Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Parting Shot (11/20/06)

As I have always told you the government flunkies are always predictable. On the 7th we were taken to court on our previous vacated hearing so the BOP could bitch to the judge and get me removed from their facility. My fight was not with them and if they left me alone I would have passed through their facility like a vapor. Unfortunately they are all trained to believe a lie and to punish all who resist. This works successfully on most people so there is no reason to change. If though they should run into someone trained as myself to separate truth from fiction their training actually becomes the very tool of their demise. In essence the stick they use to beat you breaks upon their own heads. They are all pushing me to a commercial gateway with all their might but they are not allowed to push me through it. I must take that step of my own free will. They never see someone refuse because their pains sufferings and lies are so effective. If though you are as I you will document every lashing, lie and push. It seems trivial and worthless at the moment but at that gate I get to turn around and that which was intended to hurt me becomes my blessing. Understanding the whole game makes you a strange bird in the middle because you go around saying things like beat some more please or offering no objection to their punishments. That baffles them when it should strike fear in them. They do gain a little fear and that is why they moved me but it doesn’t cure their problem. They are weak people so they play games with their psyche to make themselves feel better. Our 7th hearing is an example of this. They come into an irrelevant forum where every one pats each other on the back saying don’t worry big bad Kurt can’t hurt you. They place declarations on the record under this false euphoria that plagues themselves while in reality they have handed me a knife to cut their throat. Look at what was filed which I accepted as true with no argument. They placed upon the public record that they have agreed to and codified our contractual relationship. How do you back pedal when you made the confessions openly? I even asked if they wanted to disavow their agent to which they insisted vigorously to retain their liability. The truth in the face of liars can still never be seen. None of you will see the victory I see at the moment until better trained and I complete my work. I do not have to be in a hurry in fact patience always seems to net you greater help from your enemies. Any agent or agency of the so called government are sitting ducks for these techniques from doggie cops to presidents they just can’t help themselves. Turn this into your remedy and you will invite these bullies into your life anytime. Think about how much energy was expanded because of one man’s pen and paper. I hope this is further evidence of what wimps these people are.


KYHOOYA said...

Work-it Kurt.

Just wanted to be first.


Yetter said...

It seems in the fog of might makes right our leaders just cant conceive why we need smart people over smart bombs, truth and law vs over whelming force.

Tony Tuba said...

Jason(JChief)AKA Starfish Prime is a dickhead!!!!! Story at eleven.

Yetter said...

The pen has always been mightier than the sword. Gods speed K&S.

dgwondering said...

Yep you sure have them right where you want them. Just like all the times before.

habakkuk said...

Uh Oh!! Something big is coming;)


Too Good To Be True: Is Daddy Bush's Illegal Financial NWO Empire Collapsing?
Yes, according to Michael C. Cottrell and the Wanta group trying to recover $4.5 trillion of off shore money for the American people. Further, photos uncovered by former NYPD detective showing Bush Sr. allegedly involved in huge White House pedophile ring.
6 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

It's been a bad couple of days for George H. Daddy Bush as, according to inside sources, his Illuminati financial empire is collapsing before his evil eyes while, at the same time, a photo recently surfaced showing him pictured with Johnny Gosch, a 1982 child kidnapping victim involved in the much talked about White House pedophile ring.

For those Americans who read the 'real news' and not the New York Times, Daddy Bush has for a long time been considered as the New World Order kingpin in America and the key point man for the Vatican-led Illuminati efforts to destroy America from within.

Although Bush has been the center of controversy in most every major American scandal since the JFK assassination, he has escaped prosecution or even harsh criticism in the mainstream press since he has been well protected by a virtual wall of criminals in the same manner the Teflon Don or mafia boss, John Gotti, insulated himself from prosecution through bribery and murder.

But since all empires fall as did Gotti's, Bush's Satanist stranglehold on America may be in jeopardy if what two insiders say is finally acted upon by an American public fed-up with fascism brought on deceptively by the Bush family ever since the National Archives and the U.S. Congressional Record documented former Sen. Prescott Bush, as being a Nazi traitor while financing Hitler.

Although it is hard to imagine Daddy Bush as broke and penniless after stealing trillions of dollars of off shore money as documented in the Leo Wanta story, Wanta's financial agent said his sources said Bush Sr. was actually reduced to tears Tuesday when he learned much of his stolen financial empire, held in Vatican Bank accounts, has been lost through complicated financial transactions related to the unpaid $4.5 trillion owed Ambassador Wanta as well as the American people......

(Go to to read the entire article)

neodemes said...



Dr Jeff said...

As you may remember, I am one of the unfortunate members that actually refinanced, sent 1/2 the amount (excess of 130K)over seas and now has 4 mortgages. Does anyone know of a good lawyer that is equipped to handle these types of cases? Please respond quickly with name, phone, address, etc. if you can help! Please just give me experienced names.
Much Thanks!

