Friday, March 23, 2007

The Snowglobe (02-11-07)

In my generation snow-globes were something that passed through the hands of a child at least once. They were real-scapes or cityscapes locked inside a plastic dome of water and fake snow. One would shake them and it gave the appearance it was snowing as the heavier white particles settled. They were a fixed and closed environment that could be effected by outside forces. In this way it became a type of what I see in the comments here. Our world is really a small fixed environment that gets touched, shaken, or moved by motives bigger than it. Those who judge me here fail to know this. This is the danger of judgment from eyes trapped in a snow-globe. First I deal with ethics. Their entire ethical system of good and evil fails to account for the motives of one greater than them that is outside their world and immune to their judgment. It is why Abraham, Job, Moses and even Jesus fall under criticism. They can say they know this Jesus who professed to be the one above this world imposing its will upon it, but without recognition of superiority and authority they are bound to their optimism of dread and despair. Like the character Glum they are always saying, “It’ll never work.” Even when the snow is falling those of this globe may have a dialectic or polemic discourse on all the reasons why but if they fail to recognize the hand and will not subject to, influenced by, or contained within their limits they are only to gain confidence in their delusion. Simpleton equations of pain = evil, wickedness receives wrath, God = love blah, blah, blah should not be tolerated even by the most average in intelligence. Only having a relationship with the hand behind this globe can give you any hope of wisdom, any understanding of His motives.


son of a prophet said...

"pain=evil" ????

i have many times asked for wisdom from the HS on this, and have yet to receive an answer....

in the book of James, it says to "count it all joy when you suffer tribulation (trials)..."

this is one that i am waiting for wisdom on which will tell me that I have reached the highest level of HS wisdom.

because from an earthly mind, how can one say count it all joy, when...

"oh, i am so happy, i just had a heart attack..."

or, "i am so joyful, i was just diagnosed with terminal cancer"

or "my son was just killed in a auto accident"

or you can put in you own words.

but how to count these types of "trials" as joy?????

yet, this is EXACTLY what James says to do?

there must be an extreme level of wisdom required to understand this which even i have not admittedly attained (yet)

son of a prophet said...

pain = joy ????

the world calls these a "masochist"

but, James doesnt???

"happy are those who are suffering in PAIN??"

mogel said...

Pain sometimes puts you into a position to receive greater enlightenment through humbling yourself, so I believe that's why James said what he said.

"Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted."

If you are comforted with lessons from on High or a realization of the purpose of your trials, then you have reason to rejoice for through your trials you become a better person if you but learn the lessons of your trials.

son of a prophet said...

"Pain sometimes puts you into a position to receive greater enlightenment through humbling yourself

agree there, but it is certainly much, much easier said than done.

i cant picture a person telling his doctor is overwhelmed with joy at having a heart attack.

the doctor would probalby put him in a psyche

sink sink socks said...

Toconsciousness when the dream goes too far; and this also describes in ageneral way the attitude of our dominating psychic heisse brueste activity towarddreaming, though the thought remains tacit.A loud roaring could be heard,both ahead tierficker and in the rear, a sharp splitting like a fusillade ofpistol shots, then a creaking and tearing of timbers.Yet for all that the most irreverent among them recognizedvaguely, in this bizarre figure, something of an honored blasen extrem past in theircountry's history, and possibly felt the spell of old deeds and oldnames that had once thrilled their boyish pulses.I am ruin! I amdone up! I am break all into ten sousan leetle pieces! I am von lameduck, and I shall vaddle across de gran ocean die sperma klinik for Paris, vish is deonly valuarble vatare privalege dat is left me a present! Poor Poopoo was as good as his word.

tcob247 said...


are you posting as sink sink socks?

son of a prophet said...

latest wanto updayte;

cia tells lies,

fbi tell fibs,

anyone tell the trooth anymo???

any wonder whos kingdom this belongs to??

and waht hoppen to atticbeacon??

what they get hack or sometings??

or was it 'self-hack' to make them look improttant?

son of a prophet said...

has iran war started fo real with the kindap of 11 british soliders??

you know it illumimati related when yo always see the 'magic number" 11

whenever yo see a event happen, always first look at the numbers they give yo;

time, date, place, address, timeof day, number of people

see if it 11 or multiples of 22,33, 44,55, 666, 1100 etc.

then yo no who done it.

tcob247 said...


