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Thoughts On Our Trial (September 6, 2007)

As we all have come now to the end of our suffering and the beginning of our restoration I want to quote you a Scripture you all should have read by now if you were tracking with the Lord. I Peter 5:10-11. "And after you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, support, strengthen, and establish you. To him be the power forever and ever Amen." I guess in my weakness I have not been able to say anything any better than this over these two years. During this time I have tried to encourage you to trust God because it truly is his power and his glory why these events have happened upon us. You simpletons who think life is a mere greed and retribution equation have never taken the time to learn of God and His ways. He is all about showing himself strong and righteous to a retarded world. In the book of Judith there is something great said in her prayer (Chapter 9) that reflects to me what we all should be doing or should have done from the beginning. First she starts with recounting God's great activities. This was your first failure if you had not done this. When one recounts the greatness of God there is no room for doubt, fear, or trepidation. It is only in the greatness of God that faith gets its vision. Later in her prayer faith's vision is clearly expressed in this quote, "You have designed the things that are now, and those that are to come. What you had in mind has happened; the things you decided on presented themselves and said, "Here we are!" For all your ways are prepared in advance, and your judgment is with fore-knowledge."

Now this lady says this when an army too great to defeat is outside the gates of her city, cutting off the water supply and the people are dying of thirst. How is it this woman sees the opportunity for God's greatness while everyone else is faint and ready to surrender? She knew God was her defender and that God made a clear distinction between His people when they were not in rebellion and the other nations. Even the other nations knew of the difference. How is it that you don't know the difference? Perhaps there is no difference! The people of Judith's town if they all worked together for a whole year could not have gathered the wealth the army or the enemy delivered to their door in one day. I have always seen from the beginning the opportunity to have the UNITED STATES boogey-man be the vehicle of prosperity. They have done for us what we could have probably never accomplished with all our hard work. If you didn't see this from the beginning you really don't have an intimate relationship with the Living God. Don't get defensive, simply repent and learn to hear His voice. You will see all your trials differently when in His refuge. Now we have come to that moment in history where they must have a trial they cannot have. Who do you think really has the problem? We wake up relaxed while they sweat and twist in their sheets all night. Like Judith, I'm not boasting in my skills though God given, I am boasting in the Lord who had a plan from the beginning and now it has presented itself in history. Can't you see it? Half the companies that alleged to be our victims are out of business. The other half are paddling frantically to stay afloat. Imagine a trial now with disgruntled ex-employees without any paycheck or loyalty to the banks on the stand verses the one thinking he has an endless future of promotion. Imagine a juror who doesn't know anything about the serious problem of foreclosures and monkey business that was the industry standard. Imagine there not being at least one juror who isn't upside down in their house, been abused by an arm loan or negative arm. Imagine one juror not having a friend or relative who is in foreclosure trouble. Imagine two new prosecutors being ready to try this complicated case with only six weeks to prepare. Are you starting to see the environment created by God at just the right time? Do you really think Judge Aslup's presumptions carry all the weight of evidence under these circumstances? If you were a banker with a multi-trillion dollar fraud to protect would this be the chance or group of retards you would use to create a public record of your honesty? Come on people use your noggin! George Bush flip-flopped and got turned out in three weeks by the political pressure. Can you imagine that kind of pressure behind this trial? Or should I say that kind of pressure to avoid this trial.


provb1022 said...

Yes I can.

Judge Roy Bean said...

Whether there will be a trial is up to the defendants. All they have to do is admit it was a scam and take the shorter sentences. Otherwise, they get to make fools of themselves in court, on the record and get longer sentences.

you will know them by their fruit said...

SeanJohn1018 said...
I hope every single one of you read this post and realize how retarded all of you are.

While Kurt is living his wonderful, wealthy life probably surrounded by expensive things that he bought to make his life seem like it has value, his three children, one of them being me, Sean Travis Johnson, are living in Arizona working hard to pay their way... The legal way.
You also didn't know that when my dad got into development of his first scheme he went to jail for, he was packing away large amounts of money on a private yacht, while our family was homeless in California, living off the damaged food cans for our dinner which he would bring to us from the Pack & Save grocery store he used to work at.
The fact that he put himself and his own personal wealth before his family, is fucked up. Not to mention the fact that it isn't already extremely fucked up that he was stealing all this money from stupid, manipulatable people just like all of you who get sucked right in to the bullshit of his words.

And as for you dad, I hope you keep brainwashing these followers of yours and succeed to be as wonderful of a man as Hitler, making people believe that your screwed up ideas you come up with are actually helpful. I hope you joke about how you all think you know the law so well, how it's all fucked up, and how you all truly believe that a small group of Californians can change it by breaking the law, in an effort to show the "truth" of your ways.

You also need to stop with all of the "God's the future" crap because you don't know shit about god. God isn't some supremacist who embraces the people who worship him and gives up on who doesn't. The life you live is about you. It isn't about wasting away days of your life praying to something that we believe exists because of stories that formed thousands of years ago. For any sane human being, it is obvious that if you play the game telephone with a group of people and start with a story, it's not going to be told the same way on the other end. So how do you expect everyone from the time when the bible's stories started developing to all tell the truth, as well as, the same stories as everyone else. That right there, is assuming that it isn't human nature to exaggerate.

And even if there was a god who believed that those who stay true to him, stay true to life, or some bullshit like that, he would have told you to stay true to your family and your children in hopes to raise, healthy, smart, beautiful men and women. Mom did an exceptional job of doing that on her own though. So you shouldn't worry too much. Just keep moving along, not paying child support for the 17th year straight now.

Why do you choose to do that? Oh well it's because you love your children so dearly and would do anything to make them happy.... Like not make an effort to be a part of their lives and put the request slip for child support in the paper shredder when it showed up in the mailbox, and decide not to come down to Tucson to see us occasionally because it's too much of a pain in the butt to just follow the rules of a restraining order. My kids just aren't worth the effort or discomfort.

When this trial ends, I'll be "praying to the ol' mighty god" that you sit in a 9' by 9' cell, thinking about how all three of your kids, me, Shannon, and Ethan would enjoy seeing you get strapped up to the fryer seat and watch your flesh crisp up like breaded chicken. I hope you also sit in your cell thinking about how many lives you fucked up, while trying to convince everyone that you believed in honor, integrity, truth, and all that other manipulative sac of shit you say you're about.

And while you're doing that, I'll adopt your religious studies for a quick moment to hope one thing is true in the Christian beliefs. And that is hoping that there truly is hell, so that I can be assured that you'll fall to the deepest of depths, eternally burning in the afterlife as payment for all the twisted things you have done to better yourself while hurting others.

