Friday, July 27, 2007

What a Week

I Samuel 29 through II Samuel 2 comprise of one week in David’s life. I encourage all of you to examine this week. Many truths leaped off the page. What was amazing is it started out with David being kicked out from the Philistines. This was God removing him from what was comfortable and from a potential problem. They were going to battle Saul and David would have been conflicted with no upside. This also allowed David to be ready for the change ahead of him that he was completely unaware. This reaffirmed to me that God moves His chosen away from trouble and guides their steps. Now this truth will be tested immediately. His camp is ransacked by some Amalekites taking all possessions and family. The heartache is devastating. David becomes the target of the pain and his life is in danger. He goes to the Lord in prayer and God answers him. The Amalekites are the product of Saul’s sin not David’s (I Sam. 15). Now it’s to think David is suffering because of the sins of another or even his own but the Lord has a different idea. In three days he overtakes the Amalekites, recovers all and then some. Suffering, heartache, pain for sure but blessing was not suspected. Blessing disguised in tears. This blessing was necessary and timely. With the surplus David blessed the nobles of Judah. This was crucial timing because king Saul would die the next day. Killed by his own sin and Amalekite. By the end of the week David was king of Judah. God did it all. David trusted when there was no chance of comprehension or imagination what changes were ahead of him. This is what we all can do. What kind of week awaits you? What blessing is there in your tears? God knows!


Sooltauq said...

Pious BS by a convicted felon going for his second conviction, while continuing to misleading his stupid koolaid-drinking followers.

It will be a pleasure watching Scott and Kurt convicted (again, in Kurt's case) and sentenced to a long, long term in prison.

mogel said...

The lending markets poor health is trickeling over to the stock market causing the worst week in 5 years.

NEW YORK - Wall Street extended its steep decline Friday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials down more than 500 points over two days after investors gave in to mounting concerns that borrowing costs would climb for both companies and homeowners. It was the worst week for the Dow and the Standard & Poor's 500 index in five years.

Investors cast aside a stronger-than-expected read on the economy and maintained negative sentiment that dominated Thursday when the market shuddered amid worries over the U.S. mortgage and corporate lending markets. Investors globally took flight from equities, shifting cash into safer investments in Treasury bonds.

The pullback Thursday and Friday wiped out $526.1 billion in shareholder wealth from the stocks in the Standard & Poor's 500 index.

mogel said...

Sooltauq: Why such animosity and hate? Wishing someone to be convicted for a long prison sentence is kind of hateful & spiteful don't you think? Is this a personal vandetta with you? Where mercy is not shown, mercy can't be expected to be shown to you & a person that calls the Bible BS is really in need of some mercy & charity.

As far as a second conviction, it takes a trial and facts to prove the charges. You must have been sleeping or really missed reading the last several posts if you really think there is going to be a trial from beginning to end where the jury deliberates to come out with a verdict of guilty on anything. If we are not heeded for a dismissal, we are likely heading for a mistrial. How can there be a trial with no more damages that exist that haven't been claimed now by the two Brokers? How can the UNITED STATES be a victim when the bank fraud statute requires a lending institution to be a victim? How can a lender be a victim when it's obvious they don't lend out their own money? How can the recent last post be considered pious when the post isn't even about Kurt, but about David's inspiring story straight from the Bible? Do you consider the Bible to be B.S. too? Rather than making general false judgments, why not be specific in your accusations, such as what misleading statements you are referring to and why? A personal judgment of someone is meaningless without anything to back it up.

How interesting that you would use the word "piety" and "felony conviction" in the same sentence. Sooltaug, apparently you are too stupid to know that a pious person hides his unrighteousness and Kurt has been honest from the beginning about his felony conviction to insure honesty and full disclosure, however, even after you discovering and knowing that he was convicted for the same thing that banks do that go unpunished, and you still don't have any fair recognition in your judgment of that, further makes you look like you are the koolaid drinker. Do you think the lending institutions don't continually "mislead" borrowers? Or are you too stupid to see that also? Course if you were a fair minded person, you would give equal time and space to also show your distaste of that, wouldn't you?

His first conviction is also on the front page of this blog, so it's the first thing that a newcomer would read, hardly the action of a pious person. Maybe you should give Kurt some credit he is entitled to, or are you only able to see the worst in people & prefer to be one sided?

It will be my pleasure to watch you obtain some humility and an open mind and become more fair minded in some of these matters, but maybe I expect too much.

What motivation is there for Kurt & Scott to mislead anyone at this point in time? Come on sooltaug, I know you want to take that bait & answer that question to show how stupid you really are. Come on, you can answer a simple question, can't you? Let's see what is really in your small judgmental mind. Also sooltaug, be honest and answer the question, why do you really care what happens to Kurt & Scott? What is that to you?

