Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Reasonable Juror (January 2, 2008)

The reasonable juror is a test that is built into the laws of man. This test is a question that measures if a person of reasonableness would come to a finding based upon the evidence presented. In our case as in most, 12 retards who have no sense in the laws of man get spoon fed inferences and ideas that move them to the folly, and destruction of their nation and people. In the corralled corrupted union of the federallies they have hand picked these retards out of the minions of their sheepish followers. There is no way they could be reasonable by any reasonable standard. Setting that aside to call their fantasy a reality we have now come to an interesting place in our process. Mr. Alsup now has to make a reasonable juror decision over our rule 29 motion. Know he has shown himself to be a very proud man who thinks very highly of his judicial skills. What will be comical is that on January 22nd when he has to figure out a way to deny our motion. I'm certain he will and that is good for us ultimately but he'll have to do it at the expense of his reasonableness. Our indictment was straight forward as an accusation of fraud of a financial institution based upon money or property right attached to a mortgage. Now pay attention! The mail fraud and conspiracy are essentially the same evidence. The mail fraud as a statute is required to give stand alone notice as to the prohibited conduct. That means I am not required to go anywhere else to be put on notice. From that statute the indictment is to give me notice of the accusations of prohibited behavior so that I can reasonably defend. The statute 1341 does not give me notice of a mortgage being a protected money or property right which is the first problem for a reasonable juror. Second the indictment only list financial institutions as the victims and it was limited to the fraudulent use of mails to carry out a scheme and forwarding that scheme in connection with the deprivation of this specific property interest. If you will recall almost 2 years ago now I told you that the clients were not a part of the indictment and that you could cry all you want, the government was not your champion and didn't plead your case. Well this is what I was talking about. Now the trial comes along and they don't present one financial institution. The damages they claim are not the mortgages but now honest services. Remember that I have not been given notice of these honest services by the statute or the indictment. As a reasonable juror where is the due process? The next question is, where is the evidence of mail fraud of a financial institution's money or property right of a mortgage plead in the statute or the indictment present in the evidence? If the evidence is not present how can a reasonable juror enter a guilty verdict? Now again these 12 stupid retards have an excuse. They could never be reasonable but Mr. Alsup is supposed to know these rules. He is not so easily duped. The fun of watching these little rascals dressed in men's clothes is that their lives are comical. Watch how Mr. Alsup knowing that the verdict handed down by the petite jury is unreasonable because of the lack of evidence will concur with them. This proud man of jurisprudence will set aside his integrity, knowledge, and pride to join the ranks of the retards. His personal bias works against him here. We saw this at the end of trial when we had 2 contempt charges ready to go before the jury. As we hammered out the jury instructions which were deadly for sure, I brought to his attention that they did not prove these charges in the trial and that the evidence was not presented. Mr. Alsup denied their dismissal and said plainly he thinks there is enough to take them before the jury. The next day when finalizing his instructions he mentioned a piece of evidence in the instruction regarding these charges that I again pointed out was not presented in trial. Now all of a sudden there is an insufficiency of the evidence not when I tell him but now the prosecution tells him that they are going to motion for a dismissal. He's not paying attention to anything that is outside his personal agenda for us. That my friends is my greatest weapon. Watch how an unreasonable juror works to my advantage in the end.


habakkuk said...

Scott from vineland,

Ever see the Matrix?? This quote from Morpheus is especially for you:

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, MORTGAGE BROKERS [SORRY...I INSERTED THAT ONE]. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy [WELL, I WOULDNT CALL U MY ENEMY SCOTT]. You have to understand, most of these people are NOT READY to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly DEPENDENT on the system that they will fight to protect it."

Damn good movie...and not just because of the flying drop kicks.

Scott from Vineland said...

You mention the Matrix often... I might have to watch that one day. Maybe my eyes will be opened! ;-)

Scott from Vineland said...

And I'm glad we're not enemies, Hab. I genuinely like you 99.9% of the time!

habakkuk said...

I highly recommend it...Its an artistic way to explain exactly what we are talking about when it comes to the system (banking, IRS, govmt, etc). Go rent it.

Scott from Vineland said...

Hey Bruce... how do you feel about having Keanu Reeves play you in a movie? I think I would have asked for Johnny Depp! ;-)

Scott from Vineland said...

No need to rent... my daughter is a Matrix-head. I'm sure she has the DVD.

henry paulson II said...

Something is getting ready to POP!

Notice a couple of days ago the controlled news networks reported on a UFO.

Real or not, doesnt matter.

The CNNs of the world would never have reported this before. So, the fact that it was reported means something.


Did they take my predecessor up there with them?

Prepare youselfs for something.

Maybe those UFOs did a big mail drop of all those supposed "security packs" which will make everyone millionaires. LOL!

Dont they know that -I- am the controller of the money.

Me. The Sec. of the Treas. II

Scott from Vineland said...

I'm not real tech-savvy so someone please explain something to me.... isn't there any way for the site administrator to limit the number of user names being used by any individual address? SOP has what, about 20-30 aliases by now?

henry paulson II said...

All right!

Did you see me on the controlled news media tonite with the Pres talking about rebate "checks" going out by next week.

These rebate "checks" were dropped out of the UFO a few days ago.

Now, these "checks in the mail" have nothing to do with some nonsense going around about some "security packs" going out at the same time. ;-)

Yetter said...

The US crime syndicate, protected by bill alsup of the ninth(ward) and endorsed by quatloose Buccaneers,ambulance chasers and notorial dissent rolls on.If any one checks the records of the 2nd District Court of the southern district between 1990 and 1992, you would find a major forward transaction in notional value carried by modest funds is legally considered fraud. A commodity transaction of a forward nature not requiring an adjustment to margin is legally considered a fraudulent transaction, punishable by statutes of fraud and has a good chance of becoming invalidated, if litigated. If any party engages in such a transaction with more than one party in that same profile, it constitues a conspiracy. The world with 420 trillion dollars of derivatives of all kinds shook Monday. The problem is far from over. The fed just indicated it would inflate till death, get ready for a Weimar style monetary stimulus.

