Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My House, My Hope 2-14-11

I read an article about a woman who struggled with the healing Jesus provides when she discovered she had cancer. Like most she considered it lightly and allowed the doctors to do their work. The cancer was surgically removed. But later a second bout appeared. She was confronted with a thousand opinions of what to do and how to survive. Finally she came to a desperate search of God’s word for answers. At the offense of many and the discard of sincere advice the Faith of Christ took hold and actions consistent with this faith were initiated Cancer is a villain that strikes fear in humanity and she had her bouts, but perfect love cast out fear and the faith of Christ is an operation of this perfect love. Because of the knowledge that Christ possesses of God’s perfect love He can practice perfect obedience and trust of God’s word. This faith overtook her spirit and God healed her of her cancer.

I should say that the manifestation of a spiritual and historical fact arrived according to the promise Christ knew was true. Cancer is not the only villain dispensed from the father of lies. They are as diverse as our reasoned capabilities and our spiritual proclivities. Any man alive arrives daily at a place of choice where the faith of Christ will dictate a course contrary to human wisdom or even that highly touted common sense. The faith of Christ is wholly uncommon to this world and can only be found in His children. In fact it is a distinguishable quality that separates the real children from the myriads that profess Christianity. Whether in prison or a broader social network the fakes and frauds are the prevailing majority. The fear that would drive them to God is embraced as less scary that the demands of death to self required following Christ as He follows God’s work. I have been a champion of this truth by word and deed for many years now before you on this blog. Many judge my words by the prevailing power of my enemies. Yet I and my circumstances are not what make the faith of Christ potent in its conquering power. He stands alone as witness against all men for their faithless spirits. Embrace your father of lies or the faith of Christ and work out your salvation. As for me and my house the faith of Christ is my hope!

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