Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Closing Statements (December 12, 2007)

I'm hoping to post a copy of my closing statements in the near future. I think most of you would get a kick out of them. Even my critics will have fun with these statements. I must admit it was a lot of fun. You can have a good time when you really don't care if these 12 public serfs understand you or not. I thank the Lord that my training made those people irrelevant. Imagine what danger I would be in now if I had only prepared for them to be my deliverance. Yes I was convicted of securities fraud 15 years ago but that is not evidence of the same results, or a criminal that won't learn his lesson. It is actually what triggered my training to be better prepared for this weaponry in the future. Last time I had a lawyer that was not as smart as myself, did not know how to represent me, and accepted all the defects on my behalf. I did not start this trial being a loser. All the advantages of this system are called disadvantages by the system. You didn't really think that the free advice coming from the bench was not expensive, did you? I learned from my last trial that judges are not all they boast of being, that lawyers are a liability, and that juries have you convicted upon their arrival and it is almost impossible to change that perception. They are really stupid, don't know how to reason, and are emotional and whimsical in their decisions. They are on the government doll just to be a juror. They pay taxes, vote, and perform just about every other behavior that a good citizen can perform. They lost their reason a long time before they appear as jurors. That is why the trial is a drama where the best actors win most of the time. I'll admit I'm not a great actor. I mostly come off as arrogant because I can't hide my offense to fiction that well. Still anyone will be able to tell that we won the trial in real time but lost it to jury instructions. That is really not a problem and one of the things I could count on from the best judge money can buy Mr. Alsup. To think that the man who started all the fuss would arrest the case so he couldn't control the outcome has to be the height of delusion. You people call me delusional and I am the staunch realist. I'm not lost in "justice". I'm on the real playing field with the actual events contemplated. My perceptions are measured from the sources that created them, balanced against my experience, and reasoned into calculations of probabilities. This is not the dream state of wishing everything will go well and putting the Christian spin on it that God will deliver me. God delivered me before the trial began because He prepared me for the task with wisdom not taught by years. Do you really think a small town mortgage broker of 15 years can comprehend the battlefield more or less the actual battle? I would love to discover my friend Scott from Vineland underneath the cover of an economic retard. Unfortunately he is a "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of Christian. I pick on him because he has given me license by his comments. He is not untypical, unfortunately. Most of my critics and clients are childlike in an adult world. They can't even comprehend what battles are wrought for them by their trustees. They have no way of knowing that they were made suckers to come in and testify to their own demise. They have no way of knowing that I have protected them even against themselves. This is stuff I learned from my first trial. You needed a trustee with that kind of experience whether you knew it or not. There are so many traps in this game called justice and so much delusional behavior to overcome in the general public that you almost have to be a master chess player even to contemplate creating a company like Dorean. You have to realize up front that you will lose friends and your reputation for no good cause. That those who should love you will hate you. That your good will be considered evil. That those who wish to steal your honor will attempt to make it their own. Even Christianity will be used to condemn your innocence. The world hasn't changed and never will until it is made anew. An evil heart passes on to every generation and even if they believe they can do better they only do worse. That is why Christ is the best example and friend I can have in this process. He does not leave me, forsake me, and understands better than I do the betrayals of everything that is just. He can help you through the maze of your confusion. I'm telling you in advance that hindsight is going to embarrass most of you. Remember now what you are thinking. Perhaps you should keep a journal. In the end this will teach you not to cut your own throats in the future. You will not always be protected by another man's benevolence.


Judge Roy Bean said...

The person allegedly posting as Kurt said: "You can have a good time when you really don't care if these 12 public serfs understand you or not. I thank the Lord that my training made those people irrelevant."

Yep. They sure were irrelevant. Great advice there whoever you are. Go to trial and be so deluded that you don't care that the nonsense you spew is interpreted as just that by non-delusional people. Then keep spewing it as if the trial didn't happen and you weren't convicted.

Then get the word back from your Dad about the posts from the handful of your sycophantic nuts and the number of hits on the blog.

It's hard to believe someone with Kurt's alleged mental prowess doesn't see just how far of into the weeds he's trying to lead people.

How's that appeal going?

"the Editor" said...

It has come to the attention of THE EDITOR of this service that there have public sightings of 11th Circus Court Judge Roy Bean.

