Monday, December 18, 2006

Give Me Some Credit (12-2-06)

A lot of you including the prosecution think I am opposed to the current banking system. This is not true. Let me lay down some of my thoughts. The Constitution called for a standard measure concerning the dollar as money. They were duty bound to keep that measure as trustees. They committed treason or a very clever alternative. I vote for the second. There are no provisions in the Constitution that deal with credit money or its value. Nor is there any prohibition to assign its creation to a subcontractor (private). There is a general and clear sense through the Constitution that trustees must look out for the beneficiaries. Did they do this with the Federal Reserve creation? I think so. Now the first thing to be sincere about their duties is to give you an exemption out of the credit money because of your entitlement to a true measure dollar. They did this with HJR192. So far so good. Next the people still have to be the value source or creators for their benefit. The Federal Reserve does not create credit ever. All currency credits – Federal Reserve notes come into existence to purchase bonds it is believed but that is not the facts. The bonds are the good faith and credit of We the People and the Federal Reserve merely monetizes them for us. Electronic credit which is the greatest mass is done individually as We the People. Directly as opposed to through our agents. This is accomplished when the Fed monetizes our signature promises on notes or invoices. Now if you can step back beyond inflation, depreciation, taxes, and the other by products and look at the world view you might see the genius. Where we fall prey to our own tool was allowing ourselves to believe our own lies. Fed notes / credits become the world currency being traded for all the wealth of the nations. Oil being the most prolific. As consumers through our Fed we are confiscating wealth. We got drunk on the prosperity and let these worthless credits become money in our own minds. That is the sickness that plaques Scott from Vineland and others similarly situationed. The mortgage is our credit creation not the Feds. They are the borrower of our right and servants bound by trust. Sure they can bluff for their own greedy interest but it is your fault for folding your hand not theirs. Dorean merely showed the true nature of things and refuses to fold. They cannot support being outside the borders of their design which is merely the agent contractor of the people for the proliferation of their credit in the fictional based economy. Wealth never departs, reality is always present. Fictional credits are a weapon of economics warfare to possess an enemy’s wealth. Turning a gun upon yourself is never wise. Let’s use this properly.


justice77777777 said... for time served is about the only credit you will receive when all is said and done. And you can take that to the bank (no pun intended)....

Yetter said...

Selective justice.. these are the honest guys? I know Innocent untill indicted."Federal charges were filed against Fannie Mae. The allegations against them include faricating, deliberately misleading financial reports, manipulating earnings and failing to operate a sound system of internal checks and balances."
Who ever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. James Garfield

mogel said...

Here is something we need to take action on and pass this to
as many as you think are concerned or have any knowlege
in this area.

Guys and gals,
I have distributed the attachment numerous times to various
individuals and newsgroups. Its Missouri author, Clarity, proves in
quite explicit detail that HJR-192 was repealed in total on Sep. 13,
1982 (see pages 7 thru 10 of the attachment). I have received many
weak responses to the revelation provided in this document, all of
which suggest that it can't be true that HJR-192 was repealed.
However, not one of those responses has ever provided any shred of
evidence to disprove the contents and conclusions of Clarity's
document! The fact that the repeal was hidden in a long list of
other repeals, does not make it any less factual. Most of us,
whether believing HJR-192 was constitutional or unconstitutional,
agree that it was a very important resolution and has had a major
impact, mostly of the negative variety, on many aspects of our lives
since its birth on June 5, 1933. Why the facts relating to the
repeal of HJR-192 seem to fall on deaf ears is beyond my
comprehension. With that repeal we have the power to force the
banks to return to lawful money aka lawful dollars. This is not to
suggest that the problems created by HJR-192 in 1933 and its repeal
in 1982 are not complex. However, it is the duty of our
legislators, the creators of HJR-192 and its repeal, to find a
solution consistent with the constitution. That's why they get paid
the big bucks. [As a side issue I suspect a solution could be found
within the trust assets worth trillions of dollars that are
controlled by V.K. Durham or Leo Wanta. These are monies due to We
The People that the banksters and politicians are attempting to

Why aren't we shoving these issues in the faces of our legislators
and demanding action? Presented with this evidence and their
refusal to act, make them culpable for Misprision of a Felony under
18 USC 4. Does anybody hear? Does anybody care?

Phil Patana

mogel said...

Why the Federal Court charging the 68 counts of fraud has a problem:



If The Individual is not subject to any Constitutional Jurisdictions, He is also not subject to any Enactment made by any Constitutionally Created Legislature;

if He is not subject to any Constitutional Jurisdictions, He is also not subject to any Jurisdiction presumed by any Constitutionally Created Executive Branch of Government; and

if He is not subject to any Constitutional Jurisdictions, He is also not subject to any Jurisdiction presumed by any Constitutionally Created Judiciary.

