Thursday, February 10, 2011

Legal Update 1-8-11

My legal options have been reduced to a 2255 which is a statutory habeas and to a writ of cert on a solitary issue. The cert is due by Feb 1st. but because of my SHU experience and a couple of cases that can effect my question I have requested an extension of time to file. The most interesting case if front of me is one called Bond that should be ruled upon late Feb in the Supreme Court. This is a federalism case, a subject not addressed in a hundred years. The gist of which is that under the 10th amendment I had a right to select which jurisdiction. I wanted to be prosecuted under, Utah or the Feds. I was not the government’s choice. We shall see how the ruling comes down. This case also talks of the vagueness issue written into most federal statutes so they can easily violate the constitution. Another case about to arrive there out of the 7th circuit is one called Krieger, This deals with elements of the offense and statutory construction. Little by little all the offenses practiced upon us by judge Alsup are being address.


notorial dissent said...

long list of Kurt winings

So in other words, your great magnum opus was yet another bloated ego flopperoony. Quelle suprise!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up and smell the sewer back up that is your life Kurt. You a cheap, all too ordinary, incredibly common crook, who isn’t even good at being a crook. You got caught, twice now, mostly by way of your own big mouth and incredibly overblown ego, and twelve jurors who had no idea who you were, and cared even less, saw right through you and your mountain of BS, and convicted your sorry ass and sent you off to prison, where you so rightly belong. You are where you are because of your big mouth and even bigger ego, and because you thought the law doesn't apply to you. You are a liar or the first water, and an even bigger hypocrite hiding behind a very poorly done smokescreen of pseudo religious gibberish. The only ones you are fooling are possibly yourself, and the few remaining of your followers who are even dimmer and more deluded than you are, scary thought that that is. Everyone else sees you for the pathetic excuse for a man that you are.

You have already tried a very laughable appeal, it did pretty well on the comedy rankings, not so much on the legal. You’ve tried for Supreme Court cert, with nothing to back it up, and gotten laughed at and tossed yet again, and at this point you have nothing left. You got convicted fair and square, mostly by your own mouth, and no matter what you think, there is nothing in Skilling that even remotely applies to you or will ever apply to you.

You are in prison, you are going to stay in prison, and you are and will remain a pathetic loser.

rollerhockey50 said...

nortorial are a true clump
of shit

letterkenny said...

Mr. Notarial Dissent,
It doesn't cost much to be commisurative!

brassbird said...

There is nothing fair and square about a court room. Kurt jumped on
a mad bull with two broke legs. Of
course he didn't win. But we all hoped he would. Didn't we? Come on,
Kurt has done what I wouldn't do
because frankly, I don't have the courage. I wish the best for him.

fireinthehole said...

Two men without a conscience. That's how K & S got where they are today. Judges especially do not have a conscience. They met their match.

Does anyone these days have a conscience? Not really.

Robert said...

Just as the compromised Billy Alsup, twin sister monontous dissent both wearing matching clown suits and suffering through grand insecurity cannot stand that the truth prevails and renders their words and judgements empty and pathetic, with total disregard for the massive bank mortgage fraud and bank theft apparatus in full view along with thousands Federal crimes being perpetrated in and out of court rooms against households accrossed this country can only revel and find comfort in some one else’s injustice .

fireinthehole said...

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is a massive bank mortgage fraud and bank theft apparatus- everyone is a victim, whether they realize it or not.

Joseph said...

"Cheap, all too ordinary, common crook, big mouth, overblown ego, BS, sorry ass, hypocrite, liar, gibberish, dimmer, deluded, pathetic, laughable, pathetic loser,"

These are the qualities that Notarial Dissent has learned to live with since he has become an expert on these subjects by living and reflecting on his own life, yet I think he takes some perceived comfort being able to see someone in worse circumstances than himself.

This love/hate relationship that Notarial Dissent shares with Kurt is the most amusing thing on the comedy rankings in my view.

Notarial Dissent's biggest fear is that Kurt will be successful and get out before his jail time that he was awarded.

It should be interesting to hear what Notarial Dissent has to say at that date. I patiently wait to listen.

"If you can't forgive, the greater sin lies with you." So regardless of what the person (Kurt) has done that has allegedly injured you or made you angry, if you can't get passed this, you are the bigger loser in God's mind and the one that has OFFENDED HIM MORE. That is no "religious gibberish" either, BUT AN ETERNAL LAW THAT STARES YOU IN THE FACE THAT NEVER GOES AWAY.

"Judge not, lest you be judged yourself."

Do you really want to be judged and punished MORE HARSHLY than how you judge others?

fireinthehole said...

With no moral compass to help them realize what is good and what is bad in their behavior, they were prison bound.

fireinthehole said...

Having no moral compass, in addition to being literal prisoners, they are prisoners of their own mind.