Monday, March 05, 2007

Have Mercy on Me a Sinner (01-28-07)

I am the laughing stock getting what I deserve. Tcob, fruity, Neo, Justice, Angel of Mercy, and Evil Ex are far too wise to contend with. I agree my sins are as lofty as the mountains heaped upon each other. Though God rains upon the righteous as well as the wicked no one can escape His justice. Lot was taken out of Sodom before its destruction. Again proving the righteous are all together seen differently by God. You are right to condemn me. Surely my suffering and troubles are the exaction of recourse to my evil heart. This God is just and righteous people know His ways and fear Him wisely for He is severe. No evil can escape His view or avoid His punishment. This is the vanity of people like me who foolishly think they can devise schemes unnoticed that will prosper. Oh for a season it appears to be working and then suddenly and swiftly God sends His righteous messengers to expose and condemn. Of course the opposite is true for the righteous. Sufferings and troubles may find you through no fault of your own but God seeing the injustice rises to your defense, crushes your enemies, and makes a short cycle of your pain. You are prudent to have the expectation that God knowing your righteousness has a debt to you. He must perform His working of justice and swiftly otherwise He may be judged unholy in you sight; God forbid! Surely now you can make your boast in God that suffering is far from you and your house. That hardships hardly ever finds you but woe to those by whom it comes. The house I lost, the money I lost or the deception I fell for are all being, or have been, cured by this holy just God I serve. The little I have will be blessed and restored to its former glory but the much Kurt has gained shall sift through his fingers like a tight grip on sand. Help me I am a pitiful sinner who needs your example of righteousness to give me hope. Will your severe God forgive or must I bare my full guilt? Give to me your happy joyous lives as the pristine example of a right and just expectation. Last of all pray for me that the flames of hell don’t consume me for surely my prayers are selfish and evil and do not have God’s ear as yours.


son of a prophet said...

Hello mogel007,

Due to ongoing technical problems with the REI Resource forum, coupled with general lack of activity, the forum will most likely close down in April, unless RENEWED INTEREST makes the technical struggle worthwhile.

Thank you.

The REI Resource Team

gee, sorry to hear that.

maybe they should just take out loan and get the teck probs fixed.

i wanted to lern how to buy a house with no money (down)

yep, pretty soon they be giving away houses for FREE.

probably even pay you to take the house. banks going into the real esate business, they are gong to own everybodys house from focloserure. sham, shame, shame.. say goober pile.

where yo cents of hubris??


son of a prophet said...

i was wonder wha hoppen to neon dimes???

if he lose all his nickels?

near the end said...

Gonna be surprised to see all the reporters reporting on the trial when it gets started.

I know two reporters in NC that are chomping at the bit to report on this. There boss says hold off until Trial starts.

It's gonna be good!!!!!! and they don't like Bankers!!!

mogel said...

SOP said: "i was wonder wha hoppen to neon dimes???
if he lose all his nickels?

Well he is a perfect example of being pennywise and pound foolish, don't you think? Kind of hard getting to those dollars when you are tripping over all of those neon dimes. That's just my 2 cents though speaking.

mogel said...

I've heard that some dorean clients have already being subpoened for the trial already.

What are the chances of me being picked for Jury duty here?

The slogan FOR THE TRIAL should be "If the promissory note don't fit, you MUST ACQUIT."

justice77777777 said...

mogel said...
The slogan FOR THE TRIAL should be "If the promissory note don't fit, you MUST ACQUIT."

This statement sums up your entire IQ.

GR82BMOI said...

Byron Gashler, Assistant [to the] Manager at Circle K #915 said..."I hear McDonalds is hiring. Maybe you can become a "door greeter" at Walmart? Or maybe you can "be all that you can be," & join the Army?"

Who would seriously take any advise from you? What a hoot!

mogel said...

Gr82bemoi: Maybe you can give Nemo, your buddy, a job with your garbage hauling business? That's not intended as advice, that's just a hopeful plea for help since you seem to have a bleeding heart.

Yetter said...

