Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Brother / My Friend

“A man of friends may be broken up; but there is a lover who sticks closer than a brother.” That is the literal Hebrew translation of Proverbs 18:24. “The soul of Jonathon was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him (David) as his own soul.” This is the literal Hebrew translation of 1 Samuel 18:1. The words “lover” in Proverbs 18:24 and “loved” in 1 Samuel 18:1 is translated from the Hebrew word “Hheb” which means to have a close attachment to or to have an emotional attachment to an object. In this case the object, or attachment if you will, is Kurt Johnson. I’ve known Kurt for more than 10 years and the one thing I have admired most about him is his integrity as a man, and more importantly, as a man of God. There is an axiom in sports that goes something to the effect of, “sports doesn’t create character, it reveals it.” I believe the moral equivalent to that axiom would go something like, “the testing of your faith promotes character but shall reveal it at the self-same time.” This particular testing event has provided me with the opportunity to witness both the man Kurt Johnson and the man of God Kurt Johnson. I can confirm to you with full confidence he is the man of integrity privately that he is publicly. He is a man who would die for a friend and risk his life for an inspired cause for strangers. Those of you that have walked with us in lock-step in the spirit understand fully that which I speak. This is what the writer of Psalms 42 meant when he says in verse 7 “Deep calls unto deep.” I am privileged to be walking this season of testing out with a man who understands God’s call, hears His voice and is obedient to comply even if it appears foolish or risky. Over the course of this journey Kurt has made decisions in faith, that to the natural mind would seem foolish, but to the working of faith the only decision. He has remarked consistently through this that only men of faith could pull this off. I have now become convinced of this. As unusual as this may sound, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I am just beginning to understand what God has invested in me and how much He wants me to be a champion for Him and that having Kurt serving as a living example was part of it. I have said privately and now proclaim publically, I love you my brother and thank you for your patience, inspiration, integrity and most importantly your obedience. You are a man among men and a supreme friend.

Yours Truly, Scott


son of a prophet said...

another LOLO from govt...

"were winning in iraq"

opps... "i mean we losing in iraq"

"were winnging in iraq"

"were losing in iraq"

damn, which is it???

were winning....

were losing....

s**t, i cant remember....

"I know, i take a quareter of my pocket, and flip it....heads, we winning, tails we lose....

nope. govt dont lie!

good thing they always tell the truth, jus like the banks.


light1rae said...

There are many of us who are watching and seeing both of you living a life of faith in our Heavenly Father and have inspired us to be strong and believe no matter what the outcome! As for me and my house we shall serve the LORD! We love you both. As always, stay the course!
in HIS serves
R&P :)

son of a prophet said...

guess that these do not exist either....they are just an illusion.......

Future Concentration Camp Uncovered In Wyoming

Writer and photographer who wishes to remain anonymous says the "truth is out" and a Halliburton-built concentration camp is found.

By Greg Szymanski
20 Dec 2006

The number of military bases and other guarded facilities tagged to be used as concentration camps when the New World Order invasion and takeover becomes a reality has been a hotly debated subject among alternative media websites and a well kept secret among those in the know at the Pentagon. Pentagon officials dismiss the possibility as "conspiracy theory nonsense" while truth seekers on the other hand have said numerous camps exist in all corners of the country.

But despite the speculation and difference of opinions one writer, who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, has found one facility in Wyoming, which he states categorically and without question, is a Halliburton-built and Nazi-like concentration camp, being built to house American dissidents, political prisoners and those who oppose the Vatican-led New World Order takeover.

Read More

habakkuk said...

I wonder if all the nice folks stranded at the denver airport get a chance to view the new world order artwork and symbols thats all over that place.

habakkuk said...

Short 4 min google video of the Denver Airport:

son of a prophet said...

LOLO said...

"...has found one facility in Wyoming, which he states categorically and without question, is a Halliburton-built and Nazi-like concentration camp, being built to house American dissidents, political prisoners and those who oppose the Vatican-led New World Order takeover

and those who have participated in the Dorean Groups motrage elimation plan. These will not even be fed, but will be allowed to starve to death, per order of the banksters.

habakkuk said...

