Friday, July 17, 2009

Deliverance Preparation (5-6-09)

Deliverance first comes as a prophetic promise. Once the trial arrives which brings the circumstances of doubt and faith the equipping occurs. No man is ever truly prepared for the victorious deliverance's which are in Christ. This has to be so in order to drive us into the bosom of our beloved. In maturity this insecure place no longer breeds fear but rather joyous trust and hope. Dorean holds this spectacular promise of deliverance from its inception. Sure circumstance can entice you to doubt and delays cause you to question but faith will see what God is doing. Mortgage fraud was required to create Dorean but there were many other frauds that appeared to challenge Dorean. Don’t think for a minute God would create a fraud magnet like Dorean without purpose. He has every intention to catch the tiger but his tail. The fraudsters who were in bed with the banksters caught God’s eye and now He’s caught them in His trap. As a man I don’t feel qualified to cinch this net but I can see God’s hand working. It is hard for me to explain to you how I am in constant temptation to quit but at the same time that which tries to crush me opens a new opportunity for deliverance.

At this very moment I’m faced with a fraud to prosecute at personal expense. Every reasonable argument says to let it pass but where the flesh is weak the spirit is willing. Only out of this strength have I been given opportunity to expose and shame many seats of power corrupted through fraud. My habeas is an open door to expose the judicial, executive, and legislator’s fraud in the criminal system. If I would have bowed to their extorting pressure this opportunity would never have materialized. Lawyers should do this work but they are inherently conflicted just like defendants who lookout for themselves.

In the book of Jasher more detail is given about the Joseph story. The dreams prophetically proclaimed the promise. Then the trial cam that brought the opportunity for the promise to arrive. The pharoah’s dreams came and God provided the interpretation. All this led to Joseph’s promotion to deliverance. One thing lacked, there were 70 steps of the throne, one for each known language. Joseph had to speak each language to walk that step. The angel of the Lord taught him what he lacked to capitalize on the opportunity the promise created. I will be taught what I need to capitalize on the deliverance opportunity created by the promise.


posthigh said...

All the universes know that “the Lord God omnipotent reigns.” The affairs of this world and other worlds are divinely
supervised. “He does according to his will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth.” It is eternally true, “there is no power but of God.”
Within the bounds of that which is consistent with the divine nature, it is literally true that “with God all things are possible.”
The long-drawn-out evolutionary processes of peoples, planets, and universes are under the perfect control of the universe creators
and administrators and unfold in accordance with the eternal purpose of the Universal Father, proceeding in harmony and order and
in keeping with the all-wise plan of God. There is only one lawgiver. He upholds the worlds in space and swings the universes
around the endless circle of the eternal circuit.
Of all the divine attributes, his omnipotence, especially as it prevails in the material universe, is the best understood. Viewed as
an unspiritual phenomenon, God is energy. This declaration of physical fact is predicated on the incomprehensible truth that the
First Source and Center is the primal cause of the universal physical phenomena of all space. From this divine activity all physical energy and other material manifestations are derived. Light, that is, light without heat, is another of the nonspiritual manifestations of the Deities. And there is still another form of nonspiritual energy which is virtually unknown on Urantia; it is as yet unrecognized.
God controls all power; he has made “a way for the lightning”; he has ordained the circuits of all energy. He has decreed the time
and manner of the manifestation of all forms of energy-matter. And all these things are held forever in his everlasting grasp—in the
gravitational control centering on nether Paradise. The light and energy of the eternal God thus swing on forever around his majestic circuit, the endless but orderly procession of the starry hosts composing the universe of universes. All creation circles eternally around the Paradise-Personality center of all things and beings.

BigO said...

Good word, my brother !!!!

judge allslop said...

The main characteristic of a sociopathic corporate culture is a total disregard for the rights of others. Sociopaths are also unable to conform to what society defines as a normal personality. Antisocial tendencies are a big part of the sociopath’s personality. Sociopaths feels most comfortable when the circumstances surrounding them and their associates share the same attitudes. They are distrustful and disdain those who do not agree with their reality and will turn on each other at the slightest provocation.

We Don’t Care. We Don’t Have To Care. We’re Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs has openly, blatantly gone back to business as usual, knowing they will be bailed out by taxpayers if their high rolling gambles don’t work, and they don’t care who knows about it.
The reason they can be so breathtakingly arrogant, so stunningly cavalier about not giving a damn about things that any other company’s PR and government relations department would advise them against, is that they know they have the power to do anything they want to do. The Obama White House needs to take Goldman Sachs to the woodshed rhetorically, and they should have the Justice Department investigating them for anti-trust violations and all manner of stock manipulation. It is time to start squeezing the management at Goldman, and making them nervous about being broken up into pieces that are not too big to fail. Here’s (with brief intro) Matt Taibbi, Rob Johnson, and myself taking about Goldman Sachs on what is rapidly becoming my favorite media program for discussing economic issues, GRITtv:

mogel007 said...


