What of my Christian brother judges who can’t fathom a God of any power? How can they judge me wisely when they fail to see how wimpy and inept their Christ is? Surely they would be blind to my hope because such hope is an impossibility in their spiritual imaginations. Others accuse me of greed. Why did you join Dorean? Did you just want to invest in my hope, my dream, my cause, or was there some self-seeking interest? Was that interest divine? If so why do you now complain? Surely if the true God guided you into danger, loss and suffering He has a plan to work it for good. If good is designed for you why do you blame me for being God’s instrument? If God did not guide you and I am evil why can’t I find the mercy you found to forgive yourself from God? Who is it you serve? Is God really the chameleon portrayed by all your double standards? How can you accuse me of being delusional when you don’t shoot straight at your moving targets? None of you offer any hope and try and sell your wares of hopelessness as silver refined in the fire seven times. Don’t you know a commodity is valued for its scarcity? What you peddle is like dirt that is everywhere. Call me a fool for placing my hope in a God of power who can deliver, in a God of mercy who can overlook my failures of sin, whose love desires my well being. Yes I know it’s rare but that is its value. The true God is known to test you to see how you’ll behave. Are you so wise in your test that you understand the test He designed for me? When did God begin to confide in you His plans? I belabor the point to the ridiculous and redundant because so many words are thoughtlessly bantered about here on the comments. Do you think we can step it up a pinch from the mental midgetry just a little or are we all destined to great heights of wisdom from all the mini me’s? Though I use the Bible to teach it is not vanity. There is value that will help all understand the end when they are all possessed with hindsight. No I can’t give you every detail of the battle. I’d rather have you moaning, angry and hurt and win then to expose my hand to the enemy and jeopardize victory for your comfort. Go to your God for comfort. I do and find it. If you don’t, who is your God?


light1rae said...

Good post for all. Hope to see you guys soon in victory. As always, STAY THE COURSE!


son of a prophet said...


Does Leo Wanta Have Close Ties With Bush Sr. And Did He Work

Together With Marc Rich?

The question remains who really is Leo Emil Wanta?

And will Americans ever see one penny of the $4.5 Trillion he claims is earmarked for the bettermnet of the economy?

By Greg Szymanski
16 Feb 2007

near the end said...

wantobefree, Chill out dude before you get my shoe size. Ass wipe!!!

wehavefaith said...

i totatlly agrre with kurt,it is god that keeps us strong and faith truly is the key,i actually stopped reading the comments because it seems it always ends up reading the same way,other people trying to hold people back.i figure it like this,have faith and don't worry or worry and have no faith,if you will lose everything over 3,000 you spent over two yeasr ago,you have problems that go way deeper than your letting on,to me the guys in prison have suffered for the cause more than anyone else posting here.thay have faith in the fact that they are exposing a great injustice in american soceity and its obvious to alot of the poeple in the world that we are slaves to these same scam artists,we are bought and sold like cattle,our taxes and our income/credit file.we are losing moe and more rights everyday and if something,anything is done soon then we will end up where we are headed,i wish i could do more to help but this being my two cents,i speak for all around me when i say,you guys keep keeping on and to hell with the naysayers,if you want to listen to people who say you can't you won't or never then just walk out on the street and express your opinion,you will see,we are in sodom and gommora right now...we love the lord and beleive that we must keep our bills paid and stay the course and do your due diligence and it will all coem around...god bless and stay the course we are with you,god bless you guys!!!

son of a prophet said...

"And will Americans ever see one penny of the $4.5 Trillion he claims is earmarked for the bettermnet of the economy?

of course not. he put it in HYIPs.


near the end said...

wehavefaith, That's a great post. I for one am going to take it to heart.

"Sorry to anyone I spoke badly too or about".

wantobefree said...

near the end-there you are again sticking your mouth where it shouldnt be thought you wanted to be friends keep running your mouth and ill make arrangements to see that shoesize TRUST ME asswipe motherfucker!!!

partysecured said...

that's the christian spirit

Stillwaiting said...