CONCENTRATION CAMP PRISONER: Please sir, i'm hungry.

NWO NAZI: Are you a Dorean client??

CCP: Yes sir:(

NWO NAZI: No soup for you!!!!!!! Put him in the hole!!!!!

Scott from Vineland said...

SOP & Hab-
Stop, you guys are killin' me!!!

That Greg Szymanski guy is a hoot, too. Talk about comedy!

habakkuk said...

This stuff is so depressing to think of sometimes you gotta keep laughing to keep from crying.

son of a prophet said...


yes, its true; really, even if the DG clints get their mtg eliminated and the future is realy like what this symankski guy writes, what good it not haveing to pay your mtg, or even if you get a $1 million settlement???

i guess it can buy yuo a pretty good size mausoleum?

son of a prophet said...

also funny is how the last few weeks, all the gorge noory coast to coast guest are talking aoubt some kind of stargate opening up by 2011-12

the mayan calendar also predicts the end by 2012

the mayan were one of the most advanced civilisation of their time and still today, they cannot figure out how they got some of their info. (perhaps visited by aliens?)

i dont bleieve any of this stuff in the sense that christians are not to; however, i do believe if a stargate opens up, it will vbe the rapture. so what ever they want to call it, makes no difference to me, im going up......^^^^^^^^

they speculate that yeshua went up in a stargate/wromhole.

mabybe he did with same as enoch

son of a prophet said...

as they said in the movie, 2001:A Space Odyssey


and i beleive it!

i believe taht ANYONE with any sense of awareness at all, can just sense/feel that something big is about to go down in the next year or few

son of a prophet said...

and it wont be just the DG motgs getting eliminated.

does anyone also knwo that there are sites now that claim to elimante ALL debt, secured or uncesured??

yep, they are out there cliaming to use the UCC FINANCING STATEMENT

habakkuk said...


I agree...something big is about to go down....Dont ask me what exactly....But G-d's people need to know the seasons and what to do.

I do believe that there is going to be a wealth transfer that takes place. Just like Israel leaving Egypt...I dont know how that will happen exactly but its gonna happen.

mogel said...

According to one newsletter, the purpose of the Iraq War is different from what the news media says:

"The attack on Iraq was a bank raid. Among its key objectives were
(a) to seize control of the Central Bank of Iraq and to seize its
gold. We were informed two years or so ago that about 100 special
operatives involved in this operation were killed when they were
deliberately left _in harm_s way_ by the US military; but we now
understand that this figure was much higher. These people were
sacrificed so that they would not survive to report what happened.
Knowledge of this assault, giga-theft and atrocity exists because
the events were recorded by several Iraqi sources. The second
objective (b) was to obtain control over Saddam Hussein_s _personal_
bank, Rafidain Bank, so that the General Management could be changed
and then instructed to grant access to what we were told amounted to
$17 trillion of assets, but which we now understand is a far higher
figure. These assets are reported to be held at the London branch,
and may have been frozen or stolen by the British authorities, who
appear to be heavily involved in these scams."

son of a prophet said...

i agree with this somewhat...that they stole the money and the gold....but i think that even this supposed "inside" story doenst tell the whole truth.

after all, these people have more money than they could ever count or spend in many lfietimes.

i believe that the real raid was done on the meuseum of antiquites whre all the old stuff was kept.

after all, remeber, these ppl arrnt christians, so they beleive that the statues of the old gods of bablyon have great power...osiris, horus, etc.

also remember, that babyoln is slated to become a "world economic powerhouse" bar none.

all fincacil transctons will cleared thru banks in bablyon. similuar to the clearinhouse banks in ny and london today.

and thats why, bible says that babylon will be destroyed in 1 hour. years to build, and taken down in one hour. all the worlds merchants will mourn the desturction of bablyon. they will see the smoke from ships from the sea and lament.