In the complete absence of any Lawful and verified Oath or Affirmation made by a Nonparticipant Individual, to support any Constitution; or in the complete absence of proving a Higher Title to that Property Known and Described as the Nonparticipant Individual Himself, In Personam Jurisdiction does not exist; and

in the complete absence of proving a Lawful and voluntary contract made by Such Nonparticipant, pledging Himself and/or His Property- Rights to certain specified performance, Subject Matter Jurisdiction does not exist; and

in the complete absence of any Lawful and verified complaint made against Such Nonparticipant, wherein a Real Injured Party Claims a Damage, NO CRIMINAL JURISDICTION EXIST; thus

in the complete absence of proving the existence of either In Personam and or Subject Matter Jurisdiction, governmental Jurisdiction over the Nonparticipant Individual does not exist. QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM

Scott from Vineland said...

So as long as I haven’t sworn any oath or allegiance to any Constitution, I’m not subject to the laws of that jurisdiction? COOOOOL!!!! Me and my AK-47 are on the way to Bank of America to make a withdrawal!!!!!

At the risk of sounding callous, the next time the boys in black get in a standoff with some fringe group somewhere and take a handful of them out, it will be interesting to see who disappears from this blog.

Yetter said...

Scott.Get Real.

mogel said...

I believe the article was referring to the Judge not swearing an oath to defend the constitution, therefore the individual is not subject to that court jurisdiction.

son of a prophet said...

theres only ONE law we are all subject to, and thats THE LAW OF GOD.

(banks and lenders EXCLUDED)

yep. they get a free pass!


neodemes said...

mogel said...

I believe the article was referring to the Judge not swearing an oath to defend the constitution, therefore the individual is not subject to that court jurisdiction.


No, moogie, Scott had the right idea. Its merely an attempt to create wiggle room for defendants.

Crap, as usual. Keep searcing the fringe for the magical answer to fulfill your fantasies.

The Senators and Representative before mentioned, and the members of the several State Legislatures, and all executives and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; ..." Article VI

Since the intent of Article VI is to define exactly to Whom the Constitutional Jurisdiction applies; since the fact exists that THE PEOPLE are excluded from the requirements of Article VI, prima facie; See: INCLUSIO UNIS EST EXCLUSIO ALTERIUS: Black's, Page 687;

since no presumption that THE PEOPLE are subject to the Jurisdiction of the Constitution is, or can be made; since all Constitutions are considered in pari materia with all other Constitutions;

since all Constitutions are subject to the provisions of Article VI; since no Constitution operates on THE PEOPLE at-large by virtue of the fact that THE PEOPLE are excluded from the requirements of Article VI, et sqq; then in pursuing His occupations of Common-Right, the Individual has made no Oath or Affirmation supporting any Constitution, and He is not subject to any Constitutional Jurisdictions.

oksurewhynot said...

anybody thinking about Christmas?
Anybody sending gifts or cards to the guys in prison?
What's the plan to keep them in the Christmas spirit?

justice77777777 said...

maybe "imbigo" can cook up a x-mas "crow" meal and see if they'll let him serve it to them.

that will be my x-mas wish.

son of a prophet said... said...

Screwing the Poor

Not that I'm the only Grinch out and about. There's a new report on sub-prime lending saying that thanks to escalating rates, 2.2 million families are facing foreclosure on loans that were made to take advantage of who? As much as $164 billion dollars is involved here.


I'm must be some kind of nut job: I see a distinction between pure unadulterated capitalism, which will find a market for the shirt on your back, and social capitalism; or for lack of a better term, capitalism with a heart and cognizant of limits to Petri dish earth. No money in that though, at least not when a housing bubble is being blown up, is there?

comebackfromfantasyland said...

all be done by december 23 remember!


how about changing that 'a couple of more weeks' to a couple of more years..

KYHOOYA said...

It would seem that either the persons we have elected & trusted with the running of this country are more stupid that of a retarted monkey for claiming not to see the problem of the bank's and lending buz. Or they have had some kinda ..;.shall we call it a 'GIFT' or(in a plain white envelope and put were know one can see who pick's it up later& filled with money)
to keep their eye's closed to the going's on.

I would have to go with the plain white envelope myself , but hey that's just me .

How on earth has this country let the people we gave the job of watching out for allof this gotten to where it is now, Never mind for get I asked I all ready know the truth around it I just wanted to vent it so that it could be sen in type.

The most moronic self serving unknowing chicken little about to be eating dog food when they hit there golden years if their not all ready there group of lazy don't want to rock the boat out of fear that someone might open the door to their closet of secrets and then make it harder for them and they might have to get up and go do something about it or for once in their life maybe not take the easy route and have a stand for something and fight to get it to change bunch that I have ever had the misfortune to call my countrymen & women.