These reports have not been confirmed, but it is surprising considering there is apparently a hit list the contents of names being unknown for obvious purposes.

It cannot be ruled out as well, that this figure is also a cloned entity appearing to be Judge Bean.

As Judge Bean has lost his honesty and impartiality many years ago, it is indeed probably that his "corpus" has been lost as well, now walking around as a souless clone.

Further information concerning the apparent clone of the US Treasury Secretary will be forthcoming.

Please check for further updates.

[Note: THE EDITOR of this service cannot entertain individual enquires as this is a paid service.

Please consult our subscription page for various payment options.]

near the end said...

judge roy cum licker can't stand it he has to post it's his life.

Without this blog I think Roy would just crawl away and die he just can't help himself.

Bless his heart. He's like a little Boy.

near the end said...

Hey guys it's gettin closer!!!!!!!!!

"edit this" said...

^See above^

Dr. Caligari said...

I must admit it was a lot of fun. You can have a good time when you really don't care if these 12 public serfs understand you or not.

I bet it will be even more fun serving 20 years in prison. Enjoy!

near the end said...

Hey Dr. put your money where your mouth is 20 yrs. huh.

I predict your to much of a coward to put your money where your mouth is.

Go ahead make a bet if your so sure come on what ya waitin for.

near the end said...

Quatloos is missing two letters at the end er.

near the end said...

Comeon judge slash ND post your cell phone number; It's easy hidden behind a keypad isn,t it?

I get you so upset you have to post.

Your so stupid I laugh till it hurts. Comeon post it I'm waitin.

I predict you won't my last prediction came true I'm battin a 1,000.

near the end said...

Comeon judge slash ND post your cell phone number; It's easy hidden behind a keypad isn,t it?

I get you so upset you have to post.

Your so stupid I laugh till it hurts. Comeon post it I'm waitin.

I predict you won't my last prediction came true I'm battin a 1,000.

near the end said...

I'm goin huntin for a few days but if the judge posts his cell phone I'll post mine. ND hope you don't puss out!!!!!!!!!

JDJD said...

I have to disagree with you here. I think this is the real Kurt, while the last two or three mealy-mouthed, pious and self-serving posts in Kurt' name are, in fact, doubtful.

In this latest, however, Kurt's unabashed and unapologetic arrogant self-love, oblivious self-aggrandizement and baseless inflated opinion of his own doubtful intellect shine through brilliantly.

I wonder how many years or months he will have to do this time before he begins to realize that his fatuous opinion of his own abilities, cunning, and superiority begin to approach reality. Or if it ever will?

I think we're seeing the real Kurt here; the mask has slipped, showing his true colors. I didn't think he could hold the pious pose for long.

On the other hand, the many alter egos of SOP are simply ridiculous. And be careful what you wish for, Judge. I see Moogles slipped out of hiding at the end of the previous chapter.

The saga continues. Can't wait to see the latest idiocy from Kurt, i.e. his "closing statements. His ego and stupidity seem to know no bounds.

notorial dissent said...

The Bilge Report for December 12, 2007
Wherein Kurt once again exhibits his overweening and bloated ego for all the world to see and shows his true nasty self and spews venom and vitriol at all those mean people who don't bow down to the wonderfulness that is Kurt.

Yes Kurt, you’re just ever so much smarter than the twelve jurors who saw through your nonsense and weren’t in the least impressed with your nonsense, and treated it accordingly, and found you guilty as you deserved.

a bit of honesty and a bit of delusion
Yes I was convicted of securities fraud 15 years ago but that is not evidence of the same results, or a criminal that won't learn his lesson.

Could’ve fooled me, in fact, didn’t fool anyone else, particularly the jury.

Kurt’s true self comes through
They are really stupid, don't know how to reason, and are emotional and whimsical in their decisions.

Oh, you mean they saw through your nonsense, weren’t swayed by your smarmy personality, and found you guilty as they so rightly should have.

And then the usual bitter recriminations and vitriol towards all and sundry from out of the mouth of Saint Kurt. Poor Kurt, unloved and misunderstood, and thinks he’ll go eat worms now.

famous last words
You will not always be protected by another man's benevolence.

Too true, any more Kurtian benevolence and a whole lot of people would have been living on the streets.

henry paulson said...