and the building has started, notice the iraq dianar was recently as last week of november, 1472 to one us dollar,

now, its all the way down to 1258 to one us dollar

moved over one hunderd dinar in a couple weeks.

glad i bought a few thou on ebay.

bank of america in certain cities reputed to be selling dinar at the windows.

kaz4541 said...

does anyone know what happened at the court on 12-11, would we see the end of this whole thing by x'mas?

kaz4541 said...
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kaz4541 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
son of a prophet said...

yep. b;abylon will be like one of the old episode of the old star trek series, with capt. pike on his planet of pleasure....

money, booze and broads....who could one will have to work, as there will be no money, but all digitized; just get your id, i mean mark (of the beast) and youre free to enjoy the pleasures of babylon....if there are any christian left then, they will be tempted beyond belief to move to babylon.

no real christians would go, i doubt, as they would undoubetly know gods admonition to all those who go to babylon; ie., they will be destroyed there.

Jer 51:49

" babylon has caused all the slain of israel to fall; so, at babylon shall fall all the slain of the earth."

all who go there will join the museum as historical artifacts; ie., they wont be alive, but just as dead as the statues there.

son of a prophet said...

notice, that this verse doenst say that all the earth sahll be slain there, but all the slain of the earth.

ie., if you are going to be slain, you will be slain there.

you may not be slain, but if you are, it will be there; ie, dont go there. simple, huh? easy as 1.2.3

acezipp said...

Note from a lender...
I work for a mortgage lender and I have not seen 2 properties go into foreclosure and eviction started while the borrower is screaming it is illegal.

You clowns are dupping people into not paying and losing their homes. WHY other than greed?

acezipp said...

Note from a lender...

I work for a mortgage lender and I have now )this month) seen 2 properties go into foreclosure and eviction started while the borrower is screaming it is illegal.

You are dupping people into not paying on their loans and losing their homes.

WHY other than greed? If you think the money you got from us is no good why did you accept it. If it still no good just give it back to me and we will call it even.

Clearly this strategy is not working...time to adjust or accept the real world and its money. Stop putting families in the street because you think you found some technical issue.

god said...

"You clowns are dupping people into not paying and losing their homes. WHY other than greed? "

LOL!!!!!!! Greed??? LOL!!!!!!!!!

And the banker is santa claus...right?? Did you hear yesterday in the news the big fat christmas bonus the bank execs are going home with this year?? 20, 30, 40, 50 + million dollar checks.

Are you friken kidding me?????? (ooops, i forgot i'm god)

Yetter said...

ACEZIPP. Your argument is over whelming. Kurt,everyone, give up.

god said...

"technical issue"????????


Gforce said...

Ecc. 2:26" the sinner God gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to HAND IT OVER TO THE ONE WHO PLEASES God..." also James 5 comes to mind. Although maybe the modern economic systems of today have just become to powerful for God to handle anymore, I suppose. After all, that verse was written by King Solomon, I believe, which was when the economies of the world were much, much smaller.

Gforce said...

--2007 will be Jubalee to be a lender

mogel said...


I think Pee-Wee Herman explained the answer to your question best:

"I know you are, but what am I"? "I know you are, but what am I". "I know the banks/lenders are greedy, but what am I?"

The lenders have turned things around to make them look like the benevolent ones and the alleged borrowers who really are creditors that have become educated as the greedy and unfair ones.

How can you in good conscience call any Dorean clients as greedy? Where is the evidence of this? Do you know any rich Dorean clients to date? And please don't tell me that dorean clients are greedy because they thought they were going to get a financial windfall because clearly you don't believe the process will work because you already said so.

And most dorean clients are not withholding payments to their lenders. They are making their payments under protest and expect their "overpayment" to be expected to be returned by the lender upon settlemnt of their account.

It's true, we expected the lenders to be fair after they were proven to be in default to give up and be fair & do the right thing which was not to pursue the make believe debt anymore. It didn't happen. We gave the lenders too much credit. No pun intended.