Sean Travis Johnson


Dear Sean,

It is important that you understand that your father does not represent anything close to a "Christlike" person. You, more than anyone else on this board, know the fruit that your father has produced. But DO NOT take the hurt you have endured at the hands of your father and apply it to God. He (God) is our refuge when we come across people so willingly consumed by evil. He (God) offers a peace of mind that is beyond description.

While your father has currently sold his eternity for money do not let him rob you of a great gift. For all that he has done to harm you, you must not let him do the most damaging thing-destroy your relationship with a caring and loving God.

Don't let him take that from you too!

God warned us about people like your father. He knows the great harm they can create.

May God bless you Sean. And may God bless your father.

12:51 PM

neodemes said...

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)

neodemes said...

Dorean Victims Unite!

mogel007 said...

NOT GUILTY! HUNG JURY! 189 IRS counts bite the dust in Las Vegas case Monday, September 17th 2007 - Christopher Hansen I just got the call. Joel Hansen, the Independent American Party's attorney has informed me that of the 189 count indictment against 9 defendants the government did not get a single conviction. Several of the defendants were acquitted. The government was unable to convict any of the other defendants on any charge but did manage to hang the jury of five of the defendants so if they choose to the government can retry those defendants.
Let us pray the government wastes no more tax dollars (whatever that is) on prosecuting these innocent men and women. It is the IRS and the judges in this case that deserve to be in prison. (More on that in articles to come.)
Alex Loglia's defense attorney is Joel Hansen. Joel was able to discover that the jury deadlocked 7 to acquit to 5 to convict on the charges against him. We do not have the numbers concerning the other defendants at this time.
This case has been very interesting as it is about gold and silver dollars minted since 1986 A.D. It is about the difference between a gold
or silver dollars and a Federal Reserve Notes. It is about the meaning of words.
Blacks Law 6th addition states that notes are not money. So what is a Federal Reserve Note and why do you pay taxes with them?
Taxes are to be paid in dollars. So what is a dollar?
Have you asked your Congressman? You should. Write him or her today and demand to know the legal definition of a dollar.

Robert Furman - Not Guilty all charges
Ronald Ruggles - Not Guilty all charges
Myra Buonomo - Not Guilty all charges
Joel Axberg - Not Guilty all charges

Debra Rosenbaum - Not Guilty 8 counts 7201, Hung on 371
Danielle Alires - Not Guilty 371, Hung on Bank fraud and 7201

Robert Kahre - Hung all counts
Lori Kahre-Rasmussen - Hung all counts
Alexander Loglia - Hung all counts

No direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the US Supreme Court rulings.
I am not a lawyer and don't want to be a lawyer, because most trial lawyers are willing to lie most of the time and will ultimately have to answer to God.
May we defeat the Enemies of our Constitution.

Now the IRS must answer the question why they have been collecting a direct tax without apportionment.

God Bless All Our Patriots.
Chuck Conces

drherbman said...

I dont expect the people on here that ridicule Kurt and Scott to understand the situation or the following courtroom dialog..this is only ONE scenario of many possible played out..see if you can figure it out.....

Atlas Shrugged

Beginning on page 448 of the 35th Anniversary Edition

According to the procedure established by directives, cases of this kind were not tried by a jury, but by a panel of three judges appointed by the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources; the procedure, the directives had stated, was to be informal and democratic. The judge's bench had been removed from the old Philadelphia courtroom for this occasion, and replaced by a table on a wooden platform; it gave the room an atmosphere suggesting the kind of meeting where a presiding body puts something over on a mentally retarded membership.

One of the judges, acting as prosecutor, had read the charges. "You may now offer whatever plea you wish to make in your own defense," he announced.

Facing the platform, his voice inflectionless and peculiarly clear, Hank Rearden answered:

"I have no defense."

""Do you-" The judge stumbled; he had not expected it to be that easy. "Do you throw yourself upon the mercy of this court?"

"I do not recognize this court's right to try me"."


"I do not recognize this court's right to try me."

"But, Mr. Rearden, this is the legally appointed court to try this particular category of crime."

"I do not recognize my action as a crime."

"But you have admitted that you have broken our regulations controlling the sale of your Metal."

"I do not recognize your right to control the sale of my Metal."

"Is it necessary for me to point out that your recognition was not required?"

"No, I am fully aware of it and I am acting accordingly."

He noted the stillness of the room. By the rules of the complicated pretense which all those people played for one another's benefit, they should have considered his stand as incomprehensible folly; there should have been rustles of astonishment and derision; there were none; they sat still; they understood.

"Do you mean that you are refusing to obey the law?" asked the judge.

"No. I am complying with the law - to the letter. Your law holds that my life, my work and my property may be disposed of without my consent. Very well, you may now dispose of me without my participation in the matter. I will not play the part of defending myself, where no defense is possible, and I will not simulate the illusion of dealing with a tribunal of justice."

"But Mr. Rearden, the law provides specifically that you are to be given an opportunity to present your side of the case and to defend yourself."

"A prisoner brought to trial can defend himself only if there is an objective principle of justice recognized by his judges, a principle upholding his rights, which they may not violate and which he can invoke. The law, by which you are trying me, holds that there are no principles, that I have no rights and that you may do with me whatever you please. Very well, Do it."

"Mr. Rearden, the law which you are denouncing is based on the highest principle - the principle of the public good."

"Who is the public? What does it hold as its good? There was a time when men believed that 'the good' was a concept to be defined by a code of moral values and that no man had the right to seek his good through the violation of the rights of another. If it is now believed that my fellow men may sacrifice me in any manner they please for the sake of whatever they deem to be their own good, if they believe that they may seize my property simply because they need it - well, so does any burglar. There is only this difference: the burglar does not ask me to sanction his act."

A group of seats at the side of the courtroom was reserved for the prominent visitors who had come from New York to witness the trial. Dagny sat motionless and her face showed nothing but a solemn attention, the attention of listening with the knowledge that the flow of his words would determine the course of her life. Eddie Willers sat beside her. James Taggart had not come. Paul Larkin sat hunched forward, his face thrust out, pointed like an animal's muzzle, sharpened by a look of fear now turning into malicious hatred. Mr. Mowen, who sat beside him, was a man of greater innocence and smaller understanding; his fear was of a simpler nature; he listened in bewildered indignation and he whispered to Larkin, "Good God, now he's done it! Now he'll convince the whole country that all businessmen are enemies of the public good!"