Scott from Vineland said...

When you guys come up with a perfect system, kindly let the rest of us know how it works.

habakkuk said...

Scott from vineland says...

When you guys come up with a perfect system, kindly let the rest of us know how it works.


Hey Scott, its not about finding the perfect system. Its about right and wrong. Sometimes in our human reasoning theres a tendency to not equate subtle sinful acts with other more obvious sinful acts. For instance, some "Christians" on this blog see fraudulent behavior and corrupt judicial behavior as not as bad as other sinful behavior.

Let me asure you that G-d sees sin as sin...To HIM it all stinks in HIS nostrils and it will be dealt with. And HE raises up men and women in the world to speak for HIM. Yes, they may sufffer persecution..what else is new...As a matter of fact Yeshua (Jesus) told us to count on it.

If you really want to compare one sin with the other...somebody please explain to me why he was so compassionate and forgiving to some sinners but yet when HE discovered the corrupt moneychangers (bankers)
in the temple he went bolistic and turned their tables over.

Does anyone else out there read there Bible like i do and realize that G-d has more to say about money than almost any topic. Just like the moneychangers HE is turning over tables right now and the bankers are scattering to try to recover their misplaced wealth.

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

habakkuk said...

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is a ROOT of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.


Ever try to pull a root of a tree out? It requires a little more force than trying to pull a leaf off a branch. When taking down a tree both the leaf and the root need to be disposed of...And its the same with sin.

This might be the answer why Yeshua acted so forcefully with the moneychangers and their sinful behavior. This might also be the reason why Lucifer got thrown out of the "temple" (Heaven) in the beginning.

Yetter said...

Rob a store for $500 and receive 10yrs in prison. Rob a pension fund for $500 million with a pen and not be indicted. The crime syndicate on wall street,Goldman Sachs henchmen and JPM spooks has created the present derivative disaster. The best part is they are designing the solution and no doubt the administration of that solution,creating more profit. They have sucked so much blood from the living american corpse that the mayor of cleveland has filed a lawsuit against a dozen banks,likens them to organized crime, an accurate description. Phone calls to regulatory and Judicial agencys will render the suit meritless.

Scott from Vineland said...

What you're saying is here is true. Our sins don't come in small, medium and large. But that being the case, why do you want to portray the "moneychangers" as "worse" sinners than others? And how are you so certain that Kurt's actions are righteous in God's eyes?

habakkuk said...

What you're saying is here is true. Our sins don't come in small, medium and large. But that being the case, why do you want to portray the "moneychangers" as "worse" sinners than others? And how are you so certain that Kurt's actions are righteous in God's eyes?


You mis-read what i said. My point was IF we are going to compare one sin with the next why wouldnt the sin of the moneychangers be considered worse considering how Jesus reacted to them in a violent manner.

Of course, to G-d sin is sin...But the main point i wanted to make is that the scripture tells us that THE LOVE OF MONEY is the ROOT of all kinds of evil....So thats why i think HE reacted the way HE did. Remember what i said in the previous post, to pull a root out you may need to use more force...But that doesnt mean you throw the root away but not the rest. You throw it all out...Root and ALL.

habakkuk said...

"And how are you so certain that Kurt's actions are righteous in God's eyes?"

How are you so certain that they are not?? As i said from the beginning of this whole thing...I can only use the discernment the Holy Spirit gave me and of course the scriptures to help me judge. Thats what all Christians are supposed to do.

If it turns out that Kurt was the greedy shiester that some have said he is all along (which based on the facts i doubt)....thats between him and G-d. That still doesnt change the fact that there is fraudulent behavior on the part of the banks the the Dorean process was trying to remedy.

near the end said...

Right On Habakkuk!!!!!!!!

Pauligirl said...

Motion denied

"The Court is convinced — to a moral certainty — that all of this has been
part and parcel of their con. They are not mentally incompetent. They are and were perfectly
sane. They simply have no respect for the law or our system of justice, just as they had no
qualms in fleecing numerous homeowners and lenders in their Internet scam. Defendants
received a fair trial, exceedingly so given the many ways in which they tried to frustrate the
process. The trial was conducted justly and the verdict justly deserved."

notorial dissent said...

Poor Kurt, had this complicated and outlandish version of reality all spun out and ready to feed to the clients/suckers and along came reality and knocked down his little house of cards and falsehoods, and now he whines that a reasonable juror should have ignored the pile of nonsense documents he generated and all the fraudulent releases he signed and filed while claiming to be legally authorized to do so. The problem is, that not being brain dead zombies, they saw exactly what the dim duo was attempting, and since they had been so kind as to put their signatures and names all over the false documents, that there was no legal proof of authority, that it was really rather easy to come up with the answer that they committed fraud and multiple acts of fraud at that. The problem with a reasonable jury is that they generally are, and when presented with clear cut evidence it isn’t hard for them to come to a conclusion, it just didn’t happen to be the one Kurt wanted.

I’m curious, was Jesus wearing a plaid coat or the green striped one this time?

Apparently your great brief, wasn’t so great after all was it? Got swatted down and reduced to rubbish it would seem, no surprise, just surprised it took as long as it did, of course maybe the judge was busy looking through his thesaurus to find alternate words to use when describing Dorean, since crap, garbage, and complete and utter nonsense lose their significance after a while, and it so really needs something more evocative of level and depth of crap being presented. Ah well, one more piece of Dorean nonsense meets it’s rightly deserved demise. So what, we’re 0 for 8, or is it 9 now?

provb1022 said...

Watch how Mr. Alsup knowing that the verdict handed down by the petite jury is unreasonable because of the lack of evidence will concur with them.

Note no surprises here..

We will watch..

JDJD said...

Thanks, Pauligirl. I was hoping someone would post the resolution of Kurt's predictably ludicrous motion. Looking forward to seeing the sentencing results next month.