You see clients believe and also have an equal financial offset to the amount that the lender says that is still due. The proof isn't in the pudding; the proof is in the accounting. It has nothing to do with greed, but everything to do with justice and fairness and equity in law, but since you are also deceived and tricked by what you've been led to believe, you are just as ignorant as most.

Ignorance is bliss, don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

Have a Merry Christmas & I hope Santa Claus visits your house and brings many presents down your chimney.

Gforce said...

---Prov. 28:8"He who increases his wealth by EXORBINANT INTEREST amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor." Ecc. 2:26--Job 27--James 5--to name a few other references. OOps, I forgot, God had to surrender His sovereinty over to them and GOD is just a strawman. hehehe we'll see!

son of a prophet said...

the latest from this lemanski is really a LOLO....

"hey, slak, while i think what you tryign to do is good, man, you gotta watch what you smokin'....

you aint ever gonna defeat the NWO my friend, but you might die trying...i read all the so called 'conspricy websites' which are not conspiracies,but are true...alex jones, poison planet, etc....but one thinkg i notice about all these site...they all tell you about the NWO...and what you could do, but WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUT IT?? NOTHING BUT WRITING ABUT IT....SO GOOD LUNCK SLAKS......


Slat's Is Back With A Christmas Message
We will overcome, according to Grobnik
23 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

Slats Part Two: A Christmas treat:

Slats Grobnik Rallies America Around "Credo For Peace" As He Devises Plan To Defeat The New World Order

Fresh out of a Denver gulag, Slats wants eveyone in America to repeat his 'Credo' at 1:03 pm central time on Monday, as starters to rid America of the enemy within.

24 Jun 2006

By Greg Szymanski

Slats Grobnik left Sam's Tavern about two months ago and hasn't been seen in public since. Slats dropped by his favorite tavern for a quick beer after being released from an extended 30 day stay at a Denver gulag at the request of the U.S. Gestapo.

After the gulag experience, he realized America had fallen over the cliff and there was no crawling back. He realized the ship had sunk, the captain was 'drunk-nuts' and loonies were running naked in the White House using the Constitution for toilet paper.

So Slats retired to his red brick Chicago bungalow, wondering whether to drink his life away watching NBA basketball or do something positive.

If America was normal, he would have chosen the former. But since things were going haywire, he chose the later.

So Slats, the most unlikely of candidates to awaken the masses, set out to enlighten his fallen, brainwashed brothers and sisters. And by no means was it an easy task, as he spent the first two weeks at home finishing up a case of Old Style, waiting patiently for the Miami Heat and Shaq to win the NBA title.

With the series over in six, Slats knew he had till next year before the playoffs started to get the job done so he spent the next two weeks reading Don Quixote and several other inspirational books in order to prepare his plan.

He also read about all the patriots on the war path in America, rallying here and riding motorcycles there, hoping to end the spiral of unstoppable horror being propagated in Washington. He read about the 9/11 truth symposiums, thinking how he went to many JFK rallies in the 70s and 80s, finally opting to stay home after becoming tired of listening to speaker after speaker rant on and on while justice was never being served.

He then continued reading about all the political, scientific and medical experts, fighting fascism with big words and high-fangled theories of freedom and justice. Slats had also grown tired of big words, as it usually indicated the 'fix was in' once the hot air cleared off the table.

He then found an article about Frosty Wooldridge riding his motorcycle cross country for freedom, which he rather liked, but decided against a similar course of action since he never had ridden a motorcycle.

He thought about Frosty riding and it made him feel good, as it made him think about how the true leaders of freedom and justice usually came from unusual places, and it usually coming from the common folk, not from the so-called experts or professional speakers who end up boring the people to death due to rather large and inflated egos.

Although Slats had big ideas too, especially when he sat alone on his couch while his Great Dane, Charlie, was sleeping at his feet, this time he felt almost helpless, thinking this time it might be better to close his eyes for good.

