Sunday, July 26, 2009

It’s Been Said Before (5-24-09)

Many of you have failed to understand the potency of my words or their value to you. My co-defendants whom I love have not received the comfort and solace my words were intent to give them. It is an easy thing to perceive the bully will prevail. No one would have wagered on the colonies with Britian’s reputation. Yet what God ordained transpired. Many of you have disregarded my words as mere rhetoric as though they were original. I have two quotes from other sources that to me share the same import. Perhaps these men my be deemed men of regard you will listen to.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon on Psalms 20:5 “”we will rejoice in thy salvation” In Jesus there is salvation; it is His own, and hence it is called they salvation; but it is ours to receive and ours to rejoice in. We should fixedly resolve that come what may, we will rejoice in the saving arm of the Lord Jesus. The people in this psalm, before their king went to battle, felt sure of victory, and therefore began to rejoice before hand; how much more ought we do this who have seen the victory completely won! Unbelief begins weeping for the funeral before the man is dead; why should not faith commence piping before the dance of victory begins? Buds are beautiful, and promises not yet fulfilled are worthy to be admired. If joy were more general among the Lord’s people, God would be more glorified among men; the happiness of the subjects is the honor of the sovereign. “And in the name of our God we will set up our banners.” We lift the standard of defiance in the face of the foe, and wave the flag of victory over the fallen adversary. Some proclaim war in the name of one king and some of another but the faithful go to war in Jesus’ name, the name of the incarnate God, Immanuel, God with us. The times are evil at present, but so long as Jesus lives and reigns in His church we need not furl our banners in fear but advance them with sacred courage.”

Nicholas Bownd (1604) on Psalms 20:2 “”Send thee help from thee sanctuary.” Here we see the nature of true faith, that it causeth us to see help in heaven, and so to pray for it when there is none to be seen in the Earth. And this is the difference between faith and unbelief; that the very unbelievers can by reason conceive of help, so long as they have any means to help them; but if they fail they can see none at all; so they are like unto those that are purblind, who can see nothing but near at hand. But faith seeth afar off, even into heaven, so that it is “the evidence of things that are not seen;” for it looketh unto the power of God, who hath all means in His hands, or can work without them, who made all out of nothing, and “calleth the things that be not, as though they were.” So that as the holy martyr Stehpen, when his enemies were ready to burst for anger and gnash at him with their teeth, looked steadfastly into heaven, and saw Christ standing at the right hand of God ready to defend him; so faith in the promises of the word doth see help in heaven ready for us, when there are no means in earth.

I believe what these men believed. The faith they understood is the faith of my understanding and practice.

Brassbird: Thanks for your kind support. I thank the Lord you are not religious. What you call guts and recognize is my faith. It is not a religious act just an honest one. The piping of my faith is a must because I already see the victory most are blind to.


mogel007 said...

Psalms 11: 1

"A false balance is abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight."

mogel007 said...

Supreme Court of Hawaii, Pacific Concrete Federal Credit Union, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Andrew J.S. Kauance, Defendant Appellant No. 6362 July 17, 1980 tells us that the bank MUST GIVE us the bookkeeping entries with an affidavit OR THE BANK'S EVIDENCE IS HERESAY EVIDENCE. The Dorean presentment demanded these bookkeeping entries on behalf of all the clients, but the lenders ignored this demand.

Kurt & Scott were convicted on heresay evidence. The alleged lenders were not the victims of mail fraud, because indeed the alleged lenders can't be victims, because no loan was given and the lenders presented no evidence they were victims or had standing in the court.

One cannot enter heresay evidence into the court & heresay evidence is not suppose to be accepted by the Judge, nor is this heresay evidence suppose to be given to the Jury in bias jury instructions for the peitite jury's consideration. The criminal trial was obviously tainted based upon this Supreme Court case.

near the end said...

near the end!!!!!

mogel007 said...

God's banking system is explained in Deuteronomy 15:1-14. You are not to remain in debt or lose your inheritance through foreclosure. You are to be the lender, not the borrower.

posthigh said...

