Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Supernatural Normalcy 1-7-11

I’m currently on my 19th day of a 40 day fast. The Lord has already taught me a valuable lesson. This fast was scheduled to begin on Jan 2, but do to a phony accusation I was sent to the SHU on Dec 20th. Commonsense would have extinguished the accusation in the real world but in federally land folly gets its full exercise. Still this was the hank of the Lord, I began my fast when I entered the SHU, at prior prisons I stayed in my cell until the fast was over. There was the normal cooperation with medical. This prison however took to over reaction and paced me in an observation tank. The lights never go off and there are no facilities just a cement bed in the middle of the room. I get water by cup through the door and piss into plastic urinals. Fortunately bowl movements are a thing of the past. One does not prefer to be on Front Street when they fast. There are a couple of things I could do to avoid this and still fast. Some suggested by the staff. When I spoke to the Lord about them that's when I got some revelation. Fraud is such a part of the federal regime that I do not have the liberty to practice it, with the fast. The extra suffering caused by truth is just paid as a matter of course. That is the Christian life. God took me to the first 5 chapters of Daniel and said to me, He was using this front-street fast to place reverence before the irreverent. That was refreshing news and gave me some strength. Frankly that purpose alone was greater than my purpose for fasting. So in the normal course of a Christian man's life supernatural happens upon him. I'm reminded of Paul in Acts 28 who got shipwrecked and was merely stoking a fire when he got bit by a viper. The islanders got a supernatural display that stoked their spiritual fervor in the normalcy of Paul's life. The Christian live is so supernatural as a fact that amazing events of God's work just arrives. If you are one who fervently prays for the power of God to appear in your life, relax! It already has. Just walk you walk and God will magnify His name It may e a viper or some other unpleasantly like doing you fast in a dry windowed cell but suddenly and in an instant you are God's instrument
That is a blessed state, something to ponder.


sopsback said...

note to hose me:

can yo read or wha???

din yo see da rittin on da wall yet??

yo choice?

yo can eether go out upright, or sideways, it doesnt make any diffrince to yo??

sopsback said...

egypped has been gypped long enuf

yo otta hear.

sopsback said...

According to these reports, US President Barack Obama phoned Mubarak on February 1st ordering the Egyptian dictator to allow this CIA takeover of Egyptian military and police forces or face “immediate and permanent removal”, a term this report says is a euphemism for “assassination”.

a term that means like yo siad, 'yo can eether go out 'uprite' or 'sideways'....makes no diffrinece to yo?

yo was rite, like yo da end of the usa/zoinist control putty govts in the muddle east.

judge allslop said...

During the course of the Dorean trial the so called judge would occasionally ask witnesses and defendants "this is a scam isn't it?". Wether Fed prison,Guantánamo Bay or any other US torture facility through out the world they need your confession to validate their actions by any means necessary AKA Bradley Manning. Laws, agreements, contracts mean nothing to the crime syndicate. Those that sacrifice their lives should be honored with support, not beaten to a pulp.

20,000 service members, vets lost homes in 2010
Foreclosure rate in zip codes near military bases increased 32%
By Gregg Zoroya – USA Today
Posted : Thursday Feb 3, 2011 22:24:48 EST

More than 20,000 veterans, active-duty troops and reservists who took out special government-backed mortgages lost their homes last year — the highest number since 2003. The rate of foreclosure filings in 2010 among 163 zip codes located near military bases rose 32 percent over 2008, according to RealtyTrac, a foreclosure research firm. This compares with a 2010 increase in foreclosures filings nationally of 23 percent over 2008.The housing crisis has hit military families particularly hard in part because of transfers and the loss of civilian jobs left behind by reservists. About 12,000 military families applied to the Pentagon’s expanded Homeowners Assistance Program. It makes up most of the difference in price for servicemembers who must transfer and sell their homes for less than they owe, or buys their houses outright.

judge allslop said...

