Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Friendship (10-27-09)

I have (had) a friend, though not certain of our status, whom I held dear. This was a relationship of decades. Without complaint I can say that this life trial for me was a gauntlet for my faith. Naturally I craved the support and understanding a friend would provide in the midst of the pummelling of my person, integrity, and reputation. To date I have received none of this except one token notice. This was (is) a tremendous shock to one's soul. New questions arise in re-examination of all the confidence building moments that shored up the friendship. What is the basis of a solid friendship? At first glance it appears agreement; one coming alongside saying I see it like you do. But real friendship has to go deeper. There must be a true love for the other. Agreement keeps friends for selfish reasons. Sure I have selfish needs met by friendship but it is too shallow to be a true friend. Love will remain loyal even without agreement. The wound wants to cast away this friend yet the friendship refuses. To be a true friend one must survive even betrayal. Jesus is a great friend. It is because of Him I have found the courage to not only be a trustee but a friend to you clients. Many doubt this claim but that wound will not cast you away. I will prove my friendship was of love when you discover I chose you over myself. That is Christ's way and I am infected by it. Because of that Dorean will take a certain destined course. For friendship sake it must.

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habakkuk said...

Thanks Kurt.. We've never met, but my family and i appreciate your friendship:)