Friday, July 13, 2007

The “Mo” Revelation (06-19-07)

We have asked the court for a private investigator which has been denied. They want to know our defense to justify the expense. For the cheap request we obtained a treasure of revelation. These idiots made it very clear they intend to proceed on the presumptions of Alsup and Keller and anything that can prove otherwise is not going to come near their courtroom. This is another fantasy of theirs. The alleged victim is a fictitious entity, which means it cannot be called to the stand. The accused has a right to examine the veracity of the witness against them. With a fictitious entity the custodian of the records can verify official acts, those who can speak to material statements can speak to intent and officers who speak to policy and procedure are the reason. To deny us access to these elements of our victim is a violation of their constitution. I’m not worried about making it come to pass because of the venue they have chosen. This is just a game of stall and test on their part. What they didn’t know is that it was a test on our part. I was suspecting a certain behavior that I needed to verify. This information is timely now long before trial. Again I want to reiterate the trial you are hearing about in people’s imagination is not the trial before us. We know exactly where we are and where we need to go. Keep us in your prayers for wisdom. We’re the only ones among all the parties who gives a damn about your interest. Don’t be fooled otherwise.


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near the end said...

Thanks Kurt. and GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

near the end said...

GOD bless you both and Thankyou.

diggs said...

We'll i was very skeptical about this whole thing. The more i read and see the more i believe. But how can you defeat such a huge entity like our crooked goverment? Seems to me it would be impossible.

southernexposure said...

My sentiment exactly, diggs.

GYHOOYA said...

With that mindset as many in this country have then you Won't, Can't & Never will win get's you the expected result's.

If the "We The People" said this just think where we might be and how your freedoms, Right's or lack of them to even come here and post what you think would be different today.

When a people have come to a place where they know longer are willing to make their Gov't answer for what they do any let it to run it's self as this one has become you know longer live in a country of the people & for the people. This being said when a power such as our Gov't has not just over how it can shape other countries and with the fore knowledge that by nature everyone seek's to gain more power what make's you think that our's is anydifferent then any other?

At one point left to go without have to answer to it's people the Gov't will grow up around you and become so controling that only by great force will it ever be returned to 'The People' and will consume all in it ever increasing search for more power.

This is not new people if you have know effort or you think in a way that is one that you CAN'T make a diference then you've already lost that Free- part in the word freedom.

If you woke today to find you know longer could say and do what you wanted but you know were watched and everything that might be a challage to was looked upon as such by your Gov't could land you in jail or even have you killed then would you understand that everyone must make their Gov't answer for it's doing and not be left to run by it's will's?

Power feed's on more power and need's to gain more and more control over the people that feed it the needed money to do this.

What we stand for in this country in my O.P. is simple we want the people of one nation to live in peace and are willing to aid anyone willing to stand up and say they want it.
What has happend is that most today no longer even understand what the meaning behind the word's "one Nation under god" was meant to be. They are so raped up in the "me me me" part's in their lifes that understanding that it's not just this land we stand on that must have these Freedom's it must be a world wide or 'ONE NATION' That has the fredom to say how the feel ask what their intrusted powers are doing and when not answered then to be so empowered to take the needed step's to corect it.

When the Gov't grow's up around you as a people and and then starts to feed itself at your loss and by your labor without recourse or has made it's system one so complicated in structure that for most it's unthinkable to try to challange it doing It's at this point where you know longer have the Freedom's we so proudly boost. change then become's more controled by the Gov't and will only serve it's need's as with these comment here of 'I can't'

History would serve you well to read. Understand how's why's this country even exsist and what we stand for.

most just say the words by they were well thought through when the national anthium was put to paper and when you look up at the flag of our's it's not a show of one but that of many.
We the people and the fredoms for which it stand's is not easy to maintain nor dose it come without a cost to life and liberty but with care once in place must be gaurded at all cost. or will be lost and may never find a way back.

Stand up make yourself heard don't just sit there say 'I Can't' or 'Whats the use' becasuse that for sure will lose you more than you'll ever lose fighting to keep these RIGHT'S you enjoy at the cost of others.

one world under one people is the only way it work's to reach that is not a easy task and not without it's cost and troubles but in the true light of it all how can we servive any other way?
I don't want to tell someone what to think I just don't want to have their bad chooses be what distroies this planet or not being so extrem takes away my freedoms. to life , libertiy and to enjoy the simple happiness that it bring's.

just a thought.

diggs said...

Gyhooha no one is being negative here. I for one never had to fight a battle as big as this one, so in my eyes it would be a difficult task is all i'm saying. Now that i said that, i'm curious as to see what my good man you are doing to help this situation? How are you standing up and being heard? Maybe i can take some pointers from you.