Monday, September 25, 2006

The Faith Challenge

The scripture says “the just shall live by faith.” Faith is that cold-turkey choice of trust. Will you trust God’s word or what your eyes see that defies it? Many here called themselves Christian and said that I am a deceived liar and Christ is not in me. God’s called ones go from faith to faith. Their trust muscle is on constant workload. Therefore you can spot the frauds easy enough. Let them tell of their current faith challenge. If they don’t have one or won’t share it they are what they profess of others self-deluded.

Dorean is a faith challenge to me and my most difficult to date. I am being asked to face down the most powerful physiological drama to make one believe a lie. I know all crimes are commercial, the UCC is supreme law in fiction land and that every invitation to participate is seductive. Behind all this is a truth that will bless my clients’, preserve every damage, and supply endless credibility to all we have performed and will perform. God has told me of my life after this and it does not include a lengthy prison sentence. Now my current faith challenge is to stand against this judicial and banking fraud but also being found guilty and being sentenced in the process. Can I trust the Lord with the rest of my natural life? What would you do? Most fake Christians here won’t even lay down their stupid, petty logic based wisdom which is foolishness to join in the faith strengthening mine while I strengthen theirs. I trust the Lord with my life, I will finish this course. All I love in this life and the love of life I place upon the alter of God for His use and good purpose. This is my challenge and stretches my faith daily. Put away your bitch fakers and prove up by your faith challenge. Tell us how God is growing your faith. People if they don’t share a convincing story never lend them any credibility on righteousness, justice, truth or any other product of holiness again, they are frauds and pretenders knowing words but absent substance.


son of a prophet said...

I am a Christian, but it is interesting how other religions place a supreme importance on SUFFERING.

For instace, in Buddhism has the "4 NOBLE TRUTHS" and they all revolve around suffering;









I take this all to mean that truth can only be discovered by suffering.

As I have said before, you cant be worried about which color SUV you will buy if you house and family have just been wiped out by....hurricane, tronado, flood, earthquake, terrorist bobming, govt. drops cruise missile on you house etc.

This makes you focus on what life (death?) is really all about....


Yeshua was the KING OF SUFFERING.

dgwondering said...

The person allegedly posting as Kurt said: "God has told me of my life after this and it does not include a lengthy prison sentence."

Funny, a lot of people in prison seem to get messages from God while they're in prison.

oksurewhynot said...

Christ already suffered for us so we wouldn't have to suffer. It wasn't His plan for us, & that's the cornerstone belief of Christianity.
It's what seperates it from Buddhism and other religions. Re-read Son of Prophets comments about Buddhism, focused on suffering.

But K & S made a choice to suffer.
So what are they doing and why? Not what God called for, not to His plan for Christians. Can't be a Christ-led activity. It's Kurt-directed.

Yetter said...

dip shit wondering. What the fuck do you stand for?

oksurewhynot said...

Kurt said:
"Put away your bitch fakers and prove up by your faith challenge."


Are you speaking in (forked) tongues?

Yetter said...

ok what the heck.Over your head? Go to neo's blog . he's on your level

neodemes said...

The more, the merrier. Come on down!


oksurewhynot said...

tell us what it means.

imbigo said...

Hay oksure...

What Bible are you reading that saids Christians are not to suffer, and go through some pain? How else do you think your going to grow?

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1

imbigo said...


imbigo said...


Just FYI, Kurt spoke of this calling way before he was stuck in the detention center!!!!


son of a prophet said...

"Christ already suffered for us so we wouldn't have to suffer"

I am not sure exactly what is meant by this; ie., suffering in eternity or suffering on earth.

but i can tell you this, christians will suffer exactly like yeshua did while He was on this earth.

suffering gets one closer to Him and purges ones sins.

so i cant agree with the statement that yeshua suffered so christians wouldnt have to.

the difference is that His suffering took away and made us clean from sin in order to be able to go to heaven, not in order to escape physical suffering on earth.

if you dont think so, do you know any christians who arent suffering or who will not suffer before they die?

actually, the buddhists have it quite right about the suffering part, the only difference is that they do not possess the HS to let them know that there is a paradise after this life.

remember, that mostly all religions have a kernel of truth in them, otherwise they wold not be a religion at all.

but the difference is the HS which takes it to the next level which the other religions cannot match.

at some point, the other religions depend on mans wisdom, which eventually will fail them, as God said....

"...I will make folly of mans wisdom..."

mans wisdom cmes from repeated observaton of an event, whihc eventually will fail.

like weather forecasting; repeated observation of certain charcteristics (temp, pressure, wind speed, etc.) produce certain weather conditions.

at some point howver, this will fail and give bad results either missing a storm that comes or predicting one that doesnt.