Hope someone will post the text of Kurt's motion, if it's on the record, as well as his promised appeal. Those should be interesting, in a rather amusing and sad way.

near the end said...

paulidude I can you prove the judges are honest beyond a resonable doubt?

I waiting to here the concrete proof you have!!!!

notorial dissent said...

rearend, since it is up to the jury to determine guilt not the judge, they were free to find not guilty if they believed otherwise, which obviously they didn't.

Your point like all your other inane ramblings is meaningless.

sopsback said...

Has SOP come back to life???

NO! Only Yeshua can do that.

However, SOP can monitor things from a "safe" distance.

just remember not to judge anyone because the only way to "take down" a mafia, is from the inside.

thus, some of your govt. leaders may in fact be working for the "white hats" but must appear to be the vilest and evil of all human creatures

it must be so. as if they appear to be white hats, one false step and they may meet yeshua before it was their time to and before they could finish the job that they were set out to do. ;-)

peace of the HS be with you always.....

near the end said...

Yeah but can you prove beyond a resonable doubt that the judge is honest. Nice try at avoiding the question your good at that rearend.

I waiting for the concrete proof.

habakkuk said...

Near the End,

Don't you know, Notorial Dissent already answered your question in his previous post...Go search the archives;)

Yetter said...

Good to see the Buccaneers of the jolly roger show up for a laugh. Enjoy your countrys walk the plank as well.
"Lenin was surely right.There is no subtler,no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose" John Keynes

notorial dissent said...

rearend, you can want with one hand and pour your brains out into the other and they will both remain empty. What you want is of no concern or interest to me, and as your question is irrelevent, and pointless, it is, like you, dismissable.

sopsback said...

Affidavit of X-Federal Reserve Banking Attorney_Judicial Proceeding Dec. 2003

(but dont bother gong there; intel already remove it)

mogel007 said...

Judge Alsup said: "they had no
qualms in fleecing numerous homeowners and lenders in their Internet scam."

The irony here is that no evidence of bank fraud was put in the court record, so where is the "fleecing" he is referring to? Fleecing involves taking something that isn't yours to take & causing someone else to sustain a loss. According to the Judge, the bank fraud charges were dropped to "streamline the process", whatever that means. Logically, this must mean that all the bank fraud charges were initially put in the indictment to complicate everything and take up more of the courts time then, if you buy his streamlining argument. LOL Somehow this argument of streamlining can't be sold to even the most simple minded person.

If the documents Dorean filed were forged & of no effect, how did that damage the lenders in any way? They still foreclosed in all cases when payments weren't met & were successful in getting the properties back to resell. Where did any of the lenders lose if they still kept the collateral or resold it. There's no record of bank losses in the court records either. Must be another example of Judge Alsup's assumptions or fabrications.

There are some good things from this "motion denied" however. Judge Alsup has made conclusions on law in this latest motion denied, which hopefully will come back to bite him in the butt & show his extreme prejudice. For example, "clients were the victims too" according to the mail fraud statute, along with the lenders & that the mail fraud statute can apply to many victims according to Judge Alsup. If clients were the victims, when does the Court intend to reimburse all clients for costs, and where is the court proposed plan for this? Or maybe the government intends to keep all of the confiscated funds from US accounts for themselves? The Court admits that the funds in Latvia were never seized, so what happened to these monies? If all mortgage elimination companies are scams, one must really wonder why the government turned a deaf ear to Mortgage Alternatives & why none of their clients were considered victims by the government. Certainly there was mail fraud there if you buy the government's arguments & certainly more victims. Selective prosecution at work or maybe all victims aren't created equal?

Another conclusion as to law the Judge makes is that lenders "do not create money" in the lending process.

If Jesus told the Dorean Group to declare that He was going to burn down 3 houses of 3 different Judges, one wonders when this is going to happen and how much longer the Lord can be patient with the injustices of the Courts in continuing to support rulings based upon lies and deception?

And if any fires happen, one wonders if the Dorean Group will also be charged with arson too due to their foreknowledge of the event? The Court presumes if you have a conversation or inspirational thoughts or directions from Jesus, that you probably are insane. At least the fire comments are what precipitated the sanity or Faretta hearings. One thing is for sure, God will burn those Judges homes at his 2nd coming at least, if not sooner. He has already decreed that the wicked will be burned by fire & won't be able to abide that day. In fact in reading the book of Revelations, you learn that 1/3 of the inhabitants of the earth and 1/3 of all the trees will be burned & consumed at His coming.

sopsback said...






Bush has issued a new executive order establishing a group called the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. The insanity of this executive order is unparalleled. The so called purpose of this Council is to keep this nation economically competitive and encourage the financial literacy of the American people.

The article goes on to describe the purpose of assuring the “financial literacy” of WHO? The article uses the words “American people”, but those of us who are somewhat ‘legal beagles’ and have researched the “legal memory” of the United States, in all of its meanings and definitions at law, have come to understand a few things. Status, standing, and capacity are everything at law and in commerce. Your signature is your ‘word Bond’, and if you are not in control of your signature and Bond at the time of using it, you had better not use it. It is the “glue” that binds or adheres one to not only the thing that it is applied to that presumably can be read as to form, content, and understanding [meaning]. It is the means by which any contract or agreement and all terms, conditions, and provisions of “performance” are made express or implied. It may “deliver” any thing of value, convey any right, title, or interest to any party, and it may confer or embody a duty or obligation, cause any performance to be expected and ENFORCED, and it may also, under certain conditions be cause for presumption [or presumptive conclusion] about one’s “sovereignty” status, standing, capacity, domicile, Citizenship, Dwelling, and Abode. Your signature drives everything you do or undertake in life, which is energetically reduced to agreements in ‘commerce’.