About Faith:

Much of the confusion of all orders of beings, high and low, in their efforts to discover the Father-Infinite, is inherent in their limitations of comprehension. The absolute primacy of the Universal Father is not apparent on subinfinite levels; therefore is it probable that only the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit truly know the Father as an infinity; to all other personalities such a concept
represents the exercise of faith.

The spiritual luminosity of the Father’s personal presence is a “light which no mortal man can approach; which no material creature has seen or can see.” But it is not necessary to see God with the eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the faith-vision of the spiritualized mind.

Only the faithgrasp of the God-knowing mortal can achieve the philosophic miracle of the recognition of the Infinite by the finite, the discernment of the eternal God by the evolving mortals of the material worlds of time and space.

Even though material mortals cannot see the person of God, they should rejoice in the assurance that he is a person; by faith
accept the truth which portrays that the Universal Father so loved the world as to provide for the eternal spiritual progression of its lowly inhabitants; that he “delights in his children.” God is lacking in none of those superhuman and divine attributes which constitute a perfect, eternal, loving, and infinite Creator personality.

If the faith of the creature were perfect, he would assuredly know that when he had seen a Creator Son he had seen the Universal Father; in seeking for the Father, he would not ask nor expect to see other than the Son. Mortal man simply cannot see God until he achieves completed spirit transformation and actually attains Paradise.

I find it easy and pleasant to worship one who is so great and at the same time so affectionately devoted to the uplifting ministry
of his lowly creatures. I naturally love one who is so powerful in creation and in the control thereof, and yet who is so perfect in goodness and so faithful in the loving-kindness which constantly overshadows us. I think I would love God just as much if he were not so great and powerful, as long as he is so good and merciful. We all love the Father more because of his nature than in recognition of his amazing attributes.

In the physical universe we may see the divine beauty, in the intellectual world we may discern eternal truth, but the goodness of
God is found only in the spiritual world of personal religious experience. In its true essence, religion is a faith-trust in the goodness of God. God could be great and absolute, somehow even intelligent and personal, in philosophy, but in religion God must also be moral; he must be good. Man might fear a great God, but he trusts and loves only a good God. This goodness of God is a part of the personality of God, and its full revelation appears only in the personal religious experience of the believing sons of God.

Religion implies that the superworld of spirit nature is cognizant of, and responsive to, the fundamental needs of the human
world. Evolutionary religion may become ethical, but only revealed religion becomes truly and spiritually moral. The olden concept that God is a Deity dominated by kingly morality was upstepped by Jesus to that affectionately touching level of intimate family morality of the parent-child relationship, than which there is none more tender and beautiful in mortal experience.

Is faith—the supreme assertion of human thought—desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.

Yetter said...

Yes it has truly been said before. All is well in intervention land but even at that, no amount of chart tomfoolery is going to undo the growing global movement away from the US Dollar. Our cursed monetary authorities’ shortsightedness has destroyed our children’s monetary future and dashed our nation’s greatness upon the rocks of favoritism and elitism. We are all going to end up paying for this but this is exactly what Jefferson and Jackson and others warned about when they waged war against National or Central Banks usurping control over a nation’s currency.Things are improving? You have to be kidding.What OTC derivatives and legal actions do not do to the financial industry, lousy business will. The exception to this is those financial institutions getting huge amounts of rescue funds from the government at low rates, ensuring enormous profit and marking up of worth-less OTC derivatives on the books of their trading units as a still standing gift of disgusting financial fabrication from the presently disgraced FASB.

BofA could eventually cut 10 pct of branches

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Bank of America Corp. could eventually shrink its 6,100-branch network by about 10 percent as consumers utilize other methods of banking, a company spokesman said Tuesday.Bank of America spokesman James Mahoney made the comments when asked about a published report that CEO Ken Lewis and another bank executive described such a plan to investors at a meeting last week in Charlotte, N.C., where the bank is based.The move would be a pullback from the bank’s two-decade expansion, most recently under Lewis’ command, which expanded the bank from coast to coast."What took place was a discussion about the long-term direction of the company," Mahoney said. "Over the longer-term, as customer demands evolve, we see a fewer number of branches that provide more services."The bank does not have a specific number of branches that will ultimately compose its franchise, Mahoney said, adding there’s no immediate plan to close 10 percent of the bank’s branches.

judge allslop said...

