Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beloved 1-24-2011

There are many adjectives that can be associated with the beloved. Precious, adored, or paramount to name a few, the beloved captures the fix of your entire being. It has to be paramount even over self or it is not the beloved. In all creation which consists of more than earth and man there is one set out as the Beloved, if He is not the adored irreplaceable paramount of your life than you hate Him.

Many a critics have judged me by eyes of flesh and boasted as though they know something. I call these ilk pecker peekers. You see them on display in Galatians chapter 2

They were so concerned with their idea of righteousness that they would hide out near the urinals to spy out your pecker to see if you were circumcised. These critics are easy to judge as haters of the Beloved though they profess otherwise. Their eyes look upon basic things and not upon the Beloved. There is a rapture they know nothing of. A delight that never parts, love, true love among a husband and wife is only the faintest reflection but still nothing close. The love for the Beloved is immovable. No matter what manner of seduction or violence attacks your heart the love for the Beloved will not remove its sight from the object of its affection.

Many question their relationship with God. The answer is truly obvious if Christ has been made thy sol’s Beloved then you and God as with all things created are in accord. If Christ is not the Beloved, then you hate God even if no one could tell by looking upon your flesh. Selfishness and love are distinguishable from each other and the one who judges from love judges aright. I’m my Beloved’s and He is mine His banner over me is Love!


Joseph said...

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judge allslop said...

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Where have I seen and heard this shit before?
Oh, and this added disclosure.
An indictment is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. LOL.