When one is dealing with any legal-fiction of any nature, a business organization, a CORPORATION, a TRUST, etc., everything is transacted ‘in commerce’ and the legal-fiction must act through its duly elected, appointed, commissioned, or contracted officers, employees, and agents. One who contracts with or enters into commercial-legal relations with a legal-fiction such as the UNITED STATES, does so at one’s own peril if one is not aware how to not give the impression or create any presumption of having waived any right, title, or interest, which may, thereby, prejudice, injure, or diminish one’s self as to legal status, standing, and capacity. When entering into agreement with the UNITED STATES on the face of any document, form, or other writing, one is presumed to “KNOW THE LAW” which underscores who you are, who/what the UNITED STATES is, how it operates, and how it will operate to treat you after you have ‘elected’ or ‘agreed’ to give it your signature, or after you have agreed to accept any given or offered thing written or spoken as a form of “OFFER TO CONTRACT”. That is one reason why after last year’s STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS by the Burning Bush, the entirety of the spoken event as broadcast to the world was RETRACTED by Bush. That’s right!! Within seventy-two (72) hours after the OFFER was made and NOTICE given to the ‘public’, the White House Press Department issued a formal, but not widely covered press release, rescinding or retracting the entire STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS of the President and Commander in Chief.

The Burning Bush is the Chief Executive Officer of the “UNITED STATES”, but he cannot be the same for the organic united [several] States of America. He is without status, standing, and capacity to embody the lawful offices of the American Union Republic, because the Union was effectively set aside at the time of Lincoln and Johnson in the 1860’s and the post-Civil War Reconstruction period. Even ‘public addresses’ may be deemed to be forms of ‘offer to contract’. But a formal event, required by [commercial-contract] ‘law’ and incumbent upon the Executive to perform [timely, adequately, and in good faith] to summarize to the people of the ?? UNITED STATES and/or their ‘elected representatives’, is a form of his having to “comply” with his existing contract to the CORPORATION or PUBLIC TRUST. He is required by ‘U.S. law’ under the federal Constitution and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE to give a PUBLIC NOTICE annually as to the ‘STATE OF THE UNION’. He is making a commercial representation of material facts and issues of fact, and he is making it in the form or nature of an OFFER TO CONTRACT. He is presumed to be acting at all times ‘in good faith’ until or unless otherwise challenged under formal conditions of protest or dispute. This is the same with any form of commercial undertaking by agreement or contract wherein duties and obligations of the parties are set forth, provisions established for PERFORMANCES, etc. etc. After seventy-two hours, as a matter of commerce and contract, OFFERS not withdrawn, rescinded, revoked, amended, or modified or ‘novated’ are deemed ‘accepted’ as made. In the case of the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, Bush retracted the entire thing, which is the same as saying “IT NEVER HAPPENED”, AND “I NEVER SAID A THING WHICH I CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO”. In short, it does not exist on the Public Record as having any legal-commercial force and effect, and cannot be deemed to have created any LIABILITY for any error, omission, defect, deficiency, misrepresentation of fact or issue of fact. As a matter of ‘record’ and ‘evidence’ it was sanitized by some Order of the President or Commander in Chief, and everything that was made to appear for you or anyone to hear and see, could not be ‘relied upon’ for any purpose, nor could it be deemed a matter which could be “accepted” in ‘good faith’ as per the ‘discharge of fiduciary capacity and duty’ as the Executive of the PUBLIC TRUST. A matter offered and rescinded is not on the table and is of no viable effect if withdrawn immediately before someone ‘accepts’. Any misrepresentation of fact in that ADDRESS was with cunning and deceipt withdrawn and could arguably be deemed ‘null and void’ because the ADDRESS was not a matter of record and was ‘retracted’. In such a commercial transaction, the party making the offering and then retracting need not give any ‘cause’ or justification for doing so within a certain period of time. Thereafter, if Bush had wanted to retract, modify, correct his statements, he would have to do so formally by authority of the Congress, I guess, and ‘amend’ what he had spoken and written for the ADDRESS.

WHO are the “American people” referred to above, that will be subject to scrutiny and evaluated as to their ‘financial literacy’, which under ‘authority of law’ may very well mean that someone in the U.S. oligarchy is going to evaluate your handling of your own financial affairs and if, as a “U.S. citizen” [distinctly different than an American Citizen of the united States of America] you are serving the UNITED STATES corporate ‘PUBLIC TRUST’ and ‘PUBLIC INTEREST’ in a manner consistent with its statutory and/or regulatory proscriptions or standard criteria. The underlying presumption and assumption, therefore, is exactly what I have been pointing to in the past weeks in my writings about the conversion of the American people into the status of ‘ward of the state’ and ‘incompetent’ or “IOTA”. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK UP THE WORD.

An incompetent under the ‘law’ must have trustees, guardians, care providers, keepers, surrogate or foster parents if deemed ‘under age’. For every Birth Certificate in the commercial registry of any federal territorial ‘State’ and within any DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATE EXECUTIVE OFFICE, and WITHIN ANY FEDERAL RESERVE BANK WITHIN ANY OF THE TEN FEDERAL RESERVE DISTRICTS, there is an underlying ‘Affidavit’ which is a form of Affidavit of Cause, for the Affiant to have a court of competent authority and jurisdiction declare the subject matter ‘person’ named on the Birth Certificate and who is the subject of the Affidavit declared an IOTA, or in ordinary terms, “IDIOT”. Now, you’ve got to struggle alittle with this, folks, because you’ve got an IOTA as President and Commander in Chief, operating the entire UNITED STATES and all of its CORPORATE “U.S. ‘citizens’” as if they were ‘incompetent to handle their own affairs”, and who must be declared as such in order to WHAT? What happens to people who are deemed declared mentally diminished or incompetent? And, if you have no competent ‘person’ who can or will take ‘charge’ of you, who is going to ‘handle your affairs’ for you?? YOU BETCHA!! THE BURNING BUSH.

