Monday, January 21, 2008

Gratitude II (January 9, 2008)

I want to sincerely thank the few of you who have ministered to my personal needs. I have come a very long way in this battle and I must truly say that my personal burden was heavier upon me than the work of Dorean. The fact that you have come beside me in the Lord and raised my hands is of eternal value. I truly don't know how to thank you enough. The very best thing I can offer you is to prove the truth upon all these liars so that it can be a treasure that will prosper you all the rest of your natural lives. This battle has drawn out longer that I could of imagined or desired. In the end though it is the body of Christ ministering to the weakness within the body that makes us all healthy. I am certain that God himself has taken notice of your kindness to me. You are the treasure within the sea of retards I must contend with that make it all worth it. Please know that I am indebted to your kind service and that if I haven't proven my loyalty as a friend yet please remember to give me the opportunity in your time of need. I can say that the love of Christ flowing through you and your obedience encourages my faith. It all verifies again that the God we serve is real and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. You have blessed me more than you can imagine.

"Now, Lord hear my prayer that you reward those who have reached to my need in faithfulness to you. Remember them in all there business, family, and spirit. You are the giver behind all our kindnesses so continue to give to them abundantly and exceedingly above all that they can ask or think. Heal their bodies and their souls which is a treasure that cannot be obtained by money. Restore lost relationships with love, forgiveness, and hope. Increase their repute in the communities and in their families. Bless them dear Lord as they have blessed your servant. AMEN!"

I have posted this again just to remind you that your help and my sincerity of need were real. Please do not allow this opportunity to get lost in forgetfulness or apathy. We are a team of the same body of Christ and we need each other. I from a pride point wish it were not so but God has taught me that humility is His way. I do not ask as a man but ask you to talk with our Lord and see if He does not want you to renew or keep your involvement with this battle under His command. Do whatever He requires. But as a friend and mentor in the Lord, please do not allow the devil or the cares of this world rob you of the glory of trusting the Lord. I encourage you and again thank you because I know the battlefield and understand the sacrifices made by all who shed blood for the truth. Scotty and I march off into the promise not for selfish gain but for the promise that awaits us all. We have proven we are not the evil inimical crooks rolling off the lips of the slanderers. There is little left to accomplish and God is going before us. The story of His walking on the water depicts Him headed to our destination through we are still struggling in the battle. He knows the shore awaits us and that the tempest was subjected to Him. Still they all rowed together and mixed that effort with faith. Suddenly and in an instant they were ashore. It will be the same for us all. AMEN?


neodemes said...

What? No prayer for your enemies?

Matthew 5:

43Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

45That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

mogel007 said...

Nemo: Kurt has already prayed for his enemies, specifically Judge Alsup, however, you probably skipped over that as well.
How interesting that you finally acknowledge that the Dorean Group "are being used and persecuted" as you quote in the scripture. LOL

Scott from Vineland said...

Gotta give you credit, Moogs... you NEVER miss an opportunity to take someone else's words out of context.

Dr Truth said...

Ver 1.1


KEEP IT SIMPLE at this late date, unless I had time to develop commercial remedies.

Give POA to my intended attorneys-in-fact. And possibly signature in computer or on stamp.

Finish all outstanding commercial process / administrative remedy including liens underway, circumstances permitting. I direct liens against the bonds of debtors.

TOP PRIORITY: Rescind all signatures nunc pro tunc (retroactive to the signing date) on all slave documents, appearance bonds, MOTIONS, and pre-trial and probation agreements. If many were signed in prison, I would perform a global rescission:

I, __________, sovereign-in-fact, a living Christian Man on the Land until proven otherwise, do hereby rescind for cause of failure to disclose risks, perils and responsibilities all signatures executed in my natural and representative capacities without exception on a certain appearance bond dated ______ and any all other offers, documents, instruments, and process issued to me or legal fiction _____________ in the matter of ____________, with the exception of any and all signatures executed for the purpose of accepting for value any such offer(s). All such offers, proceedings, documents, actions, statements and instruments are hereby accepted for value and returned for full credit by notice, all such acceptance signatures whether express or implied remaining in full force and effect.”

nunc pro tunc standing hereafter on my right of avoidance
and give notice of same (time permitting) by filing in the county.

IF TIME PERMITS: FILE NOTICE OF ALL THE ABOVE on secretary general of the United Nations, U.S. president, secretaries of state, transportation and commerce, attorney general, directors of the Secret Service, FBI, Marshal’s Service and Bureau of Prisons, Supreme Court, applicable appellate circuit and district courts of the United States. Similar notice is given to the State fiction counterparts of the above.