"Are we to understand," asked the judge, " that you hold your own interests above the interests of the public?"

"I hold that such a question can never arise except in a society of cannibals."

"What . . . what do you mean?"

"I hold that there is no clash of interests among men who do not demand the unearned and do not practice human sacrifices."

"Are we to understand that if the public deems it necessary to curtail your profits, you do not recognize its right to do so?"

"Why, yes, I do. The public may curtail my profits any time it wishes - by refusing to buy my product."

"We are speaking of . . . other methods."

"Any other method of curtailing profits is the method of looters - and I recognize it as such."

"Mr. Rearden, this is hardly the way to defend yourself."

"I said that I would not defend myself."

"But this is unheard of! Do you realize the gravity of the charge against you?"

"I do not care to consider it."

"Do you realize the possible consequences of your stand?"


"It is the opinion of this court that the facts presented by the prosecution seem to warrant no leniency. The penalty which this court has the power to impose on you is extremely severe."

"Go ahead."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Impose it."

The three judges looked at one another. Then their spokesman turned back to Rearden. "This is unprecedented," he said.

"It is completely irregular," said the second judge. "The law requires you to submit a plea in your own defense. Your only alternative is to state for the record that you throw yourself upon the mercy of the court."

"I do not."

"But you have to."

"Do you mean that what you expect from me is some sort of voluntary action?"


"I volunteer nothing."

"But the law demands that the defendant's side be represented on the record."

"Do you mean that you need my help to make this procedure legal?"

"Well, no . . . yes . . . that is, to complete the form."

"I will not help you."

The third and youngest judge, who had acted as prosecutor, snapped impatiently, "This is ridiculous and unfair. Do you want to let it look as if a man of your prominence had been railroaded without a -" He cut himself off short. Somebody at the back of the courtroom emitted a long whistle.

"I want", said Rearden gravely, "to let the nature of this procedure appear exactly for what it is. If you need my help to disguise it - I will not help you."

"But we are giving you a chance to defend yourself - and it is you who are rejecting it."

"I will not help you to pretend that I have a chance. I will not help you to preserve the appearance of righteousness where rights are not recognized. I will not help you to preserve an appearance of rationality by entering a debate in which a gun is the final argument. I will not help you to pretend that you are administering justice."

"But the law compels you to volunteer a defense."

There was laughter at the back of the courtroom.

"That is the flaw in your theory, gentlemen," said Rearden gravely, "and I will not help you out of it. If you choose to deal with men by means of compulsion, do so. But you will discover that you need the voluntary co-operation of your victims, in many more ways than you can see at present. And your victims should discover that it is their own volition - which you cannot force - that makes you possible. I choose to be consistent and I will obey you in the manner you demand. Whatever you wish me to do, I will do it at the point of a gun. If you sentence me to jail, you will have to send armed men to carry me there - I will not volunteer to move. If you fine me, you will have to seize my property to collect the fine - I will not volunteer to pay it. If you believe you have the right to force me - use your guns openly. I will not help you to disguise the nature of your action."

The eldest judge leaned forward across the table and his voice became suavely derisive: "You speak as if you were fighting for some sort of principle, Mr. Rearden, but what you're actually fighting for is only your property, isn't it?"

"Yes, of course. I am fighting for my property. Do you know the kind of principle that represents?"

"You pose as a champion of freedom, but it's only the freedom to make money that you're after."

"Yes, of course. All I want is the freedom to make money. Do you know what that freedom implies?"

"Surely, Mr. Rearden, you wouldn't want your attitude to be misunderstood. You wouldn't want to give support to the widespread impression that you are a man devoid of social conscience, who feels no concern for the welfare of his fellows and works for nothing but his own profit."

"I work for nothing but my own profit. I earn it."

There was a gasp, not of indignation, but of astonishment, in the crowd behind him and silence from the judges he faced. He went on calmly:

"No, I do not want my attitude to be misunderstood. I shall be glad to state it for the record. I am in full agreement with the facts of everything said about me in the newspapers - with the facts, but not with the evaluation. I work for nothing but my own profit - which I make by selling a product they need to men who are willing and able to buy it. I do not produce it for their benefit at the expense of mine; I do not sacrifice my interests to them nor do they sacrifice theirs to me; we deal as equals by mutual consent to mutual advantage - and I am proud of every penny that I have earned in this manner. I am rich and I am proud of every penny I own. I made my money by my own effort, in free exchange and through the voluntary consent of every man I dealt with - the voluntary consent of those who employed me when I started, the voluntary consent of those who work for me now, the voluntary consent of those who buy my product. I shall answer all the questions you are afraid to ask me openly. Do I wish to pay my workers more than their services are worth to me? I do not. Do I wish to sell my product for less than my customers are willing to pay me? I do not. Do I wish to sell it at a loss or give it away? I do not. If this is evil, do whatever you please about me, according to whatever standards you hold. These are mine. I am earning my own living, as every honest man must. I refuse to accept as guilt the fact of my own existence and the fact that I must work in order to support it. I refuse to accept as guilt the fact that I must work in order to support it. I refuse to accept as guilt the fact that I am able to do it and do it well. I refuse to accept as guilt the fact that I am able to do it better than most people - the fact that my work is of greater value than the work of my neighbors and that more men are willing to pay me. I refuse to apologize for my money. If this is evil, make the most of it. If this is what the public finds harmful to its interest, let the public destroy me. This is my code - and I will accept no other. I could say to you that I have done more good for my fellow men that you can ever hope to accomplish - but I will not say it, because I do not seek the good of others as a sanction for my right to exist, nor do I recognize the good of others as a sanction for my right to exist, not do I recognize the good of others as a justification for their seizure of my property or their destruction of my life. I will not say that the good of others was the purpose of my work - my own good was my purpose, and I despise the man who surrenders his. I could say to you that you do not serve the public good - that nobody's good can be achieved at the price of human sacrifices - that when you violate the rights of one man, you have violated the rights of all, and a public of rightless creatures is doomed to destruction. I could say to you that you will and can achieve nothing but universal devastation - as any looter must, when he runs out of victims. I could say it, but I won't. It is not your particular policy that I challenge, but your moral premise. If it were true that men could achieve their good by means of turning some men into sacrificial animals, and I were asked to immolate myself for the sake of creatures who wanted to survive at the price of my blood, if I were asked to serve the interests of society apart from, above and against my own - I would refuse. I would reject it as the most contemptible evil, I would fight it with every power I possess, I would fight the whole of manknd, if one minute were all I could last before I were murdered, I would fight in the full confidence of the justice of my battle and of a living being's right to exist. Let there be no misunderstanding about me. If it is now the belief of my fellow men, who call themselves the public, that their good requires victims, then I say: The public good be damned, I will have no part of it!"

