Friday, April 08, 2011

Holiness 2-20-11

I used to have a critic on this blog called “you will know them by their fruits”. She was my personal fruit inspector, but like her many believers (I use the term loosely for her sake) have a wrong understanding of sanctification. It is commonly conceived that every item of our lives should be holy. But that is not holiness; rather it is the fruit of holiness. Holiness is Christ.

Let one of my critics, my fleshly fruit inspectors, speak on behalf of true Holiness. Let them condemn me with the boldness of “thus sayath the Lord”! Surely Christ Himself can take offense at my words and deeds and issue a decree of opposition. Am I the first of false prophets or to proclaim a false gospel? I must be very late in this practice for many have been addressed before I.

I am not afraid to lay my life upon the gospel I profess, nor am I afraid to say “thus sayeth the Lord”. I proclaim the gospel (good news) I profess to be the only true gospel and that these who ridicule it are frauds that condemn truth and think they are righteous. They are the most pitiful and hopeless of all men. For they have heard the truth and called it a lie. Repentance and salvation are far from their hearts.

I profess Christ; Christ alone! He is the all in all. At the center of God’s plans, God’s laws, God’s ways, God’s character, and God’s life is Christ. He is the only way, the only truth, the only life. It is His strength that is superior to all opposition. He is the winner of every campaign. No weapon formed against Him will prosper. Whatever work He starts within His chosen He will perform to it perfect finish. He is not a religious name He is above all that is named. His children have no fear because His perfect love cast away fear. Besides He is also the baddest dude on the block, (slang for paramount in power). Yes this is the gospel that inflames my critics and like Christ I can say get with the truth of Christ or to hell with you!


habakkuk said...

"..Besides He is also the baddest dude on the block.."

Yes HE is.

dr. ira gilac said...

jimmy noone is badder than him tho.

Joseph said...

A huge win for the consumer/borrower:

"the Appeals Court found that the promise to negotiate is “not based on a promise to make a unilateral offer but on a promise to negotiate in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable loan modification.”

Joseph said...

Finally a big whig of a major bank is going to pay:

Joseph said...

For they have heard the truth and called it a lie.

That sums their character up quite simply.

Joseph said...

Let them condemn me with the boldness of “thus sayath the Lord”!

I don't believe anyone to date has been that bold or gutsy or crazy! Most if not all of your critics are anti-christ and certainly not spiritually minded, so I don't see that happening. Even the "fruit inspector" didn't go that far, as far as I can tell. The gall of doing that might even be a little disturbing if not entertaining to some.

Taking the Lord's name in vain (pretending to be the Lord's oracle & not being called ), is a quite serious offense to God. It goes hand and hand with the sin of blasphemy.

Should someone play that role, they would be a fruit cake for sure or the worst narcissist or power monger, I've ever seen.

Watching the TV show "Baggage" the other day, one of the contestants believed they were Jesus incarnate in a previous life believing strongly in the doctrine of reincarnation where you come back to life in different forms and personalities throughout time. This black man believed he was Christ in a previous life. The lady who did nude modeling for a living, didn't want anything to do with him after she heard that. That notion even offends a christian stripper who apparently has no shame or decency.

Joseph said...

Whistleblower gets huge payout from IRS for ratting on someone & thus enriching the IRS:

Isn't there a 1% fee that banks are suppose to pay to the IRS for giving out any loan?

What would the fee be for turning in all the banks that never paid the fee that is due to the IRS? Wouldn't that be a great payout?
The lenders never pay this fee due. That is a fact.

Could it be that the banks are telling the truth to the IRS that a real loan wasn't given by the bank & that's why they aren't liable for this fee? And isn't it proof that no banks have ever been charged or forced to pay this fee that the IRS is acknowledging that the banks in fact do not give out legitimate loans

It's got to be one or the other. Either a loan was given which mandates a 1% fee, or a loan was not given which is proven by the actions of the banks by never paying that legal fee and the IRS never coming after the banks.

Is that proof enough that a loan was never given by the bank. I believe so.

I want to be paid by the IRS for my tip or I want my loan forgiven. Don't care which.

Joseph said...

103 year old Judge still hearing federal cases:

"He'll quit when he thinks it's time." LOL

dr. ira gilac said...

103 year old Judge still hearing federal cases

ya, jug beans is still practing, but tell him he still gonna cum to his end....course, he like it that ways.....cum in his end.