GYHOOYA said...

Sooltauq said...
Pious BS by a convicted felon going for his second conviction, while continuing to misleading his stupid koolaid-drinking followers.

It will be a pleasure watching Scott and Kurt convicted (again, in Kurt's case) and sentenced to a long, long term in prison.


Then keep watching cuz it's people like you that are so easy to to follow and beleive just what thesystem feed's you or what happens to be the surface of thing are the lemmings that Gov't loves to feed.

What do you know about the conviction of which you speek other than what you have heard here or been feed might be a better word?

If the bank's have over stepped their right given be the gov't to turn paper into money (being their the only ones who have that right) and have stepped into the area of taking you signed promisary note from the loan doc's and sold it to pay for you loan before funding has taken place then they have broken the law (Fed' law that states they are not to sell their credit in any form)this being the case they have done so with all intent to deceive the customers and have done this with full knowledge of the fact.

It's not hard to see the bank's doing this as they are very well known for taking there ppower and over streching the intended use of it to profit. look at the area where bank's have over the past twen years charge fee's to their customer with the intent of making it so hard for the customer to get it reversed by useing such thing's like putting them on hold when they call or dropping the call well after telling their story as to why the fee is wrongfully chraged to their acct. to one person they are told a Mang. has to deakl with it and then after some time on hold the call get's drop only to have the customer call back and good through the hole story again before getting transfered or dropped a second time.
this is only one tactic they use in their effort to get the customer to give up do to lack of time or frustration or the other is the customer just never see the $35.00 charge in the first place and pay's the bill without ever knowing it was a bogus charge.
Do you think that bank's are so stupid as to not see that effort net's the 60% of all of these charges and you take that and multiply it by hundereds of thousands of acct. and you have the bank's making ton's of money why would'nt they take these step's to gain from you and me. who's going to stop them and even if someone finds a way they will just pony up some little find and say they had know idea that was going on.

Let's see you take a lemming like you and $35.00 and add that to the thousands more just like you who eat up the bullshit your feed by the Gov't and the banking industry and all the money that make's the bankers and the you take the what 3 maybe 4 million dollar fine they might have to pay if caught and where is there any reason for the bank's to not do this along with many other underhanded trick they play to profit from every day. If you had half a brain you would be behind people like Kurt and Scott for what they are trying to do and would see that if they were out to screw you or others they could have done so and been long done with this and would not have been in jail one second.

Don't be such a lemming all your life, wake up and see what's right in front of you the fed's went to them long befor you ever heard a word and tried to make a deal and have they shut down and walk away wiith out anything of andy trouble they just wanted them to stop. Hell they raided their office twice without ever taking one of them to jail it was'nt intill after the fact that it became clear that Kurt and Scott and the doean Group were not interested in taking a deal or backing down that they were locked up and sent to Utah for 9 month's witch by the way anyone with any kind of knowledge aboout how things realy work in the big world today and with two cent's would know this was to try and get them locked away so the major porsion of people that had grown to thoursand's would start to forget about them and go away it's one iof the oldest trick in the Gov't book for cailming a growing problem and just like you beleive everything your feed TODAY on T.V. or any of the many other new's forums that tell you what other's want to to hear. and beleive you think that just because they get locked up the Gov't has to be right. It work's the same way you lock them up get them out of sight and out of mind and soon you got no more problem and the numbers are much more easy to manage then if you have thousands of people screaming for answers to the simplest questions about why the banmk's are not having to follow the rules aor are cheating them.

Don't you think that has nmore to it then what bullshit you've been feed by the Gov't and teh court and the others on here that are just as paid as you might be working a regular job. to make a long story short if you have the understanding that the banker's papers that are old but very inlightening that were brought before congress that discribed how they were sending their people tio make sure they were to stay in control so many years ago and do you think that has changed why would it? I'm sure you have heard of it refered to on one site or another in regaurd to this process as the 'Bankers Manifesto' this paper along and the many others who have gone up against the bank in some form or another in this arena should tell you that the bankers are snakes and they are out for only your money and will cross what ever line they can to get it, and sure they keep in mind if they go to far the people will get wise and it might get to many upo in arm's if they are to outragous so they keep a rain in on how far they will go at any given time.
Don't be such dumb ass all you life and wake up and see thing's for what they really are and not just what you told they are. Come on these group's of snakes are not as stupid as you are and have money to burn making surethey stay on top of every little thing that come up that might expose their hand in this game they play how hard is that toi understand .

