Monday, February 12, 2007

Hurricane (01-09-07)

The hurricane of fraud came in with a fury
And all my security was blown and tested
I cried unto the Lord “Save me or I’ll be lost”
Then suddenly the eye appeared and I rested
This contemplative stillness was quiet and serene
Though it was not a peace known before the storm
Somehow the thought of life tossed to the wind
Yet endured seemed to give you the hope of being reborn
Ahead of me I see the raging squall bearing down
It wasn’t long ago I felt whelmed by my pain
But something has changed I’ve been tried
I’ve survived the confiscating gust with loss but a net gain
Now no tears mingle with the rain I know what to expect
I will survive, alive, until the end, a blue sky without regret


light1rae said...

So let it be written so let it be done... STAY THE COURSE!


son of a prophet said...

Confession to the Jesuits No. 22: In The Age of Deception, How Can We Determine Who's On The Good Side Or Who's On NWO Bad Side?
With a few simple questions and some common sense, it's not hard to detect those in the public eye who are deceiving Americans?

By Greg Szymanski
12 Feb 2007

son of a prophet said...

the end is near said...

"yep, babylon is taking shape; end will soon follow therafter...."




near the end said...

wantobefree, Come on cry some more for us!!!

near the end said...

Kyhooya, Your last post was pretty funny on the last Blog topic.

There a bunch of whineing cry babies, that should go ask there Burger King manager for a raise or ask for some overtime, if you need some more money; until this thing is over. Geeeeeeeeeeee'sssss

wantobefree said...

near the end,I dont remember rattling my zipper the only one i did business with was Gashler intended for must be his new boyfriend sticking up for him.Your not bad at cryin yourself motherfucker!!!

oksurewhynot said...
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mogel said...

DG Wondering: The Dorean Group doesn't have to appeal a void ruling based upon lies to prove their case. They don't have to prove anything in any Civil Court. All they need to do is
make the Judge & Jury concentrate on the evidence that has already been filed, sent & presented in their administrative process. There is no argument that exists since the lender failed to rebut the affidavit of truth. Courts only exist when there exists an argument or a controversy. Since there is no argument or controversy on these matters since the lenders chose to be silent, the ISSUES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DECIDED. Here is the evidence that has never been rebutted by you, the lenders or anyone else. An unrebutted affidavit becomes FACT. Do you want the Court ruling for that rule of law? The Dorean Group already has a SETTLED CLAIM and judgment if you will. Nothing that the court does can change that. Even a kangaroo court saying that fraud has been committed (which of course it hasn't), doesn't change this settled claim. That is why the Dorean Group has no fear & WHY THE CLIENTS WILL WIN IN THE END. To call Dorean a scam & dismiss it is a simplistic way to ignore all of the evidence.

Here is what you need to rebut Mr. Wondering to prove that Dorean is a scam. I'll wait for you to rebut every point with evidence and facts, something that the court rulings in the past on this "vapor money theory" have FAILED TO DO.

If you can't argue these 50 points, point for point, then you lose & the Federal Court must dismiss charges. If you can't do that, then you need to SHUT THE HELL UP and refrain from calling me a liar and stop calling the process a scam.

Following the UCC is not a crime. Likewise using an administrative process is not a crime. As a matter of fact, the existing laws on the books gives this as a person's right. Here is your challenge to rebut the following affidavit below. Are you up for the challenge? Or are you just a windbag of flatulence, or an ass that is worthy of slaughter? Here you go:


Points 1-5: Trustees testify that trustees are competent, have extensive knowledge of the facts in these matters, aren’t prejudicing the client by addressing the issues and aren’t trying to cause any unnecessary delay and are prepared to testify if called upon.

Points 6-8: Trustees have been given no evidence from the lender of any material facts of the loan agreement showing that these material facts existed at the time the contract was signed by the borrowers, and so lender can’t exercise any rights in the agreement.

Point 9: Collecting or attempting to collect on the bogus debt by the lender constitutes mail fraud.