1.Social Security Numbers can only be issued to federal "employees" for use only in the performance of their official duties. See 20 CFR §422.104.
2.The Social Security Number is the property of the government and not you. Therefore, it can't be "yours" unless you are a public officer on official business. See 20 CFR §422.103(d).
3.The SSN is issued to the federal "public officer" and not to the man, and then only while he is an agent of the federal government.
4.Anyone who uses a Social Security Number who is NOT a federal employee acting on official commercial, government business is guilty of impersonating a federal "employee", which is a crime. See 18 U.S.C. §912.
5.You can only use it in connection with a "public purpose", and not a private purpose. It is illegal and a crime to use or abuse the SSN for a private or personal use. This is called embezzlement or conversion, and it is a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C. §641 and 18 U.S.C. §654.
6.Everything connected to the SSN becomes "public property" because the SSN can only be used in connection with a "public office" or federal employment.
7.The private man was never issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee". Therefore, he can honestly answer "NO" in response to the question of whether he was ever issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee" or agent.
taken from

USC Title 15 Chapter 1 Section 17 clearly states: "The labor of a
human being is not a commodity or article of commerce."

mogel007 said...

If one uses a social security number to apply for a bank loan, is this then an illegal activity because a loan is something of a PRIVATE BUSINESS TRANSACTION and not one of a public or governmental activity or transaction?

If the activity is illegal from the onset of the 1003 application, than wouldn't the mortgage loan transaction be void, so how is an obligation created or a valid lien enforced if the activity by nature is illegal by law?

A contract is not valid and shouldn't be legally recognized by the courts, if the activity is of an illegal nature.

If lenders believe we are public employees by accepting our social security number on the loan application, an acceptance or proof of doing a public or governmental activity? If true, isn't the US government guilty of conspiracy of all the mortgage fraud that has taken place by allowance of all of this illegal activity by the goverenment's support? If that is true, shouldn't the Dorean settlement be made through the government that supports the procedural fraud of all the lenders and even justifies the bank's activity through their court decisions of upholding all of this fraud, despite the real law?

mogel007 said...

Dr. Fred said: "A few months ago Scott with the aid of an associate filed a great deal of paperwork that I did not understand but got filed and Wednesday TWO WEEKS AGO, the associate GOT THROWN OUT OF JAIL with an attempt to ERASE that he has ever been there."

Obviously with all of the publicity of the Dorean Group, it would be impossible to erase the truth that Kurt & Scott have gone to federal prison when they are released. Would one be correct in saying this will happen within 3-15 months based upon Kurt's statement of "so saith the Lord"?

It seems that paperwork decreed by Judge is the authority that makes a person go to prison, so maybe it isn't unreasonable that paperwork is the key to getting someone out.

There has been much debate on the PROPER PROCEDURE in making this happen and using paperwork to get your "get out of jail free card" once you attend this place.

I wonder if the Freedom Club is right on their one assertion that everyone else is doing things wrong on the process of "capturing your Strawman" and making that entity your own property so to speak. Their belief is that when you file the paperwork to become sovereign, you must not file the original copies with the State, but you must KEEP THE ORIGINALS TO YOURSELF AS PROOF OF BEING A TRUE SOVEREIGN.

This assertion makes sense, otherwise, why would the County Tax Office be so concerned about receiving and you RELINQUISHING the original MSO (Manufactured Statement of Origion), also known as the Factory Title, when you register your vehicle? They want the ORIGINAL COPY. Why do they want the original copy? They want it so they can destroy it & destroy all proof that you are the owner of the car with a clear title, free & clear. Instead they want to subordinate your real interest in the vehicle by giving you an inferior title after they destroy the real ORIGINAL AND SOVEREIGN TITLE so they can tax you forever on your vehicle. By giving up your sovereign title you agree to the taxation. Does it make you mad that they demand that you offer up proof that you owned the vehicle free & clear and they only DESTROY IT?

I wonder what Kurt & Scott have agreed to unknowingly because maybe they don't have original copies of SOMETHING THEY NEED and maybe this is still keeping them in prison? Could this be why some are successful in getting out of prison, and some people aren't successful?

Anyway, this was just a thought that came to me the other day and I don't know if there is any significant relevance to that thought or not.

mogel007 said...

Even the Courts have disallowed foreclosures in some States because the banks foreclosing on homes have not produced ORIGINAL COPIES OF THE NOTE, and other original documentation as proof of their authority to foreclose.

If you don't have authority as a Plaintiff, you certainly can't show any claim and the court doesn't even have jurisdiction to hear the matter.

When your paperwork is not in order, you are not given the power you need to win or the rights you claim as a Plaintiff. Otherwise you believe in an unfair trial.