Heard someone looking for me???

henry paulson said...

Would everone please STOP readng those foolish blogs which say that I had met with the Grim Reaper, and now some are even reporting that my meeting reported by the networks was not really me, but a clone.

These reports of me being cloned are to be treated as rubbish.

This unresponsible reporting by THE EDITOR or a certain service really needs to cease.

It is not me that has been cloned, but THE EDITOR.

He has a clone, so you cannot really trust what you read there.

In fact, his website is really a clone, as is this blog.

But, one this is for certain, that I am still here.


Where does all the insanity end? Hopefully, it is near the end...

henry paulson said...

I am not relgious, but at least I am beginning to see why a certain religious book talks about the ID Mark of the Beast.

How else would you identify the real person if everyone is a clone?

Makes sense to me.

I think everyone but me and Judge Bean on this cloned blog are clones.

henry paulson said...

FYI George Washington was the last Real President.

All the others, were,you guessed...clones.

henry paulson said...

Ah, now I am beginning to understand the UCC code.

When a mortgage contract puts you name in all capital letters, you are not responsible for the mortgage.

Why should you be? You never took out a mortgage, your clone did.


And if you ever go before a judge, just tell him, that youve never committed any crimes, that it was you clone that did it. Let them send you clone to jail.

henry paulson said...

And the beat go on....

Now, today THE EDITOR of a certain servise is reporting that the bad folks have stolen all the Global Data.


They were suckered. The Data they thought they stole was cloned.

When will the nonsnesne end.

henry paulson said...

Any purported data theft is any data belonging to the cloned humans.

This data is obtained so that the affected clones may be neutralised forthwith.

Notwithstanding, any reported deaths are merely the mothballing of the old series of clones.

Any resemblance to various government officials is purely coincedance.

henry paulson said...

As you can see by my name clearly indicated above, Sec. of Treasury is still here.

henry paulson said...

For those inquiring mines who want to know, here is something that you can do at home to see how clone technolgy at work.

Take 2 full-lenght mirrors and place 1 immediatley in front of you and the other directly behind you.

Thus, you now see a reflection of yourself in the mirror. You also see, if you look at the reflection of the mirror behind you in the mirror in front of you, of the one behind you, of the one in front of you of the one...

You begin to get the picture of how cloning works.

Or take a painting of an artist painting a picture of an artist painting a picture of an artist painting a pic and so on....

See if you can figure out wihch artist is a clone.

henry paulson said...

Sec. of Treas. warning to my cloned friends.

Activate you Bodyshield©, as Comet Holmes is now 8X BIGGER than the sun and is emitting harmful rays to clonged humans.

It will soon grow even larger.

The Wanta funds will be released as such time as this Comet becomes large enought to seen in broad daylight.

All the big hyip plans will pay as well.

Of course, at that point, unless you undergound like a groundhog, money will do you no good.

Underground or walking around with tin foil bodysuit.

neodemes said...

That suit will go nicely with your tin foil beanie.

Stillwaiting3 said...

I posted awhile ago about my conversation with my mortgage company in getting my original documentation of the signed note returned to me. Here are some of the accounts of my conversation:
I would like the original signed and dated note.
Them: No problem we will send it.
I received a copy not signed by them.
Recalled: Thank you for the copy not signed by you but what I want is the signed and dated original Note.
Them: No problem we will get that right out to you.
Me: Thanks just make sure it is the original not a copy and it must be signed.
Received another copy not signed.
Me (calling again): I didn't receive the original. Just another copy.
Them: (after much discussion and she now needs to speak to her supervisor) We have to wait until your county releases the documents to us and we post them and then you can request in writing which can take us up to 6 months to get it to you.
Me: Why didn't you tell me that the first time?
Them: I am sorry they someone didn't.
Me: The note copy you sent is not signed by your company but by the person who filed the loan within their company before sending it to you. (I know this because I know the person at that company)
Them: (now this is funny) Well, we are just servicing the loan.
Me: No problem, send me the documentation that I signed with you for me to do business with you.
Them: I'll be right back. (supervisor time)
Me: (now really pressing the issue) I will go to my county court land records and find out when it was released. (of which I did and it had been with receipt to them) They will get another call on Monday.
I have also done this with the loan for my boat, now paid off, and the new loan on my house.
The boat note came back unsigned and of course, a copy. The new home loan came back as a copy, it should be, not signed. They now get a call on Monday.