They (the bankers ) have the power and that's that ow hard is it to understand that they will use it to get what they want know matter what the cost or what the Gov't may have to do to get it done as long as it get 's done.

think for yourself for once and quit having everything done for you or told to you without taking the time to use what God gave you for a brain and soom commen sence and see the big picture here. Why would anyone who had been to prison before and new how the system worked sit around an wait to be thrown into jail, how stupid do you have to be to understand that Kurt could have been gone long before any Fed's locked him up and new what he was getting into. Dam you know you people sure expect a lot for you $3000.00 or $4000.00 dollars I mean you want this guy to have every cornner and every what if covered in this game without any fault's or mishapes at all you sure are a toght crowd if you ask me.

You might want to ask that of your bank the next time they make a mistakle and you have to take time out of your already busy day to get it fixed ... or maybe your the one's that wouyld just pay it and let them get what they don't have a right to?

This is so siple to understand and most of you are so easy to sway that I feel like the Gov't has to easy of a job working you bunch of LEMMING'S

it's just got to be one of the most frustrating thing out of my day to reda the crap that you pepel want to post and beleive as the real deal and watch you as tghe momment some little problem or someone get;'s on heree and feeds you something you just eat it up and run with it the naysayers have to easy of a job that 's all I have to say.

Please for oncxe in your life go find out the real treuth about what's going on from people that know out side of here so you might just understand how much and who is scamming who when it come's to this and before you sout off your mouth about who is the bad guy you. the easiest way to look at something here is this

1 Wheres the pay off?

2. who get's the pay off if there is one?

3. What who and why are the motives for all concerned?

4. who has the power?

5. who will benifit after the smoke settles?

6. will any customer be compensatied from any money the Gov't has taken or might get and who?

7. All of the court's actions are they on the up and up and fair?

8. what would have the court reach outside of the normal and do thing's at risk of exposer when dealing with this case?

9. who is there to stop the Gov't and the courts from doing what ever they please for the most part?

10. Why would a case like this be dragged out for so long if it's as simple as some say it is?

You answer these questions for yourself and then see if it all adds up how the Gov't and some on here want you to believe things are and seee if it not hare to see how these two guy's could have cut a deal and been dione with this just as easy as the deal's you've seen cut by Ferral and the others and why wiould they stick it out in jail even when they could be done with it all.

Look at Exxon scam or somne of the other's you have heard about and tell me how is it that this case is taking longer then those one's

these are simple qusetions and so easy to understand what the real story is here so why would you think anything else was going on but that the Gov't is trying everything they can to disrupt this whole thing and make it look as if there was know real legal backing to it if they don't then they might get a bigger mess they they started with and have been working to stopfrom the start.

It's like crowd control when a concert or sonme big event get's out of control you have to have to gain some kind of power and show that your in control when everything else is out of control and there are many way's to go about this same thing depending on what kind of problem your dealing with it's just that simple.

Now if you must pleas e sip on that koolaid of witch you speek because your the only one that is drinking at this time from where I sit.

Oh and where I sit is right smack dab in the box seat's and beleive me when this is done so are a few inviolved as you my misguided freind are so easy to sway with word's the fact is still very clear that when people read the newpaper they believe what's in it and that is wher you will find the story about the court and how they plaied with two people and their lives along with the Gov't and their hand to guide this along side the Bank's and we shall see how the people react to these fact's as they will be read. might just get a whole buch more people in an uproar and just when the Gov't and bank's thought they were done.


Thes are the plan and simle fact's easy to understand and see from anyone's seat.


GYHOOYA said...

Hey Kurt and Scott you stick with it as if you need me to tell you that but just know not everyone out here is as dumb as and mixed up as to what your intentions were and are.

You have backing my friends and all your effort is not wasted there are some here who are very greatful for what you have broght to light in all of this and will forever be changed for the better by your doing.

With that said the end is nearing and soon the gate will close on the one's who have been so out of hand in their weilding of power's given. They will get theres or at least I know they will feel some pain from thsi when it's all said and done.

The day I come across someone who can tell me they know it all and can foretell what thing's will take place and at who's hand these will be done I will seated in front of know less then what would be called a GOD and Creator.
For know man can prep himself for every twist of the game even when most might this of him. when most are unwilling to take the time to find the truth and are willing to beleive what they are told because of their lacking these are the first to throw stones and run scared when the game get's tough your path is not an easy one but one I'm glad you choose to take and are strong enough to hole ground in as it's plaied out.
I thank you for all you efforts and know matter what the out come in this I for one will look at you both as better men then most for you doing.

Your both stand up guy's that's for sure.

Thank's again

GYHOOYA said...