Stealing and fraud is easy,fun and extremely profitable. All you need is a little bribe money, FBI and assorted so called law enforcement on your side. Hell that 6.5 million should go a long ways to satisfiying a multi trillion dollar scheme and artiface to defraud issue.

Calif. AG settles with former Countrywide executives

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Legal Newsline) - California Attorney General Kamala Harris has announced a $6.5 million settlement with two former officers of Countrywide Financial Corporation stemming from a predatory lending case. The settlement with former Countrywide officers Angelo Mozilo, the CEO of Countrywide, and David Sambol, Countrywide's president, concludes litigation that former state Attorney General Jerry Brown filed in June 2008 against Countrywide Financial Corp., Countrywide Home Loans and Full Spectrum Lending, as well as Mozilo and Sambol.
The $6.5 million in financial relief, which will be used in establishing an innovative statewide California Foreclosure Crisis Relief Fund meant to combat the effects of California's high rates of foreclosure and mortgage delinquency, augments $3.5 billion in relief from an October 2008 settlement with Countrywide for loan modification and other foreclosure relief. "Our prior settlement with Countrywide provided restitution for foreclosed homeowners and set in motion loan modification programs that have helped tens of thousands of consumers," Harris said.
"We will use the current settlement to help Californians affected by the mortgage crisis by providing grants to help homeowners facing foreclosure with relocation assistance and providing money to state and local agencies to prosecute mortgage fraud." Countrywide, the lawsuit alleged, lured borrowers with "teaser" rates that were as low as 1 percent adjustable rate loans. The downside of these loans, including rapidly rising rates once the teaser rate expired, large prepayment penalties and negative amortization that saw a borrower's total loan costs rise even as additional payments were made, were allegedly obscured by loan officers, Harris says. Additionally, Countrywide allegedly loosened the standards and verification procedures for its mortgages in order to write more loans. As a result of the changes to Countrywide's mortgage procedures, tens of thousands of homeowners ended up in default and foreclosure, Harris says.
Mozilo and Sambol, Harris alleged, were aware of Countrywide's practices and allowed them to continue. The two left Countrywide when it was purchased by Bank of America in July 2008. Bank of America assumed responsibility to make restitution to mortgage holders who qualified under the terms of the 2008 settlement, making more than 32,000 modifications worth more than $1.3 billion. Bank of America has also paid $28 million in cash to Californians who lost their homes to foreclosure.

fireinthehole said...

"Countrywide's mortgage procedures, tens of thousands of homeowners ended up in default and foreclosure, Harris says."

What a lie. Changes in mortgage procedures is not going to cause thousands of people to default. How about massive unemployment being the cause of default and foreclosure?

fireinthehole said...
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fireinthehole said...

How about massive unemployment being the cause of default and foreclosure, OR HOW ABOUT THOSE WHO JUST PLAIN OLD DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY, OR JUST PLAIN OLD DO NOT WANT TO GET A J.O.B

fireinthehole said...


judge allslop said...

After twenty five years they finally got around to this realization? It wouldn't matter to these bastards if it was one cent or one hundred dollars, they wouldn't stop with one check over drawn but every outstanding check written in your account which could be dozens at 25-30 dollars a pop. What an accounting nightmare let alone the fee's. What do you think the profit was, certainly not
410 million. Like Carl Sagan would say, billions and billions.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) has agreed to pay $410 million to settle lawsuits accusing it of charging customers with excessive overdraft fees, court documents show.
The largest U.S. bank by assets is among the more than two dozen U.S., Canadian and European lenders named as defendants in the class-action litigation, which in 2009 consolidated lawsuits filed across the country.

judge allslop said...

Whats the matter BankofAlsup,don't like the competition?

The mortgage serving unit of Bank of America this week filed a lawsuit in Nevada against dozens of homeowners’ associations, their trustees, and collection agencies over fees the groups charged to B of A after certain homes went into foreclosure.

sopsback said...

hose me? did yo leef yet??

ok, uprite or sideways?

get ready.

we been gettin hosed fo yars now. time to go.