Bottom line is they don't want to give up their appreciable asset back to me because of no signature by them allows in their world to use it to make more money. Hence, it was never theirs to begin with.

henry paulson said...

Did you team win this weekend in the NFL Playoffs?

Contain you excrement, it wasnt you team, it was a team of clones.

Just same as the referees and all the fans in the stans.

Clones them all.

I am said...

There! You have just spoke to god himself.

You want better than that?

PS And this is REAL, AS you cannot clone god. See?

Dearly Beloveds, it is I Christ Michael come to you today. First just for you readers, let us get to the point about Jupiter. In early December we started the ignition process, and the planet very slowly began its involution, which is in a sense, for your benefit, related to the tight packing an explosive must have to fully detonate. The involution went at a slow pace, and was completed a couple weeks ago, and is now in its evolutional stage. It is peaking out the behind the sun at this time, and will shortly be making it’s grand appearance.

You will have no doubt of this, it will be most obvious. As per usual, we will go into stasis shortly thereafter. I have intentionally not assisted Jupiter further recently, to buy a little time. The ignition process has proceeded slowly, due to the fact that matter in this solar system remains compromised, causing the event to require more time. The final ignition that you will see is going to be visible, and there will be little protection from the sun of the proton burst to the earth plane. Consider this the fault of the ones in power.

Now this message is not really for you the readers, it is for the dark readers of this website. The world is in a blood bath at this time. You get little hints, but mostly your media cover it up with the extra and overdone coverage of the pre election issues.

Now, those of you in the dark conspiracy, we have the future temporary leaders fully protected, and these ones can’t be harmed whatsoever. Any further attempts at assassination of these ones will be met with instant reprisal against the attackers. We will be seen; cloaking will not be carried out, so that these reprisals will be carried out in full view.

To you the readers, the stories of Christopher Story are fully true and in fact, he is not informed as to the fullness of what is going on. You of the dark are to leave my people alone, all of them are under star fleet protection. We have, in various locations over the earth, a guard fleet of 66,000 shuttle craft, fully equipped with weaponry, and this bullshit is to stop immediately. We in general know the location of the perpetrators, and this weaponry, if used, has the effect to ending your soul. Thus you will not exist anymore and this represents your final warning. I have given the orders to allow this to occur where necessary. Now I defer to one you have not heard from in some time, General Kevin Radetsky.

Candace: General, what surprise, how nice to hear from you, we have not talked for a few months now, except for you to tell me you can’t disclose anything of interest right now! To our readers, you once heard from the General, as Admiral Jhonka, of Ashtar Command. The General is the incarnation of the Admiral, who is an Arch Angel. He was long based on Mars, with the jointly operated alien, USA, Russian Base on Mars. He was the commander there, and is very highly ranked with the US Military. He returned to assist the earth 2 years ago.

General Radetsky: Hello first to our readers, I apologize for my long absence, but indeed my life has been very busy behind the scenes. I was the one who also last summer of 2006 ended the Israel war with Lebanon, amongst my behind the scenes credits.

Now the rest of this message pertains to the dark readership. Under the orders from Havona, through this universe of Nebadon, it has been authorized, that all those that continue to participate in this blood bath, when caught, will be instantly uncreated. This is your final chance, and particle beam weaponry will be used as necessary. It matters not who carries these things out, high or low, old or newer soul. It is your time of judgment, long called for, and you will not need to face Monjoronson’s courts. This is final. If you value your existence, it is time to stop these activities.

We are heavily placed over Iran and Pakistan, and we are going to interfere in the nepharious plans and you are NOT to carry them out, or it shall be your end. The people in these regions are used to the shuttlecraft so that is not a problem, we shall be visible as necessary. There is once again also a plan to strike within the United States, and this plan includes the use of the MOAB, of which there are only a couple left, to simulate nuclear attack. The location of this is Chicago, Illinois, we know the plan, and it shall not happen. We are thusly in this small way exposing it to the world. We know the time, we know the planes which have the 2 remaining bombs aboard, and not even will the engines be fired up, we will disable them, and all involved in this process will meet their maker if anyone even attempts to board those planes.