All thing's worth knowing were gained at a cost and all knowledge came from some mistakes.
It's only through trial and error that we find the answer we seek's

Let these words help you understand thing's for what they really are, not as some who might want to throw out words like felon to lable someone. It might just be these costly lessens from the past and the price someone had to pay that had them learn what they know & you may gain from today.

Just because the Gov't said your wrong at the time dos'nt always make them right, as may time it has been shown that later the Gov't or one's who convict have been wrong and many lives distroied do to it and what dose the Gov't do or say when this happens? They make you still have to go through the cost and effort to get some kind of payment for their wrong doing instead of just making it as easy and doing the right things to make it right to the ones they have wronged. in other words when was the last time you heard the Gov't stand up and say they did something wrong and should have to pay for it without being forced to do so?

or is that what we call sameolthang?

do people ever really take the time to think before they open their mouth or do they just drool out what ever happens across the pea brains?

It's know wonder that the country is in the shape it is today with the amount of donb asses out there who can't put two and two together and see what it adds up to.

let's see you have the 'Babyboomers" what should we call this one the 'Babyconfusers' or lossers this whole country has become nothing but a bunch lasy after school stoners who have better thing's to do then to learn and understand what it is that makes up the Gov't and how this country was intended to be run. even just the basics are over most people you talk to today.
There wa a time where people did'nt have that dumber up box to sit in front of all day and night and watch the same dame show over and over or run to it for the reality instead they were out in the real wold mixing learning talking with others about what was going on not just hoping that someone has a handle on things or thinking that if let to run it self it would be just fine.

I'm interested to see what happens when this group of numnut's get to the age of retirerment like the Babyboomers are now and just how thing will be delt with and working cause from the looks of it right now it's going to be a real mess. I wonder how much a can of dogfood will go for in 20 years or so. My bet is that this country come 20 -30 years is in a whiole heap of shit. been some time for most to remember what it is like to stand all day waiting for some kind of work and get paid next to nothing. or work all month just to eat not to see what color Ipod to buy like now. people better wake up and take a long look around at what's going on before they find out it's all been taken from them and they have know chose in the matter. it's happen before so what 's to say it won't (in some form or another ) happen again?>

What you think that old Fed REs. Bank is going to keepp everything safe and sound.

Hah! There Bankers for hevens sake what the hell do they give tow shit's about this country and you and me after we lose everything to them?

Look around, Read, learn about the working's of thing it's the fact that your lacking these basics that the banker's love it keep's you stupid and right where they like you.

I heard told once or read it some where this little fact.

It would seem that after some resurch the numbers show that most of the people we hold closest to us like brother's sisters and friends when it came right down to it deep down they want up NOT to seceed and really hope we will fail. mostly out of not wanting you do or be better then them in the eye's of others. So with that interesting fact think about how you might have people around you the unknowingly work at keeping you down instead of what they might say to the different. then carry that one mopre forword and think about how the peoplke who might have thing's a biit better in the money or such mighht just not really want yopu to ever gain enough knowledge to have you succeed to the point of reaching thier level as it might be they like you one step down.

It's a dog eat dog worold out there focks and you all should think and do with that in mind . Know one will ever give you the knowleage you can give your self and thr truth is when you know and I mean you really understand and know about things you have power you that is better then any thing else I can think of, but the key is that only you can bring that power to use by gaining the real truth and finding out what 's going on for your self not rely on others to tell you everything about everything like most do as the sit in front of their T.V. 's every night and feed off of whatever their told from it and think less and less for themselfs everyday. you have to wonder what it might be like if everyone toke some of that time and shut it off and whent to the sorce of what it was they wer wanting to learn or something like that.

or you all can sit there pointing your finger and saying how someone else caused all you problems and such . Sad really to think about all the wasted effort that people spend doing just that when they could spend half that time and find the truth out for themmselfs.

I'v heard offerdd heere many times the work of some people that have put the info about some of these thing's that get broght up here and they put it all on an easy to watch dvd but yet I have to bet that most have'nt even taken the small time or amount that might bring this to them to even check if itt makes sence.
Know I bet most who were will to spend $3,00.0 plus and put their home's on the line without much more then the words off a web site won't even take a few dollars now to see f all they were told was based on anything real or not . Now that right there just amazes me to the thinking that goes on in peoples head's . just dumbfounded by the fact that they might spend and did spend thousands on a quick read but won't even spend a few buck's in some attempt at finding the truth.

At least these guy's are willing to put what they say is the real deal on some form of easy to watch dvd what kind of effort has the Gov't made last yopu checked at making sure you up to speed about things and how they should be going?

