Thursday, December 07, 2006

Friends of Job (11-24-06)

This blog is amazing to me in that it is a little like Iraq. It is a magnet for fools who profess themselves wise. First I want to use my recent friends of Job Scott and Angel as they are typical of the inbreds of the church. Now both have showed friendship to me and in their hearts believe they love me but can’t help themselves. Scott you claim to have known Christ 20 years and though you can’t dispute anything I say in the spirit you trust a worldly mortgage industry to condemn me. Surely you started your walk in faith, who has bewitched you to now trust your eyes and the wisdom of this world? Angel your comments are without fact and still you chose over all the zeal I displayed before you over the years to think yourself wise. Shame on you! I never lacked in any gift towards you, evidence Christ was my supply. Both of you are evidence of the modern acceptable Christ of no power. 600,000 left Egypt and God judged them there. Still 2 who went through the same trials were judged by God differently. Why because they trusted God. You judge me by the wilderness I go through but not the faith the spirit judges me by. You cannot contend with my faith because it is anchored on God’s reliable word. So you come on here and make fools of yourself doing what any child can do, giving an opinion of what their eyes see. Faith is the unseen vision of God, it is a gift. Do you not have a Christ that always challenges your faith or do you have some genie in the sky you call Jusus who answers all your desires of comfort in this world? Show me where I erred in the faith if you are my true counselors. Then there are the betrayers who didn’t even have the courage to honor the love I bestowed upon them. This world is their home and that of its cheapest state. Finally the senseless idiot who have some religion they call Christianity who have divine knowledge I’m a thief, liar, and scoundrel. Well we shall see beyond words because Christ is power and so is His kingdom. The very Christ who gave me power to resist all the evils assaulting me has the power to overcome you all. God gave me the spirit of power and a sound mind. Your God just gave you empty words that look wise for a season. Merry Christmas to all as the season changes.


Bruce said...

What an amazing post, you have so much nerve it is incredible. I wish you much luck when you are in the joint, under the care and control of a new daddy. I hope you enjoy the food, the company, the rules, the control and the chance to meet a new spouse. Just remember to be as unrepentant as you are now when you get ready to be sentenced.

To ensure that you can drink Christ's blood on Sundays here is some info on Pruno:

The Ingredients.
Ten oranges. In our prison commissary, Valencia oranges were on sale, ten for $2. Your prison commissary may differ.

An eight ounce can of fruit cocktail. In this case, an 8.5 ounce can of Del Monte's "fruit cocktail in heavy syrup," for 90 cents.

Forty to sixty sugarcubes. Either hang out with old people who still use sugarcubes or steal a ton of sugar packets from the local deli.

Sixteen ounces of water. Tap is fine, since like, you *are* in prison.

A big plastic bag that can be sealed. Trashbags and rubber bands are totally cool. We used Ziploc bags.

Some ketchup. Six packets of ketchup from the local deli should cover things nicely. Please use Heinz, because anything else is kinda nasty and will ruin your Pruno.

A towel.

In a San Francisco Chronicle article from 1990 called "The Games Guards Play," author Dannie Martin describes how prison guards -- or hacks -- would search prison cells for any sign of pruno. But instead of taking it away, the hacks who were really hell-bent on getting even would piss in it. As Martin quips, "Wine that has been urinated in several times is far too presumptuous, even for a convict's palate."

Several times? So, like, you could piss in it once and some people just wouldn't notice, or wouldn't care, and they'd drink it anyway? Pruno is vile. Perhaps it's the vilest beverage ever concocted. Time to see how the other half lives.

1. Toss the oranges into the Ziploc bag. 2. Open the can of fruit cocktail and dump it into the bag, along with your own emotional cocktail of nihilism, depression and crippling boredom. 3. Mash them furiously, feeling the anger of being unjustly sentenced to hellish bourgeois existence of cable television and suburban shopping malls. 4. Squeeze in a state of frenzied self-involvement.

You now have a big bag of gushy fruit. In order to take that fruit to the next level, you're going to need to heat it up to get the process going. But prison cells aren't outfitted like the local Crate and Barrel, so you're going to use hot water to warm the bag enough to get it up. to snuff.


1. Go run the hot water in your bathtub. 2. Now that the fruit has been beaten to a pulp, throw in sixteen ounces of water and mingle together. Double check that Ziploc seal to ensure you don't spill orange goo all over the place. As the water begins to steam, allow the sneaking feeling that you'll never amount to anything run down your spine. 3. Place the bag under the tap for 15 minutes to heat it up.


1. You will now have a large, ominious Ziploc bag of warm crap. 2. Take the pruno, tenderly, like a proud parent of a newborn and wrap it in a towel, so it can stay warm and speed along the fermentation process.
3. Stash "Baby Pruno" extremely well, so none of the authority figures in your life will start asking questions and have to be shanked later on. Once your bag of festering fruit is hidden, wait 48 hours while constantly paranoid someone will find your pruno and steal it. Accuse everyone. Refuse to sleep.

After 48 hours of sitting in a warm place, that bag of mashed fruit will attempt to become a crud-filled beach ball, as the gases released from the start of the fermentation process swell the plastic bag.
Once the bag is opened, you'll immediately smell something yeasty and foul, like bread dough that's been raised on the mean streets of South Central. This smell is a good thing. It means you're ready to feed your pruno.

To speed along the fermentation and also to impart a better taste, you're going to have to add something sweet to the mix.

1. This means it's ketchup and sugar time! After you've befreinded that old person and raided the local Burger King,
2. add two big old squirts of ketchup
3. and 50 sugar cubes. Swish around the ketchup and sugar a bit, which will give the pruno a reddish tint, then go run that hot water. Stinky Baby Pruno needs a bath. Real bad.
4. Instead of 15, run the pulp under the faucet for a full 30 minutes to ensure the sugar is fully absorbed into the fermenting fruit juice.
5. After heating the bag, wrap it up again -- we used a bigger towel for our

Baby Pruno is smelly-welly.
growing Baby.
6. Remember this image, for it is the last time you'll see Baby for three days.

With the sugar feeding the fermentation process, Baby Pruno will continue to give off gas as alcohol is produced. Make sure to keep a close eye on Baby Pruno, because if you're not careful, the bag holding Baby Pruno will pop, letting nasty orange pulp and mushy fruit cocktail seep all over the place. This happened when we were making pruno and the apartment smelled like Newark for three days.

Now that everything's together, all you have to do is wait, heating the bag up under hot water for 15 minutes once a day for the next three days. Once you're done with this last push, the pruno is "ready" to drink.

The last three days of pruno making are not very strenuous, but in the spirit of providing complete, easy-to-follow
directions, we present the final steps.
1. Heat the bag.
2. Wait a day.
3. Heat the bag.
4. Wait a day.
5. Heat the bag.
6. Wait a day.
7. Prepare to die.

Since it's a reflective moment, what with you preparing to die and saying your prayers and all, lets take a look back on the pruno making process and celebrate your considerable achievements. Below you can find, the Prunar Calendar, which outlines the entire process you've gone through. Look at all that waiting you did between steps! Well, the wait is almost over.