In fact, one evening Slats closed his eyes, dreaming of a better day, dreaming how the killing had ended and how the American population finally awoke from a deep slumbering sleep to take back their country.

When he finally awoke, he thought for a brief moment he had died and gone to heaven. But quickly he came to his senses, saying out loud as Charlie looked at him like he was crazy:

"I have the plan! It won't be easy but nothing hard ever is and good always triumphs over evil and it starts with each person making a commitment to the truth and never wavering or giving in to the evil enemy within our country."

And for the next several days Slats wrote down his plan of action, which was quite intense, complicated and tedious, a plan involving going to at least three continents.

But since every long journey begins with one small step, he decided to concentrate on writing his " Call to Action" or his feeble attempt for one Average American to do one outstanding thing in his life before passing on to a better place.

But not being a writer or having any professional experience with the written word, Slats mumbled to himself, trying desperately to be organized yet inciteful:

"I'll make it short and sweet. I'll ask people to repeat the words over and over, as that usually works. I'll make the words become a credo of peace for the entire country. I'll ask them to say it for the first time at 1:03 pm Monday, June 26. Why 1:03 I don't know? But I hope millions will say it together that day and then millions more saying the same words over and over again every single day."

It sounded crazy, he thought, as he prepared pen and paper, but then crazier things have worked in a pinch.

So in the quiet of the night, Slats began writing his words similar to Tom Paine's Common Sense trying to rally the troops around the Revolutionary War. But Slats message was much, much shorter than Paine's effort since he thought most people don't read much anymore and if it was good, maybe some radio host or newspaper would give it "sound bite" attention since, after all, that's how Americans are used to reading or listening anyway.

So it was written:

A Quiet Revolution

By Slats Grobnik

A quiet revolution is taking place as we speak, as we drive down the lonely highway of life and as we ponder the ultimate fate of America in the quiet solitude of our homes.

This silent revolution, hinging on understanding not violence, is quite effective. It's quite effective since it's a peaceful revolution based deep within the soul of good men, as one by one each man, women and child chooses for himself and without the influence of the Brotherhood, to no longer be ruled by the elite or be pushed around by an American government gone drunk with power.

And within this quiet revolution, the lid has finally come off the pickle barrel of corruption, exposing the true perpetrators who are none other than the Vatican through the Jesuit Order, working their evil magic through their minions in government and business.

And let this humble collection of words be a resounding call for all Americans far and wide to rid our country of the evil Jesuits and those in government and business who work on their behalf.

And let these humble collection of words be a resounding call for all Americans far and wide to become educated, read history, understand the Bible and join their souls, spirits and hearts together, starting Monday at exactly 1:03 pm central with everyone together reciting together the following words:

I, as a God-loving American, no longer pledge allegiance to the corrupt government of the United States, demanding their immediate removal

I, as a God-loving American, no longer knowingly or unknowingly pledge allegiance to the Vatican through the Jesuit Order, demanding their immediate expulsion from the United States.

I, as a God-loving American, no longer will allow the Jesuits and the United States government to deceptively steal my liberty, freedom, mind, body and soul.

I, as a God-loving American, promise never to back down from the forces of evil, including the United States government, the Vatican, the Jesuits and all other minions of evil advancing their evil ways.

I, as a God-loving America, would rather die than live under this tyranny.

I, as a God-loving American, pledge from this day forward to expose and expel the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order and their faithful temporal workers destroying America.

I, as a God-loving American, ask God to guide and direct the hands of all good men while protecting them from evil. Amen.

Greg Szymanski

son of a prophet said...

by the way, slaps, IF you could defeat the NWO, then that would make god a liar, as he said that the NWO to be head by the ac will come in...

so, who right? you or GOD???


son of a prophet said...


neodemes said...

Moogster sez:

Have a Merry Christmas & I hope Santa Claus visits your house and brings many presents down your chimney.

Of course, that assumes you still HAVE a house.

Forget about Santa.

May the Lord richly bless you all.