REDRAFT ALL CONTRACTS using BIC process (indictments, pre-trial, etc.)
(time permitting)

PREPARE MY COURT. I will not petition their fictions for a toothpic. I ISSUE ORDERS from MY jurisdiction, as the court. MY court is the court of Yaweh, the One supreme court, a superior court to all others, the original jurisdiction (The Constitution is NOT the original jurisdiction. It’s NO jurisdiction. It’s consolidation; discrimination, in violation of treaty. Like plasma television, it was an interim technology until men were ready to apply the truth. The Constitution has never had authority over an insect, let along living men. It remains an effective tool when used politically to exploit the need of public officials and judges to pay it lip service. I enjoy evoking their public admission of its legendary rights and remedies]. In earthly terms, one way of many to present a sovereign court is:

Our one supreme court
held at ____________ county, nation ____________
a superior court for the People, original jurisdiction under Yaweh
third judicial district of tens
exclusive superior jurisdiction of the district court to the federal circuit under confederation
united States of America, dejure

District of tens is derived from Exodus 18:21. As David Clarence has noted, 28 USC 1451 defines for purposes of the removal chapter (1) The term “State court” includes the Superior Court of the District of Columbia; (2) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia. All State and Federal courts are in the District of Columbia circuit. We can fill the abandoned offices of county notary, clerk of court and justice of the peace (judge) by filing our oath, commission, silver bond and seal for each of those offices in the public venue. If I was so qualified, then I would use the heading noted above or a simplified variant:

district court to the federal circuit
held at __________ county, ___________ nation
a superior court for the People, original jurisdiction under Yaweh
united States of America, dejure

PREPARE AN ORDER SUCH AS HABEAS CORPUS, WRIT OF PROHIBITION, ORDER OF DISMISSAL, ORDER OF REMOVAL from my court for presentation in open court as a foreign judgment, and I would sign multiple original copies for myself and my attorneys-in-fact. I would place the seal of my court on them either by embosser or draw one by hand if I am indisposed (see below).

WHO AM I? Once I know, believe and truly understand that I am the court, I will act accordingly.
AUTHORITY. We do not argue jurisdiction. They cannot overcome and we do not allow them to overcome the Authority issue. Does their piece of paper grant them Authority superior to my granted Authority through the Word of Yahweh? Accordingly, I will not tolerate their questioning my authority anymore than a fiction “judge” would show such tolerance.

“By what authority do you come before me.” We posture that question the very first time the actor opens his mouth. No judge will tolerate the interference of an interloper. And neither will I. I will not wait to establish MY venue. If he fails to answer, I might add…
“By what authority does an actor-in-fiction come before me?”
“By what authority does an actor-in-fiction present itself in my court?”
“By what authority does an actor-in-fiction presume to give an order to this court?”
I might add, “Try it again, and I’ll hold you in contempt.”
I might add, “Try it again, and I will issue a warrant for your arrest.”
“By what authority does an actor-in-fiction presume to give an order in my court?” Or I might move immediately to enforcement (a judge’s prerogative) by……
Ordering the marshal to arrest the judge-in-fiction and remove him, or
Issuing a warrant for his arrest, or
Arresting the judge-in-fiction myself, or
Issuing a warrant for the arrest of his bond
If the judge questions or ridicules my authority (“What court is that?”)…
“Where is your authority to question mine?” We do not explain. We do not interpret. We do not babble. (“Well, the district of tens appears in the bible…” “It’s the court of a living man, sir…”) any more than an actor judge would justify his authority.
“This is your first warning and only warning. Do it again, and I’ll arrest your bond. Do I make myself clear?” Alternative statements include:
“Are you questioning my authority?”
“Are you presuming to question my authority?”
“One more word and I’ll hold you in contempt.” If he persists…
“I’m issuing a warrant for the arrest of the bond of –Sir, what’s your name?” We can issue the warrant orally or compose it on a piece of paper and serve it on a marshal…
“You’re now working under my bond, and I am ordering you to…”

NAME. When asked my name:
“I am who I say I am. Who are you?” If he fails to answer, I would issue an order to arrest the judge or order the marshal to arrest the judge. Or…
“I’m the man holding a warrant for the arrest of the bond of ______”
“I’m the man holding a warrant for the arrest of your bond unless these shackles are removed this instant and my orders are obeyed.”

COERCED FOR CONSENT. If asked to sign anything (eg. appearance Bond): I would:
Ask to see the document
Request a pen
Turn it over and write on the reverse side (or on the obverse side):

Warrant for the Arrest of Bond of _______

And I would then start trolling for names. “Sir, what’s your name please?”