All of the hard work is just about finished now and rivers of illicit -- and possibly toxic -- prison hooch await you. The final step merely involves separating the rotting fruit from the quasi-alcoholic juice, and it smells. Oh lord, does it smell.

1. After a week's worth of being heated up and wrapped in a towel, your pruno will be a mushy bag of fruit glop.
2. As this picture shows, pruno looks almost exactly like vomit. Oddly it smells like vomit, too. 3. Spoon out the fruit mash, leaving behind only the liquid.
4. You middle-class wannabe felons can use a strainer to ensure none of the fruit remains slip into the beverage.
5. Of course, this strainer does little to stop the mold, which you can see in that white splotch right there.
6. Without the fruit you will have
enough pruno left over to fill about two pint glasses.

There's nothing quite like a hand-crafted vintage of pruno to get those embers of lust burning bright. Ask that little prison bitch you've had your eye on to split one of these with you and he'll be tossing salads like the caterer at a weight-loss convention.

Pruno does, in fact, seem to have some kind of alcoholic content. An odd burning sensation accompanies the first sip and the liquid gives off the tell-tale stink of booze goodness. In a place were violence is common and household cleaners double as anti-depressants, you can see why pruno is so very popular.

The only drawback pruno has, aside from its unappealing tannish-orange color, the white flecks of mold floating on the top and the smell you can't wash off, is its taste. For lack of a better
metaphor, pruno tastes like a bile flavored wine cooler. It tastes so bad, in fact, that it could very well be poisonous or psychedelic, which might explain the violence it induces in prisoners.

In the end, pruno stands as testament to the lengths man will go to in order to suckle on freedom's teat, even if it means getting food poisoning in the process.

tcob247 said...

Shame on you Kurt for comparing yourself to Job

tcob247 said...


Maybe YOU should improve YOUR reading skills

I did not say anything about a date for repayment

I did however mention that Kurt lied when he said it was a PROVEN process

By the way....don't think for a minute I believe there will be a refund

Here is another one that won't come true

A big party (grill) when Kurt says he will get released shortly

Remember Larkin Rose and Irwin Schiff.
Two deluded people who were convinced they would not be found guilty and all their followers who believed them too?
They had ALL the documentation too prove they were right

I am not a big fan of Government or Banks but your boy (JOB, MOSES, JESUS which is he?)is barking up the wrong tree

habakkuk said...

Tcob said...

"Shame on you Kurt for comparing yourself to Job "

So.....whats wrong with that? Anybody (who is a follower of Yashua) who has ever been thru a trial in their lives has compared themselver to Job, David, Elijah, Joseph, Daniel, Paul, Peter, or other men who have experienced G-d's intervention. They were men like us....and their lives are written about for our benefit.....I am always comparing my circumstances to men in the Bible because it helps me understand G-d's character. It gives me direction.

James 5:16,17
".......The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Elijah was a MAN with a nature LIKE OURS, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months."

Keep it up Kurt...Keep Praying.

Starfish Prime said...

sorry now THIS is my last post:

habakkuk, go read all your "news" from Artic Beacon you pin-head twit. You fucking loser. Pathetic Bible whore.

tcob247 said...


Bye Starfish

Go lay in the SUN

(you still looking for ghosts?)

son of a prophet said...

"Arctic Beacon is a world-class site!"

" should be required reading for every sentient being on this planet who's concerned about our physical and spiritual survival.

"If you want to continue to expose the dirty
work of the Illuminati and their secret societies."

$$$$$ DONATE NOW! $$$$$

son of a prophet said...

CAPT KIRK said....

"...required reading for every sentient being on this planet..."

"Scooty, beam me up, there are no sentient beans on this plant....."

habakkuk said...


Vicious Fascist Hand Knocks On Door Of Illuminati Insider
Nazism is now officially here in all parts of world, including U.S., according to former Monte Carlo P2 Lodge Illuminati whistleblower, Leo Zagami.
8 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The vicious and diabolical hand of fascism Wednesday knocked on the door of former Illuminati insider, Leo Zagami, threatening him with jail and loss of custody of his young children.

Zagami resides in Oslo, Norway, but his inside information about how the secret societies of the Vatican-led Illuminati have been heard loud and clear across the Atlantic in America.

For the last three months, Zagami has tried to warn Americans about how the Jesuits, Vatican hierarchy, Freemasonry and the corrupted U.S. government are targeting America for social and financial instruction.

After having his highly informative web site shut down, Zagami had an unexpected knock on his door late Wednesday evening as police and intelligence officials warned him if he didn't stop printing Illuminati secrets involving Satanism in the highest levels of the Vatican, European Union and U.S. government, he could lose custody of his children due to incarceration.

After the unexpected visit from what he calls fascist authorities, he released this statement, warning Americans Nazism has officially arrived:

"Two police officers, one intelligence officer and one other defined as Social worker (childcare officer) came to visit me at 10.30 pm, and they said if I go on with my web site and my work, I could loose the custody of my children.

"The Illuminati pedophilia mafia is moving against me and my family . They are criminals in Norway and I want to expose them further on Monday on the radio show if they don't arrest me before that.

"Spread the News NAZISM IS ARRIVED OFFICIALY IN THE USA AND EUROPE To protect Vatican Satanism. My life is dedicated to God I'm ready to die or be persecuted for him.


SHOW, I took out the documents I have against their government and they shut up and left me alone but I will not give up.

"I want the help of true Muslims, of all true Christians, of all true Jews to help me now

to protect my family against the Satan who wants to stop me spreading the truth about their satanic conspiracy, a conspiracy to take over the world and give into the hands of pedophile ring in Rome, THE VATICAN."

Before the police visit, Zagami was notified Monday by Anthony Casalena of Squarespace, Inc., the company hosting Illuminati Confessions, several complaints had recently been filed due to sensitive content and personal information accusing people of being Satanists.

The site was subsequently shutdown, but friends of Zagami saved much of the content, transferring it immediately to an Italian web host. Zagami returned online Tuesday afternoon at


Tony Tuba said...

Jason(JChief)AKA Starfish Prime is STILL a dickhead!!!!! Story at eleven.

light1rae said...

Again well said. Stay the course my brother! The naysayers here remind me about Mount Carmel and what took place there. We (the thousands) will see you soon in victory!!!!

R&P :)

son of a prophet said...

the illiminati are a bunch of

after all, they cant even get this zigoomi guy...

bunch of wannabes is all.....


son of a prophet said...

interesting article, even tho it from the illiminatti website.....

