Friday, February 02, 2007

Fiduciary (01-03-07)

The fiduciary obligation is high because it is a self-less duty. I am required to put the beneficial interest first. Some of you think in your ignorance that I must answer every lawsuit and argue endlessly with bank lawyers, government agents and family members. I can’t stop you from making stupid choices out of fear and ignorance. I have done my best to show you my honest intentions and willingness to suffer on your behalf. I must play for the ultimate victory precisely because the enemies are powerful, crafty and have the presumption of truth as a weapon. All your counselors are government licensed, trained, or brainwashed. If you are a follower instead of a thinker you are doomed and I am destined to be accused in your mind as hostile to your well-being. Time will be my vindicator. The world is not a fair place and some things cannot be undone. Some of you have obeyed God, trusted Him when things don’t make sense, and suffered perhaps greater loss for a season. God promises restoration with excess and has already provided our way of escape, but only faith will see it before it arrives. Dorean will be a textbook example of prejudicial foolishness completely missing the mark. You had many clues about my integrity before you allowed yourselves to be bewitched by strangers. I only charged a small fee, never raised my price in response to the frenzy, never ran from the battle, invested heavily in research, education, and employees. I did not live lavish or leave my post. How many of you would of high tailed it when the heat began to rise? Rodney & Deb Austin are examples of what you suspect of me. Everyone of their acts was selfish not client interest. Our lives in no way are parallel yet you so easily believe I’m a bad fiduciary.


son of a prophet said...


check you mailbox

son of a prophet said...
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son of a prophet said...

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Leslie Neilsen said...

Kurt said about Saddam

His crimes against humanity (whatever the hell that is) occurred in his sovereign territory.

So I guess it was just fine for Hitler to exterminate millions of Jews because it was in his sovereign territory.
But that may not matter, you may be an anti-semite and a houlocost denier like Saddam

son of a prophet said...

was he a member of the Sovereign Socitey too?? lolo!

i bet he invested in pormisorry notes.

son of a prophet said...

how come nobody is talking about the christian holycost that is going on today.

govt. is going to get all christians killed in babylon by continuing to send more and more there using all kinds of excuses.

son of a prophet said...

Malaysdia: listen up. we is coming after you to.

how dare you switch off the dollar.

get ready to be invaded just lik everyone else. YOU NO DIFFERENT!

Abdullah Says Malaysia Has Shifted Reserves Away From Dollar

By John Fraher and Adrian Cox

Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said his country has shifted some of its $82 billion of currency reserves away from the dollar and that potential foreign-exchange volatility may hurt exporters.

``We're concerned for the reason that the high percentage of our international trade is in U.S. dollars,'' said Abdullah today in an interview in Davos, Switzerland at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. When asked whether Malaysia will cut its dollar holdings, he said: ``We have already done. We'll continue to watch the situation.''

Abdullah's comments reflect concern that lopsided trade flows between the U.S. and the rest of the world will weaken the dollar. The U.S. currency has dropped 6 percent against the euro in the past year. Kuwaiti Finance Minister Bader al-Humaidhi said on Jan. 24 that the third-largest Arab oil producer may abandon the dinar's peg against the dollar in favor of a basket.

Malaysia's central bank abandoned a peg to the dollar in July 2005 and manages it against an undisclosed basket of currencies. The ringgit has advanced 0.7 percent against the dollar this year, climbing to a nine-year high this month and trailing only the Icelandic krona as the world's best performing currency.

``Overdependence on one currency can create a problem, the dollar or any other currency,'' said Abdullah. He declined to comment further on the country's foreign exchange policy or his favored currencies.

Central bank Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz in November declined to comment on whether Malaysia was diversifying its reserves.

Abdullah also called on U.S. and European ministers meeting in Davos today to unblock stalled World Trade Organizations talks on dismantling trade barriers.

``The U.S. and the Europeans have a very important role to play,'' he said. ``A lot of things are stuck here because of these giants. If we can't have it globally then people do it bilaterally or multilaterally

mogel said...