Someone needs to run down last year’s STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, and see if it is given. That same someone should contact the WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE AND ASK FOR A COPY OF THEIR NEWS RELEASE AFTER LAST YEAR’S STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS WHEREIN BUSH DECLARED OR ORDERED THE ADDRESS ‘RETRACTED’ AND REMOVED AS A MATTER OF RECORD. This is one of the ways that he and his “staffers” and his V.P. Darth Cheney have avoided further accountability for their misrepresentations of fact before Congress and the people of the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which is most everyone reading this article.

We need to wait and see how the Shrub and his ‘crew’ play this STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, if they are sufficiently still empowered to continue through with even one more deception. This goes to Casper’s closing comment of Jan 24 stated above. I see no change in ‘business as usual’ which would suggest a change in the regime of law, banking law, political regime, and/or reformation of government. I see many more reasons to justify it on a daily basis, but I can not find even a hint of it in the information which unfolds for us on a daily basis. Not in Congress, nor the Courts, or the Executive, and not with the military which is being used for conducting mass genocide in known war zones, as well as working in various covert capacities which are completely hidden to the people and their ‘elected’ representatives. I see Diebold and Haliburton and the new or old owners of the FRBS and its Principals running the numbers, doing the usual things to maintain power and control, raise the ‘debt cap’, infuse new credit into the flatlined System, and getting ready for REAL I.D. and VERICHIP microwave enhanced mind-control and ‘compliance assurance’ devices. No compliance means you don’t eat or sleep. And, if you don’t shape up, they boost the power frequency in the chip and cause it to fracture releasing a toxin or something to cause your premature demise.

Is NESARA and debt relief for ‘citizens’ a condition precedent to Basel II? Has anyone investigated this? Where is it written in Basel II that in order for Basel II to take effect, in the UNITED STATES, or united States of America, NESARA must be pre-announced and made a matter of material fact with full disclosure before the new alleged Treasury Reserve System comes on line, which then provides a ‘safe’ secure and ‘re-instated’ U.S.A. Treasury to be downloaded or in-filled. REMEMBER, the existing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which is projected by the ‘UNITED STATES’ out of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is NOT THE REPUBLIC, nor an express trust of the Founders, the original states, or the People. It is a legal fiction CORPORATION established by Congress and operates primarily out of Peurto Rico for purposes of administrating ‘public debt’ collection via the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. So, do not allow any ‘announcement’ using the word art or name “united states of america’” to simple remain undisclosed or unchallenged or ‘contested’, without a full disclosure of facts and law in support which can lead to no other conclusion that the Republic is what is being talked about and not the same sounding CORPORATION or sub-TRUST which sounds the same. The Illuminati have given every ‘real’ or ‘de jure’ aspect of our lives legal-commercial fiction NAMES. Each de jure republic country state is now under the cover of the FOREIGN TRADE ZONE ACT of 1934, and other acts, which caused a new federal State to arise under federal regime, territorial jurisdiction, and ‘law authority’. Each real man, woman and child is given a legal fiction ‘registration’ name and a certificate of title called a Birth Certificate. My and your birth name is registered in admiralty venue as a legal-commercial fiction ‘U.S. PERSON’. The American Union of organic states itself has now been changed from “united States of America” to “UNITED STATES of America” or ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, to deceive and to mislead.

In closing, I am severely questioning the idea that Basel II Accord necessitates NESARA; or that there is independent but integral linkage between the two which “makes perfect sense” but which may not be true to fact. Just because a thing can be spoken time and again does not make it real. This is an Illuminati Luciferian technique which CHRISTOPHER STORY has pointed out time and again. “Repeat a lie often enough, and its repetition can be made believable, even when it is a bold faced lie or deception”. If NESARA does not happen and Basel II is moving forward like a steam roller without any further disclosure to us under regime of the FRBS and the U.S. Lieber Code in full force and effect, it suggests to me that the Burning Bush has quite methodically worked his juju to achieve an actual state of UNDECLARED martial law and that ‘federal statutory-administrative commercial contract admiralty law’ regime shall remain on the scarred face of the land and its people. And, it further suggests that conditions will continue to degrade into a full blown NAZI FASCIST STATE, which is already predisposed and structured by inter-locking contract/treaty agreements, accords, known and unknown, to operate worldwide for the benefit of those who CLAIM TO BE “Divine Right” Sovereigns on Terran soil AND who claim to have dominion over all the Earth. Sound like Roman Catholic Jesuit dogma anyone?? Just do a Google on Secret Treaty of Verona, Council of Trent, and others.