Point 10: The lender’s silence and default of answering the complaint after a bond has been issued establishes triple damages against the lender should the lender proceed against the borrower or the trust in any bad behavior action.

Points 11-12: The lender has provided no admissible evidence to prove that the subrogation bond is invalid or worthless or insufficient to cover the lender’s loss. The bonds purpose is to separate the mortgage from attaching to the property. The bond redeems the encumbrance.

Point 13: No proof is given by the lender that the borrower accepted his straw man which is his all capitalized name, or properly signed the loan agreement. See UCC 1-201 (3a). Agreement is invalid because lender in bad faith changed the agreement by changing the promise to pay into a negotiable instrument which the lender used to fund the loan and didn’t return client’s “deposit”.

Points 14-16: Lender led client to believe that the lender would be loaning their own assets, and has not provided evidence to the contrary. Lender has not provided evidence otherwise that has shown that due to the loan process the lenders assets and liabilities have BOTH INCREASED.

Points 17-18: Clients understanding of the loan process is the lender stole from the client the exact amount of the alleged loan when the lender indorsed the promissory note and created new monies. These new monies bought the property.

Point 19: Lender is violating the usury laws since they are changing interest on a fictitious entity called, “principal” when the “principal” doesn’t exist since the lender didn’t risk their own assets in the loan process.

Point 20: Lender does not disclose that the borrower provides the funds for his own loaned and hence is the creditor in the transaction.

Point 21: Lender is violating The Truth In Lending Act by improper disclosure of the facts.

Point 22: The lender by their policy of keeping a clients deposit proves that they deny equal protection and due process under the law.

Points 23-26: Giving credit is not the same as giving a legitimate loan. Usury is illegal. The lender can’t transfer its credit by writing a check. The lender charges interest on monies they don’t even risk.

Points 27-28: Lenders define money differently than the common usage.

Point 29: The lenders policy is to intentionally trick you into believing that you owe them money despite the fact that the lender did an exchange and misleads you to believe they loaned you monies. Client provides the value for his own loan, not the lender, so the lender is guilty of extortion and embezzlement.

Point 30: Lender created a worthless IOU.

Point 31: Lender used the promissory note that was banked to fund the alleged loan.

Point 32: Promissory notes are converted into money.

Point 33: Lender altered the promissory note by stamping it like a check: “without recourse—pay to the order of XYZ Bank.

Points 34-35: Lender deposited this note in a transactional account behind the clients back to fund the loan.

Point 36: Lender has not proven that the borrower cannot repay the alleged loan in like kind, for example giving a secondary promissory note to pay off the original note.

Point 37: Federal Reserve Publications prove that the borrower is being falsely charged by the lender to pay a fictitious claim.

Points 38-39: Lender has used credit as money and has received interest on credit which is postponement of the payment of monies.

Point 40: Lender had motive, intent, and opportunity to commit felonious unlawful conversion of the borrowers deposit and in fact did so for lenders sole benefit.

Point 41: Lender is involved in a money laundering scheme and conspiracy to defraud borrowers of their wealth through possible foreclosure actions and this conspiracy includes Judges.

Point 42: Lender has never provided any consideration or loan since lending money in exchange for a borrowers promissory note is quid pro quo.

Point 43: Lenders loan agreement is not a binding contract since the following ingredients are lacking: (1) no agreement with mutual understanding of both parties, (2) no competent parties, (3) no agreement based on approval and willingness of parties, (4) no consideration, (5) agreement doesn’t have a lawful purpose, (6) agreement is not in legal form, (7) agreement doesn’t provide for full disclosure

Point 44: Lender did not provide a legitimate loan but just gave the borrower a debt to pay.

Point 45: The agreement did not say that borrower would loan his deposit to the lender in order to get another loan or get an extension of credit.

Point 46: There is no proof that the lenders liabilities did not increase by accepting the borrowers deposit and there is no where in the agreement that requires the borrower to give value to the lender.

