Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Not My Words 2-18-11

It is clear that Notorial Dissant as a critic is confident in his judgments concerning me. Further he can judge my words and decipher that there is no truth in them, well this is an impossible place to defend because you are deemed evil before any response. So I thought I would write here the words of three prophets that spoke over the lives of my wife and me prior to Dorean and that prophet Judge Alsup that Notorial Dissant is convinced is a prophet of truth. I will not give the prophets names or defend them. Merely let their words be taken as true of false. You be the judge, our judgments will be revealing though, for by them all will know who is your master.

Prophet One! “Learning to walk in a new dimension…. coming to a new realm of understanding and appreciation of the purposes and will of God.

Let that which thou committed to each other also be the same degree and measure of commitment unto Me for I place My hand upon you and it’s by My purpose and will that I drew you together; and now sayeth the Lord I would nurture you. I would breathe unto thee the workings of My will and purpose. That which touches your life shall prepare you for something farther down the line. For I’ve called you to be a vital part of My kingdom.

Let your home be open to hospitality. Those that shall come they shall find a sense of My presence. Some shall come wondering what is the secret of your relationship and joy. And you’ll be able to point them to the fact that I’m the central figure. And I am that round whom thou has gathered your life and of purpose to please. And it will be your pleasure and joy to lead them into a personal relationship with Me.

I’m going to strengthen and enlarge your faith. I’m going to add to you consul and might. I’ll put wisdom within you not that comes from years of experience but by impartation of my spirit according to the need that is presented. Thou shall be able to share with those of your own peer level and be able to point them to a place of fellowship and walk with Me.

For I’m going to make you leaders in the realm of bringing homes and lives and marriages into a relationship with me that will bring glory unto My name. I will come in do season to enlarge thee. I will come in do season to bring promotion. For what I do now is preparation.

Be diligent in the small things. Cause not your spirit to despise the day of small things, but rather whatever your hands are trying to do…. do it with gladness…and do it out of faithfulness and love…And as you do I will increase responsibility…I will enlarge yay the capacity of both of you to move on into another realm and into higher areas of leadership and government. Therefore sayath the Lord this day my hand is upon thee to nurture thee, perfect thee, mold thee, be in submission to the authority that is over thee, say yes and Amen unto that which the Lord has instructed to be and to do. And as you do the Lord in due season will add increase and bring forth revelation of will and purpose for which He has enjoined the two together to perform”

Prophet Two “There is going to come an inheritance from your own family unto your life. For yay these shall come in the days ahead of you a blessing from your own families. It shall be in the realm of natural things of finance, investments. You are not to despise this or to reject it. For there shall come a blessing from the Lord through your own family … they shall bless thee with natural things and that shall be used for multiplication.

And thou shall be a man of success. A man of business stature … you will be a man that will bless the people of God with money. For there will come into your hands the wisdom of God … and it shall flow through you for you shall be known in the community as a man of wisdom in a natural realm and in business. For I see you as a door swinging both ways in the church … and I see businessmen coming in but I see disciples going out, for I will call you as a fisherman … A business man and a fisherman of people of influence in the community round about and you shall be respected and sought out.

I see another ministry mantle coming on you and that is counseling. You shall have a ministry of marriage counseling and there will come people to you that look like they have it together but their marriages are falling apart. I see right now in my spirit a man coming to you that has fallen into adultery. He is a business man, his wife doesn’t know it but he’s coming to you for counsel and you’re not sure what to do, in the name of the Lord, God will give you wisdom. You will rescue him and his marriage shall be saved sayath the Lord. For there will rest upon you a mantle of insight into family and marriage. And you will renovate and rehabilitate the business people that are devastating their marriages by wrong priority by speaking the word of wisdom into their lives.

Brother and sister you are going to have a terrific influence in this area of counseling. Much more that you will ever realize now. Even as I’m prophesying you don’t realize the extent that God is going to use you in the realm of counseling marriages that have fallen on the rocks. I mean people of influence and people that count in society are going to seek you out. And they’re going to find answers and you’re going to be able not just to give them answers but you’re going to make them disciples. They will come in one way but they will leave another. The word of the Lord will be in your mouth.