I do not have enough information about Basel II to comment, nor on the current ownership structure and parties to contract with the FRBS and the U.S.. However, I can see how ‘money of specie’ could be ‘made payable to’ or ‘for the benefit of’ “John Quincy Public” [one’s given ‘birth name”] and end up in a U.S. federally chartered or franchised corporate bank on deposit in the name of “JOHN Q PUBLIC” or even ‘JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”. By your status alone as a signatory to the ‘bank account agreement’, which is a standard US Treasury Form, unless there has been a change in its construction, you are already agreeing before you even make a deposit, that you are a U.S. person, resident, and ‘citizen’ or a ‘resident alien’, and a ‘tax payer’. But apart from the tax issue and ramifications of signaturing such a document and contract, one is as a U.S. person and citizen already agreeing to abide by U.S. law. And, current federal law provides for the immediate or instant procurement of any/all property which is conveyed, deposited, or held on account by or to any U.S. bank or financial institution, because the NAME OF THE ACCOUNT OWNER AND HOLDER IS THE LEGAL FICTION COMMERCIAL NAME THAT IS THE UNITED STATES FRANCHISE CREATED BY THE UNITED STATES AT THE TIME OF YOUR BIRTH REGISTRATION AND APPLICATION FOR or ASSIGNMENT OF [A ‘VOLUNTARILY ELECTED’ AND UNDISPUTED] SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER. Even those people that do not participate in Social Security can be claimed or presumed to be [compelled] U.S. ‘citizens’ or ‘resident aliens’ of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, simply by virtue of your status and standing on any commercial registry of any State, which are all federal ‘instrumentalities’. So, just because Basel II is moving forward does not mean that it cannot fund to any of us as ‘recipient’ ‘acceptors’ or ‘beneficiary’ to an undisclosed express or implied trust. This government will presume that because you are under contract to it by Birth Registration and Social Security etc etc., it is the owner and holder of YOU as titled property, and it gives you the privilege by license of the SSAN to transact business for it’s benefit, because you are deemed a federal employee, officer, or public official, as well as a proxy-agent for the procurement of property. By your signing for acceptance of any funds, and opening a depository account in their commercial NAME, you have just agreed that you have acted in accordance with the undisclosed and disclosed terms and conditions of your employment contract, and you have procured said funds as property for the UNITED STATES LEGAL FICTION GOVERNMENT. And, that may be why the Burning Bush has just created a new Financial Czar to instruct and define your activities in managing funds on account in such a manner as to be consistent with the desired intentions of the regime. Afterall, under current law, the U.S. owns or has first right of claim on them, which may or may not continue if ‘debt forgiveness’ to Basel II member nations is a hard fact in reality. That would make sense. Basel II provides for a debt forgiveness scheme and the new banking system backed by substance ‘on the books’. But, what of the people of those countries? If there is no longer any Public Debt, and We the People are not told as much, there is deception at work for another purpose. If there is not a corresponding return to Constitutional law by virtue of the federal government no longer being subject to lien/levy by virtue of ‘settlement’, there is deception and FRAUD at work for another purpose. If there is funding to recipients and nothing has apparently changed, there is definitely no intent that you or I shall enjoy the ‘intrinsic’ benefit of the ‘specie’ money being packed into this jurisdiction within Basel II and within the WTO, GATT, NAFTA, and the imminent announcement of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

If NESARA is not online and effective come Feb 1, and the STATE OF THE UNION has come and gone, and Basel II moves forward even incrementally, we are still in doodoo, folks,and it is getting deeper daily. I can see how the Burning Bush and Clintonians can conceive to orchestrate U.S. ‘compliance’ with Basel II without wanting or allowing the People to COME OUT FROM UNDER THE BURDEN OF THE CONTRIVED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS PERPETRATED UPON THEM FOR MULTIPLE GENERATIONS, because those in POWER, intend on remaining in POWER OVER THE PEOPLE AND THEIR LANDS AT ANY COST. Every aspect of the current regime continues to act completely consistent with FASCISM. The Senate just rejected a proposed bill to give the FISA Court more authority to scrutinize surveillance operations of the UNITED STATES on U.S. persons ‘within the UNITED STATES’, which really means within the DISTRTICT OF COLUMBIA AND THE FEDERAL TERRITORIAL ‘STATES’. The Supreme Court just denied We The People Foudation its Petition for Writ of Redress. The Supreme Court refused to hear the recent case for relief wherein certified Congressional Archive records clearly show that Title 18 “U.S. Criminal Code” was never passed into law by strict Constitutional proceedings in the House and Senate. It is a Star Chamber ‘private law’ ‘code’, and it is used to extort ‘value’ or ‘substance’ in the form of monetary ‘judgment orders’ of the federal courts on a daily basis. It is a form of ‘economic activity’ and it is or should be part of the GNP of the published statistics of the U.S., because it is all ‘monetary’ production expressed in ‘real’ terms in FRN’s.

Everything we can see and hear tells me that the Burning Bush is operating a steam roller and a crane with a monster wrecking ball on it. And, it is being used without restraint against us daily. Pray for NESARA, expect the best, and be willing to forgive and accept if it does not arrive. I smell a skunk in the wood pile.


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sopsback said...





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near the end said...

Hey ND I got ya again. You just can't help yourself you really are short in the Brains dept!!!LOL.

neodemes said...


The motion for acquittal and motion for grand jury documents are DENIED.
Dated: January 24, 2008.


Rave on, moogie. It matters not. I scroll on past all your drivel, too.

Do let me know if you ever get something right, though. I'd hate to miss that.

sopsback said...




OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!



President's Council on Financial Propaganda! PHB)

Thu Jan 24, 2008 11:38PM

The amount of insanity coming out of the United States government has reached a new level today. George W. Bush has issued a new executive order establishing a group called the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. The insanity of this executive order is unparalleled. The so called purpose of this Council is to keep this nation economically competitive and encourage the financial literacy of the American people. The government working in conjunction with the Federal Reserve has done everything in their power since the implementation of the Federal Reserve to ensure that the American people know nothing about how our monetary system really works. It is interesting that in light of major financial problems and an increased awareness of the Federal Reserve amongst the American people that we see the formation of such a Council. This group is not going to educate the American people about how the financial system actually works. If they did, they would be forced to admit that the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air that has no value. The establishment is not going to do that. Instead, this group will be used to spread propaganda about the economy, mislead the American people as to what is really creating all of the financial problems and provide phony solutions to these problems. This group may even go as far as saying that we need to replace the U.S. Dollar with a regional currency. The bottom line is that the government has continuously lied about everything, so why should we listen to what this newly formed Council is going to tell us? Not only that, but the government and the Federal Reserve are the ones that really need an educational lesson on monetary policy because they are the ones who have been destroying the economy through this fiat currency. Endless foreign wars and expanding the money supply was what destroyed Rome, and they are doing the exact same thing which if continued will result in our doom.