We know that a seven years period of tribulations will start at the fall of the nations with the appearance of Jesus Christ when he appears as the Captain of the Army of the Lord fighting against the Antichrist. Thus, if we take seven years from 2027 we get 2019 but that is a Sabbath year and the years 2026 and 2027 are also both Sabbath years. The Law has to be read on these years. So, Christ has to be in position and the elect resurrected before or from the New Moon of Abib in 2019 to complete the seven cycles on a year for a day basis. However, we also know from Revelation chapter 11 that the Witnesses have to be in position 1263.5 days before Messiah is here, at the very latest. Thus we arrive at the year 2015 at the very latest. We know also that Judah will be converted and restored at this time and so there are even earlier requirements or timeframes to implement. Under the Law of God, the law must be read at the Sabbath years and 2012 is the next Sabbath year and Reading of the Law. It would follow that the Law of God is read in 2012 for the third and final time before the Witnesses deal with the nations. The law is read three times so that the third instance of rejection and rebellion is final under the law. We would expect that the Witnesses take up their positions from the reading of the law in 2012, either to read it themselves or to deal with the nations consequent to its being read. In any case, they must be in place between 2012 and 2015 for the Messiah to effect the subjugation of the nations within the time frame as advanced by Bible prophecy on a year for a days basis using the time sequences advanced from those prophecies. The year 2015 is the time frame for the end of the reign of the churches and the lampstands as they are under the seven angels of the seven churches. From there on the two lampstands of the Witnesses and the final Lamp of the Messiah are responsible for the illumination of the planet. Thus 27 CE was the jubilee year and forty jubilees or 2000 years ends in 2027. Thus, on a jubilee for a year basis, the Church was in the wilderness for forty jubilees as Israel was in the wilderness for forty years. The end of that period is the 120th jubilee. From the year 1975, the Church should have prepared for the jubilee and read the law in 1976 and 1977 and then went on to the procedures as laid down in the Bible. They did not do that and so came under judgment. At any rate the law had to be read a minimum of three times on three Sabbath years before the return of the Messiah. The Church in the Last Days also found itself coming under the Forty Years in the Wilderness from 1975. The period of the 1260 days between 2012 and 2015 mirrors the period allotted by the Church between 1972 and 1975 for their false prophecy of the trials and advent. The period of the Measuring of the Temple is another forty-year period that commenced in 1987. That forty years leads up to the Millennium and deals with the entire process of the restoration as it stands as the Temple of God. The process is detailed in the paper Measuring the Temple. In that period we see also the final twenty-one years begin in the year 2006 from 1 Abib of the 29th year of the 120th jubilee as the first year of the Sabbath Cycle. This period is for the Sanctification of the Nations That process mirrors the 21 days of the Passover sequence. It goes from the New Year, which commences the Sanctification of the Temple of God , to the Last Holy Day of Unleavened Bread. It places the years 2012 for the Reading of the Law as the equivalent of the 7 Abib and the Sanctification of the Simple and the Erroneous . 2015 is the equivalent of the 10th of Abib and the triumphal entry of Messiah to Jerusalem. The year 2019 is the equivalent of 14 Abib in the sequence. The subjugation of the nations mirrors the Fall of Jericho over the seven days of the Feast, which ends in 2026 at the Sabbath year and the declaration of the jubilee year at Atonement 2026 ending at Atonement 2027. Thus there are a series of sequences set up to occur for the different purposes of the plan of God within the last or 120th jubilee before the millennial reign of the Messiah.

Scott from Vineland said...

I have never really believed the old quote about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. I believe that God DOES judge the motivation of our actions. Consider all the little old ladies who have given in faith over the years to the Jim Bakkers of the world. How should we judge them, our own grandmothers?

In that spirit, Kurt, I honestly hope that you DO believe sincerely in the things you say. Your words DO hurt, I won’t lie. But as long as they are said with genuine conviction and not merely for the benefit of the Dorean faithful, I cannot bear you any ill will for them.

I realize now that I WAS foolish and probably prideful to involve myself in this discussion. Whether intentionally or not, I baited you into this conversation and put you in this corner. Bad move on my part because somewhere along the way, I have lost the desire and the capacity to be angry at you.

I have to leave this place now. I hope that all of you here who believe in Kurt and in the work that he has done, will allow me to depart in peace and not try to use MY pride to draw me back into the discussion. As Wendy said, “Please forgive me if I offend you”.

Colossians 3:13


mogel said...

Bruce: Betty Crocker, YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!

Since you are such a whimp, you wouldn't know the difference between "nerve" and "courage" anyway.

Sounds to me you eat your own cooking. How sad???

mogel said...

Tycob said: "Shame on you Kurt for comparing yourself to Job"
The only way to grow and improve is to compare yourself to great men and have an example to emulate. There is no shame in comparisons.

Where there is a shame is where people don't have an acceptable standard to use and never aim high.

Maybe Tycob, you know people like that that don't have a role model and never aim high or never have a dream but are constantly tearing down people like that?

whatdoyoumean said...

Here's a link for you....


You did research before? So you came to the conclusion that they were right in principle? Now your beef is that it didn't work? Nothings changed dude. The banks are screwing the whole nation and you piss and moan over two guys that have put their lives on the line? I really have a hard time with that story. You post on here every time someone makes a comment because you are mad the process didn't work? But you did enough research to be convinced that it was ok before. It really says alot about your integrity.

mogel said...

Tycob said: "did however mention that Kurt lied when he said it was a PROVEN process"


By the way....don't think for a minute I believe there will be a refund


Here is another one that won't come true

A big party (grill) when Kurt says he will get released shortly


Remember Larkin Rose and Irwin Schiff.
Two deluded people who were convinced they would not be found guilty and all their followers who believed them too?
They had ALL the documentation too prove they were right


I am not a big fan of Government or Banks but your boy (JOB, MOSES, JESUS which is he?)is barking up the wrong tree


mogel said...

sorry now THIS is my last post:

habakkuk, go read all your "news" from Artic Beacon you pin-head twit. You fucking loser. Pathetic Bible whore.


mogel said...

Here is another example of the idiocy & pride of the government. When they can't make a case stick, eventually they are forced to give up!!! Course, very often they have to lie & suppress evidence to keep governmental cases going.

This Brad guy & his girlfriend Stumpy have BEATEN the Courts & the government so many times, it's almost uncanny! Below is just one case. Sometimes I think maybe they egg on the government so they can take them on & challenge their unconstitutional ways.

I suspect the same will happen to the Dorean Group that the government will just be forced to give up too!

There are winners out there too that seem to beat the odds of big bad government!!!! Here's just one example.

Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 19:14:49 -0000
Subject: [PersonalOdyssey] MICHIGAN v Stumpy - Case Dismissed
We showed up to the court this morning not knowing what to expect.
Either the case was going to be dismissed, or the charges were going
to be amended for the fourth time.

The parties went onto the record and the county prosecutor went onto
the record and stated that there was new evidence that had come to
light in the past day or so and in the interests of justice, the case
was being dismissed.

New evidence? Please! She was referring to the videotape of the
checkpoint when the incident allegedly occurred and the audiotape of
the dispatch call.

We argued back in May that the case should be dismissed because the
prosecutor was refusing to turn over the videotape of the incident at
the checkpoint and the audiotape of the dispatch call. The
information would be exculpatory because the videopate would show that
Stumpy was standing next to a wall when the alleged "interference"
with TSA took place, and the audiotape would show that the police were
not called to the scene because of Stumpy.

The county prosecutor argued back in May that she did not have access
to that information. Balderdash!