The sins of Kurt Johnson can't come close to those of the "lenders" ie casino operators.The sub prime mortgages as well as all other mortgages are tied closely,if not at the hip,to interest sensitive,over the counter derivatives.(jack be nimble jack be quick they converted your promissory note. Boy that was slick).The primary dealers refered to as warehouses, are in fact leading investment banks of the world. Little is spoken of the growing delinquencies in the jumbo mortgages also predicated like sub primes, on net worth rather than income. This is the domino effect which is the sum of all fears in the financial world. We are near a liquidity storm internationaly if the present situation does not exhaust itself this week without a major unwind that you cannot see. The the interest sensitive and debt guarantee OTC derivatives are now being squeezed hard. This can be game over. One thing is for sure,an instant liquidity crises can occur if OTC's market causes major money centers to dive for cash. Major players will have to file for BK protection this week. A report from NYTimes.Federal prosecutors and securities regulators are investigating stock sales and accounting "errors" at New Century Financial Corporation. The biggest mortgage company that specializes in sub prime credit. If New Century's lenders do not grant the requested waivers, the company is likely to be forced to sell or shut down". STOCK CON ARTIST? BORROWERS FALLING INTO A TRAP? INDEED.

papertiger said...

"I've heard that some dorean clients have already being subpoened for the trial already."

I don't think everyone subpoened will testify. I was subpoenaed too, but that's only because I wouldn't talk to them - they looked like they were out to get Kurt and Scott - so I made them go away. :)

sink sink socks said...

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mogel said...

Notarial Dissent lied when he said there is no court case that Dorean can cite:

“It is not necessary for recession of a contract that the party making the misrepresentation should have known that it was false, but RECOVERY IS ALLOWED even though misrepresentation is innocently made, because it would be unjust to allow one who made false representations, even innocently, to retain the fruits of a bargain induced by such representations.” Whipp v. Iverson, 43 Wis 2d 166.

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent: Here's a few more cases to sink your teeth into as you reconsider your lies:

“If any part of the consideration for a promise be illegal, or if there are several considerations for an unseverable promise one of which is illegal, the promise, whether written or oral, is wholly void, as it is impossible to say what part or which one of the considerations induced the promise.” Menominee River Co. v. Augustus Spies L & C Co., 147 Wis 559, 572; 132 NW 1122

"When an instrument [notes] lacks an unconditional promise to pay a sum certain at a fixed and determined time, it is only an acknowledgement of the debt and statutory presumptions like the presence of a valuable consideration, are not applicable." Bader vs. Williams, 61 A 2d 637

“Any false representation of material facts made with knowledge of falsity and with intent that it shall be acted on by another in entering into contract, and which is so acted upon, constitutes ‘fraud,’ and entitles party deceived to avoid contract or recover damages.” Barnsdall Refining Corn. v. Birnam wood Oil Co., 92 F 2d 817.

“In the federal courts, it is well established that a national bank has not power to lend its credit to another by becoming surety, indorser, or guarantor for him.” Farmers and Miners Bank v. Bluefield Nat ‘l Bank, 11 F 2d 83, 271 U.S. 669.

“A national bank has no power to lend its credit to any person or corporation.” Bowen v. Needles Nat. Bank, 94 F 925, 36 CCA 553, certiorari denied in 20 S.Ct 1024, 176 US 682, 44 LED 637.

“Mr. Justice Marshall said: The doctrine of ultra vires is a most powerful weapon to keep private corporations within their legitimate spheres and to punish them for violations of their corporate charters, and it probably is not invoked too often . . . Zinc Carbonate Co. v. First National Bank, 103 Wis 125, 79 NW 229.” American Express Co. v. Citizens State Bank, 194 NW 430.

“It has been settled beyond controversy that a national bank, under federal law being limited in its powers and capacity, cannot lend its credit by guaranteeing the debts of another. All such contracts entered into by its officers are ultra vires . . .” Howard & Foster Co. v. Citizens Nat’l Bank of Union, 133 SC 202, 130 SE 759(1926).

“It is not within those statutory powers for a national bank, even though solvent, to lend its credit to another in any of the various ways in which that might be done.” Federal Intermediate Credit Bank v. L ‘Herrison, 33 F 2d 841, 842 (1929).

“A bank can lend its money, but not its credit.” First National Bank of Tallapoosa v. Monroe, 135 Ga 614, 69 SE 1124, 32 LRA (NS) 550.

“. . . the bank is allowed to lend money upon personal security; but it must be money that it loans, not its credit.” Seligman v. Charlottesville Nat. Bank, 3 Hughes 647, Fed Case No.12, 642, 1039.