The crowd burst into applause.

Rearden whirled around, more startled than his judges. He saw faces that laughed in violent excitement, and faces that pleaded for help; he saw their silent despair breaking out into the open; he saw the same anger and indignation as his own, finding release in the wild defiance of their cheering; he saw the looks of admiration and the looks of hope. There were also the faces of loose-mouthed young men and maliciously unkempt females, the kind who led the booing in newsreel theaters at any appearance of a businessman on the screen; they did not attempt a counter-demonstration; they were silent.

As he looked at the crowd, people saw in his face what the threats of the judges had not been able to evoke: the first sign of emotion.

It was a few moments before they heard the furious beating of a gavel upon the table and one of the judges yelling:

"- or I shall have the courtroom cleared!"

As he turned back to the table, Rearden's eyes moved over the visitors' section. His glance paused on Dagny, a pause perceptible only to her, as if he were saying: It works. She would have appeared calm except that her eyes seemed to have become too large for her face. Eddie Willers was smiling the kind of smile that is a man's substitute for breaking into tears. Mr. Mowen looked stupefied. Paul Larkin was staring at the floor. There was no expression on Bertram Scudder's face - or on Lillian's. She sat at the end of a row, her legs crossed, a mink stole slanting from her right shoulder to her left hip; she looked at Rearden, not moving.

In the complex violence of all the things he felt, he had time to recognize a touch of regret and of longing: there was a face he had hoped to see, had looked for from the start of the session, had wanted to be present more than any other face around him. But Francisco d'Anconia had not come.

"Mr. Rearden," said the eldest judge, smiling affably, reproachfully and spreading his arms, "it is regrettable that you should have misunderstood us so completely. That's the trouble - that businessmen refuse to approach us in the spirit of trust and friendship. They seem to imagine that we are their enemies. Why do you speak of human sacrifices? What made you go to such an extreme? We have no intention of seizing your property or destroying your life. We do not seek to harm your interests. We are fully aware of your distinguished achievements. Our purpose is only to balance social pressures and do justice to all. This hearing is really intended, not as a trial, but as a friendly discussion aimed at mutual understanding and co-operation."

"I do not co-operate at the point of a gun."
"Why speak of guns? This matter is not serious enough to warrant such references. We are fully aware that the guilt in this case lies chiefly with Mr. Kenneth Danagger, who instigated this infringement of the law, who exerted pressure upon you and who confessed his guilt by disappearing in order to escape trial."

"No. We did it by equal, mutual, voluntary agreement."

"Mr. Rearden," said the second judge, "you may not share some of our ideas, but when all is said and done, we're all working for the same cause. For the good of the people. We realize that you were prompted to disregard the legal technicalities by the critical situation of the coal mines and the crucial importance of fuel to the public welfare."

"No. I was prompted by my own profit and my own interests. What effect it had on the coal mines and the public welfare is for you to estimate. That was not my motive."

Mr. Mowen stared dazedly about him and whispered to Paul Larkin, "Something's gone screwy here."

"Oh, shut up!" snapped Larkin.

"I am sure, Mr. Rearden," said the eldest judge, "that you do not really believe - nor does the public - that we wish to treat you as a sacrificial victim. If anyone has been laboring under such a misapprehension, we are anxious to prove that it is not true."

The judges retired to consider their verdict. They did not stay out long. They returned to an ominously silent courtroom - and announced that a fine of $5,000 was imposed on Henry Rearden, but that the sentence was suspended.

Streaks of jeering laughter ran through the applause that swept the courtroom. The applause was aimed at Rearden, the laughter - at the judges.

Rearden stood motionless, not turning to the crowd, barely hearing the applause. He stood looking at the judges. There was no triumph in his face, no elation, only the still intensity of contemplating a vision with a bitter wonder that was almost fear. He was seeing the enormity of the smallness of the enemy who was destroying the world. He felt as if, after a journey of years through a landscape of devastation, past the ruins of great factories, the wrecks of powerful engines, the bodies of invincible men, he had come upon the despoiler, expecting to find a giant - and had found a rat eager to scurry for cover at the first sound of a human step.

If this is what has beaten us, he thought, the guilt is ours.

He was jolted back into the courtroom by the people pressing to surround him. He smiled in answer to their smiles, to the frantic, tragic eagerness of their faces; there was a touch of sadness in his smile.

"God bless you, Mr. Rearden!" said an old woman with a ragged shawl over her head. "Can't you save us, Mr. Rearden? They're eating us alive, and it's no use fooling anybody about how it's the rich that they're after - do you know what's happening to us?"

"Listen, Mr. Rearden," said a man who looked like a factory worker, "it's the rich who're selling us down the river. Tell those wealthy bastards, who're so anxious to give everything away, that when they give away their palaces, they're giving away the skin off our backs."

"I know it," said Rearden.

The guilt is ours, he thought. If we who were the movers, the providers, the benefactors of mankind, were willing to let the brand of evil be stamped upon us and silently to bear punishment for our virtues - what sort of "good" did we expect to triumph in the world?

He looked at the people around him. They had cheered him today; they had cheered him by the side of the track of the John Galt Line. But tomorrow they would clamor for a new directive from Wesley Mouch and a free housing project from Orren Boyle, while Boyle's girders collapsed upon their heads. They would do it, because they would be told to forget, as a sin, that which had made them cheer Hank Rearden.

Why were they ready to renounce their highest moments as a sin? Why were they willing to betray the best within them? What made them believe that this earth was a realm of evil where despair was their natural fate? He could not name the reason, but he knew that it had to be named. He felt it as a huge question mark within the courtroom, which it was now his duty to answer.

This was the real sentence imposed upon him, he thought - to discover what idea, what simple idea available to the simplest man, had made mankind accept the doctrines that led it to self-destruction.

"Hank, I'll never think that it's hopeless, not ever again," said Dagny that evening, after the trial. "I'll never be tempted to quit. You've proved that the right always works and always wins - " She stopped, then added " - provided one knows what is the right."


Anonymous said...


(Reuters) - The regulator for Fannie Mae (FNM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) and Freddie Mac (FRE.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Thursday he could back a plan to let the mortgage finance companies invest in high-value loans as part of a reform deal.