The majority of state and federal courts who have interpreted rules
regarding disclosure in criminal cases in their jurisdictions have
held that the language means what it says in Brady: if the prosecution
does not have the material or evidence sought by an accused actually
in its possession, then disclosure is not required. However, there is
an exception to a prosecution' s "defense" of actual possession, and
that exception is where the evidence is in the possession of another
government agency. See James W. Moore, 8 Moore's Federal Practice
16.05[l] (2d ed. 1995); Charles A. Wright, Federal Practice and
Procedure § 254 (1982); 23 Am.Jur.2d, Depositions and Discovery, § 421
(1983); 22A C.J.S., Criminal Law § 489 (1989); Annotation, Books,
Papers, and Documents Subject to Discovery by Defendant Under Rule 16
of Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, 108 A.L.R.Fed. 380 (1992);
Annotation, Discovery and Inspection of Prosecution Evidence Under
Federal Rule 16 of Criminal Procedure, 5 A.L.R. 3d 819 (1966).

The Metro Detroit Wayne County Airport is an instrumentality of the
county govermment. Wayne County Board of Commissioners v. Wayne County
Airport Authority, 253 Mich App 144 (2002).

"Act 90 adds a chapter, the "public airport authority act," to the
Michigan Aeronautics Code. As indicated in the revised title of the
act, Act 90 provides for the incorporation of "public airport
authorities" (PAAs) and provides for the transfer of airport
management to PAAs. PAAs automatically will be created for only
"qualified airports," which are those with ten million or more
enplanements… in a twelve-month period… Act 90, subsection 109(n). A
local government with airports that are not "qualified," may declare
an intention to incorporate a PAA, subsection 110(3)… A PAA will be
considered a public agency of the local government: "Except as
otherwise provided under this chapter, an authority created under or
pursuant to this section shall be a political subdivision and
instrumentality of the local government that owns the airport and
shall be considered a public agency of the local government for
purposes of state and federal law," subsection 110(1). n21 (Opinion,
p. 5)"

Therfore the airport is a subdivision of the county. So any assertion
that the county prosecutor did not have this evidence in her
possession was specious at best.

We argued back in May that the case should be dismissed because the
prosecutor was refusing to turn over the videotape of the incident at
the checkpoint and the audiotape of the dispatch call. The
information would be exculpatory because the videopate would show that
Stumpy was standing next to a wall when the alleged "interference"
with TSA took place, and the audiotape would show that the police were
not called to the scene because of Stumpy.

Nonetheless, the court ruled back in May that the prosecutor did not
have this material in her possession. What a bonehead.

Today, the judge was livid. This, after almost two years of
litigation, through three cases, and untold tens of thousands of
dollars in costs to the state (not to mention the people who did not
get fleeced while Stumpy was on the record arguing her case). He
dismissed the case without prejudice, but stated on the record that he
did not want to see this case before him again.

The idiot could have dismissed this back in May if he had read the law
and properly applied it.

We thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I have been asked whether
we are going to be going after the cops for false arrest, false
imprisonment and battery. I have been asked whether we are going
after the county prosecutor for bringing charges that had no
foundation in any evidence or for willfully denying due process
through the withholding of exculpatory evidence. You know that since
we became involved in the Ohio case that I canont talk about future
events, because I do not want to tip our hand.

But know that the government is inhabited by minions of the Beast. And
while we cannot touch the Beast himself, we can cut the hands from his
minions. We can use the law, which is the sword that is fashioned by
the beast, against his minions. The question becomes whether we can
learn to wield that weapon. I promise you that we will try.

One thing that I have learned through this case is that even when you
know the law and you are right, the court, when inhabited by the
Beast, will not be predisposed to rule in your favor. In this case,
it took an attorney that could advance our position to prevail. I am
jaded by the fact that the same arguments that Stumpy advanced were
heard only when they were advanced by an attorney.

I hope that in the future, that our cases will not be held hostage
until we pay an attorney to advance them. However, sometimes that is
the way of the world.

Stumpy took this case as far as we could. We spent the time advancing
our legal position that would have taken an attorney tens of thousands
of dollars to advance for us. So we still have to know how to do what
we do, and in this case it should have been enough, but it was not
enough. Is that our failure, or is that a failure of the system? I
prefer instead to believe that it is because of the Beast and his minions.


justice77777777 said...

mogel said...
Here is another example of the idiocy & pride of the government. When they can't make a case stick, eventually they are forced to give up!!! Course, very often they have to lie & suppress evidence to keep governmental cases going.

This Brad guy & his girlfriend Stumpy have BEATEN the Courts & the government so many times, it's almost uncanny! Below is just one case. Sometimes I think maybe they egg on the government so they can take them on & challenge their unconstitutional ways.

I suspect the same will happen to the Dorean Group that the government will just be forced to give up too!

There are winners out there too that seem to beat the odds of big bad government!!!! Here's just one example.

there's a 2 major differences between this case and the dorean case, you stupid bafoon.

1. the dorean case has DAMAGED witnesses that are going to testify against them.

2. kurt the messiah, claims this won't go to trial.

you are such an idiot.

Elmer Fudd said...

Some wackadoo's on this blog..Put down the fruit punch filled with cyanide, take off your nike sneakers and please don't lay down in bed with your face covered...Cuckoo Cuckooo

son of a prophet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
son of a prophet said...

anyone hear of ARL?

american rights litigators

seems that actor wesley snips has been arrested by the irs for using some of the tax methods of the arl

article here:

mogel said...

Justice777 said: "there's a 2 major differences between this case and the dorean case, you stupid bafoon.

1. the dorean case has DAMAGED witnesses that are going to testify against them.

2. kurt the messiah, claims this won't go to trial."
Too bad you can't see and appreciate the many similiarities between the two cases! Read the whole link again many times, over and over.

And you KNOW this will go to trial because.......?

The Dorean case "has damaged witnesses that are going to testify against them." Praytell, what are they going to say that is damaging assuming they even get a chance to even speak in a trial? How is their witness going to prove bank fraud, mail fraud, or wire fraud? How is any of these alleged testimonies going to shed any more light into what the government/court/FBI/prosecution already knows?

Don't you love the way they have manipulated and forced fear into these witnesses to force them to agree to even want to testify?
Anyone that would GIVE UP their own "Principals," (excuse me), maybe I meant to say, "principles" to save their own ugly, stupid, scared asses, makes these witnesses SO PURE, BELIEVABLE & CREDIBLE, wouldn't you agree? LOL

KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...

Actually your spelling is getting much better.

I don't need the $4,500

It's the principle of the thing Kahooya.

Kurt made a promise....said it was a proven process (he lied)

He posted a year ago that he would give everyone their money back.

I researched quite a bit before I got involved
Obviously not enough
My mistake, my fault

I made a mistake in believing an ex-convict (soon to be convict again)

Hope you are happy that I now answered your questions

My question to you

You are always bitching about the mortgage companies and Banks screwing you over.

If thats the case why do you keep doing business with them?

Why not use cash

You are a big construction owner, right?

5:52 PM


Why thank's for the complement. I hope it did'nt hurt to much.

I really owe it all to my daughter but you would know that already from our past posting's. All bet what you did'nt know is that she has move up into the 3rd grade.
So like I said, with her moving up it should'nt be to long now and I'll be writing like the big boy! You know what I'm talkin about don't ya?
That right!
So get back with yourself and stand-a-side.

What a little over the edge or something?
Well to bad!