Your Lucifer to whom you remain devoted, and the Anunnaki overlords are no longer on this place. It is pointless to serve them. Lucifer met his demise over 20 years ago. The planet has been retaken by the forces of light in service to The Michael of Nebadon, some time ago, and to further the idea that you, even if you perish, will have benefited your masters cause, simply is not so. Your reptilian overlords were removed also, en mass this fall, and you know of this. There is NO ONE to serve now, other than Holy God of Creation, the Father. It is but your final choice to do so or not. This planet is not to be further harmed by the likes of you, and will be fully rehabilitated over the ensuing years, into it’s original purpose and intent, that of the seed planet of the local area. No more will you reign. It is over friends, over.

Jupiter shortly completes its eruption, and the planet goes into stasis, and the cleanup begins. WE have a most glorious plan afoot. Please drop your guns, and return to lighted beingness, for it is truly your final chance to do so. You do not own this planet. Nobody owns this planet, but its peoples. They will not be further enslaved.

You are in the photon belt, and all will be cleansed you see, and it is truly the end. All of Nebadon moves up, you see, and you can move forward, or be lost forever. The galactic wars are long over. It is time for peace to come. So Be It. I have commanded this little showdown to begin, during the wait for Jupiter. I AM, General Kevin Radestky, the highest officer of the total military forces of the United States of America. I am superceded only by God on this one beloveds, stop of thy nonsense.

Christ Michael: Dearest readers, be not afraid if any of this does hit thy news, for it is of no import to you. You are kept safe, and not to worry. Shortly it will all be mute anyway, and after the changes we have thoroughly discussed around the Jupiter Event, the repairs begin, in concert with those who reside on Earth. This remains a co creative project with God, and the only way to get this done, this ascension of the planet.

I remind readers that ascension is earned, and it will be quite some time before the planet enters into light and life. However, the Jupiter event is an ascension event, because the planet will be uplifted substantially and darkest will be gone, so that you the light workers have an even footing. Much must be done, and as per the teaching by Monjoronson, you must create a sustainable society and the necessary technology to exist as such. It is not necessary to repeat here all the teaching to this point.

The time of the holy work in public begins! Namaste dear ones, I AM the Christed Creator Son of Nebadon, the Michael.

I am said...

Course, you all know how to tell a clone, human or animal.

Put the suspect cloned humans and/or animals together and let them "have fun" with each other, so to speak.

Then, wait a few months.

What happen? Nothing.

They cannot reproduce children.

Simple eh? But, what do you expect, I am god.

Only god can breath life into someone. This cannot be faked.

mogel007 said...

Judge Bean asks: "How's that appeal going?"

Isn't that putting the cart before the horse just like assuming that their was evidence & jurisdiction to convict the Dorean Group? Don't they need to be sentenced FIRST before an appeal can be filed, so why ask your question?
Oh that's right, you are an "after the fact commentator", but seem to always get your material facts distorted. Aren't you the expert on legal procedure since you are a real Judge for whatever that's worth?

Notarial Dissent seems to believe that the sentencing will happen in February 2008, but I thought it was originally set up for March 2008, and maybe that date won't be met either. Course prolonging things has been par for the course, hasn't it?

mogel007 said...

Nemo: I think "Hukleberry Hound" A/K/A Mr. Hucklebee has the trust problem, not Romney:

I am said...

Here we go....

Pentagon says ships harassed by Iran

By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Writer 24 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - In what U.S. officials called a serious provocation, Iranian boats harassed and provoked three U.S. Navy ships in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, threatening to explode the American vessels.

U.S. forces were on the verge of firing on the Iranian boats in the early Sunday incident, when the boats — believed to be from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's navy — turned and moved away, a Pentagon official said. "It is the most serious provocation of this sort that we've seen yet," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record. Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman called it a "serious incident. This is something that deserves an explanation."

Iran's Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the weekend incident was "something normal" and was resolved.

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the United States urges the Iranians "to refrain from such provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident in the future."

The incident occurred at about 5 a.m. local time Sunday as Navy cruiser USS Port Royal, destroyer USS Hopper and frigate USS Ingraham were on their way into the Persian Gulf and passing through the strait — a major oil shipping route.