SOP: If that website was recommending any of these companies below which obviously they were since they were on their website as a past recommendation, I wouldn't give them the time of day, much less my hard earned money. Their recommendations aren't much better than the average intellect of the HYIP person as proven by their recommendations below. All of the ones below were PONZI SCHEMES WHICH TOOK PEOPLE'S MONEY & STOPPED COMMUNICATING WITH PEOPLE.

I sincerely doubt if that company making recommendations will refund anyone's monies. Not only that look at the year of their website. I would be very curious to see how they could prove that any company has lasted 10 years in paying high returns.

Here are their bogus recommendations:

Pecunia Club (from June 2001 to June 2003, 50-100% 5 weeks)

Recommended on January 8th 2002 and terminated recommendation on April 21st 2003 (profits from 300-140000% were made by members who acted upon the recommendation)

Nova-Lights (from January 2002 to January 2004, three programs including Stargame 1%/day, TMA and Pegasus)

Recommended on April 16th 2002, terminated recommendation on August 31th 2003 (150-80000% profits)

Ez-bucks (from June 2002 to December 2002, 2%/day and 100%/month)

Recommended on July 11th and terminated recommendation on November 1st (250-500% profits)

Gold Universe (from January 2003 to May 2003, 5%/day)

Recommended on February 5th, terminated recommendation on March 20th (150-400% profits)

Freeland Opps (from January 2004 to September 2004, 10%/week, 25%/2 weeks, 45%/3 weeks, 90%/4 weeks)

Recommended on February 25th, terminated recommendation on June 30th (190-2500% profits)

If I was them, I wouldn't admit openly that I recommended any of these companies because it just makes them look bad.

son of a prophet said...

i am not a member of hyiptiming, and was wondering if anyone was.

supposedly, they are supposed to get you out in time, like a hit and run.

most of their hyips do eventually close, but they say they get you out in time.

dont know if that is true or not.

i dont know if there is any hyips that is not a scam.

if PIU has closed down, and they had a insurance fund and were also running for almost 2 years, i think that all hyips must be timed and get out as they will all eventually....

1) lose money and close

2) get hacked and close

3) govt. shut down by terrorist banking laws and close

4) trader dies and close like PIU

5) alien from mars kidnaps admin with only password and close LOL!

6) any of the above and close

after seeing so many LEGIT hyips close yuo remember crown, i now beleive that the "legit" hyips that pay for so long and can produce DD which is hard to dispute are run by who else..... the intel agencies.

paranoia? maybe, manybe not. they figure an ease way to make money and they have money to seed it with and pay for a long time to make it look legit. sorry, but i am beginning to think this. when too many hyips close that were supposed to be legit, i just dont buy it. if there is no hyip on the planet that is more than 1-1 1/2 years going, that mean that sooner or later you are 100% certain to lose you money if you stay in and dont take out profits.

son of a prophet said...

sorry. i stand corrected.

the only one that i know that has been around for 2+ yers and is still going is what was DXgold. now they are DXSynegy. so far they seem to be legit. i was lucky to get in very early and have done ok with them. no complaints. its not 50% a week or some crazy amount like that, but they keep paying.

i am now going for broke. small probable loss/huge possible return.

there are some companines trying to do like a reverse DG process. bank repos. i am looking at some hyips trying to do this.

btw, have you heard of micheal dotson and the dotson project, reputed to be a scam at quatloos?

son of a prophet said...


did you check out

chance to join a credit union that pays 1% per day insured by lloyds of london.

neodemes said...

Who wants to buy a toll booth? Anybody? Great location, lots of traffic.

You can't lose. Honest.

No, really. It's legit.

You can take that to the bank.



son of a prophet said...

looks like the "squeeze" has begun.

texas now has law mandating parents vaccinate their daughters agansnt cancer with a cancer vaccine.

you gotta be kidding me right?

nope. its real.

so the lockdown has begun. what idiot going to let they daughter get vaccinated iwth this?

might as well try to use the UCC.


who knows what is in those vaccines??

govt. did a good job of putting fluorides in the drinking water and has successfully turn everyone brain into jelly to allow this nonsense.

son of a prophet said...

"Who wants to buy a toll booth?

i will buy all you got if i can keep the money.

and you aint half kiddin either as the govt. will control local travel by selling all main roads to private corps and then guess what??

the corps will charge a toll to use ther roads.

this is for real coming soon. you watch.

neodemes said...