Yep, that's right, seeing's how the daughter just received a perfect Report Card and all that! 4's across the board don't ya know, oh and something said from the teach like,
("And I don't give 4's on the first round grading") All that and she's already been moved up one grade as is.

Must be in the genes or something. Op's, I mean (Jean's) I would'nt want to have any spelling errors on this Boost of post now would I?

Jean's for genes, Now that's funny!
Come on what do you think I some kinda "a big construction owner" do you take me for? or something like that, Jenius? Haha! put the G in for your self. HaHa!No now that's funny funny funny stuff. if I don't say so my self.

Now with that out of the way.


O.k. that should be clear enough for you to understand what am asking and answer it.
The rest you have already said at one time or another I beleive.

Jeans, Genius Ha ha ha! that's just cracking me up! Come on now, you have to admit it that's funny .. Stuff. I just crack me up, I Juess LOL ,, Funnnnny funnnny.. Stuff that is.

So although you answered a question as asked, it was not the one I have asked many time in the past and here again. For some reason you keep sliding over that one. I have to wonder what it is.

Now let try again and when you come clean I'll let you in on little more than you'll raelly want to know about that question of your's. Hey but you asked and you just might have a different look at the bank's and mortgage industry for it.

Let me tell you this before I await your answer, I'm with little or no loss really around this and could save the time I spend here posting to you and the lot of neysayer's .. well mostly you but never the less I have some vested interest in the out come and all that. I do think that Kurt is on the level when he say's that he was trying to get the bank's and never intended to screw anyone. I think that he just did'nt think that it was going be this hard to get the system to be fare and follow the rule as there writen. It seem's to me that this is'nt that tuff to see the real deal when you put it all together. Let's face when you start to take all the thing's that are being hidden frome you starting with the broker (well really starting with the fact that when your put through 12 years min schooling and they never touch on the real story and fact's around the FED's and banking) But that is another long deal we all no so I won't go into it now.

What I'm saying here is that if you look at it all the hidden part's of the loan process and the dirty trick and such that are well known by most in the power seat's but nothing is done to change it so that went you (Joe customer) sind out that you were screwed by the bank's it's to late or if you have ever checked into what there is out there for customers to get help against the bank's or brokers you would quickly see that there is'nt much.

I have to wonder why brokers are worried so much about someone suing them or at least they act that way. The fact is there is not alot to get them. The only thing I see is that the presure get's to hot sometimes around the Gov't and they past a new bandaid law so to cool it down some and it's back to business for the bank's and brokers. Ther is one such law that I beleive is just about to past and would have alraedy but I bet thatthe bank's told them that they wer'nt ready yet , so could they hold on for just a little longer before putting it through. That was a law that has all of the brokers scrambleing to become Mortgage Banker's instead of mortgage Brokers that way when the new law passes they won't have to worry about all that telling the customer what they have charge them or better yet what they have fucked them out of in the loan deal. You see Mortgage Bankers don't habe to tell and the others do so all are changing their title's , with a little help from their bank's that is you check it out if you want but it's just another thing in a long list that tell's yoiu that theirs is a crooked business and your the one getting it in the end.

I know of no business that get' saway with what the lending one get's to. and that includes Contractor's As it goes for myself In the 20 years I have been a contractor I have had two count them two customers that have ended up unhappy enough to go to court because we just could'nt seem to agree. The one of my first was the customer that caused me to go take the test and get lic. cause when I went to court to prove my side and I had a rock solid case with contract pictures and shop drawing of this little bath cabinet they said I made wrong and wanted me to redo it witch I said I would at the time for $50.00 extra being how I was'nt wrong and it was made to the exact size they asked for and signed on the contract w/drawing on it . That did'nt much make ahill of bean's to the judge who simply asked me "Do you have a contractors lic. in this state" the answer being NO so he said "You lose" in so many word that's was it they mail the verdict to you. Must be to many brawl's in the courtroom or something to give it at the time. So that was it I was'nt ever going to lose another one over that. The other was a job I did for a Cop who could understand that we were at the shop painting his material as to acount for the time his neigbor said he did'nt see us there. Time and Materials job. you know he was just trying to get over it was'nt that hard to figure out the time and so I said fuck it let him keep it maybe hill get shoot inthe foot going to the bank or something one day for it.

Well I got lot's more to say but than again I alway's do and it's late so I willl follow up tomorrow if time permits. I will say this as I started to the big picture is with all of the facts put up with this and Kurt I can't see it being a scam not this one I just see it being more than he barganed for and all I was at the LV convention and the thing that struck me as I stood in back and looked thing over was they never expected to be getting so much from so many direction's with the FED"S and the raid's and the group of poeple being so large and this thing rolling along with a juggernot force and there he was sitting along the left side down front with that weird look on his face, liking to say ("boy this is big why big I sure hope Kurt know's what he's doing cus if not were fucked") not like the other's who were not overwhelmed but still were takemn back by the size of the crowd that turned out.
But that look was the one that made me hold off a bit just to see what was going to happen. You want to know who that was sitting there?

Let's see I bet he remembers me he was the guy that after that event was hopped up on steroids from taking to many that he was an asshole to all he had contact and was the driving force again that kept me from going ahead with this program. I wait to se if you guess who it is before I say.

With that


Never can get that dam ball to hit the paddle.
As the great Mel Brook's would say "Mine's defective, How come I alway's get the broken one." from the greatest movie of all time and who did'nt leave anyone out as far as Race or beleif and such it covered them all and was still dam funny doing it at a time that the rest of us were acting like fool's around the topic and then there was the "Holly Gr....

l8t all.

Now you think you might want to add some substance to you reply or do I have to fill all the pages by myself?

Gust kidding get it Gust instead of just I just can't stop it's tsill crack's me up. the it's alway's the stupidest thing's that do is'nt it?

Let me field that one for you
Yep! it alway's is.

Dumb, de dumb, dum du.

Boy! would you look at the time Got to run.

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Guy Santeramo

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Global Banking: The Bank for International Settlements
Volume 5, Issue 11


When David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973, the intent was to create a "New International Economic Order" (NIEO). To this end, they brought together 300 elite corporate, political and academic leaders from North America, Japan and Europe.

Few people believed us when we wrote about their nefarious plans back then. Now, we look back and clearly see that they did what they said they were going to do... globalism is upon us like an 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

The question is, "How did they do it?" Keep in mind, they had no public mandate from any country in the world. They didn't have the raw political muscle, especially in democratic countries where voting is allowed. They didn't have global dictatorial powers.

Indeed, how did they do it?

The answer is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), self-described as the "central bank for central bankers", that controls the vast global banking system with the precision of a Swiss watch.

This report offers a concise summation of BIS history, structure and current activities.


The famous currency expert Dr. Franz Pick once stated, "The destiny of the currency is, and always will be, the destiny of a nation."

With the advent of rampant globalization, this concept can certainly be given a global context as well: "The destiny of currencies are, and always will be, the destiny of the world."

Even though the BIS is the oldest international banking operation in the world, it is a low profile organization, shunning all publicity and notoriety. As a result, there is very little critical analysis written about this important financial organization. Further, much of what has been written about it is tainted by its own self-effacing literature.

