Tuesday, March 20, 2007

War (02-03-07)

War is totally misunderstood by our generation. I think this an intentional duping. Iraq is not a war just because there is an army and soldiers. All the things we regard as wars even calling them such like WWI and WWII are nothing more than police actions. Real war is the taking of property and the destruction of the foe. I bring up this distinction because wrong words, wrong definitions, are a pretext that out of the correct context is error. The world geographically has not changed once the bankers established their division with the Prussian break-up. Once the modern German state was set it was set and not even two world wars (Police actions) were going to change it. No territory is ever taken. Maybe temporarily to create the police need but in the end treaties have the bankers paid and debt creating restoration methods implored to make things the way they were only better being the thought. Just like there is a system behind our skirmishes there is system behind this world. “World” is Kosmos in the Greek of the New Testament. It is used of the earth in the universe, used of the people of this world, and the things of this world. The mass of earth is a benign participant that was thrust into a system of rule rebellious to God, by what is known as Kosmokrator or the ruler of this world. The people of this world were thrust into this system of world rule by the commercial beguilement that happened in the Garden of Eden.

Do you really think the system of world rule has forgotten the tools of its success so as to only offer honest contracts? Last the things of this world are the tools of reigning used by the ruler of this world. These include politics, education, literature, the arts, science, music, law, and commerce. These are what this system is adorned with to make its appearance. The kingdom of God is not of this world. This world has been judged by one greater. The people of this world are not yet judged but the system behind this world is condemned already. We are encouraged to be not of this world and to seek the kingdom of heaven. How is it that I am so judgmental about the fools I oppose here. They are easy to spot even though some call themselves, brother or Christian they are spouting and professing the rules of this condemned system and judging me by what is false and dying.

Spiritual warfare is war not a police action but the destruction of the enemy and their way of life or system. Territory is constantly being displaced. This is partly why you don’t understand what Dorean was doing. Dorean was an act of war not a police action. We were not about restoring equity but destroying an enemy. This action by the government is not a police action but an act of war against us. There will not be a treaty with mutually agreed borders but the annihilation of one’s way of life. Only one trained in warfare knows the right actions to take and since I’m up against one of the tools (politics, law, commerce) of this spiritually condemned Kosmos system I am wise to join with the kingdom of God. The choices you make when exposed to this system are not benign but which ever you touch touches you. You who have never advanced upon the enemy and displaced his will with your own have no clue what resides in the mind of one who has. You hide in your shelters calling 911 whenever you get scared. Nothing ever changes you are always getting scared and this system is always there answering your 911’s. Time is not your friend here both you and this system will perish but the kingdom of God will remain. That is why I’ve encouraged all of you and my co-defendants not to love this world. For the worldly wisdom of “live to fight another day” does not take into account the spiritual truth that he who saves his life shall lose it.


get it right said...


son of a prophet said...

its true that the "system" has been crooked from day 1

but, then again, what do we expect living in "satans kingdom"??

light1rae said...

Again,right on point. The more I read you the deeper my spirit agrees. Well said! Soon my brother soon. Love you guys.


Yetter said...

The documentary is very different the dvd's, very powerful and thought provoking.Kurts wife did a fine job presenting it. She is special.
Tcob I do intend to be involved and you damn well know whats going on here and whats at stake. Whats behind your belly button?
The issue of taxes is premature. The way I understand it, if funds never touch the juristiction or territories of the US GOVERMENT CORPORATIOIN the most you are liable for as a US citizen is 10%.

near the end said...

NOTARIAL DISSENT; Since you are an Attorney you would know the most about this.

Has Kurt and Scott's right to a SPEEDY TRIAL been violated and if not WHY?

I'm asking cause I have no idea and do not no the Law on this.

Thanks in advance for your answer!!!

tcob247 said...