Deputize a marshal to work under my bond
Remove officers
Give notice of liens
Order arrests
Issue arrests
Order removal from the room or the building
Order removal of cases.
Order termination of cases.
Issue an original jurisdiction Great Writ and other writs.
Use all of the intimidation tactics I have learned from the actors.

FOREIGN JURISDICTION. I would NOT consent to any benefits, privileges, negotiation or submission to a foreign authority aka a heathen held out as a deity who seeks my prayers and worship. I would…
Not consent to wearing a prison uniform other than, “I’ll put it on if you’ll put one on.”
Not consent to being shackled
Not consent to being an overnight guest

“If I am here in the morning, I will order your arrest.”

“Put your Delegated Authority before me NOW!”
“Would the Provosts Marshals help you in finding your Authority? I can in fact arrange that to happen.”
“Are you attempting to create a Constitutional Crisis?” (A very serious step. The Marshall may shoot anyone creating a Constitutional crisis. Should only be attempted with knowledge of what ONE IS saying.)

Look them straight in the eye.
Never back down.
Be fair and benevolent but…
Show no fear. Rather, I would be bold and cavalier…

”I don’t care if you throw me in jail for the weekend or the rest of my life. But you had better kill me and all of my associates on the outside, because the court will be coming for your bond. The grand jury will be returning a true bill. You will be indicted for your high crimes here today. Your time as a actor in this little drama is coming to a close. You will not be able to earn a living as a lawyer-in-fiction. You don’t believe me? Bring it on. Let’s see what happens.”


“I would display my authority.”
“I would order things done.”
“I would not request if they would please do this or that.”
I’m the court and my orders are supreme.

DISCLAIMER ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. I would ask for names then write a short 90 day covenant declaring peaceful relations, and instruct them to sign.


I judge ____________, a sovereign-in-fact, living Man on the land and judge to the original jurisdiction ______________, and
_____________ [name of other party] in his/her private capacity, do hereby enter into this solemn covenant in the presence of the Lord, to renounce violence, aggression and belligerency in our private intercourse, and conduct ourselves Lawfully and peacefully under the word of the Lord: Love thy Brother as you would Love Thyself.

Refusal to sign this document or similar dishonor comprises the refusing party’s confession that ______________ is public property.

“Signed this ______ day of the _____________ month in the year of our Lord two thousand and ______”

“Where did your presumed authority derive?”
“Is your presumed authority superior to the Authority of our living Father? YES or NO?”
“Am I Public Property?”
“Does the defendant-in-fiction on your paper have finger prints? Did you or do you wish to finger print ME, WHY?”
“Am I speaking to you through the act of a physical motion? Can the defendant-in-fiction speak?”

INTRODUCE THE BIBLE. The family bible is a public record. It should contain the history of births, deaths, marriages, christenings, and baptisms, with dates in the form:

Nativity: On this the third day of the second month in the Year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and sixty-five, was born to the parents ___________________ and ________________ of the family _________________ by the Grace of Almighty Yahweh and in the presence of _________ [WITNESS] a baby _____ weighing six pounds and ten ounces, with hair the color of ____________ and hereby christened ________________ [GIVEN NAME OF CHILD].

Father, sovereign-in-fact



ISSUE AN ORDER SUCH AS HABEAS CORPUS, WRIT OF PROHIBITION, ORDER OF DISMISSAL, ORDER OF REMOVAL from my court for presentation in open court as a foreign judgment. All of my orders are entitled to full faith and credit. I would file the order as a foreign judgment with the clerk of the fiction court.

”I am standing here (not: “before you”) as the court. Here is the order of the court dismissing this case. Remove these shackles, I intend to leave.”

”I am standing here as the court. I am ordering this case dismissed and I would like to file the order with the clerk (if I had a written order) as a foreign judgment.”

”I am standing here as the court. Here is the Great Writ. Marshal, please give give this to that man (the judge-in-fiction).” After the actor examines it, I would say… “Does anyone come before me with authority to hold the Demandant? No? Then I hereby order the dismissal of this case-in-fiction. Now remove these shackles.”

”I am standing here as the court. I hereby issue a Great Writ of Habeas Corpus in original jurisdiction. Does anyone have the authority to come before me, and to plead just cause to hold the Demandant?............ No? Then I hereby order the dismissal of this case-in-fiction and the release of the body. Now, remove these shackles. My public business is concluded.”