“The contract is void if it is only in part connected with the illegal transaction and the promise single or entire.” Guardian Agency v. Guardian Mutual. Savings Bank, 227 Wis 550, 279 NW 83.

"Banking Associations from the very nature of their business are prohibited from lending credit." St. Louis Savings Bank vs. Parmalee 95 U. S. 557

mogel said...

What justifies getting out of my Mortgage agreement or having the mortgage discharged? Or where is the justification of the Dorean Process? It all revolves around the promissory note & what is done with it.

We all grew up believing that a loan was money at risk to the Lender and that it should be repaid, so it’s difficult to accept that the banks and Mortgage companies would have crafted a scheme of such monumental proportions to take advantage of that basic trust. It also explains why this scheme has been so successful. We are basically trusting people who believed that a financial institution in this country would deal honestly with us.

The Mortgage Debt resolution professionals like the Dorean Group, have simply learned how to use those remedies to get you out of a very unfair and dishonest agreement.

When you sat down at closing after the nerve-wracking run-up to this moment, you experienced it as a success, the culmination of a lot of effort to prove you were a credit-worthy client deserving of a loan to purchase a home or property, the biggest investment most of us ever make. Consequently, it was so far out of your thinking that the documents placed in front of you could be deceptive, but they were. Very deceptive. In a court of law, the judge, who understands legal language would say that full disclosure and equal protection under the law were available in the Mortgage documents, but the average citizen is so ignorant of legal terminology that without really astute legal counsel at closing there is no way for him to have known what really was about to transpire. After all, think of all the attorneys who have purchased homes and signed such documents themselves without fully understanding what they meant.

Here’s how it went:

· First you signed a promissory note, a promise to pay principle and interest over a period of time. You expected to do this.

· Second you signed a Deed of Trust or Mortgage agreement wherein you repeated the promise to pay under rather confusing terms that you did not understand and did not question.

· In this agreement, you irrevocably granted and conveyed title to the property in question to the Trustee (title company) acting on behalf of the Lender. How could you do this unless you owned the property, and if you did, how did you manage to acquire it?

· You acquired it by signing the promissory note, which is legal tender in our economy. The banker turned the note into cash through the Federal Reserve and used it to pay off the previous property owner. You just funded your own loan on the power of your signature and the banker doesn’t tell you up front that you now own the property free and clear, but it clearly states in the Deed of Trust that you do, only you didn’t catch it.

· At this point, you entered into the Deed of Trust or Mortgage agreement as sole owner of the property, bringing tremendous value to the table. After having confirmed that you were in sole possession of the property ("Borrower covenants that he is fully seized (in possession) of said property and that it is free of all encumbrances."), you immediately sign away title to the property ("Irrevocably grant and convey") to the Trustee (title company) who holds the title to secure the "loan" for the Lender, except that no loan has been made because the Lender did not use his money to pay off the property. He used yours.

· An alternative scheme used in many Deed of Trust states is the tenancy agreement wherein you enter the Deed of Trust agreement as both the Tenant and the Principal (owner of the property) and agree to rent the property from yourself with the Lender acting as the servicer of the loan, mandated to take payment from the Tenant (you) and disburse it to the Principal (you), except that they keep the payments. Know anyone that ever got rent payments from himself back from his Mortgage company?

· You have just signed an agreement wherein you promised to pay the Lender principle and interest for a property you owned free and clear and then surrendered title to. Did you know that you did that? Of course not, or you never would have agreed to this in the first place.

· To add insult to injury, the Lender can fractionalize your note through the Federal Reserve, expanding its value up to nine times the note’s face value ($100,000 can become $900,000), tax free money he can invest or spend as he pleases. Did you give him permission to do this with your promise to pay? You thought that piece of paper was just a commitment to pay back a loan, but to the banker, your signature was worth hard, cold cash. For these reasons and others, not the least of which are the sense of personal empowerment and the surge of economic prosperity that would result from all the Debt relief, we feel it is ethical and justified for the Dorean trustee to discharge these unjust Mortgage agreements especially since the lender agreed to their fraud by not rebutting the charges in the presentment.

midwesttoo said...

County Sheriff Can Bust Big Bro
Friday, 16 February 2007

The duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official
within a county. He has law enforcement powers that exceed that of any other
state or federal official.