You crack me up

son of a prophet said...

tcob247 said...

You crack me up


glad someone can make yo laff!

KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...

are you posting as sink sink socks?


Yep you found me out what a great detective you should get you own show like that guy mattlock and take your ass back to Mayberry. You would fit in just right with the mindless topic's of that setting. I could see it now you and Barney sitting around the do nothing town sheriffs office and if you had a big day you might go get some lunch at home with aunt B and on your way back to do nothing you just might run into that old drunk and bring him with you for something to talk about.

Your kinda funny your self Tin cup .Oh but wait I forgot I did'nt see any freeways in that town darn the luck anyway I guess you'll just have to stay where you are or give up that $12k a month coin begging and then what wouls you do spend all that time on this Blog trying to be a funny guy.

Again I would have to say your a bit to interested in the talking about things to do with sex. What not getting any there big boy?

maybe the wife don't have the energy to spear after doing the mailman, milkman, ups guy, fed-x guy or gal, the guy next door, and that guy that comes around every year to get some for painting that house number on the curb out front. You might want to spend a little less time trying to be funny and a little more time watching your back door who knows who's cumming and going in and out of there. so run along now little man you got detective work to to LOLOLOLOOLOLOLO hahahahahan

HEY ND or Just and ass 777 or Seen it U what ever your calling your self these days
how about a real answer to that question that was asked

The time clock was last stoped by the judge do to the co defendents be brought back to stand trial and not by some filing of papers from Kurt.
so tell me about this law that said that the rights to a speedy trial not being in play when there is not a trial date or is I don't recall what you said I was have a hard time no choking up dinner when reading your post.
the law if your interested is that when someone dose not waive there right to time and a grant to the court system that is looked at as a defendent giving to the court but when they don't give it up it ststes thatthe trial is to be set no more than 45 day's (criminal) and that there are limits to how the court can extend this the fact of the files that KUrt has placed are few and noit anything that would delay this as it hass been in fact the last was delt with by the other judge who I beleive said something to the effect of ' You better stop all this BS or their going to lock you away for a long time. Now thas good coming from one who was put in place as an med. between the two and Alsup being how fair we see he can be and boy look at that referee style judging he is one of a kind right down the middle when it comes to looking at both sides and then making a fair chose based on the facts.

give me a brake could you there is more in this case that recks of unfair play and railroading then I have sen in a lonnng time and the fact that it's going on tyo the extent taht it has should be a BIGG clue to you that the Feds are plaing a differenet game then you think they are and that if you think that this thing is going to down the road of the normal system and fair rights your way opff base and should quit wasting everyoone time .

You Mr,. ND are someone that was posting under another name witch ever that name may be it show in all of the style you type in when refering to pepeole and the two as in DIM DUO what ythink you might want to mix it up a bit so it would look like your someone differenet if you going to pick right up where your other person left off don't you ?

It's funny how when ND started posting that all of the post from Justice777 stoped and then when he started posting then all of thge post from SIU stopped and then yoou got NEO witch besides what Mogel wants to think about it that person has the kind of that would'nt just post under one name know way he has more than one without a doubt and as far as the rest of ND and his group the fact that you have to post under anyone namen then you started with just goes to show you that your not postibng things that would be correct or that are of the truth or they could be easy to prove and then why would you need to hide behind another name to act as some group of people that sopport the FEds,

By the way what is the work that makes you so privvy to the fact and info involved in this case anyway as you are much the one to post as the 'person in the know' with this regard?

I bet there is a little fact your not to up to speed on in this case and it would have to do with the feds and their warrent for S&S they requested.

so that it's easy for you to under stand i'll post anouther posting so it can be condenced for you little brain to understand what I asking you to explain about your comments here in regard to the Dim now how was it that you refered to they as?

Leslie Neilsen said...
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KYHOOYA said...


why is it that you find it nessasary to post under multi names?
Your sytle of posting when you refer to certain Bloggers here is so much the same that it gives you away without a doubt as in Dim DUO or when you make some comments you hav ethesame there to , I was just wondering cause it would seem funny as to whay someone like your self would have aneed to post under multi names if he was quoting fact as you seem to like to do and then act as if there is something that guives what you say credit and all

Theat brings meto my second question thats number #2 o.k.