"We agree with (U.S. Treasury) Secretary Paulson that a modification of the conforming loan limit should only be considered as part of comprehensive GSE reform," James Lockhart, the director of the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, said in a statement.

Earlier on Thursday, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson said that he could back a plan to let Fannie and Freddie invest in loans above the $417,000 limit as part of a deal to increase oversight of the firms.

Anonymous said...

dr. blurbman got it right;

just like gong into a coatroom and aksing the drudge:

"yo, dishonor, by the way, what that gold trim around the us falg means?"

"is this a contitunal coatroom?

"is it not true that this an
admiralty coatroom?"

"if this an admiralty coatroom, then it govnoned by martyrtime law, is it not?"

"if it govnoned by martyrtime law, then it must follow UCC, do it not?"

"then if it follow UCC, have i entered into a contract with this coatroom to meddle into my affairs?"

"if i havnt, then SEE YO! IM OTTA HERE YO DISHONOR!

neodemes said...

Judge Poop: If you don't answer the question, young man, I'm afraid we're going to have to gag you.

Mudhead: What question?

Judge Poop: Gag him.

People's Commissioner Tirebiter: Who was that woman I saw you with last night?

Mudhead: That was no woman; that was Bottles.

Firesign Theatre
Don't Crush That Dwarf - Hand Me the Pliers

Anonymous said...

Updated 21 September 2007 at 1415 HRS EDT

OUR TURN. . . . .


Blacks have had their say over the "Jena 6", it is time for we Whites to have our say.

If I announce a Pro-White Rally seeking zealous legal prosecution of the Jena 6, will YOU show up?


oh, and by the way, mr. trunip;

yo are doing gods will, right??

i mean, god asking yo to spread "hate" much as you can, right??

ok,ok just wanted to make sho that yo checked it out first b4 yo do it....

i no, i no, yo say, but the balcks are doing it?

so what? let them do it.

they will account fo what they do, and yo will account fo what yo do, no??

so, who cares what they do?

yo all so stoopid??

yo cant see this all arrange by that lou minardi guy???

yeah, god taking it all in....

His Son gonna have work cut out for Him when He get here.....

Anonymous said...

"is this a contitunal coatroom?

then hang up you coat!


Anonymous said...

"yo cant see this all arrange by that lou minardi guy???

that the guy that on the HBO series, THE SPORANOS????

Anonymous said...

And Garnish levy’s total embezzlement debt……

$3,200,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion USD demanded in Gold AU + 12 % statutory interest in satisfaction of All 172 UCC felony Judgment Liens against all imposters debtors felons Bank and broker assets in all global Jurisdictions.

Indictment June 22, 1994 United States, Bank of America, v Alvin & John Hansen Or USDC Cr 94-194 HA Dism. 11-14-94 Felony malicious retaliation for foreclosing Security Settlement Contract De Cusip 9314600 Feb 1, 1994, (Alleging theft of wifes Mazda Miata)


this must be the gold they stold from the wurl trad center jus b4 they blew it up.


"$3,200,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion USD demanded in Gold AU + 12 % statutory...

would it be esier, rather than ask fo all those viral reverse nots, that yo wont have enuf room to store in yo house.

think maybe they can just let yo take a press or two?

then yo can just print up how much yo need?

i meen, yo need a cupful of billion, yo just go in yo cellar and print it up....

how long it take... a cufful of hours, give or take???

Anonymous said...


reflecting on you question about whether or not you thawt that a spirit being can be destoryed??

i guess that would depend on your point of view on yeshua.

did yeshua create all things?
? (satan included)

ie., can yeshua (god) possibly create a rock so heavy that He is incapable of lifting it?

or as applies here: can yeshua create anything (satan) that He is not able to destroy??

or even if it cannot be destroyed, if a spirit being has his powers removed, then is rendered harmless, for all practical purposes, this spirit being is destroyed. as his bread and butter" so to speak is its supernatural abiltiy.

conmanbuster4 said...

God damit you Johnso and Hienman you are fake felons. up your ass with the jesus lie. jesus is not coming back jackass. its all in your mind. Hows the sexo with MS 13 and the crips.
you were born for the jail house. . Yoyu fools are like ex alcholics thinkin jesus is gonna help you. the only cross you get johnson is one you're getting with a gang bager doin your butt.

Maybe your gat hienman and johnson with all the gang jail sex.
look at all those mormons you ripped off in utah, sheeps fur jesus.
burn in hell jesus johnson roast with the devil for everGoD don't like criminals, and greedy white boys

near the end said...

Hey conman we forgive you for your mindless raveings.

Go find another board to TROLL!!!!

neodemes said...

“Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7)

Anonymous said...

"God damit you Johnso..."


an yo wont be able to call on it being an admiralty coatroom or ucc to get out it eether.





Anonymous said...

"....but Your Honor, I..."




dont forget, while on the bus, to get yoself some high SPF tanning lotion

yo gonna need it!

Anonymous said...

an yo, junge beans, yo relly nedd to change yo raincoat an kep yo hans out yo pokets;

yo look lik the guy that hanging aournd the elemnetary school everday at 2:30 pm aksing the kids they want some candy....


mogel007 said...

Nemo said: “Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7)

Nemo, how does that scripture reflect HOW YOU REALLY FEEL like the 12 million people that are "lost in your viewpoint" & are "NOT even brothers in Christ" but are part of a "cult", based upon your previous comments to me?

You know you can quote scripture all you want, but it doesn't really reflect how you really feel inside. Doesn't that dualism you play, really eat you up inside Nemo, a christian standard you really can't live in spirit?

You don't know the first thing "about receiving one another" & what that really means to practice.

I find you quoting that scripture hillarious.

Instead of "receiving people", you are the king of alienation & judgment & criticism.

How have you "received the Dorean Group" except with taunts and criticism, sarcasm, and labels such as fraudsters and scam artists? Is your own personal behaviour, Christs way of "glorifying God"?

Would what Jesus do? Would he encourage someone like yourself, to devote a website to tearing down the character of an individual & to destroy a man's quest and actions of conscience?

Nemo, what if your assumptions are totally incorrect & you have been in effect fighting against a righteous cause? If that's true, what does that make you?

Pauligirl said...

mogel007 said...
Nemo: Why didn't you just post the Aldrich case?


Oh I forgot. It's a bogus link that doesn't work since nothing comes up.
2:43 AM

Not bogus. Just changed location.

neodemes said...


You need to take a deep breathe and reread your tirades against me.

I think you will find you are a first class hypocrite.

As far as the 12 million lost - there is nothing I can do - the tares must grow with the wheat until the harvest.