Five small boats began charging the U.S. ships, dropping boxes in the water in front of the ships and forcing the U.S. ships to take evasive maneuvers, the Pentagon official said.

There were no injuries but the official said there could have been, because the Iranian boats turned away "literally at the very moment that U.S. forces were preparing to open fire" in self defense.

The official said he didn't have the precise transcript of communications that passed between the two forces, but said the Iranians radioed something like "we're coming at you and you'll explode in a couple minutes."

At the State Department, spokesman Sean McCormack said he was not aware of any plans to lodge a formal protest.

"Without specific reference to this incident in the Strait of Hormuz, the United States will confront Iranian behavior where it seeks to do harm either to us or to our friends and allies in the region," McCormack told reporters. "There is wide support for that within the region and certainly that's not going to change."

Whitman said the Pentagon will work with State and National Security Council officials to determine "the appropriate way to address this with the Iranian government."

The U.S. vessels were in international waters, making a normal transit into the Gulf, Whitman said, adding that the Iranian boats were operating at "distances and speeds that showed reckless and dangerous intent — reckless, dangerous and potentially hostile intent."

He said the episode lasted 15 to 20 minutes but wouldn't say whether officials know for certain whether the were vessels were Iranian Revolutionary Guard or regular Iranian navy. The Revolutionary Guard forces have been known to be more aggressive than the regular navy.

"At least some were visibly armed. Small Iranian fastboats made some aggressive maneuvers against our vessels and indicated some hostile intent," Whitman.

Historical tensions between the two nations have increased in recent years over Washington's charge that Tehran has been developing nuclear weapons and supplying and training Iraqi insurgents using roadside bombs — the No. 1 killer of U.S. troops in Iraq.

In another incident off its coast, Iranian Revolutionary Guard sailors last March captured 15 British sailors and held them for nearly two weeks.

The 15 sailors from HMS Cornwall, including one woman, were captured on March 23. Iran claims the crew, operating in a small patrol craft, had intruded into Iranian waters — a claim Britain denied.

The weekend incident came as President Bush prepared for his first major trip to the Middle East. While scheduled to meet the leaders of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other regional nations Jan. 9-16, Bush is expected to try to bolster the troubled peace process between Israel and the Palestinians but is also likely to seek backing for U.S. concerns about Iran.

At about this time last year, Bush announced he was sending a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf region in a show of force against Iran. The U.S. Navy quietly scaled back to one carrier group several months later. But while the two were there, they staged two major exercises off Iran's coast.

The war games amounted to U.S. muscle-flexing at a time when Tehran increasingly was at loggerheads with the international community over its disputed nuclear program and threatened to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz for oil transports in case of a U.S. military strike on Iran.

Since then, there have been diplomatic overtures aimed at calming tensions.

The United States maintains nearly 40,000 troops in Gulf countries other than Iraq, with the largest group in Kuwait and others in Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Of course....

Careful, you might even "accidently" explode one of your own ships and then blame it on someone else too.

Try to be very careful when your in the ordnance room of the ship. We dont want any "accidents" that could start another phony war now do we?

Just cosider it, "advice from above."

Judge Roy Bean said...

Gashler returns and stumbles once again: "Don't they need to be sentenced FIRST before an appeal can be filed, so why ask your question?"

There is no need to wait until sentencing to file an appeal.

JDJD said...

I thought the Christmas Season was over. Where the Hell did all the Fruitcakes come from???
Of course, without naming names, there have always been a couple hanging around, defending St. Kurt, if that's what they've been trying to do; they've always been good for a chuckle or two, but the present crop of idiots is simply over the top.
As my mother used to say, " I think the lunatic fringe has become entirely too much of the tablecloth!"

near the end said...

Hey Judge you don't have to post your phone number I was pretty Buzzzzzzzed when I posted that. That was out of line.

On a good note I killed 3 Deer over the weekend man they were movein good.

Dr. Caligari said...

Judge Roy Bean said:

There is no need to wait until sentencing to file an appeal.

Sorry, judge. In federal court, the defendant cannot appeal a criminal conviction until there is a "final judgment," which happens only at sentencing.

near the end said...

I told Ya'll before "little man roy" ain't the sharpest knife in the Kitchen.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!