Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Fat Heart (4-25-09)

The fat heart is a fatal disease. David ran into it and spoke of it in. Psalms 17. It is a heart content and satisfied by this world. It lives in luxury. It has no lord it governs itself. From the mighty tower of its perceived safety they sit in judgment of those of lean heart. A fat heart lives with no fear of God. The parable of the rich fool spoke of the fat heart symptoms. (Lk. 12:13-21) You don’t have to be abundantly wealthy to suffer from this disease. You only have to align your heart to the wealth of this world. It can be the wealth of time, life, prestige, pleasure, or any of their variants. In David’s case it was men aligned with king Saul to crush David. Out of their fat hearts came every foul accusation against God’s anointed. The fat heart is not wise because the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. Alignment with power of the day though it be a king, judge, or army that denies God has any authority over them is the cowardice of a fat heart. The lean heart may have the same wealth or poverty of the fat heart but even what it possesses it gives in subjugation to God in fear. The lean heart is reverent while the fat heart is proud and boastful. The lean heart is healthy and a gift from God.

My question to you is what state have you kept your heart during this bifurcated battle of ideology? Have you chosen wisely the truth of God or aligned yourself to the comforts of a fat heart? In David’s case he ultimately was vindicated and judged by God. Saul was likewise judged by God and died of his fat heart. Suddenly it was no longer the joy of fatness for the fool when truth destroyed all their hope. Common sense is not wisdom and rarely on its own will it find the way of God. It will put you quickly on the path of flattery from those in power. It will probably keep you in the way of comfort and ease for a season. But what is the cost personally if you allow your heart to grow fat? Saul, his cadre, and the object of the parable have already answered this question with certainty.

On the surface it may seem like the just and the criminal are easily identified. On the surface a diseased heart appears to beat as the healthy one but in time surface illusions will give way to truth as fact. The truth can be known and wants to be known but it will only meet you at the heart.


Brate said...

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BigO said...

thank you for your your comment brate, and i'm glad you found the problem before it found you !!!!, but it seems you missed the whole point of this post!!!! nevertheless GOD bless you !!!!

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