Pauligirl, thanks for the url - here it is as a link:


Yetter said...

Some engage in trivial pursuit in digging up some obscure case in order to make their point.In the original constitution there were three federal laws. Treason,counterfitting and piracy.According to the Cato Institute, they confirm the existence of over three thousand federal laws than can land you in jail, plus three hundred thousand plus, litigation spawning bureaucratic decrees. They invite you to break the law. It costs them nothing and you potentially everything.Who sanctions the validity of these so called laws?

mogel007 said...

Nemo said: "As far as the 12 million lost - there is nothing I can do - the tares must grow with the wheat until the harvest."

I can tell your major in college must have been in horticulture, it surely wasn't in religion.

FIRST CLASS hypocrite? That must be a compliment coming from you. I DON'T KNOW HOW ELSE TO TAKE THAT.

neodemes said...

“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:” (Romans 5:3-4)

justice7777777 said...

neodemes said...
Seems to me, if Alsups' rulings were without merit, you would still have your Dorean web site up pushing the process, Byron.

Well, lets be clear on moogies business plan.

If I remember correctly, he didn't have a website. He had people go to the conference calls of other brokers and have them do all the work for moogie, since moogie was too lazy and / or incompetent to do it himself. Then he would tell these people to let him know when you are ready to become a client, I'll charge you less than what they are charging.

This sums up moogie's life and abilities. He rides other people's coat-tails because he is too incompetent to run a business on his own.

Anonymous said...

"As far as the 12 million lost ..."

who are the 12M lost???

i must of missed this post.

guessing as its directed at moogel, is it the momron chruch yo talkin abut?

mogel007 said...

Nemo said: "And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:” (Romans 5:3-4)

Nemo: I have no way to take this either, other than you are finally admitting you are a pain in the ass? So you know what you do and are without excuse?

Anonymous said...

see, this waht happen to yo when you do this kind of stuff....


pdated 23 September 2007 at 0932 HRS EDT




Such is the state of affairs inside these United States nowadays. Even PUBLIC INFORMATION results in censorship! Nothing that Bill White published was illegal or private, yet it appears his site was removed from the internet.

As a gesture of good faith, and to stand firmly in support of free speech, I hereby publicly offer to Host Bill's site on my server. Even though he and I have been at odds of late, I cannot and will not stand idly-by, while any pro-White American's freedom of speech is curtailed.

For the record, the home address info for the Jena 6 was posted to tyhe outside, third-party "Visitor Comments" area of my web site too; they appear in the first comment


they looking fo a reson to get yo, and now yo just go an give em one.

not too smot, is it?

an yo must wrok for lew minarde so yo can get all the gullible to buy into it and get tehmselfs arrsted.

Anonymous said...

mr. trunip,

why yo worry about the jena-5 or boston-7 or ny-8 or billings-9 or xxxxx-y

if yo the HS with yo, yo alredy protected, no???

yo don need rallys, guns, deomonstrations, etc.

somenone tole yo, an eyelash fo an eyelash, a toothfilling fo a toothfilling, but i say to yo....

luv yo enemies, bless those taht spitefully use yo and prosecute yo

an pull out yo eyelashes....

and toothfillings....

Anonymous said...


and more than all this, YOU ARE BEING WATHCED. 100%

these supposed "hate" groups are being created by intel agencies

they want to see who joins them etc.

so they create appartntly both sides of the issue.

they wanna see who "jumps in"

they will be noted and permanntley wathced.

govt. is trying to find out who is fit for their "millenial kingdom"

they dont want any torublemakers.

so yo will see all kinds of "groups" pop up.

butter both sides of yo toast group.

wip yo *ss with yo left hand gourp

tie yo shoes with one hand group

walk backwards down the street group


the ptb want to be able to "buttonhole" evryone

guess the gropu they will have the hardest time with tryng to buttonhole???

real christians with the HS

these will not join any organised "groups"

yo beloing the NRA???

Anonymous said...

they want to see who joins them etc.

so they create appartntly both sides of the issue.

they yo go.


relly tho, dislexic can all be boiled down to one.


HS or not HS

mogel007 said...

Justice 777 said: "If I remember correctly, he didn't have a website. He had people go to the conference calls of other brokers and have them do all the work for moogie, since moogie was too lazy and / or incompetent to do it himself. Then he would tell these people to let him know when you are ready to become a client, I'll charge you less than what they are charging."

You're right Farrell! I had no business plan, had no website, I'm lazy, I'M AN IDIOT, had no clients, but DESPITE ALL OF MY CONFESSED PERSONAL WEAKNESSES AND SINS, I did study enough to know that loyalty to one's beliefs are important to stay true to the end, but I was perceptive enough to know that the dorean process was legally sound from the very beginning TOO of being called by Scott. I'm sure you wouldn't question Scott's wisdom, being the team player that you are.

I'm sure even Nemo could substantiate all of those things too since he personally knows me better than anyone, since he's able to say with Godly wisdom, I'm a "first class hypocrite" from his vast study of the scriptures, he being divinely led and inspired TOO to help him in his judging abilities.

I guess that's the one thing you couldn't ever get right Farrell, which was staying true to what you really believed. Maybe that was YOUR business plan if I'm not mistaken pretending to be a faithful, but purposely intending to screw up when times got rough & your fears and ignorance got the best of you.

By the way, Farrell, did you ever accomplish your business plan objective of getting me fired as a Dorean Broker? Dimensia seems to run in my family & I forget things sometimes, can't really help it though.

You carried out all of your OTHER THREATS, just wondering if you were able to be true to those words too, or did you fail there too? Wait a second, didn't you also promise to "punch me in the nose" if I ever attended in person any Dorean Broker meeting in California? Hey, maybe at the Dorean celebration party you can accomplish that too. I'm be there in person, how about you?

I was always taught that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Wait a second, as a public courtesy and on a need to know basis, didn't your buddy Nemo say on his website you lost both of your homes to foreclosure or am I mistaken there too? Maybe it's OK to throw stones if you no longer have a glass house? I'm sure Nemo would know & if he doesn't, I'm sure Pauligirl will be there to save the day by documentation of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Dan Rather Charges In His $70 Million Lawsuit: Government And Large Corporations Are Unduly Influencing Newsrooms


relly? yo thik so?


mogel007 said...

Justice said: "He rides other people's coat-tails because he is too incompetent to run a business on his own."