He answered it earlier
Here it is

notarial dissent said...
The gov’t has violated the speedy trial rule how?? It would appear to me that they have bent over backwards to not rush the dim duo, who have done nothing but obstruct the steps toward trial, and are even at this date spending more time filing useless motions than getting ready to go trial. Speedy Trial only comes in to play if the gov’t does not take actions to go to trial, that has not been the case here, the majority of delay has been due to dim and dimmer refusing to either cooperate with appointed counsel or else prepare for trial, and of late refusing to accept the trial documents they are entitled to and require to prepare. This of course from Moogey the legal expert who has been repeatedly proven wrong about so many other things along the way.

near the end said...

Thanks tcob I overlooked that post.

near the end said...

tcob, I saw N.D. post but he was wrong again.

I don't believe he is an Attorney!!!

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent said: "Speedy Trial only comes in to play if the gov’t does not take actions to go to trial, that has not been the case here,"

Yea, the State of Utah were real speedy too, weren't they?

mogel said...

Oh, I forgot the trial in the State of Utah NEVER HAPPENED. No jury trial was ever set up to decide the State of Utah bogus charges. My bad! LOL

Since the government observed the Dorean Process from day 1, compiling information and watching people closely, it only seems that the government by filing a claim in the State of Utah first with the intention of never seeing those State charges to fruition or conviction, ARE THE ONE'S STALLING THINGS.

Case in point, Sarah Magoon, the first Dorean client, watched & observed from day 1 and also indicted & put under FBI (Federal government) investigation long before there were any federal indictments. In other words, there was no time problem of gathering enough alleged evidence to bring to any trial.

After all, the Federal Government could have just as easily filed all of those charges first in California (68 counts) where the two Principals were living at the time to SAVE TIME, of traveling back & forth and all of the wasted time in Utah that amounted to nothing except governmental costs wasted, so there is more evidence that the State and Federal government are the one's stalling here and are also in collusion with each other.

Naysayers say that the State of Utah was obliged to give up their jurisdiction to hand over the Defendants to the Federal Government. Of course they were obliged, THEY ARE IN COLLUSION TO PROLONG THEIR INEVITABLE DEFEAT as long as they can.

It's nonsense to think that every State in the Union COULDN'T have filed simliar bogus charges that the State of Utah also filed, if they wanted to, in order to prolong things too, or add more time to possible & potential jail sentences, to add up to life sentences behind bars (assuming of course any charges could stick), so the idea that the Federal government filed charges to put the Principals away "for life" makes no sense since the Federal Government had opportunity to file charges FIRST from the beginning & the FBI had been doing an investigation long before the State of Utah did their investigations.

near the end said...

Ouch; Mogel got ya'll on that one!!!

notarial dissent said...


Utah was preceding towards trial until the Feds issued charges and began extradition proceedings, and basically the Fed charges being the more serious took precedence.

The gov’t did file the charges in CA, what happened in UT was a state action, and what the state did was not involved with what the Fed did or vice versa.

Dream on Moogs, the UT charges were state violations and were within their province to proceed with, the Fed charges are all Federal and far more severe. It is doubtful that the one group was even aware of the other investigation, since the FBI is notoriously tight when it comes to sharing. In either case it doesn’t matter since they were unrelated charges. At the rate things were going, it would have only been a matter of time before North Carolina, which had already gotten a cease and desist order, Georgia, Florida, and Colorado would have filed criminal charges, and they would have been no more bogus than the Federal charges that have since been filed.

The FBI moves at it’s own pace as does the Justice Department, whether it meets with your approval or not.

near the end said...

N.D.; Since you are already judgeing them as guilty what sentence to you impose.

Are you God or do you just have a big intreset in there being put away?

tcob247 said...

near the end said...
N.D.; Since you are already judgeing them as guilty what sentence to you impose.

Are you God or do you just have a big intreset in there being put away?

Does it matter what sentence ND would impose?
I dont think he ever claimed to be God
He is just giving you some FACTS, but then again you seem to have problems with that

near the end said...

Nope no problem he seems to be a nice guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

son of a prophet said...


what do you think of the case?