Even the so called lenders that were called the victims in the criminal trial never produced the proper paperwork to assert and proof up their claims, yet Judge Alsup assumed they were victims without any legal standards already established by the Courts.

Some of the so called victims named in the indictments were only "servicers of the mortgage", OR WEREN'T EVEN CHARTED FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, so in essence many of these alleged mail fraud counts alleged by the prosecution, were never proven by the necessary paperwork to prove their jurisdiction in the court to even be considered a victim.

mogel007 said...

Kurt asks a pertinent question: "Is a financial institution qualified under 18 U.S.C. 20 when operating under a servicing contract, agency, or nominee for a holder of interest not their own, which would preclude them from having standing in a civil suit, still be qualified under 18 U.S.C. 20 as a DEFINED FINANCIAL INSTITUTION?

Recent court decisions have answered this question when 3rd party defendants sue in behalf of the holder in due course of the note, & the courts have said, these 3rd party plaintiffs don't have the authority to sue or foreclose and don't even have the authority even to bring a claim, yet Mr. Alsup didn't care about evidence or the lack of it in his court, nor did Mr. Alsup demand that the prosecution prove anything. This should be an achillees heel that just won't go away along with the many evidences of prejudice towards the Defendants exerted by Judge Alsup.

Since this is true, many of the mail fraud convictions need to be thrown out, and the Dorean Group have been given additional prison time due to this major flaw.

How much evidence of wrong doing is necessary in order to throw out all of the convictions and make the Dorean Group go free?

How often do we hear about cases where there was even one fatal flaw and the whole case is thrown out to protect individual rights?

In the Stirone case 361 US 212 (1960) a simple overlooking of the DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS between steel and sand was enough prejudice to the defendant and to fundamentally undermine the fairness of the proceedings.

How many real issues or definitions of relevant matters in the Dorean Group trial were never properly defined or proven by the prosecution? Was it proven that lenders risk their own assets, and hence could be a victim & hence mail fraud could even take place? Can you have a conspiracy charge without a real victim? Were all victims alleged by the prosecution proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be real victims? If that was true, why was all BANK FRAUD CHARGES DROPPED? Did the prosecution prove that promissory notes can't be considered as money or a value of exchange? The whole assertion of the presentment was that there was no debt owed because the lender monetized the borrowers asset, the promissory note, so there was no real loan given & hence the claim and security interest of the lender was void.

Kurt said: "The definition of financial institution being surreptitiously absent not only mislead appellants to their prejudice but untethered the prosecution from all the necessary elements. This was tantamount to a license to promulgate any variation or theory or no theory at all. With this license the prosecution was free to roam at the advantage of each vacissitude of trial. Further the district court's legal limitations was a sanction that only embolden the prosecution. With this freedom opening statements use financial institutions and closing arguments use lenders like it's an acceptable exchange.

What is the difference between sand and steel anyway? Except for the elements."

Did the prosecution produce all of the necessary elements to PROVE MAIL FRAUD & CONSPIRACY or was this a fair trial?

Obviously the convictions were based upon no real standards or no real definitions of the issues and no proof was tendered by the prosecution of any wrong doing.

judge allslop said...

Some of the Dorean woes wouldn't be attributable to a "plea deal" by some one named Farrel would it?

mogel007 said...

I think Farrel's plea deal only hurt himself or his own reputation. He would probably disagree with that statement though. He escaped doing jail time unlike the other indicted Brokers, through his cooperation I believe, not that he deserved to be in that awkward position of self interest though. He committed no crime either in my opinion although the facts say he pled guilty to a conspiracy count.

Farrel would say that he was guilty of conspiracy because the clients didn't get what they paid for in his mind, so he felt he had no choice but to make a plea arrangement deal in order to minimize his potential woes at sentencing without a plea deal.

Farrel didn't and still doesn't understand that the clients were never the "victims" of the mail fraud statute & can never be, even though the prosecution led the petite jury to believe that nonsense too.

Farrel had nothing to offer as far as information or anything that was damning to the Principals of the Dorean Group or causing them to be guilty of anything in my opinion. His cooperation produced nothing of relevance to convict the Dorean Group in my opinion. He had no "smoking gun" so to speak as one observor wrote.

Farrel always believed he was one of the "successful Brokers" & that's why he got entangled with all the court mess.

I think Kurt's own words already have said that the Brokers testimonies or submissions of guilty pleas, were irrelevant to the Dorean position & upper hand Kurt has always possessed & Kurt ultimately didn't care what the indicted Brokers said or did, other than he hoped that they would all do the right thing & stand for the truth & stand against the bullies..

I think the indicted Brokers were harassed & brainwashed & made scared to cop pleas. It's unfortunately how the court system works.

Without courage, you end up making poor decisions.