This is settled law that most people are not aware of.

County sheriffs in Wyoming have scored a big one for the 10th Amendment and
states rights. The sheriffs slapped a federal intrusion upside the head and
are insisting that all federal law enforcement officers and personnel from
federal regulatory agencies must clear all their activity in a Wyoming
County with the Sheriff’s Office. Deja vu for those who remember big Richard
Mack in Arizona.

Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis spoke at a press conference following a
recent U.S. District Court decision (Case No. 2:96-cv-099-J (2006)) and
announced that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his county
without his prior approval ......

"If a sheriff doesn’t want the Feds in his county he has the constitutional
right and power to keep them out, or ask them to leave, or retain them in

The court decision was the result of a suit against both the BATF and the
IRS by Mattis and other members of the Wyoming Sheriff’s Association. The
suit in the Wyoming federal court district sought restoration of the
protections enshrined in the United States Constitution and the Wyoming

Guess what? The District Court ruled in favor of the sheriffs. In fact, they
stated, Wyoming is a sovereign state and the duly elected sheriff of a
county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law
enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official."
Go back and re-read this quote.

The court confirms and asserts that "the duly elected sheriff of a county is
the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement
powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official." And you
thought the 10th Amendment was dead and buried — not in Wyoming, not yet.

But it gets even better. Since the judge stated that the sheriff "has law
enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official,"
the Wyoming sheriffs are flexing their muscles. They are demanding access to
all BATF files. Why? So as to verify that the agency is not violating
provisions of Wyoming law that prohibits the registration of firearms or the
keeping of a registry of firearm owners. This would be wrong.

The sheriffs are also demanding that federal agencies immediately cease the
seizure of private property and the impoundment of private bank accounts
without regard to due process in Wyoming state courts.

Gosh, it makes one wish that the sheriffs of the counties relative to Waco,
Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma regarding their jurisdictions were
drinking the same water these Wyoming sheriffs are.

Sheriff Mattis said, "I am reacting in response to the actions of federal
employees who have attempted to deprive citizens of my county of their
privacy, their liberty, and their property without regard to constitutional
safeguards. I hope that more sheriffs all across America will join us in
protecting their citizens from the illegal activities of the IRS, EPA, BATF,
FBI, or any other federal agency that is operating outside the confines of
constitutional law. Employees of the IRS and the EPA are no longer welcome
in Bighorn County unless they intend to operate in conformance to
constitutional law." [Amen].

However, the sad reality is that sheriffs are elected, and that means they
are required to be both law enforcement officials and politicians as well.
Unfortunately, Wyoming sheriffs are the exception rather than the rule . . .
but they shouldn’t be. Sheriffs have enormous power, if or when they choose
to use it. I share the hope of Sheriff Mattis that "more sheriffs all across
America will join us in protecting their citizens."

If Wyoming Sheriffs can follow in the steps of former Arizona Sheriff
Richard Mack and recognize both their power and authority, they could become
champions for the memory of Thomas Jefferson who died thinking that he had
won those "states’ rights" debates with Alexander Hamilton.

This case is not just some amusing mountain melodrama. This is a BIG deal.
This case is yet further evidence that the 10th Amendment is not yet totally
dead, or in a complete decay in the United States. It is also significant in
that it can, may, and hopefully will be interpreted to mean that "political
subdivisions of a State are included within the meaning of the amendment, or
that the powers exercised by a sheriff are an extension of those common law
powers which the 10th Amendment explicitly reserves to the People, if they
are not granted to the federal government or specifically prohibited to the

Winston Churchill observed, "If you will not fight for right when you can
easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is
sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to
fights with all the odds against you with only a precarious chance of
survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is not
hope of victory at all, because it is better to perish than to live as

son of a prophet said...

good story about the power given to a county sheriff.

the problem though as i see it, and i guess from learned experience aobut how evil the ptb is, is that the ptb rather than try to fight agaisnt the sheriff, would simple try to infiltrate the sheriffs office and put one of their own in it.

and that would be hard to find, just take a "local" whom everyone knows and give him moocho $$$$.

"the heart of man is wickedly evil; who can know it"

yep, most men will sell out their brethren for 30 shekels.

son of a prophet said...

"and that would be hard to find..."

should of said, "and that WOULDNT be hard to find..."

neodemes said...

We're back.