Why is it that you are so much in the mix with info as you act could you please explain what it is that you do that give you all of this insight to how thing wiork or is this you take of thing and you come off that way?

and #3 how is it that you have the law around the time of right to a speedy trial so mix up and that if you ae someone that is in the feild of law how is it that you don'r se that there is a problem with what your quoting?

The law states that once brought up on charges you are to be brought before a judge and arrained then given the chose to weather you want to waivesyour rights to some thing and what were concerned about here ios the speedy trial time of 45 day witch in some cases the def. dose waive it an dthis is lokkked on by the court in his favor because it allows the court some beathing room in it already over booked sch. so this is use as a small conses. by the def to the court then you have the one who don'r as in this case
They did'nt waive toime and ho would'nt when they hav'nt even been given the chose or chance ant bail in a white collor crime that has most of the defend. that were arrested that did'nt run ( anyone that buy into the fact that these guys were hidding is out there Kurt was going to the same office everyday and there was no hiding the fact that they were move do to the fbi causeing problem with their old office might have screwed up the feds but with their limited brain power and onesided view who know why they would have a hard time finding Kurt and Scott was brought in right at the start of the warrent so again way no bail) could it be that they The feds were wanting to do mope than just follow the law and arest in steadt they mighht have wanted to polay the game of getting them off the street and see know body soon foget somebody with the growing pop. that was comeing on board with this and the real resone the feds got involved in the first place not out of some nobble plite to save the peopel more save the banks is what they intended out of all this and there wasting time till enough poele fade and then they can do what ever they want withou causeing a big stir

you see time = poeple that fade away and lack of interest in something that had grown so big so fast that it threatend the vary root of banking (the mortgage ) and was in the making of wide spreed across the country at lighting fast speed (internet ) and so steps in the Feds they lock up th eboys and keepothem there so they can't do anything slap a rastaining order soon to be madeinto a perm against any thing that evensounds likeit could be to do with the loans mortgage trust ccr or help in any way to any of the people that got scard and wanted ou (this was a bouns for them from the restainingorder they did'nt count on) so now they got the head peps behind bars they put out some prop and bad scary news how it looks bad and how people are losing their home and that the two are ding nything to help and al sorts of other thing in to the mix to make what work as a rewally good plan of shutinng down something like this and works 99% of the time but opps they for got about one thing they didcount on

What you ask welll that would be ]

This Blog and the info that could flow from it would be the very thing that has made the feds keep this dragging out for so long or they would have been done with them in Utah and that would have been that just look at Irwin S and he had a gut thha was puting new on the radio about theatment and all and they still railroaded that guy .

I'm sorry it just is'nt oin my top 10 list of how the gov't should spendmy money hen it come to the criminals abound the fact that they nhave spent two years houseing these guy and the countless dollar that takes and all of the rest of it is sad to say a waste for what the saving of the people friom then selfs

come on these were grow people that got in to this and dam wellnew it was risky or should of known. and you think for one min thatthe gov't is goningto give a rats shit about them nope not one the money never see a dime of that paid out to antone watch they set up the people from the strat to have moore problem with all that retraining order crap that barred the two fro even releasing anyone from the trust without setting themselves up in the process so hoew the fuck is that helping anyone besides the bank that is they giot lots of help the got a get the fuck out of the troble you in card from the feds and it let them saay forget the law that they them selvers suse everyday to take homes from people they got to say froget that we don't have to lissen to it when it comes to dorean the feds said so so were going to do what we want and that would be now with the feds backing us up but not befoer this time but now were going top start taking home for you ever thinkingg to stand up and ask a quesrtion about the way we do thing you'll pay now . with that mentakloty going they were ioff and running

and the ywo you ask well the y sitt for 9 count them folk 9 month in a stste that has no intenetion of filing real charges let alone going to trail with it the TIME game will take care off it hasd worked everytime in thge past so way not now right but they did'nt think about this blog and how it would keep people interest in this going so now what put some people on the blkog todiscredit the two and anyone that backs them up follow the script that they set every time spome one says this you say that end evertime someone dose thins you do tahet if you get corrnerd because what you say isn't adding up change names and starteagain as os it hadss gone just like clock work all the same shiyt just a different day the feds are wasting time so tha tas many people wiill loss interest and then they may do as they want without haveing to wiorry it might show up in the local paper or news and then cause an evben wosde problrm or not but the chance is there and let me tell you what if I know anything i know this from the faces in the connvension and this was the 2nd there were alot of themsaing WOW THIS IS LARGE WO HOW MANY POEPLE ARE HERE HOW MANY ARE SHOWING AND SIGNING UP THIS IS ABOUT TO WXPLODE AND SO THE YOU HAVE IT .