Point 47: Lender’s agreement does not say that there was to be an exchange that would take place, namely that the lender would receive the promissory note for a loan given.

Point 48: Lender has not shown otherwise that the lenders liabilities increased by the amount of the credit loaned. Since the lenders liability increased by the same amount, the lender still owes the borrower.

Point 49: Lender is violating the Deceptive Trade Practices Act which is USC Section 1692 through its acts and omissions.

Point 50: Lender is not conforming its business operations according to UCC 1-201.8, UCC 3-305 (16) and UCC 3-101 (68).

The lender is given 10 days to rebut under oath all of these charges completely, otherwise the lender assents to this affidavit of truth and a fault exists (UCC 1-201 (16) creating fraud through material misrepresentation which cancels all agreements according to UCC 1-103.

mogel said...

Kurt talks about the promises of the Lord many times on his posts. Here is a promise from the Lord and we know that the Lord fulfills ALL OF HIS WORDS. I remember when "Fruit" said that Kurt couldn't be following God because he used the term "plundering" his enemies. Could plunder exist in the scriptures as a future event ready to happen? Habakkuk 2 answers that question. Will Dorean fail or succeed? Again that is answered below in the scriptures here. Aren't Dorean clients THE CREDITORS SPOKEN, and aren't we rising up to plunder by making our claims made known against the lenders who have taken that which isn't theirs, namely the value from the promissory note the lender never gave any financial consideration for?

Hasn't the bankers/lenders looted many nations through their wars and selfishness & peonage they have put on all the debtors of the world?

Judge Bean says that the court is a secular matter and secular matters shouldn't be mixed with spiritual matters. EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL TO GOD & Judge Bean can't show otherwise.


"Habakkuk 2 declares a Vision of a spiritual Remnant of God’s People of all nationalities rising up suddenly as creditors to collect what was stolen from them by the deceitful international money masters of this end time generation. It is a Vision “for an appointed time...that will certainly come; it will not delay..” It is prophesied to occur before the Creator returns to the earth. Those who read it should “run” (not procrastinate).
God is ready NOW to begin the fulfillment of the Vision described in Habakkuk 2:

Then the Lord answered me and said, “Record the vision,
and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may
run. For it is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward
the goal, and IT WILL NOT FAIL. Through it tarries, wait for it;
for IT WILL CERTAINLY COME, it will not delay....

Behold the proud one, his soul is not right within him.....

Will not all of these take up a taunt-song against him, even
mockery and insinuations against him, and say, “WOE TO HIM WHO INCREASES WHAT IS NOT HIS--for how long—and MAKES HIMSELF RICH WITH LOANS? WILL NOT YOUR CREDITORS RISE UP SUDDENLY and those who collect from you awaken? Indeed, YOU WILL BECOME PLUNDER FOR THEM.
Because you have looted many nations, all the remainder [remnant] of the peoples will loot you. --- because
of human bloodshed and violence done to the land, to the town and
all its inhabitants.” (Hab 2:1-4, 6-8 NASV)

near the end said...

wantobefree, Is that the best you've got. OK, I'll be your new friend.

What do you want to do today new Best Friend?

Hey "BRUCE W. MACOMBER;" Your not my little "BALD HEADED" friend anymore;



near the end said...

wantobefree, Please don't cry anymore over this stuff. You should have done a little research on your own and then you may not be in this postion.

But, I love you just the same. I wish I could give you a really big HUG right now.

wantobefree said...

near the end,thats fine my new friend i could use that hug.I was more into becoming a sovern and studying the tax laws during this time,with working and family i barely had enough time for sleep.i should of research alot more but at that time i was told this process has worked for thousands already and if your credit took a hit they could clear that too.To be honest im just having fun on here now fucking with dip shit Gashler every chance i get,makes me feel better.

dgwondering said...

Gashler your lying again.

"If you can't argue these 50 points, point for point, then you lose & the Federal Court must dismiss charges."