Kurt said....Why did you join Dorean? Did you just want to invest in my hope, my dream, my cause, or was there some self-seeking interest? Was that interest divine? If so why do you now complain?

Kurt we or at least I didn't join to invest in your hope, dream or cause. Re-read my earlier posts. I was told that YOU COULD DO IT AND DO IT WITHIN A FEW MONTHS.
Had I been told what you have just written I wouldn't be so upset today. I would have made a decision to invest my money in something I thought might happen versus something I was told was going to happen.
So, send me some money, let's say $10K and I have a plan that will increase it by a hundred fold. Example New Century was trading at $30 is now at $19 or so. Short trading would have made you about $350K.
I will be stillwaiting3........

near the end said...

wantobefree, I forgive you for your filthy mouth and your idle threat.

You would not want to tussle with me believe me I never lose.

Do you always act so tough behind a computer?

It's easy to act tough when you know noone can reach out and get you. Really brave!!!!

I real MAN would post his phone number or address if he were serious; But that's ok not everyone can be brave and strong.

If you want I can help you become a MAN instead of a wimp makeing idle threats to people behind your keyboard.

I mean that in a nice way; Hope you have a wonderful day;I'm headed out to go Hog hunting with the dogs wish me luck Big Boy!!!

Tony Tuba said...

near the end said...

A real MAN would post his phone number or address if he were serious; But that's ok not everyone can be brave and strong.


near the end said...

Wow, you should be called Tony the Tiger; roar!!!

Granted if I started threatening people with my shoe size first; I would post it; believe you me.

But, I forgive you anyway for your filthy mouth!!!

KYHOOYA said...

justice77777777 said...
Pre-trial is set for March 23 and trial starts the following week.

11:22 AM


Wanta bet on that will be postponed?

Oh, let's not forget that old clock on the wall (Right to a speedy trial)will ofcourse be stopped once again along with this. At the trial judges discresion.

Let it be known
'The law of the land' will be carried out by thoughs whom through the power of office & State hold title of 'Justice' & through this seat have more
'Power over the people' by their Direction of influence to & over the Admin.of clerk, sheriff, & lawyers on both sides in their jurisdiction and beyond by the brotherhood that so exsist among judges gives them power that is farmore reaching and can influence the outcome of any matter of law heard before them and 'their will be done' so help you! or so help you!, or so help you!

If you know anything about the system of courts,judges,lawyers & jailers you will know this if the judges want something and you don't do it them your going to pay for that some how some way. That is the fact's of life in that arena. So to have things be done that make the life of Kurt & Scott more difficult and there by might persuide them to give up this fight would not be to far fetched that a judge if he had a mind to and did'nt like what you were doing (weather there is any money or not that drives him for this, who knows & dos'nt really matter.) It could be that he just don't like what you stand for or think's it's bad idea and he puts to work his tools to get what he wants to have happen done as we all do in are jobs to some extent if we are given the chance to and have the power. like on a small scale someone might work at the DMV, or be a Cop or something like that and you get stopped for speeding or a parking ticket or you kid get the same you know, so what happens in this example ??? Right it's not hard to see that there will be some smalleffort needed to make that little problem become no problem at all. it what soem call a "Perk of the job" they do some have better one 's then other but don't fool yourself into thinking that the court system would not have these cause if you thunk that you really are lost without hope. It's the real world out there people not some dam TV show or make beleave B.S where it's always comes out the right way. cuzz it don't and there is corrupt people everywhere , that old sddage is true when it said "IT's who you know ,Not what you know that will get thing'd done for you"
This 'Power to interpret and direct the 'Due Course' of trial and sentance. is held without fear of reprisal. Only by the power's of State and Gov't shall they become unseated or to be remove by request to set for higher court.

So you see, know problems to worry about for Kurt and Scott not with all fareness we have seen so far.