Dr. J

Dr Jeff said...

As you may remember, I am one of the unfortunate members who was able to refinance, sent 1/2 of the refi amount (excess of 130K) over seas, and now am stuck with 4 mortgages totalling over 6K per month. Does anyone know of a qualified lawyer who is experienced in dealing with this situation? Please send me name, phone, address, quickly as I am running out of time and money.


Dr. J

Leslie Neilsen said...

dr jeff,

Hey, just send dr fred a thousand dollars for youur trust,three hundred dollars to set up your banking, and another eightyfive for the DVD's.
Then sit down, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

But all is not lost. Don't you know that very shortly this will all be over and you will be getting a huge settlement from Uncle Sam?

god said...

the calm before the storm??

dgwondering said...

dr jeff there aren't that many who handled real suits but if they do title work they probably have heard of Dorean. And it depends on what state you're in. Call the local ABA Lawyer Referral line and they'll interview you. If you're in that far that you got another mortgage make sure you explain how you were caught up in a scam and that some people involved are being prosecuted. You need more than one lawyer because you'll need criminal advice too and most lawyers can't do both. Nobody who posts here can really help you and there are nuts who keep trying to make it worse.

neodemes said...

Just curious Dr. J. What sort of Doctorate do you hold?

oksurewhynot said...


Kurt has made you a talking head. Be wise.
Kurt took away your mind, your spirit, your friends, your family, your house and your money.

"Back away from the Kurt", buddy. It's not too late.

oksurewhynot said...


tcob247 said...

Kurt took away your mind, your spirit, your friends, your family, your house and your money.

I guess Scott doesnt really care about those things

habakkuk said...

Back away from the Kurt", buddy. It's not too late.


tcob247 said...

plant this............

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Go toward the light.........

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Move in for my close up...........

tcob247 said...

Post from Kurt


"I'm going to address TCOB247 directly.........
As for your $4,500 fee, I am working on a refund. I would love nothing better than to shut your stupid mouth. I have much incompetent help at the moment which causes me delay but I will reach my goal of returning every dollar collected. You guys who think 5 million is a lot of money couldn’t comprehend what motivates me. I will be a debtor to no man. There are certain conditions from a legal perspective that must be in place. The monies are already set aside."


habakkuk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KYHOOYA said...

You know something Tin Cup Out Begging, I have read your crap now for just about two years.
After doing this I find you be now someone who has alot of question's of people but you never answer any of the one put to you.

I wonder why that is.

Do you think you are above the rest here and need not or is it that your full of crap when you post and to answer anything with the truth would only show you for the lierr that you are.

I told you some time ago that if you made the kinda money you boost here about, then it would be easy to recover your $4500.00 by taking Kurt up on his offer putting you tax debt on him and then you would be clear and free. I think the numbers based on what you said you made and a tax rate of 28% would have you even in only a few months of earnings.

That would be the thing to do, but you would have to have made that money you said you did in order to take the offer and have it pay off.

Without a doubt your resonce to this will be with some B.S. instead of looking into it as you always do

Again what brought you to this program in the first place?

Why is it that you won't take the time to learn about the thing's in your life that you choose to get involved with instead of jump first ask questions later form of doing thing's ?

Do you ever take any time to find out things for your self or have you alway's been the kinda person that copied off the guy next to you?

I have to only say I would have bet that you did'nt even check to see if that guy was smarter than yourself before you did copy from him.

I will go out on a limb and say that you were the type that if anyone looked or acted outside your little idea of the norm, you would be the first in kine to cause that person some kind of greif about it.

More out of fear and lake of understanding than anything else I be.

Why don't you try and take the time to think about what it is that your going to post about somebody or thing so you can put them down with some real good comments instead of the one's you use now that are at best "Out Of Thin Air" and with know fore thought by you what so ever.

I would say to everone that before I snswered another question of Tin Cup's I think he should be made to give some real answers to one's that are put to him.

Cuz anyone can post alway's being the doom and gloom and every once and awile they will be right.

O.K. now here you go I'm sure you'll post back something like there is a spelling error or some other dribble besides taking a look at what was said and giving it soem real thought. Know that might mean you would get a headache from using that flabby bit of mass between your ear's now would'nt it?


papa_dont_preach said...

tcob247, don't worry, even though you got out of your FET, you WILL still get your refund.

justice77777777 said...

papa_dont_preach said...
tcob247, don't worry, even though you got out of your FET, you WILL still get your refund.


you are doing a great job keeping the scam alive. you are to be commended.

KYHOOYA said...

To the ones that are giving Strafish prime a bunch of crap for his post I will say this:

There was nothing of any real importance going on at the time anyway so who care's if he put a long post in here. The fact is if you give it a good read with an open mind you just might get something from it instaed of taking the path all to many here seem to and badmouth it just because if has a different look about something and what that scares you or something so you have to put him down for it.