The financial ups and downs that we see is a direct result of the fractional reserve banking system which uses a monetary unit that has no tangible backing by gold, silver or any other hard asset. During the 19th century, the United States saw great economic expansion because we had a stable monetary system. Gold and silver was primarily used as money during this time. This encouraged savings because the money stored value. Inflation was non-existent throughout the 19th century with the exception of the Civil War when Lincoln issued Greenbacks to fund the war. After the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the bankers sought to destroy the link between the monetary system and gold. They were able to do that after engineering the Great Depression by intentionally putting a squeeze on the money supply. This is why there was a massive deflation during this time period. They used the economic problems that they created in order to justify a seizure of the gold using the excuse that it would help solidify the economy. The gold was melted down and taken to Fort Knox, KY. Ownership of gold in any substantive quantity was made illegal domestically. This ended the gold standard from a domestic standpoint. Internationally, gold was still accepted for the U.S. Dollar until 1971 when Richard Nixon shut the window on gold redemption and ended the post World War II Bretton Woods agreement which had made the U.S. Dollar the world’s reserve currency. The Federal Reserve had printed too much money and there wasn’t enough gold to be exchanged for the amount of Dollars they created. Since that point in time, the Federal Reserve has literally printed the money out of thin air, created all of the economic booms and busts through the manipulation of interest rates and the money supply. They have devalued the U.S. Dollar by over 95% since 1913 which slowly robbed wealth from the American people through their creation of additional Dollars otherwise known as inflation. It is a simple supply and demand issue, and right now the Federal Reserve has created too many Dollars which is causing massive inflation and currency devaluation. The mortgage meltdown and the fiasco in the global stock markets the past couple of days are a symptom of the irresponsible and downright criminal monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.

Of course, this new group that Bush is setting up will not teach anybody about the true history of money or the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve. Instead, this group will be used to spread propaganda to the American people about the financial markets and provide phony solutions to problems that the establishment intentionally created through their manipulation of the money supply.

Let’s analyze the various sections of the executive order. Below is the stated mission of this new Council straight from the executive order.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and to promote and enhance financial literacy among the American people, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. To help keep America competitive and assist the American people in understanding and addressing financial matters, it is the policy of the Federal Government to encourage financial literacy among the American people.

Of course, it has never been the policy of the government or the Federal Reserve to educate the American people as to the true nature of our financial system. This mission statement is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy will be a group under the Department of Treasury as stated in section 2.

Section 3 of the executive order details the membership of the Council. There will be 19 members on the Council appointed among individuals not employed by the government. The Council will be directed by the Treasury Secretary and funded by the Department of Treasury.

Section 4 of the executive order establishes the exact functions of the Council which includes obtaining information and advice concerning financial literacy, improving financial education for children and adults, promote effective access to financial services, especially for those without access to such services, conduct research on the financial knowledge of people and provide reports to the President through the Secretary of the Treasury on these matters. So basically speaking they are going to adopt a strategy to spread propaganda to the American people that will effectively mislead them into making decisions with their money. Since when has the government sought to have an informed and smart population? The Department of Education has done everything in their power to dumb down the American people through standardized tests and other failed strategies. Not only that, but there have been so many lies from the U.S. government and the establishment media, so why should we trust any information coming from this Council? Even more ridiculous is that the Council is going to try to promote access to financial services and in particular access to financial services to those without access to such services. One of the biggest groups of people that this pertains to is of course the expanding population of illegal aliens in the United States. So this Council will likely be spreading propaganda talking about how we need to provide financial services to illegal aliens. This is insane.

In section 6 of the executive order it states that the Council will last for two years. It is interesting that many gold bugs and economists have been predicting a financial meltdown and believe that the economy could crash within the next few years. Maybe that's just a coincidence but it is certainly an interesting one. Perhaps, this group will be in charge of promoting a new regional currency to replace the Dollar which is on the brink of a collapse thanks to the Federal Reserve’s policy of destroying its value.

The bottom line is this Council is going to serve as a means to spread propaganda to the American people on the financial system. They are even going to target children with the propaganda. The establishment needs to counter critically important information being put out about how horrible the central banking system is. Ron Paul has done a tremendous job interjecting these truths about the financial system into the GOP presidential debates and this has undoubtedly scared the establishment. There is little doubt that the people on the Council will be establishment insiders and they will not serve the American people’s best interest. People are scared because the housing market is in the toilet, the currency is being devalued, wages are not rising with the price of goods and services, precious metals are at record nominal levels and we’ve seen oil approach $100 a barrel in recent months. This Council is going to try to set aside people's fears through education and because of this, it should be called the President’s Council on Financial Propaganda instead of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. Do not listen to what this Council says or tries to promote. Buy gold and silver and protect yourself from what the Federal Reserve and our government are doing to our economy. Foreign wars and the policy of devaluing our currency are destroying our economy and it is all being done by design by these criminals.

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia's Supreme Court on Thursday voted unanimously to reconsider its reversal of a judgment against a company after the release of photographs showing the chief justice on vacation with the head of the company.

The 5-0 decision erases November's ruling that had overturned a $76.3 million verdict won by Harman Mining Co. and its president, Hugh Caperton, in a contract dispute with Massey Energy Co.

Chief Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard did not take part in Thursday's decision. He recused himself after the release of the photographs showing him with Don Blankenship, Massey's chairman, president and chief executive officer.

Hampshire County Circuit Judge Donald Cookman replaced Maynard for the rehearing petition.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case March 12, and will allow written pleadings from each side, court spokeswoman Jennifer Bundy said.

In a statement, Massey said it respects "the Court's decision to take another look at this case."

"We remain confident, however, that the Court will ultimately uphold its prior decision," the statement said.

Lawyers for Caperton and Harman said "the grant of rehearing should not come as a surprise given recent events."

sopsback said...

Chief Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard did not take part in Thursday's decision. He recused himself after the release of the photographs showing him with Don Blankenship, Massey's chairman, president and chief executive officer.




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by the way, for those who want a career in the domestic intel field with the +SS+

you can now get a college degree in homeless security,yes....

Homeland Security

Students in the Bacehlor of Science in Homeland Security program will be well prepared for a career in homeland security through a rich integration of state-of-the-art coursework, guest lectures, field trips, and experiential learning. In addition, the program provides students with practical skills as well as research and volunteer opportunities in homeland security.

embry-riddle u in fla

sopsback said...

prepared for a career in homeland security


since when become a cottage industy??

guess spying on JOHN Q. CITIZEN© wont be ending anytime soon.

sopsback said...