I will speak the truth. I have no problem calling it a case-in-fiction or calling him a judge-in-fiction…

“Are you an attorney?”
“I happen to be an attorney-in-fact. I understand you to be an attorney-in-fiction. Where is your authority? How do you deign to question my authority? What gives you that authority, sir? How do you presume it? I’m standing here as the court, I’m here by issue of the Great Writ. I hereby issue a Great Writ of Habeas Corpus in original jurisdiction; does anybody have the authority to come before me and to plead just cause to hold the demandant?” Isn’t that what a Habeas Corpus is all about? There won’t be a peep in that courtroom. The higher the judge the more he knows what you’ve done. “No? No one comes before me, then I hereby order the dismissal of this case in fiction and the release of the body; remove these shackles. My public business is concluded.”

I would:
Issue an order to place under arrest
Issue a warrant for arrest
Issue a warrant for arrest of bond to place the offender under mine
Give notice of lien*
Remove from office
Hold in contempt and order the actor to be held in custody
Issue subpoena commanding presence before 21 member grand jury to be convened, for instance, in 7 days. I would hold such a hearing in a prison if necessary, each member issuing notice of rescission on all previous documents. Yes, there IS a riot going on in cell block number 9. It’s called Authority

[court heading]


___YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear in your natural form before Our one supreme court _____________________ [FROM YOUR COURT HEADING] at the place, date and time specified below to give testimony to the above proceeding:

to be held at ________________ county, the nation _________________
united States of America, dejure
Main Street, number one hundred and ten
thirty minutes past ten o’clock in the morning
the third day of the second month in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and ___

___YOU ARE COMMANDED to produce and permit inspection and copying of the following documents, objects and/or items at the place, date and time specified below:

list of items/documents:
to be held at ________________ county, the nation _________________
united States of America, dejure
Main Street, number one hundred and ten
thirty minutes past ten o’clock in the morning
the third day of the second month in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and ___

Failure to appear will comprise a contempt of this court.

Judge, sovereign-in-fact
Our one supreme court, original jurisdiction
in the Presence of Yaweh, district of tens
district court to the federal circuit
_________ county, the nation ___________

Convene grand jury. A fully qualified 21 member grand jury of living Men properly commissioned under oath and silver bond pledged to obey the Law to seek indictment of living men for kidnapping, perjury, piracy, privateering, trafficking in slaves, enticement to slavery, impairment of contract, assault, battery and any other applicable violation of the Law.
Convene a trial jury.

ENTICEMENT TO SLAVERY. If the actor attempts to give me an order or walk through my authority, I might give him the opportunity to define his crimes against humanity:
“Excuse me, for the record in my court, are you attempting to order me to present myself as a United States person?” Or…
“Excuse me, for the record in my court, are you attempting to entice me into slavery by ordering me to present myself as a United States person?”
Depending on his response, I may order him placed under arrest for enticement to slavery or trafficking in slaves – capital crimes.

FIRE ALL ATTORNEYS. If I work with these first line soldiers of Pontius Pilate, I confess my status as a U.S. person. I often choose my timing carefully, usually just before the fireworks begin. I might fire, or I might suggest they run the other way using commercial process. No attorney has ever attempted to remain in my way once I made my position known. As a sovereign man, all non-commercial process served on attorneys would be in care of the Bar association by registered mail, stamps only.

COMMERCE, TAXES, LIENS, OID – Commercial process can get an actors attention real fast. Reinforced by a sovereign man acting in Our one original supreme court, reduces them to their most feared status: a debtor with no intimidation recourse.
“I am holding a $100M lien against this place. If you would like, I can get three county notaries to place their seals upon it and send it to the provost, and we can hold a yard sale .”
“The court is in possession of a lien against this place in the amount of $100M. I’m prepared to issue a Notice of Lien sale here today and we can sell your bond and the land beneath your feet to a consortium of sovereign men. Would you like me to call the provost marshal and begin the eviction.”
“If you don’t deal with the confessed successor surety, I will consider you have vacated your oath and I will surely deal with it. Justice in my court is swift and certain. Is that what you want me to do?”
“Sir, do you have a 1099-OID on the charges?” Regardless of what he says, I would ask all parties of interest including the clerk. And if not…“Then my public business is concluded.” At that point, we depart and do NOT pause no matter what is said.

“Don’t give me any of your commercial garbage.” If they deny being in commerce…
“Oh really. I guess that’s not a bailiff, and you don’t issue bonds. So I tell you what…

“Why don’t you lie to me one more time and I’ll arrest your bond and have you removed for good. Is that what you want?”