Gov. Perry said in a statement, "The HPV vaccine provides us with an incredible opportunity to effectively target and prevent cervical cancer." The vaccine is most effective in young women who are not yet sexually active.

He added that parents could opt out of mandatory vaccinations for their children if they objected for reasons including religious beliefs.

This post has been removed by the author said...

Rodney and Deb Austin are traitors and scoundrels.

Scott and Kurt were scoundrels when they wouldn't let a client get out of the contract when they wanted out, and, the terms and conditions of the contract were not disclosed, which is basically how the government conducts its business.

son of a prophet said...

"The vaccine is most effective in young women who are not yet sexually active


interesting, as they claim HPV it comes from being sex active.

so if you not sex active, at 11-12 yo, then you wont get HPV which casuees cancer in the first place.

so, then why the hell you need the vacc in the first place????


oh, i forgot. govt, thiks you all idoits.

son of a prophet said...


Next project will start May 30 th 2007.

Different types and selection of programs that we have launched before in cooperation with financial institutes and that has sucessfully been implemented and finished. The profts vary between 8-65% per week depending on the program.

This is due to the amount of capital in the market. The trading itself rarely goes above 35% per annum. We have representatives in almost every european country and in south east asia, so if there is an interest you will be contacted by one of them if you send us an email of interest.

1. Non-project related PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAM:

Contract period 5-7 years; one year = 40 weeks; compounding not possible; funds stay on client's account; the private placement is not project related; funds as cash deposit, instruments as BG and CD issued by an A+ rated bank in USA or Western Europe can be placed. Joint ventures approved.

2. SHORT-TERM PROGRAM with the minimum of $100M or 100M EURO: contract period of 5 tradingdays only; No compounding; can be repeated 3 times. Joint ventures NOT approved.

3. PRIVATE PLACEMENT PROGRAMS (PPP)with the minimum of $1M with Western European prime bank: Minimum returns guaranteed in the contract are depending on market performance, invested amount and the kind of program; 45-weeks Program; funds stay in investor's account; compounding possible; weekly pay out; open account trading possible. Joint ventures NOT approved.

4. Project related programs directly with the FED for project finance, minimum of $500M, payout daily:

Contract period as required (mostly short-term); the programs are also non-project related; for project related programs, the investor is supposed to have intended projects (studies, documentation) in hand or will be assigned. No compounding. Joint ventures NOT approved.




whyudothat said...

son of a prophet said...
might as well try to use the UCC.

um hello?
what do you think a birth certificate is? it is a fiduciary contract.

it is already proven and established that if you sign a birth certificate you are putting your kids welfare in the hands of the state, as ward of the state because you are incompetent as a parent to make the right decisions for them.
you the parent are then converted to guardian of the child for the state.

BTW, when someone spanks their kids and the neighbor calls protective services on them, the very first thing they do is check for a birth certificate, if no birth certificate is signed, there will be no protective services taking away the child.

same holds true for mandatory immunizations, (hint)

do you really think the feds make the amish ppl vaccinate their kids?
ahhh now you know

whyudothat said...

and if you dont believe it,

the next time you have a kid delivered at a hospital, try leaving the hospital without signing a birth certificate and let us know how far you get..

and no there is no law forcing you to sign a birth certificate if you dont want to.

but that is the first step into the 'system', as soon as your born

nice huh

Tony Tuba said...

This guy should have been a hollywood script writer. He is still pushing this story.,_cia_'

What an imagination.

mogel said...

This post has been removed by the author said: "Scott and Kurt were scoundrels when they wouldn't let a client get out of the contract when they wanted out, and, the terms and conditions of the contract were not disclosed,"
Let me guess, the client wanted out WITHOUT fulfilling the existing FINANCIAL terms and agreement that WERE specifically specified and bilaterally agreed to. One condition was paying for the trust that was specifically spelled out as far as the trust creation is concerned. Another cost was the annual cost for the trustees working on the clients behalf. Let me guess, the client refused to pay those fees, but still wanted the option out remedy. Not that very many if any, paid those fees, mind you at this point in time, but I don't see the company complaining about this, although they could I suppose, just for complaining sake you know.