The BIS can be compared to a stealth bomber. It flies high and fast, is undetected, has a small crew and carries a huge payload. By contrast, however, the bomber answers to a chain of command and must be refueled by outside sources. The BIS, as we shall see, is not accountable to any public authority and operates with complete autonomy and self-sufficiency.

Leading up to Founding

As we will see, the BIS was founded in 1930 during a very troubled time in history. Some knowledge of that history is critical to understanding why the BIS was created, and for whose benefit.

There are three figures that play prominently in the founding of the BIS: Charles G. Dawes, Owen D. Young and Hjalmar Schacht of Germany.

Charles G. Dawes was director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget in 1921, and served on the Allied Reparations Commission starting in 1923. His latter work on "stabilizing Germany's economy" earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1925. After being elected Vice President under President Calvin Coolidge from 1925-1929, and appointed Ambassador to England in 1931, he resumed his personal banking career in 1932 as chairman of the board of the City National Bank and Trust in Chicago, where he remained until his death in 1951.

Owen D Young was an American industrialist. He founded RCA (Radio Corporation of America) in1919 and was its chairman until 1933. He also served as the chairman of General Electric from 1922 until 1939. In 1932, Young sought the democratic presidential nomination, but lost to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

More on Hjalmar Schacht later.

In the aftermath of World War I and the impending collapse of the German economy and political structure, a plan was needed to rescue and restore Germany, which would also insulate other economies in Europe from being affected adversely.

The Versailles Treaty of 1919 (which officially ended WWI) had imposed a very heavy reparations burden on Germany, which required a repayment schedule of 132 billion gold marks per year. Most historians agree that the economic upheaval caused in Germany by the Versailles Treaty eventually led to Adolph Hitler's rise to power.

In 1924 the Allies appointed a committee of international bankers, led by Charles G. Dawes (and accompanied by J.P. Morgan agent, Owen Young), to develop a plan to get reparations payments back on track. Historian Carroll Quigley noted that the Dawes Plan was "largely a J.P. Morgan production"1 The plan called for $800 million in foreign loans to be arranged for Germany in order to rebuild its economy.

In 1924, Dawes was chairman of the Allied Committee of Experts, hence, the "Dawes Plan." He was replaced as chairman by Owen Young in 1929, with direct support by J.P. Morgan. The "Young Plan" of 1928 put more teeth into the Dawes Plan, which many viewed as a strategy to subvert virtually all German assets to back a huge mortgage held by the United States bankers.

Neither Dawes nor Young represented anything more than banking interests. After all, WWI was fought by governments using borrowed money made possible by the international banking community. The banks had a vested interest in having those loans repaid!

In 1924, the president of Reichsbank (Germany's central bank at that time) was Hjalmar Schacht. He had already had a prominent role in creating the Dawes Plan, along with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen and other prominent German bankers and industrialists.

The Young Plan was so odious to the Germans that many credit it as a precondition to Hitler's rise to power. Fritz Thyssen, a leading Nazi Industrialist, stated

"I turned to the National socialist party only after I became convinced that the fight against the Young Plan was unavoidable if complete collapse of Germany was to be prevented." 2

Some historians too quickly credit Owen Young as the idea-man for the Bank for International Settlements. It was actually Hjalmar Schacht who first proposed the idea3, which was then carried forward by the same group of international bankers who brought us the Dawes and Young Plans.

It is not necessary to jump to conclusions as to the intent of these elite bankers, so we will instead defer to the insight of renowned Georgetown historian, Carroll Quigley:

"The Power of financial capitalism had another far reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks, which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence co-operative politicians by subsequent rewards in the business world."4 [Bold emphasis added]

So here we have a brief sketch of what led up to the founding of the BIS. Now we can examine the nuts and bolts of how the BIS was actually put together.

The Hague Agreement of 1930
The formation of the BIS was agreed upon by its constituent central banks in the so-called Hague Agreement on January 20, 1930, and was in operation shortly thereafter. According to the Agreement,

The duly authorised representatives of the Governments of Germany, of Belgium, of France, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of Italy and of Japan of the one part; And the duly authorised representatives of the Government of the Swiss Confederation of the other part Assembled at the Hague Conference in the month of January, 1930, have agreed on the following:

Article 1. Switzerland undertakes to grant to the Bank for International Settlements, without delay, the following Constituent Charter having force of law: not to abrogate this Charter, not to amend or add to it, and not to sanction amendments to the Statutes of the Bank referred to in Paragraph 4 of the Charter otherwise than in agreement with the other signatory Governments.5

As we will see, German reparation payments (or lack thereof) had little to do with the founding of the BIS, although this is the weak explanation given since its founding. Of course, Germany would make a single payment to the BIS, which in turn would deposit the funds into the respective central bank accounts of the nations to whom payments were due. (It would be the subject of another paper to show the shallowness of this operation: Money and gold were shuffled around, but the net amount that Germany actually paid was very small.)

The original founding documents of the BIS have little to say about Germany, however, and we can look directly to the BIS itself to see its original purpose:

"The objects of the Bank are: to promote the co-operation of central banks and to provide additional facilities for international operations; and to act as trustees or agent in regard to international financial settlements entrusted to it under agreements with the parties concerned." 6

Virtually every in-print reference to the BIS, including their own documents, consistently refer to it as "the central banker's central bank."

So, the BIS was established by an international charter and was headquartered in Basle, Switzerland.

BIS Ownership

According to James C. Baker, pro-BIS author of The Bank for International Settlements: Evolution and Evaluation, "The BIS was formed with funding by the central banks of six nations, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. In addition, three private international banks from the United States also assisted in financing the establishment of the BIS."7

Each nation's central bank subscribed to 16,000 shares. The U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, did not join the BIS, but the three U.S. banks that participated got 16,000 shares each. Thus, U.S. representation at the BIS was three times that of any other nation. Who were these private banks? Not surprisingly, they were J.P. Morgan & Company, First National Bank of New York and First National Bank of Chicago.

On January 8, 2001, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the BIS approved a proposal that restricted ownership of BIS shares to central banks. Some 13.7% of all shares were in private hands at that time, and the repurchase was accomplished with a cash outlay of $724,956,050. The price of $10,000 per share was over twice the book value of $4,850.

It is not certain what the repurchase accomplished. The BIS claimed that it was to correct a conflict of interest between private shareholders and BIS goals, but it offered no specifics. It was not a voting issue, however, because private owners were not allowed to vote their shares.8

Sovereignty and Secrecy
It is not surprising that the BIS, its offices, employees, directors and members share an incredible immunity from virtually all regulation, scrutiny and accountability.

In 1931, central bankers and their constituents were fed up with government meddling in world financial affairs. Politicians were viewed mostly with contempt, unless it was one of their own who was the politician. Thus, the BIS offered them a once-and-for-all opportunity to set up the "apex" the way they really wanted it -- private. They demanded these conditions and got what they demanded.