SEALS. Time and circumstances permitting, all of my papers would bear my personal seal or the seal of the People’s office I am filling. If I did not have a seal, I would draw one and/or use my thumbprint. Sample’s I might put together on the spur of the moment include the following, with many possible variants:

seal of Our one supreme court
original jurisdiction
united States of America, dejure

John Christopher


seal for the dejure
fifth judicial-district of tens
united States of America

People have asked me what to do if they are in possession of removal papers from David Clarence. Simple answer:
Contact David for guidance. He is a gifted teacher.
Execute the papers and serve them in open court, or
Execute and return them to the court in Yorktown for the clerk to file with the necessary annexations
Remember, as is true for me, for you, for David, for any believing sovereign…in open court:


Scott from Vineland said...

Good luck with that.

habakkuk said...

2-1-08 Reporting on the Wesley Snipes case:

"In a yearslong battle with the IRS, Snipes drew on the dubious "861 argument." So named because it refers to Section 861 of the tax code, the law holds that foreign-source wages of U.S. citizens are taxable. But tax protesters take that to mean only such income is subject to tax, and no wages made in this country are.

Judge and jury have long rejected those ideas, but there are exceptions. A few have won acquittal because the jury thought they sincerely believed they did not have to pay taxes.

The IRS bears a unique burden of proof in criminal tax cases. The agency must show not only that someone broke the law, but he or she did so with willful, bad purpose to defraud the government."

JDJD said...

dr truth:

Yep, that should do it alright.
Oh, yeah.

habakkuk said...

Anybody watch Bill O'reilly's reporting on the Wesley Snipes case...Hillarious:) It ought to tell you something when Bill O'reilly, the self-proclaimed "spin stopping" master, is cryin because he feels Snipes got off scott free and really needed to be thrown in the can and throw away the key...All because he, like millions of others are willingly IGNORANT and don't know what the law really says.

Whats really funny is all the tv lawyers he had on his show who just a few days ago said "Snipes is in big trouble and is going away for a long time".

Sounds like the same IGNORANCE on this blog in regards to mortgage fraud.

habakkuk said...

IRS, Banker Fraud, etc....Its a multi-headed monster folks...Wake Up!!!

near the end said...

sop please go somewhere else. You sound like a nut with all your conspriacy theory's.

sopsback said...

just like sopsback, look lik mr delter is back to work....was wondrin where he at, not delting posts anymo.

sopsback said...

seriously, i dont understand why snips would pay a penalty voluntarily???

i mean, if you start the fight, dont you want to finish it too??

doesnt make sense to me?

unless he knows something i dont about his case, which i admint is entirely possible...

i understand taht what he says and what he may wind up doing may be totally different

i know about not tipping your hand to the enemy.

jsut like the newsmedia, can you really beleive anything that they say??

and i mean anything??

when they announce the correct time, you better check you clock.

sopsback said...

gee, what were they thinking??

what? all this becasue she just wanted to claim her STRAWMAN?


Yetter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sopsback said...


didnt think they wuld win...but they made some plays in the last 2 mins. esp. the qb escape and catch by tyree...

was there a message there?

fo yo conspricy theerists, meaning the end the patriots and all the falso patriot bs that the govt. is slinging over the last 7 years...its over...the truth is about to be revealed about all this terroist bs...

did someone have the fix in?

a sportstalk show in ny, wfan's joe beiningo was broadcasting this morning from arizona when they were testing the scoreboard...guess what score he said that they had put up to test the scoreboard????

jints 17 pats 14

did lou minotti put that score up? infighting between lou minotti, lew minarde, lou minardi...some actually quit an working for the good side? this wasnto supposed to happen, a big upset after winning 18 strait games??? no doubt to me that one of the minooti bros. had somehting to do with it...especailly becasue one team was called the patriots...end of the patriot act??? just maybe....

i kid you not...if yo dont beleive me, then call him yourself at 1-718-937-6666 or website @ and ask him aobut the score he saw on the scoreboard this morning in arizona

sopsback said...

One of the US ‘high' Illuminati’s most secret programmes involves procuring that every computer in the world will be linked to the Pentagon. Another dimension of this gross Luciferian thinking is the supposedly aborted Poindexter ‘Total Awareness Program’ which was likewise intended to give meaning to the geomasonic ‘All-seeing Eye of Horus’ that hovers above the uncompleted occult pyramid on the American $1.0 bill.--------------

of course...why yo think that all the newer puters alrady come with "integrated" webcam an micofone??

now, when you logon to yo puter, they can watch and listen to you while yo online, and maybe even when yo "offline" or yo think that yo "offline"...amazin!

so judge been, then watch out when yo look at prono on the net, now the govt. can see waht yo doin to yoself while yo wacthin it

put yoself a strip of tape over the webcam so they cant wachth yo