NOW, jug beene, mak sho yo give these guys a honest trail just like yo gave the dg

after all, they run a scam right? now i be watching over yo sholder to mak sho that yo dun try to railroad these guys, right? i meen, yo an honest judg, so i reely dun need to foolow this trail too much, i no.


Friday, Jan. 25, 2008

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City Comptroller William Thompson on Friday expanded a class-action law suit filed against Countrywide Financial Corp (CFC.N: Quote, Profile, Research), naming additional company officers and directors, 26 underwriters and two accounting firms.

Thompson, in a statement, said executives of Countrywide Financial, one the biggest U.S. mortgage lenders, "cashed out to the tune of almost $700 million" while borrowers lost homes and the value of investors' shares fell sharply.

"We will pursue every avenue to ensure that those who defrauded investors are held accountable for their actions," said Thompson, who helps run the city's pensions.

(Reporting by Joan Gralla; Editing by Leslie Adler)

sopsback said...

"cashed out to the tune of almost $700 million"

rember now, even tho run a scram, make sho yo let them see the tranclips from the grim jury too.

but, i no yo honis, so i wone woory bout it too much.

$700 millon? geeeezz.....

that even beeter tahn belly brawls HYIPs!

sopsback said...

27 Jan 2008


jugs, why yo holdin' up my HYIP???

rember the patrick johnson HYIP with the ticking millisecond clock show yo ho much yo money growin??

i put in $27 in 2002, and now i cackulate with my cackulator that it worth about $127,000,000.00


notorial dissent said...

Kurt, just out of curiosity, how does it feel to know that all the money that you stole and then wired out of the country where you thought it would be safe from the law is gone for good, and that you will never ever get your hands on a dime of it, that is of course assuming you ever get out of jail in the first place? The minute your extra special good buddy Dougy got his hands on it, it went right into his pocket and he has already spent it on his own pursuits. I find it funny/ironic that the super intelligent/hack con artist got conned by the real, professional con artist, who sold him a bill of goods twice. Yep, Kurt, you’re a real wonder, a genius of the first water, you can’t even cheat someone and do it right. Yep Kurt, you are a true wonder to behold.

sopsback said...

Scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., have obtained the first images of asteroid 2007 TU24 using high-resolution radar data.

The data indicates the asteroid is somewhat asymmetrical in shape, with a diameter roughly 250 meters (800 feet) in size. Asteroid 2007 TU24 will pass within 1.4 lunar distances, or 538,000 kilometers (333,000 miles), of Earth on Jan. 29 at 12:33 a.m. Pacific time (3:33 a.m. Eastern time).

"With these first radar observations finished, we can guarantee that next week's 1.4-lunar-distance approach is the closest until at least the end of the next century," said Steve Ostro, JPL astronomer and principal investigator for the project. "It is also the asteroid's closest Earth approach for more than 2,000 years."


Scientists at NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL have determined that there is no possibility of an impact with Earth in the foreseeable future.

Asteroid 2007 TU24 was discovered by the NASA- sponsored Catalina Sky Survey on Oct. 11, 2007. The first radar detection of the asteroid was acquired on Jan. 23 using the Goldstone 70-meter (230-foot) antenna. Ostro and his team plan further radar observations of asteroid 2007 TU24 using the National Science Foundation's Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico on Jan. 27-28 and Feb. 1-4.

The asteroid will reach an approximate magnitude 10.3 on Jan. 29-30 before quickly becoming fainter as it moves farther from Earth. On that night, the asteroid will be observable in dark and clear skies through amateur telescopes with apertures of at least 7.6 centimeters (three inches). An object with a magnitude of 10.3 is about 50 times fainter than an object just visible to the naked eye in a clear, dark sky.

Scientists working with Ostro on the project include Lance Benner and Jon Giorgini of JPL, Mike Nolan of the Arecibo Observatory, and Greg Black of the University of Virginia.

More than 80 percent of all asteroids and comets are detected and tracked by amateur astronomers world wide. However, NASA does have a program which helps detect and track asteroids and comets passing close to Earth. The Near Earth Object Observation Program, commonly called "Spaceguard," discovers, characterizes and computes trajectories for these objects to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet.

The Arecibo Observatory is part of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, a national research center operated by Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., for the National Science Foundation. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology.


Asteroid 2007 TU24 will pass within 1.4 lunar distances, or 538,000 kilometers (333,000 miles), of Earth on Jan. 29 at 12:33 a.m. Pacific time (3:33 a.m. Eastern time).




PASSING 333,000 MILES @ 3:33 AM


sopsback said...



9+2=11 OF COURSE!

near the end said...

Nothing you say ND has any fact.

You must be friends with Doug cause only a true friend would know he kept the money forhimself.

How's old Doug doing there sport?

mogel007 said...

Notarial Dissent said: "The minute your extra special good buddy Dougy got his hands on it, it went right into his pocket and he has already spent it on his own pursuits."

Where's your first hand knowledge of this coming from?

notorial dissent said...

Moogs, I would suggest you do a little research on Kurt's good buddy, he has a long and checkered history of financial fraud starting in Australia into Hong Kong, with various swings through the US, all of them have been shut down, with a great deal of money lost to countless individuals. While claiming to be an Australian citizen, our boy Dougy can't go home without getting himself arrested the minute he steps foot on Australian soil, since there are still a number of active securities fraud warrants outstanding. So far, he has managed to avoid breaking any major laws in Europe, and since Switzerland and Latvia do not have extradition treaties with anyone he is safe to hide out there for the time being.

The one big difference between Dougy and Kurt, is that when he swindles someone, he gets away with the money and doesn't end up in jail. Kurt hasn't mastered that part yet, and likely never will.

Like I said, Kurt wired the money to Dougy, Dougy put in his pocket, and it is long gone. maybe Kurt can get it back with one of his sure fire Administrative Procedure documents. They'll have at least as much legal standing in a Latvian court as they do here.