Oh thats right theres always those pulications from Ogden Utah you can get how nice and easy is that to get and understand.

Yep Our Gov't and all their efforts to keep the people fully up to speed about the working s of their contry.



just think for once in your lifes and for yourself work to find the needed to make it all add up then you'll know the truth about what ever your looking to know.

Try it you might just find out you can do something other then use your head to hold your hat on. Now would'nt that be special .

Good night

habakkuk said...

"It will be a pleasure watching Scott and Kurt convicted"

__________________________________ get pleasure out of it?....Hmmmm

near the end said...

soolbaby, How do you no they will be convicted? Can I look into your crystal ball to?

GYHOOYA said...

Hey near the end this guy has to beleive that it will end this way because he has been told to beleive that and just like any other good lemming he follow's without qusetion even if that means he will be waling right over a cliff to his end.

Lemmings don't think for themselfs they let others do that for them. You know it free's up all the brain space for more important things like watching the the next show of Big Brother or any other of those show's and that has to be more important then think for one's self, Right?

That is if your a lemming like this guy is.

You know the type I would'nt give him the time of day I sure have spent more then enough for all of us spalling the facts out to him. If he is unwilling to see them so be it we tried. either that or he's just here to stir the pot like some of the others that get paid to do so on here.

we know what will be the end in this or at least what should be the end, given all the facts and not the lie's the Gov't feed's as truth.

It will be soon as they will look the bigger fool if they keep to their path their on now.

My bet is that just like the other big mouths on here this gut won't even take the time to read and give thought to some of what has been persented to him around this case. You know like Justices77777 when he post's .

He must be home from work seeing how we don't have any responce to see from him.
Just like the Gov't empolyee 9-5 and not a second more unless they get paid time and a half for their disruption on here. Right Justice7777?

poopoo said...

When is the trial?

sop28 said...

like they sayd...."they aint gaw be one....."

mogel said...

Kurt said: "This reaffirmed to me that God moves His chosen away from trouble and guides their steps."

This statement is true because many of us have specific & special missions that God has given us to accomplish. Kurt & Scott are about their business doing theirs & they are divinely guided in their task so there is no need to fear: "If God is for us, who can be against us."

Recently I was reading the different information on this website that talks about near death experiences:

I cam across this link of a man that claims not only is there life after this life, but there was life before birth for all of us too. Mr Mills has the special & extremely rare gift of being able to remember his former life in Heaven.

"Roy Mills details encounters with Jeus, Mary & God, revealing how HE SELECTED HIS LIFE'S MISSION WITH GOD'S HELP." See his book:

Interestingly enough, Ms. Betty Eadie, also wrote a book entitled, "Embraced by the Light" as based upon her own near death experience. Ms. Eadie is endorsing Mr. Mills book.

Ms. Eadie's book in my opinion, is one the best or most credible or inspiring life after death experience there is, out there & will certainly give you some insights you haven't thought about before.

God guided the path of David, so why not the path of Kurt & Scott? Is he not the same, yesterday, and forever & keenly interested in seeing that they succeed in their inspired & destined calling too?

mogel said...

The trial is scheduled for the middle of Oct. 2007, but if it doesn't happen on that date or is rescheduled or even dismissed indefinitely, who is really surprised? Almost sounds like if a fair trial is not in the works, the trial will be boycotted by Kurt & Scott.

By the time the court scheduled date comes, it will have been almost 2.5 years in prison for Kurt & Scott without a fair trial anyway, and based upon the past, it doesn't look like the court wants to discuss the real facts and relevant issues anyway.

As it stands now, the Dorean clients are the winners by default anyway, even though the financial institutions don't want to acknowledge that fact.

poopoo said...

The trial is scheduled for the middle of Oct. 2007, but if it doesn't happen on that date or is rescheduled or even dismissed indefinitely, who is really surprised? Almost sounds like if a fair trial is not in the works, the trial will be boycotted by Kurt & Scott.

Boycott ? I think it's called waiving your right to trial.

K & S of course aren't going to sign an actual waiver, so it looks like they will sit there, indefinitely, or, get a bench trial ?

GYHOOYA said...

Hey Poopoo you know what you stink! I think I know why cause your full of Shit!

I hope this help's you with that problem.


mogel said...

Popoo said: "Boycott ? I think it's called waiving your right to trial."

No, it's called, "waiving your rights to a FAIR trial."

If you are only getting a slanted trial, but not a fair one, what rights can you waive or give up? You have nothing in the first place to give up, in a corrupt trial since you don't have the presupposed rights.

mogel said...

A bench trial without rights and fairness and full disclosure and Defendants participation is nothing more than a kangaroo court with no meaning.