Terms & conditions not specified? Is that some sort of guarantee in writing you are alluding to that all parties acknowledged and signed or some sort of performance that was suppose to take a specified and defined period of time acknowleged and signed too & when that specified date came around that the client had a right to void the agreeement?

How many times did the client hear that the "lenders behaviour couldn't be determined." How does that equate to 100% success? It would be hard to impossible not to understand those terms if a client was truly serious about studying the process and listening to how the process was taught and explained by K&S. Or maybe the client really didn't care to know all the terms and conditions? If that's the case, it's hard to have too much sympathy. Maybe a little, if I knew all the facts, but I don't feel that you are telling all of the facts.

Is there some guarantee that the client was referring to that the client felt was breached so he wanted to give up and quit and get out? Please be more specific what you are talking about, because you sound like you are from some government agency yourself being so vague.

So you must be an advocate to let someone out of a contract at any time without having to fulfill THEIR contractual end, simply because they aren't happy, right? So in your mind an agreement is basically meaningless as long as it doesn't suit the clients needs and position based upon their fears and anxieties?

How many clients were allowed an "out" and still have that opportunity? That would be everyone, would it not? There's no obligation to remain in trust, but there was services rendered that still haven't been paid by all the clients. How many clients were allowed an out & took that out & still didn't fulfill their end? Probably many! Whose complaining about that?

What terms weren't disclosed which you alluded to that the alleged client complained about? You weren't too specific about that. Maybe you need to be.

Seems pretty one sided to me in your expectations and judgment which seems to usually be the case when someone is complaining.

Yea, that's how the government works too, they painstakenly spend years of their life at great personal and family sacrifice in conducting their business too. What a great and clear parallel you've drawn for everyone to see.

Gosh that must be the reason why K&S are in jail. They're in jail so they must have done something wrong. All people in jail, are just dirty rotten scoundrels. LOL

mogel said...

Latest in the Wanta saga:

"The irony is that all the dirty ‘funny money’ they have been generating, and continue to summon out of thin air, will wind up being worthless if the balloon goes up and a run on the US dollar, the like of which has never been seen, starts in earnest."

How can this be? "Continue to summon funny money out of thin air"?
Isn't that talking about the "vapour money theory" again, something that doesn't exist and that has been acknowledged again & again by court rulings?

Why do all of these people everywhere talk about this theory that doesn't exist? LOL

Even in SOP's latest link about the banker that left the inner circles of the global elitists said that "bankers create money out of thin air". He's an "insider" & he talks about this "vapour money theory" that doesn't exist.

How strange that even the experts and so called insiders refer to this theory that doesn't exist in reality, but refer to it as a factual thing.

Maybe the truth is stranger than fiction.

justice77777777 said...

mogel said...
Gosh that must be the reason why K&S are in jail. They're in jail so they must have done something wrong. All people in jail, are just dirty rotten scoundrels. LOL

Still don't see your humor, mongrel.

Anyhow, not just people in jail, but people not in jail such as you and h. fred johnson. This proves that dirty rotten scoundrela are not in jail as well.

Stillwaiting said...

SOAP, what is PIU?

son of a prophet said...

PIU is private investors union.

son of a prophet said...

i can understnad the banker in a way, but.....

suppose tomorrow you come into $100 million?

would you become like one of them too?

this is a question you must ask youself. otherwise you just kidding youself when you talk about the bankers.

i dont know the answer even for myself? it would change anyones life around, but with all the excess, it would be easy to become like "them"

so then, we must pity these people who were born into this created wealth. they had no choice. true, they could have walked away form it, but really, how???

they would have been conditioned from birth to be like one of 'em, and would not know any other way, uneless the HS taught them the difference. so they were cursed from the get go. just like palstinans are taught to hate jews. goes all the way back to the house of esau and the hate from then. tough cycle to break, unless the HS breaks it for you, but at the cost of you life. any palsinain saying they like jews will be killed; so which chioce are you going to make. even if you like jews, you saying to yoself, i like jews, but not taht much to die for.

think about it.

same deal for the bankers.

that green guy show a lot of courage thatn maybe none of us have even. i try to be fair and think if i won $200 millon, would it change me?

and i dont know. but at least i can sat that. most would say that it defintily wont change them, but they are not being honest aoubt it.

son of a prophet said...