This is another word for you…warning! The enemy is going to attack your marriage like never before. Because you ministry is going to be birthed out of a healthy relationship and you at this point I feel in my spirit your marriage is healthy. You have a good communication but the enemy is going to come against you because he will want to rob you of this ministry. You are going to be harvesters of souls through the spirit of counseling and the spirit of finance and investments… you are going to be a counselor to men when it comes to money, and when it comes to business matters…

This will take years; it will take time bit I believe there is something to do with you family and it will have something to do with sovereignty of God. When it is all put together you will be a powerful ministry.”

Prophet Three: “It’s been on my heart since you came on the platform and it keeps insisting on being there. And I feel that what I’m going to say is not in contradiction with what the other prophets have said but…I feel that the heart of the Lord is much concerned about shepherding care for His people and for those who are being neglected…and that God has placed within you hearts and has nurtured your hearts…and you have permitted it to happen that you have caring concerned hearts…you’re people’s people…you love people not just a crowd you love people…and in the midst of all else that is happening…the scripture that has been given to me I believe…as it were by the word of knowledge…you shall bring forth fruit, that has been mentioned already, but that your fruit shall remain through shepherding concerned care and even in the midst of serving the Lord in the realm of business there will be a concern for human being that will not be usurped nor drowned in the economics of life.


Joseph said...

"And thou shall be a man of success. A man of business stature … you will be a man that will bless the people of God with money."
I believe that prophecy is quite specific: "blessing the people with money."

This is certainly a testimony that Dorean is not dead or redundant or no longer matters. Certainly this prophecy has not yet been fulfilled, so how can Dorean be dead?

I think this is perfect timing to bring these witnesses and prophets to light now when so many are questioning their own faith in Dorean like OMO and others and the insignificant views that have been expressed that Dorean can't grow to anything good because it's dead or that worldly events have somehow taken away Dorean's significance of a victory or victory party.

I am not surprised at all reading the testimonies and prophecies of these 3 witnesses that agree and probably don't even know the other 2, but that is how God works, he sends many witnesses to confirm his words and to prove that he is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that he in fact is an eternal "round" where all of his words come true without any deviation, over, and over, and over, again in all generations of time and his ways are perfect, like a circle is perfect, you can't tell where the circle begins, nor can you tell where it ends.

I feel honored and a little humbled that Kurt is so kind to share this personal information with us.

Joseph said...

"And I am that ROUND whom thou has gathered your life and of purpose to please. And it will be your pleasure and joy to lead them into a personal relationship with Me."

This is diametrically opposed to what Notarial Dissent has to say for sure. He doesn't believe Kurt is a man of God, but a common criminal that wasn't smart enough not to get caught.

As Kurt pointed out, these prophecies were given BEFORE Dorean even came on the scene, even before Notarial Dissent even had an opinion of Kurt.

To say that they aren't prophecies is also to have to come up with some sort of reasonable explanation that makes sense why all 3 witnesses WHO PROBABLY DON'T NOW EACH OTHER, WHY THEY ALL agree with each other & only say benevolent things about Kurt. Coincidence? or revelation?

I know one time I was given a blessing, and the inspired man giving the blessing to me told me something that was IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO KNOW. Coincidence or revelation? You can rest assured he got my attention.

Course spiritual things are only spiritually discerned, and faith is a gift, things that Notarial Dissent has no experience or paradigm in. To him, such things are silliness I'm sure. It's like explaining calculus & algorithms to someone in kindergarten. You aren't going to get anywhere & there won't be any teaching moment for this child.

Joseph said...

Dorean Process dead?

Are the 13 top issues with lenders dead too? LOL

1. State & Federal violations
2. Mortgage fraud
3. Lost or missing notes
4. MERS violations
5. UCC violations
6. Common Law fraud
7. Lenders liability
8. Mortgage Broker fraud
9. Title company fraud
10. Deceptive practices
11. Equity stripping
12. Predatory lending Practices
13. Securitization issues

50 of the Attorney Generals are either suing the major banks right now for fraud or are investigating the major lenders for fraud as I type this entry.

With all of these issues going on, don't you think Dorean and their credibility will benefit too?