Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wrestling Psalm (01-09-07)

God victories come by your right hand
And those who trust in you see you act
This is the curse from which I wrestle
That in truth there can be no fear
Yet my soul shuns comfort and peace
Lord try me and test me until this dross be gone
Purify me until I rest knowing you’re strong
Open my eyes to see your tender mercies
Let me see the host of your army surrounding me
Speak your loving kindnesses into my ear
And bring my restless heart to your peace
Open my mouth to proclaim among the throngs
All your glorious triumphs in praises and songs
Place my feet upon a broad place that I may not slip
And make me to stand against all the evil plans of man
In the end let those who defy you know you delivered me
And return to the hopeless gods of their hands
Thank you for calling me out of the mire of self
Forming my life as a trophy for your display shelf
All honor, glory and praise belong to the Lord
Trust in Him and you will not be put to shame


son of a prophet said...


just reading some verses in the bible whre yeshua call them....


it just dont get any plainer than that lol

calling someone a "viper" -

one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, capable of taking you out, in heartbeat....

habakkuk said...

You said it SOP:)

son of a prophet said...

hey mog,

what happened in salt lake?

some kid went crazy in a mall.

did you say that you were in salt lake?

also, i just heard yesterday that pres candidate, gov of mass, ronmey is a mormon. i didnt know that. did you?

near the end said...

Neo/BRUCE W. MACOMBER; Why did you file "BANKRUPTCY"? You keep avoiding the question why?

Gotta go someone else needs to use the computer better get back to work before the boss comes back from the mail room.

mogel said...

The first lie on earth was told to Eve by a serpent, a "viper", a "snake". What happened to this snake who was beguiled by Satan? Why they were cursed, were they not to wander on their bellies to be "beneath" all of the other creatures that God had created.

Jesus called the money changers of his day "a den of thieves", talked down to them as if they were "vipers".

Yes, SOP, they are dangerous liars & people like DG Wondering, are proud to be associated with them.

DG Wondering, your "association" with them becomes you and defines who you are.

DG Wondering, you shouldn't worry about my status by asking personal questions & expect answers. You need only to look in the mirror & worry about your own integrity & who you have associated yourself with through your moral stand, which by the way is against God whom you profess to know. LOL

mogel said...

SOP: Yea Romney is Mormon. As I remember he had a relative that once ran for a high public office, or at least had the same famous last name, "Romney". I believe he's the same guy that headed the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake not too long ago if I'm not mistaken.

Yea, it made me sick when I read about the crazy person that shot & killed 6 people in the Mall. I've been to it several times & know the Mall well. It's a land mark & kind of a novelty the way the architecture of the mall was built & the differnt novelty shops that are there. That ought to hurt business for a while there. I still feel Salt Lake for the most part is a safe town, safer than most large metropolitan cities it's size & the Mall where this happened is on the east side, the preferred part of the City, but it's too close to down town & it's in the "Sugar House" area where it's becoming more & more crime infested there. I wouldn't buy a house in that area. The safer places are east & southeast of down town closer toward the Wasatch Mountains. Most of the drug gangs & shootings happen on the west side of Salt Lake, west of Interstate 15 in the poorer areas.

Doesn't make much sense. But there are crazy people everywhere these days.

It seems that the City didn't quite get over the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping not too many years ago. Now this!!!

son of a prophet said...

yeah, too bad about the mall.

sort of like a copycat columbine.

you will begin to see more and mre of this nonsense as more kids are put on ritalin from an early age combined with the desperateness of the contry and also all the mind control ads featuring gangsterism to make lost kids feel that they belong.

seridoulsy, mog

dg aside, this country is lost baeyond all hope except ONE.

really, i mean these kids are the future and it doesnt look good.

they are unable to see that they dont have a future and maybe thats a good thing.

just give em their mtv and grammy awards and such, and theyre ok and happy. mind control at its best, being controlled without being aware of it.

i have also figured out what and how they are going to put people in the conc camps- they will all be homeless and they wont be called conc camps.

i can see by the daily newspapers now that there is a "run" on foreclusures and it aint going to let up soon. unless the govt. islelf forgieves all debt, even the dg wont be able to save it all.

people will be lining up to get in these "camps"

again, the ptb work it so people wanna get in, rather than trying to stay out. when all have lost there homes, its all over and the fat lady can sing. no home, no base or foundation for family life. if crime is bad now...wait.

yep, the ptb is guile like a viper and cunning everyone.

its funny how people also really believe that it can be reveresd and not too late to save it.

SAD :(