"The profts vary between 8-65% per week depending on the program.

wont take long to be a "banker" at 65% a wekk.

even only $100 at 65% a week in one year is...

haev to get a caculator......

habakkuk said...

whyudothat said....

um hello?
what do you think a birth certificate is? it is a fiduciary contract.



mogel said...

Justice said: "Anyhow, not just people in jail, but people not in jail such as you and h. fred johnson. This proves that dirty rotten scoundrela are not in jail as well."
You mean "guilty by association"?

mogel said...

Justice said: "Still don't see your humor".
And I'm surprised because........

son of a prophet said...

with all this entangelement abuot wanta and all....

do we really know which side to be on?? do we really?

thats why christians should probably not get involved with taking a side on the wanta or any of these issues.

i mean the pres is supposedly helping israel to take down saddam, right? but suppose the intent was to take down israel by contnuing to send more and more troops into iraq/middle east?

this would hurt israel as surely the pres knows that continuing to expand the war will eventually ignite the whole ME and be bad for israel.

so whom do we beleive and which side do we take??

as we cant verify the wanta stroy or say tht its fake either, whom do we believe and take side with??

only the HS can give wisdom on that, and right now, as for me, the HS hasnt givne me the wisdom on this issue, menaing that, at this time, it is not important for me to know......

son of a prophet said...


as that world report article said about the coming dollar crash, could this be what many legit high paying HYIPs are waiting for the payout? even the DG money?

they will all pay big with dollars that are worthless.

but still better than nothing, as those withougt the DG money will be in even bigger trouble.

a worthless dollar will cause everthing to skyrocket in price.

those with little monen now will be.....forget aobut it......

"to those with much, much more will be those with little, even what little they have shall be removed, until they have nothing....."

not good.

mogel said...

SOP said: "mog,

as that world report article said about the coming dollar crash, could this be what many legit high paying HYIPs are waiting for the payout? even the DG money?"

If you buy into Kurt being led by the Lord and the Dorean Group plan being God inspired, you can't also buy into Dorean paying out with worthless dollars, otherwise, there remains no purpose in the plan. God may work in mysterious ways, but he does have a purpose & he doesn't bless in a worthless way.

mogel said...

So I have to conclude that Dorean must pay out before any crash of the Dollar.

son of a prophet said...

cmon, slaps, cut me some slak...

r u 4 real, or what>????

Slats Grobnik Again Under Attack

By Vatican-Led NWO Gestapo

While holed up in a Kansas storm cellar, freedom fighter pens important message to patriots, saying he has the names of the fake patriots hidden away in his saddle bags.The names come from all over the world and from all walks of life, including media figures, governerment workers and religious leaders.
2 Feb 2007

By Greg Szymanski

Before he began, Slats vowed to finish the Coliseum project which was about half complete even if the agents decided to blow it up.

Upon Further Thought: A Patriot Warning of Truth by Slats Grobnik

"Upon further thought, most Americans are either so brainwashed or in the pocket of the NWO, they care little about the future of their country and the millions already killed or who will be killed by the Illuminati and their minions."

"Upon further thought, reforming the media or-- even the alternative media -- is so far beyond hope, I would rather shovel shit in a 50 mile an hour wind then collaborate with any of these so-called writers and speakers of the truth.

"Upon further thought, curing the government is out of the question as the entire Congress, including the so-called "Ron Paul liberal faction" are all hopelessly beyond help and only minions of the Vatican, playing a specific role to placate and deceive the people.

"Upon further thought, we will soon be stripped of all our rights, even stripped of our dignity unless we begin to think straight and bring out in the open the real deceivers in the media, government and religious organizations, all working together to destroy this country.

"Upon further thought, there are simply five remaining Acts to the script of the play being acted out before us, written and directed by the Vatican and their henchmen in the Jesuit Order:

Act 1: Huge Terrorist Attack Explodes in America Before 2008 Election: Hundreds of Thousands Die in Its Wake.

Act 2: Martial Law Imposed: Muslims Blamed

Act 3: World War III Begins, Iran Attacked. Mandatory Draft Imposed As American Military Swarm Middle East.