I mean when it come's to a Fair and impartial court on this matter how could anyone think that there could be a problem's it's already been shown that the court is looking out for the best interest of????? here, Question is who's best interest.

The Law is the law and it's is not so damm complecated as the people that hold it's title of make it out to be. It is only by their hands that the system keeps it's overwhelming confusion going and in so keep's the job's of many in place.

Here look at it this way:
In the state of Ca, the charge of
Drunk Driving carries with it a pre determind sentence with out much room for anything else for recourse.

1st DD you get a sentence of: fine$$ ,School$$, loss of lic. for 30 day's & reinstatment$$$, Work detail's or 2 days in jail days

and then the 2nd will have you digging alittle deeper into your pockets as so on. My point being here you ask well i 'll tell you it is to show you two thing's

1. that the judges in this county at least care not what the law has been writemn and voted into place if they have other ideas they just get together and come up with there own rules ( this comesfrom hearing one judges state this in his courtroom but no surprise that the same judge also took his power and stated even thought records of past offences were long past the time that the law aloud for his use in sentencing he said that do to his knowlage of them he would be extending this persons sentence and probatine by two more year over he normal he had just explained to everyone that they gave in the same cases. Now yoyu get the idea that they don't give a rats ass about how you might think or whatthe law said for them to do nope not if it against what they wanyt or think should be done.

They just do what they want without fear kind of like the bank when it come to your fees or credit reporting these days.

2. why is it that when we can make a chip that could be fitted into every car just about kinda like have a seatbelt and air bags being something that all car makers have to do .
So why is it that we don't make this be thelaw when it come to haveing car not work with any drunk drivers it not a big cost to the maker s to do this and it's there right now no need tofind how it made so why don't they

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4the 1st offence net's the system somewhere in the range of $5000K to $7000K

and it gose up from ther

Maybe that sheds a little light on th epowers to be and all of you so caled do good bamnk backing so and so's like you Just-no-good777 you must make a ton of $$$$$$$ off of this system staying the way it is i think just a ton of it right or you would have to see the bad that is going on .. oh and enough of the crap I hear like "I know there are some out there that don't care and screw people over but that s not me broker B.S. i havent met but one or two brokers that I would think are not croock's but then again I have'nt put them to the test to find that out for my self yet so who know if they are good or the same as the rest. enjoy the money boy's and by boy's I mean all of you scumbags that take from the peole that you are calling you clients and freind or pal well yopu stab them in the back and try and get more fee s some hpw what a job you'll pay for it watch one day you'll be cryiong hopw the bankers are screwing you cuz they don't care how you ar eyour just a number on a street soemwhere that house you live in is either of two things to the bank you have a large mortgage and you paying them or you don't and need get one


KYHOOYA said...

Here let me get that for you cuz I don't want you to hurt your self with all th ework that goes into the answers you give everytime your posted to respond.

I" justis (lol) get it Justis 4rn the word jJustice i' think i'm so dam funny and smart to yep! you know it." " I don't even read your post just i here it comes aagin LOL another funny one any way what was it i was saying ... ?

oh that right i WAS


for one and the rest can get what's left.




is it just me or do you have to be that deep in it, not to see the corruption that is going on here and else where?

Oh well! One can only do so much to try and bring to them before you have to say

It's been said some many times already what the point to say it again


wantobefree said...

NEAR THE END-You have the nerve calling me a filthy mouth, look back at your post,you called me them first,this was suppose to be between me and your boyfriend,but no couldnt keep your mouth shut now were going to see if your mouth is writing checks your ass cant cash.Never lose huh,Ive lost many but i still have a great record.As far as giving an address come on mouth I have children Ill never put them in danger.ILL BE IN COLUMBUS,OHIO MARCH 3RD AT NATIONWIDE ARENA Ill be wearing a flurecent orange coat with the nickname WOLF on the back you cant miss it.I can meet you around this area anytime that day.Put up or shut up hog boy.

wantobefree said...


near the end said...