KYHOOYA said...

45 days + 2 years how that
locked up without right to bail or hearing for such hows that ?
the fact that the feds have lock them up thiis long from the start they didso to cause people to lose interest the longer the more that fade away when its small enough they can do what they want without worry it shows up on tv or inthe paper
and there by gains support

The bank wen to th efeds and asked for help it was'nt intill the feds lock them up and alsup put the restaining order to perm on they that the bank went about disregarding the law that the fileing was placed under UCC they were not doing dick before as in they were'nt sure if they were going to have to do what was said or not so the gotthe Feds and said itwas going to cause problems if they didstop theyu

the feds helped the people how n

none the took money they won't give any bit of thatt to anyone that was so caledd damage and the fact is that the one there protecting in this is the banks not the peoplke the one who gotr uion this are grown people they new they were risk snd if not they should onf so let see the waiting game that is the goingon and geuss what I'will lhave to post later because after typing for two hour for some trsone the intire post that had a lot of info int it that dis credits the feds andf show the game happening got DELTED FUNNY HOW THAT HAPPEN ONLY WHEN THER IS SOME THING THAT I TYPE THAT SHOWS THE BS THAT GOINGON AROUND HERE JUST MAKES YOU SCRACH AND THINK ABOUT THINGS BEING ALL THEM CAMERAS AND THE NEW ID THAT WILL BE COME INTO PLAY HERE.

notarial dissent said...


How is it that one person can write so much and say so little with next to none of it making a lick of sense? You either need more drugs or less, but pick one.

I only post under one name, and in fact have never posted under any others.

Believe it or not, I actually have a life, which has been rather busier than I would have liked since October, and I have better things to do than pay attention to your inane prattling.

I am a programming analyst consultant, with oh about 30 years or so experience in real estate, banking, and programming among other things. It also might have to do with the fact that I know how to do a little research when I need to, where to look to find the answers that I need, and I’m not too stupid to ask someone who knows more than I do a question if I don’t know the answer. In other words, I don’t just read some inane drivel off the internet, or take the word of the guru du jour as fact. I have in fact found over the course of time that those usually are the least accurate or valuable.

You might try actually reading the Speedy Trial Act. Among other things, the clock is stopped as long as discovery is going on, and until all the motions have been dealt with, and every time the two dim bulbs file some inane motion, it just adds to the time since they have to schedule a hearing and then hold it. The other exception is that they can wait on other co-defendants, which apparently they still are, and there are still motions being filed on both sides so there it sits for the moment.

The only threat to the banking industry dim and dimmer posed was in the amount of expense it has taken to deal with the mess they have made, and the loss to some of the title companies over bad or corrupted titles. They have provided a windfall for a lot of lawyers who are going to get paid for cleaning up the mess, and someone is going to have to pay for that as well.

The thing you and the rest of the faithful don’t seem to grasp is that there is nothing new or original here. This same scam, and yes it was/is a scam, a fraud, a great big steaming crock to be precise. This exact same con has been tried many different times over the years, always with the same result, people lost their homes, lost the money they gave to the con artists, and the con artists went to jail. The only thing new and different here is that they put more window dressing on it and managed to defraud more people over a bigger area, and they used the internet as a backbone, but otherwise it is the same old tired schtick it has always been. Dim and dimmer weren’t even particularly good at it, or they wouldn’t now be sitting in jail, waiting to go to prison for a very long time.

There is no propaganda about it, it is absolute dead bang fact, people lost their homes, are losing their homes, and I suspect there will be many more who ultimately will.