LOL! There is no argument. The law term is res judicata. It's already been ruled on and you still won't tell us all where it's been dismissed.

Come on, show us just one real case (not one of your fantasies) where they did dismiss any charges. Its only you and your scammer heroes Byron that says they must, but since you're a proven liar, that's just another one of your lies. And its an old one.

How about you try answering some questions. Inquiring minds want to know. Have you been excommunicated yet? Do they let scammers and liars stay in your ward? Do you also lie to keep your recommend? Do you pay tithing on your scam money? Do you pay taxes on it? What does your family think about your scams?

son of a prophet said...

"Do you pay tithing on your scam money?"


i have to admit, this one is too funny!!!!!!

(no reflection on you mog.)

mogel said...

DG Wondering said: "Come on, show us just one real case (not one of your fantasies) where they did dismiss any charges."
I can show you pages of cases that prove that Alsup's fantasy ruling & similiar Court rulings are void by reason of law & other court case precendences that contradict the few rulings in favor of the lenders.

Res Adjudicata is correct. The Credit River in MN in 1969 decision was decided & no Court decision has any right to change what was already decided in good faith & facts. Remember the appeal on this 1969 case didn't negate the lower decision since both parties SETTLED in the appellant court & nothing was brought up to change the lower court ruling. This case happened FIRST BEFORE any of the B.S. cases you could cite or Judge Alsup cited. So I toast you in good spirit for the doctrine of "Res Adjudicata". Res Adjudicata also is proof that the Dorean Group are falsely put in jail & accused, so I toast that also.

Dorean will also settle & clients will be financially blessed, so it doesn't matter what you think. There won't be a trial from beginning all the way to the end. Private perception verses public perception. If you need to believe the world is flat, I don't care if the majority of opinion publicly is that way either. At one time, this is what most people believed publicly. It was radical to believe differently. Now people come along & believe that the lenders have deceived & lied, and since it goes against public perception, Dorean Group followers are accused of drinking kool-aid & being fanatics & kooks.

Bottom line is I don't care what you think. I'll be laughing at you all the way to the bank when the time comes.

Bottom line is this, if the powers that be, really believed they could make fraud charges stick, why has negotiations to stop the Dorean Process been going on for years, even BEFORE ANYONE WAS ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH ANYTHING? Why are government negotiations STILL GOING ON TO SETTLE MATTERS, even with them in jail? Are you knowlegeable about offers on the table? No you are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have always spoken with no knowlege of all of the facts.

If you have leverage on someone where you can tromp all over them, you have no desire or need to negotiate & you don't bother. Matters going on behind the scenes speak volumes of truth, truth being something you are not interested in because you are CLOSED MINDED.

Any court decision that is contrary to the Credit River Decision in 1969 that has been ruled on WITHOUT FACTS, without evidence, and without expert witnesses and without the truth was had through manipulating the rules of the Court, done through special interests not interested in the facts & disregarding justice. Those cases are void by reason of their process.

The Dorean process doesn't have to win in Court and overturn rulings by Judge Alsup in a higher court or achieve more rulings to achieve their goals.

Who wants to play a rigged game in Court anyway? That was the purpose of K&S to plead guilty anyway, so they could reach the "finish line" quicker without playing all of these charades that have gone on and on. That is why there are many restless clients upset because they are tired of waiting and don't understand that this crap is necessary to achieve success.

Course the Court wouldn't accept the Kurt & Scott's 11 trieed attempts of guilty pleas with the conditions they made. Any conditions would have had the System free them anyway, even if a Judge convicted them, so their pleas weren't any admittance of any wrong doing or evidence of any weakness anyway.

There's a genius method in any perceived madness that the naysayers have lodged in complaint against Dorean.

Ignorance & you deserve each other. YOu call me a liar, but you LUST AFTER LIES & DESIRE TO BELIEVE THEM. THE IRONY IS FUNNY.

near the end said...

Here Here Mogel, Can't argue when it's true!!!