Hey, there's something to be said for riding the coat-tails of someone smarter than one's self. You should try it sometime!!! Course it might be a stretch for you to consider that someone is actually smarter than you, but anything is possible you know.

justice7777777 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
justice7777777 said...

mogel007 said...
Hey, there's something to be said for riding the coat-tails of someone smarter than one's self.

For the record moogie, you are wrong about my identity, but since you've admitted to riding coat-tails because you're a self admitted idiot, it's pretty easy for someone with half a brain to see how you are trying to use lecompte as a spring board for your inability to be a successful person on your own.

It was a nice try, but as ususal you failed, in your feeble attempt to gain support for your scam at someone else's expense.

mogel007 said...

"Dan Rather Charges In His $70 Million Lawsuit: Government And Large Corporations Are Unduly Influencing Newsrooms"

Course, who's better qualified than Dan Rather, to really know that having so much experience in that are? Now that he's no longer being paid by the beast, now he can come out of the closet and tell the whole truth. God bless him, I hope he wins his suit. Maybe the idea that "anyone is expendable", may backfire on his advesaries. The powers that be stepped on the wrong toes it seems. Good old Dan, says it isn't about the money this time. LOL

mogel007 said...

Correction: Course, who's better qualified than Dan Rather, to really know that, having so much experience in that AREA?

mogel007 said...

Justice7777: For the record I don't believe you.

mogel007 said...

Subject: Re: First question Doug - did you train brokers???
Posted By: Douglas Cameron - Registered User
Posted At: (3/8/05 2:21 am)

If you read the below correctly, "Justice 1 Rocks" states that he met me at the Dorean Group offices for Broker Training. If you followed up correctly on this, you would find that I was not the trainer but a guest to learn more about their process. This meeting was in Union City, CA in July 2004.

You would also find out that I am not a Director of First Mutual Trust of Switzerland 1918 AG but a Trust Officer and also a Branch Director of First Mutual's Riga Branch.

Also, First Mutual does not have legal opinion as to the Dorean process but we do have a contractual agreement with the Dorean Group which is currently valid.

I would also ask you to identify yourself if you are really in the business of helping people.

Douglas Cameron

Re: Justice1 Rocks!!!!

BTW folks, if you click on the "Our Projects" link. Doug Cameron is the Director of First Mutual I met at DG offices for Broker Training!

Mogel says: Let's see now........ One thing we can ascertain from this conversation above is that this person who uses the handle, "Justice 1 Rocks" has to be a Dorean Broker. Point # 2 that Broker just happens to be the Broker who put together the CCR site since that statement on "Our projects link" was on the CCR website, so it is obvious that Justice 1 Rocks can be no other than Lecompte, A/K/A Farrell.

Now is it a far stretch for Justice 1 Rocks to ALSO MAKE UP ANOTHER alternate & SIMILIAR username like "Justice7777777"? It's a fact and an admittance in writing that Lecompte had AND STILL HAS MANY USERNAMES and "alternate egos" as Nemo calls them. Even Nemo would testify to that and even knows that.


Yep, if there's a trial than Lecompte's testimony can be counted on as telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God & the prosecution has a gem of a witness there with more credibility AND SUCCESS than anyone I can think of. LOL

neodemes said...

What are your alternate usernames, moogs?


Hey, justice7s - whoever you are - moogie did have a broker site - formerly at http://www.freedomfinancialconsultants.com/

He just lacks the 'nads to face Alsups "meaningless" rulings and keep the site going with the "proven process".

justice7777777 said...

mogel007 said...

Now is it a far stretch for Justice 1 Rocks to ALSO MAKE UP ANOTHER alternate & SIMILIAR username like "Justice7777777"? It's a fact and an admittance in writing that Lecompte had AND STILL HAS MANY USERNAMES and "alternate egos" as Nemo calls them. Even Nemo would testify to that and even knows that.

Are you seperating fact from fiction, moogie? You are clueless, moogie. But since you proclaim to be so good at investigative work, why don't you tell us ther reasoning why not one of the brokers decided to stand by the duo in battle?

If you were one of the indicted brokers, the only thing I see keeping you in this losing fight would be that in addition to being incompetent by your own admission, you are lonely and looking for something (or someone, lol), thus the need to post a picture for a date on "Plenty of Fish".


mogel007 said...

Nemo said: "Hey, justice7s - whoever you are - moogie did have a broker site - formerly at http://www.freedomfinancialconsultants.com/"

Now come on Nemo. We all know that Justice77777777 is never wrong. Don't buck the trend.

Don't you know "success means never having to say you are sorry."

justice7777777 said...

mogel007 said...
Justice7777: For the record I don't believe you.

And why should anyone believe you? Why don't you tell everyone what you are up to these days, moogie?

I bet the ranch that you are involved in network marketing that requires other people to sign up with some multi-level paying program.

This is all you know, moogie. This is what you were doing prior to dorean and after, which means you are NOTHING. You live off of other people buying into the next latest and greatest thing since sliced bread.

How familiar is that, sherlock?

mogel007 said...

Nemo said: He just lacks the 'nads to face Alsups "meaningless" rulings and keep the site going with the "proven process".

Course coming from you Nemo, it's completely understandable that you would attack my masculinity by saying I have no nads. After all, according to your great spiritual enlightenment & scriptural study, you also believe that God is a Eunch, so go figure? You have no reverance for anything!!! LOL

Course was there really a purpose to keep the site going when the Dorean business was shut down permanently & weren't taking in more clients?

Course than again, if I kept it going, it would have only served as extra persecution by you that I wasn't "following the law".

Course with you, you don't believe in a win-win relationship ever, do you, because that would mean actually thinking with a successful type of mentality which is also foreign to you?

That must part of how you live your doctrinal life of "receiving one another" in spirit as Romans 15: 7 professes the way you set me up to be a loser in either scenario. How kind of you. I'm sure you are praying for my welfare too. I'm sure you know that means alot to me.

neodemes said...

In all fairness to the moogster, he does have other things going on - he's currently looking at a quick $59K profit if he unloads his recent acquisition at the listed price.

Way to go, moogie.


neodemes said...

You have a bad habit of attributing beliefs to me which I have never expressed. God a Eunuch? Never said such a thing, however much you want to extrapolate.

However, you are right, I do pray for you, moog. I don't hate you. I merely find you annoying.

mogel007 said...

Justice said: "I BET THE RANCH that you are involved in network marketing that requires other people to sign up with some multi-level paying program.

Yep, I agree with you Einstein, you love to "bet the ranch".

Course successful people NEVER BET THE RANCH. Because if you are ever wrong, you lose everything, house, wife, family, reputation, finances, etc.