You all think that there is something wrong with the bank's in some wah or another , You have said it here at least once. Yet you do nothing out of some fear, lack of effect on you, you profit form it not being changed or your just to self centered and could careless about the future and the kid's that will pay for all of your compliance way's.
Do you honestly think that everything that you have heard about the past and present from people that have at least some standing in this country that have said that there is need for change (I won't say what that is out I think that given some real thought on it you would know for your self what's rightand needed)

when thoughout history you have people of some power say or try to do the right thing and start to make an impact on changing thing's in banking you have to wake up and listen to them and when you have thing's like what has taken place with this ass in the whitehouse and how he got there when most of the dam, country did'nt want him (Again where in history do you see a son & father being pers. let alone within two term of one another ..? help? You don't it's in like you winning the lotto and then 8 yr. later winning it again it more I bet) No pune intended haha
Justi-a-jerk 7777 you have got to be either brainwashed beyond hope or making a ton of money in the connection of banking cus anything other than that makes you just to stupid for word's.

If you can't se the warrning signs that are getting bigger every day that tell you that this country is in for a big shock some and then we will know about change and all that crap that you were a fraid of that might cause waves and get you into some kinda trouble or have you spending more tiome fixing it time you don't have (do you think that might be part of the resone that the bank's make it so hard for you to get any where when you try and fix something that is an error by them by it's your credit report and all the other files that they have mast in just a short 15 yr.s and keep's growing why does it cost you to see it?
Why do you have all the work to fix it when it's just a botton push to put something bad on it?
Why do we continue to let these thing's go on rolling right over us everyday and it's going to get a lot worse before to long and it then might just be to late to get up off your lazy asses and start asking some of those question to the people we are . so it's told have given the power to rep's us and make the changes and slap theone with BIG WHITE ENVELOPES IN THEIR BACK POCKET FROM GUESS WHO?....




You know what you neysayers might end up right in the end and get to run around say told you so but the fact is that the system that is involved in this is not playing by the rules and they are doing that for many resones

1 lets face it there can't be a system to get out of your mortgage that is let to getto large and run for to long without get the attenion of the of whom it's going against now can it ?

2 afterthe doreangroup made a wave and the banks new the doc's were real and playing by the book they helped write they went to the feds and cried out they have to be stoped when it reached into the thousands then it became a big problem

3 whith the internet taking what information it get's and transporting it to the masses over night what used to take day's months and years sometimes never getting out to many now is at your desk of untold numbers of people across the world. let go for very lone and anything that get's the attenion of people in lager numbers is going to move dam fast and without stoping the internet is a double edged knife for the Gov't it was intended to make informaion move better and bring us out of industry and into the info age but theymight have not fore seen the other side of that at the time but do now. Why do you think there is so much talk and law being trown about to put some kinda watching eye on everything that moves on here?

4 oncw they goot to big they had to be shut down and the Gov't tried to do it at first with just a little dump to let them know that they needeed to stop but with the resone for starting being what is been told by Kurt what it was how could they and sleep at night

You see Justass all of the time you sit there saying itt's a crime what a scam and allthe rest of it the facts are that the crime would have been to walk away when they had the chance and youcan think what you want but the truth be known is that they could have walked away with out any of this and the Gov't would not have given two shits about the one's that got into hot water with there lenders just like they don't help now with the credit reporting companies and all the rest in that feild and the brokers and the banker have just about push this pred. lending this to the point where all concerned should feel a nice slap here rea soon for their reluctance to stop befor eit get to the point of the masses getting there homes taken

You se another thing that people over look when it comes top their homes is that the bank could careless who you are and what your name is as you stay in that house the truth is that your nothing more that a number to them on a piece of land that they see as a profit or loss when it's mortgage to the 80% area and paying out at the going rate then it's gprofit and you have the blessing of good credit and shine when the property is paid off and ther is no loan or there is very small one thats is based on one low interest your a loss to then and they will do what it take's to either get that place into a loan that is bring in money to they or you need to hurry up and die or (there is that revers mort.) or sell and get new blood in and paying at todays rate you might find your self getting more and more adds in the mail for loans saying anything and everything under the sun to make it sound like your in need of what they got and you would be stupid for not taking it a loan at a time the rates are there lowest ing 40 yr. why not take it easy in your golden years with the extra cash to do the trip and thing you always dreamed of and geuss what it won't cost you a dime to geet that cash either and you can sit worry free till you die and or you run out of EQ that is. then the times up

Can't you people see this and allthe rest of the games that are going on the bank just wants that NUMBER PAYING THE GOV'T JUST WANTS THE PERSON THERE TO BE WORKING TO PAY THEM THE CITY OWNS YOUR LAND NOT YOU THE ONLY THING YOU OWN AFTER YOU PAY FOR IT THAT IS IS THE IMPROVMENTS UPON THE LAND IF YOU DON'T BELEIVE I'M RIGHT look at your tax bill a little closer and seeif it is'nt split into two diferent areas of cost one being


and the other is

Improvments on the land

with tow diferent amount that get totaled the same anyway so why do ethey make a big deal about making them two diferent araes on the bill instead of just saying the land or the lot's and all on it why say that there are improvments and then say there is the land and then just after the seperation put them right back as one total and one tax base ?