Act IV: One World Government and One World Religion Imposed as Pope, Who Claims to be of the Bloodline Christ, takes Over Ruling the World From the Temple Mount In Jerusalem.

Act V: After years of genocide, murder and suppression and over two-thirds of the population wiped out, does the true Messiah return or is the world forever subjected to evil?

"Upon further thought, what is your role in the Five-Act play presented above? Are you a true patriot, wanting to fight the real evil? Are you a coward? Or are you really one of them, hiding behind good to foster evil?

Ask yourself right now what category you are in and for once in your life, be honest!

"Upon further thought, if you are a true patriot, will you fight to the death the evil NWO? If you are now a coward, will you change and help your brothers and sisters fight? And if you are one of the NOW in disguise, will you renounce evil and fight the good fight?

"Upon further thought, I, Slats Grobnik, will ride my white steed throughout this country, gathering a fighting force to destroy evil and, while I ride, in my saddle bags are the names of the thousands of false patriots in government, Hollywood, the media and the alternative media who are truly responsible for the deaths of so many people and the eventual death of the country because of their lies and deception"

"Upon further thought, take a stand for freedom and truth without fear before it is too late!"

As his pen became tired, Slats slid into a deep sleep, vowing to finish the Coliseum project and his message to patriots while agents of the new American Gestapo continued throughout the dark Kansas night to ransack the farmer's land and personal property.

Greg Szymanski

son of a prophet said...

slop, you cant possible be a real person.

"Upon further thought, if you are a true patriot, will you fight to the death the evil NWO? If you are now a coward, will you change and help your brothers and sisters fight? And if you are one of the NOW in disguise, will you renounce evil and fight the good fight?

christians dont belong in this fight. are you a christian, obviously not. you just stirrin' everybody up in a caouse that they cannot win. good luck!

how you gonna fight the apocalypse??

tell me, im waiting.....

son of a prophet said...








son of a prophet said...

"If you buy into Kurt being led by the Lord and the Dorean Group plan being God inspired, you can't also buy into Dorean paying out with worthless dollars, otherwise, there


its not that i question whether or not he is led by god, as first of all, its not my business to question whehter anyone is led by god or not. somenone says that they are led by god, then thats between them and god, not me.

what i was questioning is that the ptb are in control of this world, evil as they may be; as this is satans kingdom.

do in the dg case, being led by god doesnt necessarily mean that the ptb who are in control are going to payout in dollars that are as valuable as today.

when i said "worthless" i mean relativley worthless, not -0-

wohrthless like the iraq dinar is

like 1289-1 or somehting like this.

Stillwaiting said...

SOAP...Private phone isn't free.

son of a prophet said...

but it is free.

where does it say that its not free?

son of a prophet said...

in that gorge green interview, didnt green say that "some guy named cheney converted all of his investments into euros?"

so if they dnt pay the wanta money, the dollar crashes and its good for his investments.

if they pay the wnata money, then the dollar gets strong vs. the ero and his invetments tank.

so much for creating $$$ out of thick air....LOLOLOLO!!!!!!

shortly they wont be creating/prinintg money anymore anyway as it will be all digitaized.

with credit and debit cards hardkly any carry money anymore.

so creating money is just a matter of putting the 0's and 1's in the correct order which produce the rquired sums of digits

so when you get you dg money, you will just have a devit card,

try to get the money in cash, i bet they will tell you they dont have it and to wait a month that they will have to print it up....LOLO!

Ed/WSOP said...

I dont think you would lie about the phone thing

With your cell phone info you can be tracked by satellite and see exactly where a person is and what they are actually doing at the time with google earth and tracing software now available.

Go to and enter Mogel's phone number- 7028453417 and you will see where he is.

Quite amazing actually.
I hear there is word that he hooked up with Kahooya
Check for yourself

mogel said...

Well, there is a post worthy of deletion. I'm sure it's someone with different incognito usernames too.

Stillwaiting said...

SOAP....Someplace within the site it directs you to I think Verizon and they talk about a monthly cost.

Stillwaiting said...

Ed/WSOP and SOAP....Nice on the You do know that it leads you to a porn site, right? Not sure why either of you thought that was good to put here but let's clean it up.