A quick summary of their immunity, explained further below, includes

diplomatic immunity for persons and what they carry with them (i.e., diplomatic pouches)
no taxation on any transactions, including salaries paid to employees
embassy-type immunity for all buildings and/or offices operated by the BIS
no oversight or knowledge of operations by any government authority
freedom from immigration restrictions
freedom to encrypt any and all communications of any sort
freedom from any legal jurisdiction9
Further, members of the BIS board of directors (for instance, Alan Greenspan) are individually granted special benefits:

"immunity from arrest or imprisonment and immunity from seizure of their personal baggage, save in flagrant cases of criminal offence;"
"inviolability of all papers and documents;"
"immunity from jurisdiction, even after their mission has been accomplished, for acts carried out in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings;"
"exemption for themselves, their spouses and children from any immigration restrictions, from any formalities concerning the registration of aliens and from any obligations relating to national service in Switzerland ;"
"the right to use codes in official communications or to receive or send documents or correspondence by means of couriers or diplomatic bags."10
Lastly, all remaining officials and employees of the BIS have the following immunities:

"immunity from jurisdiction for acts accomplished in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings, even after such persons have ceased to be Officials of the Bank;"[bold emphasis added]
"exemption from all Federal, cantonal and communal taxes on salaries, fees and allowances paid to them by the Bank."
exempt from Swiss national obligations, freedom for spouses and family members from immigration restrictions, transfer assets and properties - including internationally - with the same degree of benefit as Officials of other international organizations.11
Of course, a corporate charter can say anything it wants to say and still be subject to outside authorities. Nevertheless, these were the immunities practiced and enjoyed from 1930 onward. On February 10, 1987, a more formal acknowledgement called the "Headquarters Agreement" was executed between the BIS and the Swiss Federal Council and basically clarified and reiterated what we already knew:

Article 2

The buildings or parts of buildings and surrounding land which, whoever may be the owner thereof, are used for the purposes of the Bank shall be inviolable. No agent of the Swiss public authorities may enter therein without the express consent of the Bank. Only the President, the General Manager of the Bank, or their duly authorised representative shall be competent to waive such inviolability.
The archives of the Bank and, in general, all documents and any data media belonging to the Bank or in its possession, shall be inviolable at all times and in all places.
The Bank shall exercise supervision of and police power over its premises.
Article 4
Immunity from jurisdiction and execution
The Bank shall enjoy immunity from criminal and administrative jurisdiction, save to the extent that such immunity is formally waived in individual cases by the President, the General Manager of the Bank, or their duly authorised representative.
The assets of the Bank may be subject to measures of compulsory execution for enforcing monetary claims. On the other hand, all deposits entrusted to the Bank, all claims against the Bank and the shares issued by the Bank shall, without the prior agreement of the Bank, be immune from seizure or other measures of compulsory execution and sequestration, particularly of attachment within the meaning of Swiss law. 12 [bold emphasis added]
As you can see, the BIS, its directors and employees (past and present) can do virtually anything and everything they want, with complete secrecy, immunity and with no one looking over their shoulders. It was truly a banker's dream come true, and it paved the international freeway for the rampant financial globalism that we see manifest today.

Day-to-Day Operations
Acting as a central bank, the BIS has sweeping powers to do anything for its own account or for the account of its member central banks. It is like a two-way power-of-attorney - any party can act as agent for any other party.

Article 21 of the original BIS statutes define day-to-day operations:

buying and selling of gold coin or bullion for its own account or for the account of central banks;
holding gold for its own account under reserve in central banks;
accepting the supervision of gold for the account of central banks;
making advances to or borrowing from central banks against gold, bills of exchange, and other short-term obligations of prime liquidity or other approved securities;
discounting, rediscounting, purchasing, or selling with or without its endorsement bills of exchange, checks, and other short-term obligations of prime liquidity;
buying and selling foreign exchange for its own account or for the account of central banks;
buying and selling negotiable securities other than shares for its own account or for the account of central banks;
discounting for central banks bills taken from their portfolio and rediscounting with central banks bills taken from its own portfolio;
opening and maintaining current or deposit accounts with central banks;
accepting deposits from central banks on current or deposit account;
accepting deposits in connection with trustee agreements that may be made between the BIS and governments in connection with international settlements.;
accepting such other deposits that, as in the opinion of the Board of the BIS, come within the scope of the BIS' functions.13
The BIS also may

act as agent or correspondent for any central bank
arrange with any central bank for the latter to act as its agent or correspondent;
enter into agreements to act as trustee or agent in connection with international settlements, provided that such agreements will not encroach on the obligations of the BIS toward any third parties.14
Why is "agency" an important issue? Because any member of the network can obscure transactions from onlookers. For instance, if Brown Brothers, Harriman wanted to transfer money to a company in Nazi Germany during WWII (which was not "politically correct" at that time), they would first transfer the funds to the BIS thus putting the transaction under the cloak of secrecy and immunity that is enjoyed by the BIS but not by Brown Brothers, Harriman. (Such laundering of Wall Street money was painstakingly noted in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C. Sutton.)

There are a few things that the BIS cannot do. For instance, it does not accept deposits from, or provide financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities. It is also not permitted to make advances to governments or open current accounts in their name.15 These restrictions are easily understood when one considers that each central bank has an exclusive franchise to loan money to their respective government. For instance, the U.S. Federal Reserve does not loan money to the government of Canada. In like manner, central banks do not loan money directly to the private or corporate clients of their member banks.

How Decisions are Made
The board of directors consist of the heads of certain member central banks. Currently, these are:

Nout H E M Wellink, Amsterdam (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Hans Tietmeyer, Frankfurt am Main (Vice-Chairman)
Axel Weber, Frankfurt am Main
Vincenzo Desario, Rome
Antonio Fazio, Rome
David Dodge, Ottawa
Toshihiko Fukui, Tokyo
Timothy F Geithner, New York
Alan Greenspan, Washington
Lord George, London
Hervé Hannoun, Paris
Christian Noyer, Paris
Lars Heikensten, Stockholm
Mervyn King, London
Guy Quaden, Brussels
Jean-Pierre Roth, Zürich
Alfons Vicomte Verplaetse, Brussels16
Of these, five members ( Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland) are currently elected by the shareholders. The majority of directors are "ex officio," meaning they are permanent and are automatically a part of any sub-committee.

The combined board meets at least six times per year, in secret, and is briefed by BIS management on financial operations of the bank. Global monetary policy is discussed and set at these meetings.

It was reported in 1983 that there is an inner club of the half dozen central bankers who are more or less in the same monetary boat: Germany, U.S., Switzerland, Italy, Japan and England.17 The existence of an inner club is neither surprising nor substantive: the whole BIS operation is 100% secret anyway. It is not likely that members of the inner club have significantly different beliefs or agendas apart from the BIS as a whole.
How the BIS works with the IMF and the World Bank

The interoperation between the three entities is understandably confusing to most people, so a little clarification will help.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) interacts with governments whereas the BIS interacts only with other central banks. The IMF loans money to national governments, and often these countries are in some kind of fiscal or monetary crisis. Furthermore, the IMF raises money by receiving "quota" contributions from its 184 member countries. Even though the member countries may borrow money to make their quota contributions, it is, in reality, all tax-payer money.18

The World Bank also lends money and has 184 member countries. Within the World Bank are two separate entities, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). The IBRD focuses on middle income and credit-worthy poor countries, while the IDA focuses on the poorest of nations. In funding itself, the World Bank borrows money by direct lending from banks and by floating bond issues, and then loans this money through IBRD and IDA to troubled countries.19

The BIS, as central bank to the other central banks, facilitates the movement of money. They are well-known for issuing "bridge loans" to central banks in countries where IMF or World Bank money is pledged but has not yet been delivered. These bridge loans are then repaid by the respective governments when they receive the funds that had been promised by the IMF or World Bank.20

The IMF is the BIS' "ace in the hole" when monetary crisis hits. The 1998 Brazil currency crisis was caused by that country's inability to pay inordinate accumulated interest on loans made over a protracted period of time. These loans were extended by banks like Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and FleetBoston, and they stood to lose a huge amount of money.