Wow, wantobefree you should change your name to Tony the Tiger to.

March 3rd I'll be wearing shorts and a columbia shirt; Marlin fishing in a high stakes tournament.

The entry fee was only $3000.00 per boat.

I'd rather be fishing than stuffing your shoe down your throat but thanks for the offer.

Again I do forgive you for your filthy mouth.

If you need money go ask your Mcdonald's manager for some overtime.

Have a great time in Ohio.

near the end said...

Ok, wantobefree I think your ALL TALK no ACTION. So prove me wrong.

On Feb.24th that's next Saturday I'll be at the Ashville Mall in NC. 1 pm at the Zales diamond store. I'll be wearing a cowboy hat you won't be able to miss me.

Put your money where your mouth is and show up. That will make my day.

I'll be waiting!!!

WillToContTheFight said...


WillToContTheFight said...


WillToContTheFight said...


did not have the mental intellectual capacity to respond to Kurts post!

If you don't get it you just don't get it!

You can't know what you don't know!

We all have a level of growth in "this" life!

WillToContTheFight said...

Tony Tuba

did not read Kurts post. It still runs around calling the real man this the real man that!

Boy what a low level!

tito ortiz said...


this guy makes us UFC fighters look like kindergartners. LOLO!

Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan O'Finioan

A video interview with Duncan O'Finioan

Kentucky, November 2006

Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
Duncan O'Finioan

Duncan O’Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera – one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard – Duncan describes:

– His mission to “terminate” the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush;
– His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall;
– How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds;
– How his right arm is “hardwired” and is capable of astonishing speed and strength;
– His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire;
– His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency;
– The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day;
– And more…

Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O’Finioan tells his story in detail. Do not miss this interview

near the end said...

Sounds a little sci-fi to me.

mogel said...

Anyone see the Special on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" last night?

Three years ago Dog the BOUNTY Hunter went into Mexico to capture a serial rapist. Apparently in Mexico, believe it or not, it's illegal for a bounty hunter to capture anyone or take anyone out of the country; even a 10 most FBI wanted list criminal, serial rapist. "Dog" brought him back to the U.S. for trial & the rapist is now serving over a 100 year sentence in prison after being convicted of raping over 56 women. This rapist fled the US years ago & violated his bond rather than standing trial.

Problem with Dog's capture of this bad man, is that Mexico does not legally allow Bounty Hunters to take away the rights of a free person by detaining or kidnapping them since it doesn't matter even if you are on the top ten wanted FBI list like this man was.

Apparently the US authorities couldn't find or capture him, or didn't care enough to pay to find him, not really sure, but Dog the Bounty Hunter could and did find him & bring him back to justice. Did Dog embarass the US government by doing something the US government couldn't or chose not to do?

After waiting 3 years, the Mexican government has decided to extradite Dog the Bounty Hunter for his crime of depriving a bad man of his liberty to be free by "Dog's" illegal seizure & capture of him to stand trial in Mexico. "Dog" is facing 4 years in a Mexican jail if convicted. He spent some time in jail years ago in 2003 in Mexico & posted bond & left back to the U.S. a free man. I suppose spending 4 years in their jails in Mexico would be like spending 8 years in a US jail since the conditions are pretty bad.

Now, over three years later, Mexico wants to punish Dog the Bounty Hunter for depriving this bad man of his rights by holding a court hearing on Dogs violation of Mexican law.

Course the US government has to cooperate with the Mexican government to get "Dog" back to Mexico to stand trial. Apparently Dog's appeal in the U.S. Courts was denied to NOT BE extradited, so the US government is kissing Mexico's ass & allowing the extradition of a hero, Dog, the Bounty Hunter.

This is all very sad indeed if not very strange and unjust, but don't expect the US Government to save your ass even if you are a Citizen if some higher political agenda is at stake. At least that is what I take from this story.

mogel said...