Know wonder the guy responds the way he does who would'nt?

I will say for a group who proclaims to be of the church and all i have to wonder what the hell is being told you as the way to treat your fellow man cuz what I see here is not any where close in my O.P.

But than again it is just that My O.P. so take it for what you want and leave the rest it's just my over all look at the latter act's and all.

I will again say that the posting's fro SFP here have beed of more use to myself than any other info that I have recived so far. Not to saythat I hav'nt been shown a few thing here it's just that there is still some time to see how the come to light and if they will be of any use or no.

The Roman Cath. Church being said to have some wrong doing's! Why I never heard of such a thing. My word, you would have to work at that for about ten seconds to come up with needed items that show that this group has had to much power for far to long now and have used it to do Ev... Know well give them the chance of being the victoms and say they haveused their power's in a way that will not get them the best set's when it is time to pay up if it all goes the way they say it will .

But wait just a second. Maybe they are over stepping their power and all and gaining from their bad use of it but don't care because they know that their is now pay back in the end you think?

My dear sister Mary as my 3rd grade teacher, would be in tear's if she heard that.
Well just for a sec. till she found that ruler of her's... Then .. watch out cus .. Hey wait a cotton picken min. I just thought of something know wonder I have problems with my hand's today why would'nt I after all that measuring of them....

But tan again I whent back to visit the old school one day after about 20 year's or so and I have to say when I was across the school yard as far as could be where my own mother would not know it was me. My first grade teacher sister Paula called me by name and that my freind was freeky. There is know way I look anything like I did in the first grade now.

So keep an open mind cus you just never know how it's all going to play out for sure and I have to think your not getting another chance to change thing once your there .. Where ever 'There' is.

l8r \

tcob247 said...


Actually your spelling is getting much better.

I don't need the $4,500

It's the principle of the thing Kahooya.

Kurt made a promise....said it was a proven process (he lied)

He posted a year ago that he would give everyone their money back.

I researched quite a bit before I got involved
Obviously not enough
My mistake, my fault

I made a mistake in believing an ex-convict (soon to be convict again)

Hope you are happy that I now answered your questions

My question to you

You are always bitching about the mortgage companies and Banks screwing you over.

If thats the case why do you keep doing business with them?

Why not use cash

You are a big construction owner, right?

papa_dont_preach said...

I can keep the alleged scam alive as much as I want in-justice especially since the bank I did business with walked away from the table after the lien was filed against them.

Big scam huh, when the bank walks away from a mortgage? Must be that they're hiding something huh? Could it be a fluke or an accident? I don't think so. Forget about asking why in-justice, just keep claiming it's a scam.

verboy said...

jeff email

verboy said...

jeff email me at and leave your phone number i may be able to help

mogel said...

Tycob said: Post from Kurt


"I'm going to address TCOB247 directly.........
As for your $4,500 fee, I am working on a refund. I would love nothing better than to shut your stupid mouth. I have much incompetent help at the moment which causes me delay but I will reach my goal of returning every dollar collected. You guys who think 5 million is a lot of money couldn’t comprehend what motivates me. I will be a debtor to no man. There are certain conditions from a legal perspective that must be in place. The monies are already set aside."

Working on a refund.... There are certain conditions from a legal perspective that MUST BE IN PLACE first.

Tycob, maybe you should improve on your reading skills before you jump to conclusions & start accusing. No specific date was set to give you a refund, therefore no breach exists at this point. Also, obviously there is certain LEGAL CONDITIONS Kurt mentioned that hasn't taken place yet.

For Petes sake, there is no reason to make a promise if he had no intentions of keeping it. It would have been less complicated not to make the promise in the first place if his intentions was to renigg on the promise or never fulfill it.

Obviously, you just pick and choose what you want to read & ignore the rest of what was said. From the quote, he hasn't broken ANY PROMISES. You just don't interpret what he said correctly.

The monies are set aside whether you want to believe that or not, it doesn't matter.

There are plenty of reasons to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that's beyond you to do that, isn't it?

Bruce said...

Well I hope you boys are having fun with your soap on a rope. Sure you right for helping fools ruin their own lives. GOD is blessing you right now. So when you are eating baloney sandwiches and washing another man's socks think of all of the people that you defrauded. They are Morons but so are you.

Bruce said...

Oh one more thing, while you are locked up your ladies are at the bar meeting real men with real jobs. Ha Ha Ha Ha. I think I will buy them a drink with the money that you did not get to steal!

whatdoyoumean said...

Here's a link for you....


You did research before? So you came to the conclusion that they were right in principle? Now your beef is that it didn't work? Nothings changed dude. The banks are screwing the whole nation and you piss and moan over two guys that have put their lives on the line? I really have a hard time with that story. You post on here every time someone makes a comment because you are mad the process didn't work? But you did enough research to be convinced that it was ok before. It really says alot about your integrity.

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