Course you were always a gambler at heart. Hey you gambled and lost. It's OK. You can start over again. Course "gambling" isn't a "godly knowledge".

If you had a godly knowledge, you would know you were wrong in yet another pointless accusation.

Since you are betting the ranch, you might as well prove it. I call your bluff.

neodemes said...


Your premise that Justice 1 was fle may be flawed.

Read the portion of this page attributed to Justice 1 - the reference to "our town" in relation to the Cases - I may be misremembering, but I believe they were from WA - and it sounds like Justice 1 was, too. Hence, not fle.

mogel007 said...

Justice asked: "why don't you tell us their reasoning why not one of the brokers decided to stand by the duo in battle?"

Well there were only 4 Brokers indicted; there were probably close to a couple dozen brokers as you already know. Of the relevant brokers, one Broker can't be found, or can be found and it really doesn't matter that she is part of the trial apparently according to "judicial economy" reasons since the Judge in writing has proclaimed he's going forward regardless.

So that leaves 3 Brokers as relevant in your question. Just because 3 Brokers were unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or didn't have "the nads" as Nemo says, doesn't make them ALL CORRECT (legally or ethically) IN THEIR ACTIONS & DECISIONS.

Their actions & decisions aren't needed anyway to bring a victory to all clients. You are looking for relevance that really isn't necessary in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe these Brokers just weren't ready and prepared with enough knowledge and enough courage to "Bet the ranch". It's funny that you want to "bet the ranch" now on no research whatsoever on what you believe my profession or source of income is. LOL

Hey I don't see why it's so funny that you see me as being "single" & "lonely". I've never complained about that. Half the world is single. Which half is funny & which half isn't? I find some married people more comical than some single people. Some married people can't be single for anytime whatsoever & must be in a relationship at all times & never really have enough time to really work on "self".

Sometimes even good things like "marriage" can be an actual crutch for some people. It's called "codependency" by psychologists.

Won't you be single again stoon? Is that funny too? I would never attempt to suggest such.

Course certainly you won't be "lonely" in your single state. I'm sure with your social skills, you won't have any problems in finding the girl of your dreams. I trust you are above any "loneliness" in your newly found single state & are much more spiritually & emotionally advanced to deal with such immature & selfish emotions as "loneliness" too.

habakkuk said...

What is the October trial date again?????

mogel007 said...

Ron and Leslie TOLD US that they were going to try and get people on their side so they could extort money from Dorean. The problem is that they signed a contract stating that they could not hold Dorean responsible because of how much trouble they were already in being 35 payments behind. Dorean explained all this to them and said that it could go to court and it could get a messy but that they would prevail in the fight for them and still are fighting for them and plan on continuing. If anybody wants to look on the King county website under Ron and Leslie Case, you will see that they have been in pre-foreclosure a few years ago and got out of it. See these people create situations like this all the time. They are con artists and so is Salty who is one of their many friends. People are aware of you guys in our town and now people will be aware of you guys on this board. You aren't not going to try and pull this on other people. They were just about run out of town because people got so fed up with their nonsense. " By Justice 1

Justice 1 is just quoting someone else & editing the comments from someone else he knew and Justice 1 had some sort of conversational relationship or maybe even a Broker/client relationship with this person in WA state that knew Ron & Leslie Case. Justice 1 didn't live in any town in WA. If you go above that quote you will see the wording:

Also notice the phrase above: "TOLD US".

"Justice 1 Rocks" was a Dorean Broker. You need to look at all of the facts Nemo, not take just one isolated incident. Nice try though.

mogel007 said...

What is the October trial date again?????

Oct. 15, 2007 if it is kept. Most likely won't be kept if history is any indication.

neodemes said...

Well, try this approach, then.

The original post by Justice 1 sure doesn't sound like any Dorean broker. Nor do his subsequent replies hroughout the thread.

You'll see our old buddy Todd (Purge) chimes in, too. Hey Todd, still got that discharge in your hand?


See for yourself

justice7777777 said...

mogel007 said...
Won't you be single again stoon? Is that funny too? I would never attempt to suggest such.

Course certainly you won't be "lonely" in your single state. I'm sure with your social skills, you won't have any problems in finding the girl of your dreams. I trust you are above any "loneliness" in your newly found single state & are much more spiritually & emotionally advanced to deal with such immature & selfish emotions as "loneliness" too.

Once again sherlock, your ASSUMPTION is incorrect. I don't know who you are speaking of, but this person is happily married, so once again you took someone else's words for truth without validating and now you look like an idiot AGAIN.

This seems to be a normal routine for you.

habakkuk said...

thanks mogel

mogel007 said...

So this is the new game in town;
hedgefunds buying the mortgage paper up from the failing Great British bank, Northern Rock, at huge discounts & let the stockholders end up holding the bag:


mogel007 said...

Nemo: Do you think it's out of the question for someone to create several "alter egos" all seemingly looking like different people but acting differently with different ideas, but in reality they are penned by the same person? You've already suggested that this has been done on this blog & other sites in order to hide true identities & say things that someone normally wouldn't have been said face to face to you.

You might say, well that's ridiculous, why would someone do those type of things other than just trying to be incognito because they are a coward.

The purpose is to control and manipulate & market your point of view by creating controversy and interest. Hollywood personalities seem to love controversy, and the more publicity the better, and often it makes them more famous and more marketable, hence they make more money because there's more public interest.

With many alter egos you can have a conversation with yourself and make your one alter ego look smarter than the others or you can use the different usernames to gang up on another person overwhelming him with public indifference. I've seen this done too.

You can even sell a product this way, by one person always asking the questions and the other answering or responding to the question or you can create humor by doing this. An example, Abbott & Costello or Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. You need both personalities working together to achieve the humor desired. One person sets the other person up for the punch line or to keep the conversation interesting and flowing without stopping, but without controversy, things aren't funny or even interesting.

You're of course familiar with the good cop, bad cop game. This game serves a purpose too, but it's all a deceptive and manipulative game too in order to extract the real and total truth from someone who doesn't know what's really going on.

People that hide under different usernames or under different guises do strange things sometimes and it's not always easy to have everything make total sense all the time, nor can you always assume that the person is always telling you the truth.

If a person has nothing to hide, they might as well just say what their real name is if they are so concerned about being misidentified or misunderstood.

Anonymous said...


"Turning the other cheek has nothing to do with self-defense in an assault.

so, wha hoppens to when somenone slop yo in yo face, to turn the other cheeck??

this verse must have been altered, i guss?