What makes this Dog the Bounty Hunter story strange is that the Mexican government waited over 3 years to do anything about Dog's violation of law, specifically of Dog depriving a bad man of his liberty rights to be free. In our country, we have a right to do a "Citizens arrest", kind of like acting like a bounty hunter in a sense without being paid. However, in Mexico, there's no such right as a "Citizens arrest".

By the way, Dog the Bounty Hunter, wasn't paid for taking this huge risk to extradite this serial rapist. An exception of law, you know. So even though he wasn't paid for his efforts, he still faces great risk in the future. Lot's of irony there too.

Also, it is a fact that this serial rapist was and is quite wealthy, as I understand it, he is an heir to the Max Factor cosmetics firm fortune, so he has plenty of money to influence government officials. Who knows, maybe even this serial rapist was being protected by Mexican officals while he was in Mexico hiding, due to financial payouts being made (not to say he got his monies worth). The rapist had an "assume fictitious name" too he went by while he was in Mexico.

Anyway, since the guy was convicted in the US Courts, now maybe the rapist has "greased some wheels" with some of his rich fortune to get some political action done NOW to get his revenge against Dog the Bounty Hunter for putting him away for life.

Maybe due to the "payola", maybe the Mexican government has now decided to act, after waiting over 3 years to do anything about this case. Remember Mexico let Dog the bounter Hunter go on bond over this illegal seizure of a rapist over three years ago. What has changed in 3 years and who are the specific people behind all of this?

Course that's only my theory, but what if that could be proven somehow that there's some sort of government agenda here?

It seems kind of strange that the US Government/courts would cooperate with Mexico over such a stupid Mexican law. Shouldn't the greater society protection against serial rapists overlook the letter of the law in some cases, or any extradition treaties in place between 2 countries, especially since now it's a fact that this guy was a serial rapist and Dog performed a service for society by taking a bad man off the streets, not only in Mexico, but in the U.S. too?

Isn't there a "spirit of the law" and the "letter of the law" that even Jesus taught?

Course you can be a "good man" in the U.S. & get your freedom rights taken away immediately, by the FBI, (in the case of Kurt & Scott), and the government doesn't even need a legal reason to take your freedom away from you & imprison you for almost 2 years, WITHOUT BOND , even without a trial being commenced TIMELY to protect your right to freedom. All the government needs to do is put a label on you, accusing you of being a "fugitive". Doesn't even matter if it's true or not that you are a fugitive. Kurt & Scott were deprived of being a fugitive according to the State of Utah.

Course the serial rapist in fact committed crimes & left the US soil after violating his bond, so there's no question about it---HE WAS A FUGITIVE.

Since the US Government is cooperating with Mexico, they are also agreeing that Dog the Bounty Hunter SHOULD be exposed to 4 years in prison (Mexican law) for depriving a rapist of their freedom through kidnapping & seizure by Dog the Bounty Hunter.

After all, it's a fact that Dog the Bounty Hunter deprived this man of his Mexican rights to be free, which freedomn includes the right to rape at will, the right to allude US law, the right to post a bond & not honor it, and the right to flee justice & the right to be a proven FUGITIVE which should go unimpeded. A persons right to rape at will, & go unimpeded, apparently is more important to protect by both countries actions by seeing a trial commences now in Mexico.

All of this "double standard" seems so strange to me. Government should be there to protect society from certain evil persons, not to encourage KNOWN evil persons to continue in their bad behaviour, or government is no longer useful or needed if they protect the guilty & encourage the guilty to continue in their behaviour.

In the Dorean scenario, fraud charges against he Dorean Group at this point in time are still only allegations of fraud, unproven, however, the Dog the Bounty Hunters story, it's a FACT, THAT THE GUY THAT WAS APPREHENDED WAS INDEED A SERIAL RAPIST & FUGITIVE, since he was convicted long before the recent decision (Feb. 16, 2007) by the US Courts to extradite Dog back to Mexico to face the new music.