Dim and dimmer are in jail, awaiting trial because they broke the law, it is that simple, they committed multiple counts of fraud across state lines, and between bank fraud, and wire fraud they have enough serious federal charges to put them away for a very long time. They are charged under the FEDERAL FRAUD STATUTES, and the UCC has nothing to do with it, now or ever.

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent said: "The only threat to the banking industry dim and dimmer posed was in the amount of expense it has taken to deal with the mess they have made, and the loss to some of the title companies over bad or corrupted titles."

If there is no threat to the banking industry, there can't be any damages either. No damages to the banking industry, hence no fraud. My lender hasn't paid a dime, so I don't know what you are talking about.
What mess are you talking about? The banks don't care if the title gets clouded, the lenders just foreclose if the payments aren't made & sell the home. They get their money irregardless of the condition of the title.

Oh, & since you said the process is a scam, title companies don't pay out in the case of fraud, sorry to burst your bubble, so no expense for them either.

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent said: "There is no propaganda about it, it is absolute dead bang fact, people lost their homes, are losing their homes, and I suspect there will be many more who ultimately will."

Did you have a point here? This is also true of people that never heard of the Dorean Process too who are losing their homes too due to their inability to make their payments. Does that mean that those people that never entered the process were harmed too in many cases? Must have been the bad behaviour of the lenders then, since someone must be at fault according to your thinking.

Or is it just the fault of the Dorean clients that stopped making their payments thinking that the banks would follow the law once legal title was reconveyed? In that case, you can't really blame both the borrower and the Dorean Group, can you, because had the client continued making his payments, he would still be in his house.

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent said: "They are charged under the FEDERAL FRAUD STATUTES, and the UCC has nothing to do with it, now or ever."

That's like saying a collection agency committed mail fraud by trying to collect on a debt they weren't entitled to & saying to the injured person, that they can't cite the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act to show evidence of the bad behaviour & fraud of the collection agency.
Your logic is unsound.

notarial dissent said...

Moogs, your talent for twisting things is truly tiresome.

I said they were no threat, I didn’t say they didn’t / hadn’t caused a great deal of expense and damage, and broke a number of Federal statutes in the process. They were no more a threat than someone who writes bad checks or forges documents, but they are a considerable expense. Every one of the properties forced into foreclosure or court will be an expense to someone, directly traceable back to dim and dimmer, and as such, if they actually had any assets, would be liable for civil damages. Since they are deadbeats, the loss will have to be born by the banks and title companies who have been affected. Every case that ends up in court will result in several thousands of dollars of expense, and even the ones that only require legal actions to clear the titles to will not be cheap. Level of threat, or even amount of damages doesn’t alter the fact that fraud was committed and committed on a large scale.

The fraud in the second loans taken out affected the lenders, as well as the title companies who got taken by their bogus documents and signed off on property that would eventually be foreclosed on for a previously unreleased loan. That Moogie is fraud. The filing of the documents alone was fraud.

Moogie, what planet are you from? Of course the banks, and everyone else cares whether the title is clouded or not. If the title is clouded, there is no clear ownership, and with a clouded title the property is not saleable, and if you had the experience in real estate you claim you’d know that.

Give it up Moogs, your ignorance is showing. If the title companies signed off on a property and the party buying it wasn’t involved in the swindle, then the title companies WOULD have to pay off, since that is part of what title insurance is for, as a protection against a defective title. In that case, they would be out the entire purchase price, since the new owners couldn’t get good title. If the insurance were on a refinance then yes they wouldn’t have been liable, but then you’re admitting then that the process is a fraud, good going Moogs.

truthseeker said...

I don't get it. Why expect something for nothing? Why buy a home and get a mortgage if it is fraud? Why not pay in cash then? You get a mortgage because you don't have the cash. The other choice is don't get the home. I don't see why you all think your so special because you don't need to pay for services you are using?

The Congress has just appropriated (~ 2 weeks ago) funding for increasing the FBI manpower to investigage and prosecute all those involved in mortgage fraud including those who are considered clients because their names are on the fraudulent paperwork they are filing. There may be less bloggers here shortly, or at least more doing it from their prison cells. Beware - if you are still suckers you may just go down with the captains on this sinking ship. I've been following this story for a few years now and have heard of many who have lost their homes, declared personal bankruptcy, and gone into financial ruins. I have yet to hear of a success story.