The IMF, along with the World Bank and the U.S., bailed out Brazil with a $41.5 billion package that saved Brazil, its currency and, not incidentally, certain private banks.

Congressman Bernard Sanders (I-VT), ranking member of the International Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee, blew the whistle on this money laundry operation. Sander's entire congressional press release is worth reading:

IMF Bailout for Brazil is Windfall to Banks, Disaster for US Taxpayers Says Sanders

BURLINGTON, VERMONT - August 15 - Congressman Bernard Sanders (I-VT), the Ranking Member of the International Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee, today called for an immediate Congressional investigation of the recent $30 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout of Brazil.

Sanders, who is strongly opposed to the bailout and considers it corporate welfare, wants Congress to find out why U.S. taxpayers are being asked to provide billions of dollars to Brazil and how much of this money will be funneled to U.S. banks such as Citigroup, FleetBoston and J.P. Morgan Chase. These banks have about $25.6 billion in outstanding loans to Brazilian borrowers. U.S. taxpayers currently fund the IMF through a $37 billion line of credit.

Sanders said, "At a time when we have a $6 trillion national debt, a growing federal deficit, and an increasing number of unmet social needs for our veterans, seniors, and children, it is unacceptable that billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are being sent to the IMF to bailout Brazil."

"This money is not going to significantly help the poor people of that country. The real winners in this situation are the large, profitable U.S. banks such as Citigroup that have made billions of dollars in risky investments in Brazil and now want to make sure their investments are repaid. This bailout represents an egregious form of corporate welfare that must be put to an end. Interestingly, these banks have made substantial campaign contributions to both political parties," the Congressman added.

Sanders noted that the neo-liberal policies of the IMF developed in the 1980's pushing countries towards unfettered free trade, privatization, and slashing social safety nets has been a disaster for Latin America and has contributed to increased global poverty throughout the world. At the same time that Latin America countries such as Brazil and Argentina followed these neo-liberal dictates imposed by the IMF, from 1980-2000, per capita income in Latin America grew at only one-tenth the rate of the previous two decades.

Sanders continued, "The policies of the IMF over the past 20 years advocating unfettered free trade, privatizing industry, deregulation and slashing government investments in health, education, and pensions has been a complete failure for low income and middle class families in the developing world and in the United States . Clearly, these policies have only helped corporations in their constant search for the cheapest labor and weakest environmental regulations. Congress must work on a new global policy that protects workers, increases living standards and improves the environment."

One can surmise that a financial circle exists where the World Bank helps nations get into debt, then when these countries can't pay their massive loans, the IMF bails them out with taxpayer money -- and in the middle stands the BIS, collecting fees as the money travels back and forth like the ocean tide, while assuring everyone that all is well.

BIS dumps gold-backed Swiss Francs for SDR's
On March 10, 2003, the BIS abandoned the Swiss gold franc as the bank's unit of account since 1930, and replaced it with the SDR.

SDR stands for Special Drawing Rights and is a unit of currency originally created by the IMF. According to Baker,

"The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement the existing official reserves of member countries. SDR's are allocated to member countries in proportion to their IMF quotas. The SDR also serves as the unit of account of the IMF and some other international organizations. Its value is based on a basket of key international currencies."21

This "basket" currently consists of the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling and the U.S. dollar.

The BIS abandonment of the 1930 gold Swiss franc removed all restraint from the creation of paper money in the world. In other words, gold backs no national currency, leaving the central banks a wide-open field to create money as they alone see fit. Remember, that almost all the central banks in the world are privately-held entities, with an exclusive franchise to arrange loans for their respective host countries.

Regional and Global Currencies: SDR's, Euros and Ameros
There is no doubt that the BIS is moving the world toward regional currencies and ultimately, a global currency. The global currency could well be an evolution of the SDR, and may explain why the BIS recently adopted the SDR as its primary reserve currency.

The Brandt Equation, 21st Century Blueprint for the New Global Economy notes, for instance, that

Since the SDR is the world's only means of meeting international payments that has been authorized through international contract, "The SDR therefore represents a clear first step towards a stable and permanent international currency"22 [bold emphasis added]

As to regional currencies, the BIS has already been hugely successful in launching the euro in Europe. Armed with new technical and social know-how, the BIS' next logical step is to focus on America and Asia.

For instance, according to BIS Papers No. 17, Regional currency areas and the use of foreign currencies,

"Canada, Mexico and the United States are members of the trade group NAFTA. Given the high proportion of Canada and Mexico's trade with the United States, a NAFTA dollar or "Amero" has been proposed by some Canadian academics such as Grubel (1999). See also Beine and Coulombe (2002) and Robson and Laidler (2002)."23

Assuming that NAFTA permanently identifies Canada, the U.S. and Mexico as one trading block, then North America will look like the European Union and the Amero will function like the Euro. All of the work put into the SDR would be perfectly preserved by simply substituting the Amero for the U.S. dollar when they choose to bring the Amero to ascendancy over the dollar.

For those American readers who do not grasp the significance of the adoption of the euro by European Union countries, consider how one American globalist describes it.

C. Fred Bergsten is a prominent and core Trilateral Commission member and head of the Institute for International Economics. On January 3, 1999, Bergsten wrote in the Washington Post

"The adoption of a common currency is by far the boldest chapter of European integration. Money traditionally has been an integral element of national sovereignty ...and the decision by Germany and France to give up their mark and franc ...represents the most dramatic voluntary surrender of sovereignty in recorded history. The European Central Bank that will manage the euro is a truly supranational institution".24 [bold emphasis added]

Bergsten will have to rephrase this when the U.S. gives up the dollar for the amero -- that will become the most dramatic voluntary surrender of sovereignty in recorded history!

Our credo is "Follow the money, follow the power." This report has endeavored to follow the money. We find that:

The BIS is central bank to all major central banks in the world
It is privately owned by central banks themselves, most of whom are also private
It was founded under questionable circumstances by questionable people
It is accountable to no one, especially government bodies
It operates in complete secrecy and is inviolable
Movement of money is obscured and hidden when routed through the BIS
The BIS is targeting regional currency blocks and ultimately, a global currency
It has been hugely successful at building the New International Economic Order, along with its attendant initiatives on global governance.
As to "follow the power," another paper will more fully explore the influence of power that the BIS exerts over other banks, nations and governments. For your own consideration in the meantime, Proverbs 22:7 provides a useful compass: "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender".

NOTE: Carl Teichrib, World Research Library Senior Fellow, contributed to this report.

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