God bless America, because someone needs to bless it!!! I am now going to recite the pledge of allegiance to this Republic for which is DOESN'T stand anymore, not under God, being divisible, with justice to only a few that can pay for it.

berry bawl said...

HA! Youre right about Mexico!

They cant git ya' out here.

Good place to run HYIPs from the greedy US government.

Buenas noches.

FBI agent said...


Now we know where to find you for all those failed HYIPs.

Were coming to get you!

You can run but you cant hide.

Give it up!

knight templar 33rd said...

Leave him alone.

He works for me.

You go anywhere near him, and they will never find you.

You will be "disappeard."

GWAT-gone without a trace

Mr. Dorean said...

Still wanting, dont worry.

You will be seeing something happen real soon.

Who would know this better than me?

Mr. Dorean said...

Gee, has this blog really gone downhill.

Good thing that this process is over.

wantobefree said...

Near the end-Well cowgirl i figured you would find a way out,I challenged you to a fight and your the one running your cocksuckers lips not me, you want to shove my 14 down my throat you know where ill be untill then dont say another word to me,go watch your favorite movie for 20 time Broke Back Mountain cause im done with ya.I forgive you for getting me started being a filthy mouth.

wantobefree said...

Tito Ortiz- I highly doubt this is tito,but if it is love ya brother you are a big part of why UFC is what it is today.However I think you should of lost to Forest Griffin you better train your ass off Keith Jardin is looking mean.Take care brother.

near the end said...

wantobefree; You no where I'll be on the 24th; Oh you are a coward.

OK well I'm not going to down you for that.

Good luck in the future with Mcdonald's and I forgive you for your behavior!!!

near the end said...

Tony the tiger where are you?

royce gracie said...

Whos tito ortiz?

I am the best UFC fighter ever, the only one to win 3 tournaments not this sissy ass way they do now. One fight and thats it.

These guys today could never win 3 tournaments with 3 rounds each and I beat the best of them.

I would have won 4 but got injured in the last fight of the night and had to withdraw.

Anybody who knows the UFC knows who the best fighter of all time is.

Its not Chuck Liddel or Randy Couture.

Its Royce Gracie of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

near the end said...

I'D BEAT EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wantobefree said...

I never said tito was the greatest he helped make it what it is today.I agree Royce Gracie is the best,lets not forget his father.

wantobefree said...

Near the End-This is awsome.The wife is taken off work this weekend already got a babysitter lined up.Going to take a mini vac this weekend and head Ashville mall,NC Oh my god I cant wait to see if you call me a coward to my face ,if i give you the chance.Crowds are even better.This way when your little pussy dont make yourself known we didnt waste an 8hr drive.See ya at 1:00 lol lol cant wait

wantobefree said...

Dont forget to wear your queer hat

Tony Tuba said...

WantToBeFree, Near the End will not be able to make it this Saturday. He's getting fitted for a Diaphragm that day.

near the end said...

Oh I'll be there; can't wait to see your all talk no action face.

near the end said...

Tony and wanto do you 2 boyfriends have a SPINE!!!! hee hee hee ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stillwaiting said...

Mr. Dorean said...

Still wanting, dont worry.

You will be seeing something happen real soon.

Who would know this better than me?

3:50 PM

Why would you know this better?

Stillwaiting said...

I have a question and it is for only those that really know what I should do, Ok. Thanks!
I need to refi and I need to do it soon as I am about to lose everything. My concern is that I have not switched the title back to me. What can I do? What are the steps?
Thanks in advance...SW3

Yetter said...

Still waiting. You wil find title Co and even assessor offices that will refuse your quit claim deed. How ever you must go through the brokers and find one that will get it done. Best find an small independent firm rather than a large well known lender.DR Fred can give some help.

Stillwaiting said...

Yetter, thanks for the info. I work for a broker so that might help for now. Can Dr. Fred still be reached at the number he gave us a while back? Stillwaiting3.....

wantobefree said...

LOL,done deal

near the end said...

LOL, done deal