See you next year.


comebackfromfantasyland said...

kaz4541 said...
does anyone know what happened at the court on 12-11, would we see the end of this whole thing by x'mas?

it was said it would be done by the 23rd remember?

some1 keeps opening mouth, keeps putting feet in..
rinse, repeat

son of a prophet said...


sitting here with my family on christmas eve and just beginning to wathc the movie "its a wonderful life" whcich jsut came on and the miseralble old b*****rd mr. potter bugging bailey about when the mortgages will be paid! just doesnt get any better than this!!!!


down but not out said...

Dec is not the b-day of Messiah. It is the b-day of the pagan god Zeus. What do you think God means when he say's " I hate mens feast and festivals" or "come out of her my people" ? Hope you are enjoying Babylon on this solstice festival. Don't forget your holly, mistletoe and yule logs, oh and your ashtoreth aka Christmas tree. The Wiken and Druids love that you are embracing their pagan feast.

SOP, you are the worst offender of them all and not too self righteous ,Merry Christzumus. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

son of a prophet said...

merry christmas dbno!

yes, i know all of what you say.

its a pagan holiday, true.

i sort of celebrate it in the sense of being with family, but i know what its really all about.

if HE ever walked into a mall near what is supposed to be his birhtday and see ppl stepping all over one another and in some cases, for an e-box, actually killing one antoher, HE would probably throw up saying 'so this is how they think they worship me???

whew...good thing that i am saved by grace thru faith.

wantobefree said...

Enjoy your christmas Im sure someday it will be against the law to celebrate it.When all the foriegn fuckers start out numbering the real american people you wont hear carols anymore no more presents no more trees.We need to protect our country if we dont were in trouble.Court over by the 23rd sounds like that fucking big mouth mogel lieing again glad nothing has changed.Merry Christmas mogel you prick.Thought you needed to hear from me.

down but not out said...

saved by grace = license to sin


down but not out said...

saved by grace = license to sin


mark hill said...

hey kurt whats up. this is mark hill. i was in with u in dublan. i am out now and i would like to give u my phone number. (415) 756-4166 call me some time and holler. talk to u later.

son of a prophet said...

dun worry, peace will be come in soon.

yep. the magig "peace man" will appear and make peace with all the false religions.

and no wonder, all the false religions started at the "mother of all false religions" BABYLON

nimrod-he started it all with his wife semi-ramis, and son Tammuz- whihc most of the world honor when they make the sign of Tammuz with thier hands. "T" oops, i mean the signh of the cross.

the man of "Peace" was on TV last night.

and no wonder, as all the false religoins moved from the church at babylon, to the church at pergamom (in turkey) to wind up whre it now, the false church in rome.

of course they can make peace, they created all the false religions. the pope office in 1500's created mohammed and muslim relgion. no wonder they can call of the dogs at the time they want. its their dog.

son of a prophet said...

the bible was really accurate on tht one "PEACE"


sure. guesst is ok to kill, as long as you kill for peace...LOLO

one more time...LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!

wonder how many soliders in iraq beleive it OK to kill for peace....wonder what yeshua have to say about this????

solider: "...but, yeshua, we only kill in you name, in the name of PEACE..."

"...we dont just kill fo any reason; but just for peace; were not animals you know..."


son of a prophet said...

yeshuas reply to slodier.....


son of a prophet said...

civil war in iraq?

of course it is. and thats exactly what they want.

got they CIA agents blowing up both sides sunnis and shias to think that its the other.

they want each other to kill each ofther off. in time, the arabs will figure this out and all turn at once agaisnt the americans and then it will be like custer, a massacre there. and then they can do what the plan was all along, to partition iraq and move the hq to the mouth of the tigris/euphrates river.





(then fo real, the clock begin to tike; if you got any reltives you no longer speak to, call them and forgive, becasue for real the end time clock begin to tick the second after they rename the area near Basra, iraq to babyoloin.

mogel said...

Here's an interesting law that protects "whistleblowers":