Meet your future goverment.

U.S. Budget Is Scrutinized by a Big Creditor
July 29, 2009
No sooner had President Obama greeted nearly 200 of the bankers, bureaucrats and policymakers who could make or break his economic plans on Monday than they started grilling his economic team with the hardest questions about his economic strategy.How long are these huge deficits sustainable, they wanted to know. How long do you keep stimulating the economy, and when do you break for the exits? If the dollar nosedives compared other major currencies, what’s the administration’s Plan B?
The questions were mostly asked in Chinese — by a delegation from Beijing that, diplomatic niceties aside, has come to check in on the investment of more than $1.5 trillion that China has made in United States government-issued securities.“We are concerned about the security of our financial assets,” China’s assistant finance minister, Zhu Guangyao, said with uncharacteristic bluntness during a briefing for reporters covering the “U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue” on Monday.
It was a comment that underscored how much the global financial crisis has changed the subtle balance of power in meetings of “the G-2,” the shorthand now used to describe sessions between the world’s largest economy and its fastest-rising economic power. Gone, probably forever, are the days when American delegations would show up in Beijing with advice about how the Chinese could become a “responsible stakeholder” in the world — the phrase coined by the Bush administration. The demands that the Chinese let their currency appreciate, clean up their banks or get rid of the subsidies for state-owned enterprises have been toned down.
You do not talk to your biggest creditor that way — especially when you have a record-sized loan application pending

judge allslop said...

I have an idea, move your entire cursed traitorus district out of our country to some desolate island. Better yet Israel. You can consolidate sucking operations via Goldman Sachs more efficently without paying off the president and congress. Restore the Fed to it's rightful place, the temple mount. From the basement you can run your porn,body organ, money laundering and continuous war operations.

State may sell Capitol buildings, others
Under GOP plan, government would pay to lease back most of the sites
by Matthew Benson and JJ Hensley - Jul. 29, 2009 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

Call it a sign of desperate times: Legislators are considering selling the House and Senate buildings where they’ve conducted state business for more than 50 years.Dozens of other state properties also may be sold as the state government faces its worst financial crisis in a generation, if not ever. The plan isn’t to liquidate state assets, though.
Instead, officials hope to sell the properties and then lease them back over several years before assuming ownership again. The complex financial transaction would allow government services to continue without interruption while giving the state a fast infusion of as much as $735 million, according to Capitol projections. For investors, the arrangement means long-term lease payments from a stable source.
Once any deals are approved, money could begin flowing into state coffers in as little as 90 days.
The plan has bipartisan backing, but that doesn’t make the prospect of paying rent for buildings once owned free and clear by taxpayers any easier to swallow."We’ve mortgaged the legislative halls," said an exasperated state Rep. Steve Yarbrough, a Chandler Republican. "That just tells you how extraordinary the times are.

judge allslop said...

What's the Dept Of Justice (oxymoron)going to do, harsh language,a stupid fine?

Mortgage Melt-Down Investigation: Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank Get Served
July 30, 2009

Goldman Sachs (GS) and Deutsche Bank (DB) got served by the US Senate which is investigating fraud in the mortgage meltdown last year. Several other financial institutions may also have received subpoenas from the sub-committee that is headed by Senator Carl Levin. WSJ said the focus of the investigation is on whether internal communications show executives at the banks had private doubts on the soundness of the mortgage-related securities they were putting together. Anyone want to take a guess on what they will find? I am sure there are plenty of emails and other electronic messages floating around to get someone in trouble. I never understand how people have not realized that email is forever. Regardless, they will clearly find something, but they should look at the trading in their accounts versus what was being sold to their clients, that is the real evidence. We all know Goldman traded against sub-prime mortgages, I do not know about Deutsche Bank. Now, if Goldman traded $20 billion against these securities, but their institutional side sold these same products the firm was short, then I think there will be a problem. If the committee does their homework and actually investigates this thing then we might have our first “perp walk” for the carnage these lovely people brought upon us. There could be nothing here, but if I were a betting man I would take the other side of that trade