In my county there is a 1% tax rate that is it there is no diference for the land or the improvments on it they make two dif. colloms for these but the rate is still 1% for both/

If you have learnd anything from your being involved in this you should have learned that the way thing's are writen or said or done on doc's are all for a very good resone that you may not have been told what that is and it could be something that is of good to you and then again it might not (more the second one of might not be good for you is the case )

so don't be s sucker all of your life go out make the people we put into power do the right thing and take back this country for the people and by the people to make the table's that are more than ready to ture get turning cuzzzz if you don't get into groups that amount to large numbers of people that all stand for the same thing and don't give up tiollit is done no matter what is thrown outat them it would change

If you were getting a river of money and someone came along and found away to stop that or even worse (like JFK & some other s in our history have started to do then what ? ) would you just sit there and let these people take your river from you without doing something anything to stop them ?

come on lets face facts they have a lot of power and can move others to do what they want them to it a big bad world out there and if you sit there thinking these things don't happenor that there is onlythings like the MOBB in the movies then yor just what they want you to be a good little paying the rest of your life till it's all gone


look at it form a little further back and then see if you can't understand what is being said to you about this and countless other thing's in yourlife that are all doing one thing keeping the big wheel of commerand the biggest opart and con in the world going.

Its easy to call some one aCON ,crook , scam artest, crazy , radical, stupid iliterate and all that to try and get them to be discredited by other's
It sure a helll of alot more work to stand up and be that one person who is willing to say that wrong or do something to take back what has been taken by them for along time now' To have to put up with the chance of lost money their satnding and resect the chance of jail and the many other thing's the

When you control the money oif a contry then you care not what the laws are, you make and break them as you do the men that will oppose you with a wave of your hand and there by keeping that wrongful wealth you have collected.
as another said if you were to close all of the bank in the world and stiop their interst wealth like his would surly go away and he said that it should because it would be a HAPPIER WORLD FOR HAVING THE BANKS GONE.

Why would some of the quote syou have heard been said in the first place ?

Do you think that there werepeople out there alll of those years ago that were setting up for a scam now days ?


do you think that the fact there has been not one person that has gone against the banks that has done so with enough to make it show there could be a power there to be felt that the bank's have not killed hadkilled or made a goo try at it. come on how many attempt was it that some one of power that went against the bank had on his life before the got him I think it was McCarthy or sometiong loke that and he went aganst the bank's and they just kept trying to get ris of him and did after like 5 time trying.
JFK LINCON, JACKSON REGON,and many more I missing the ppoint being that almost all of the one against theleader and cheff of this country wer all peole who were or had made a big push to get the fed res. gone

the last would be RR, and JFK had just signed a bill tha would pay the debt off and there would be no need for the feds after that would there


what do you do when you have so much money that there is nothing you don't have that you want that it can buy?

what do you do ?

you must get board just like everyone else so then what do you do ?

you have a bigg pile of money you can never spend in three life times and all you everwanted in the toy and suchthat are out there and you more than not have people working to make toys that are not out there yet but what now '

as was told there were only the total of 1/4 of the worlds wealth in the room when the fed' res act was thought up only 1/4 thats not much right and these men had everything they wanted .

Hey jimmy I have an idea how about we set this thing you and see how it comes out all get some of the other guy's together and well put the plan to gether and won't it be fun to have someting interesting to watch for a change you bet it would all call J.P. and old ROth... you call .......?/

and will meet at my place off the coast on 00/00/year can you see this i know if i hadall that money i would need something out of the normal to keep me alive and interested in it being life cua we all say it one time or anothe r'I wish I would win the lotto or could be rich then all of my worries would be gone "

and as untrue as that statement is the other side ofthat is

You can buy happiness but havibg a lot of money sure makes being unhappy a whole lot easier to deal with is'nt that right.

there are many as a people a human we are wired to always be looking at another way or bettering or what ever it is that makes us the top of the food change so you will as in all thing have some that are smarter than most and can come up with things that interest them and or are out of the normal mans thoughts .

Right now people are being run around so much that hey don't have time to tink about getting the problems of this country worked out or fixing something that is going toi cause a lot of mess in doing so think about that for just a second today before you are so willing to join the one who would be saying that this ios all raped around somescam because i have just put out many many resones to say itt is a lot more than that. just the simple thing of how these guys coulsd have walked away with most of the money they had and the Gov't gave them the clues to see that they could and they wer'nt going to do much.
just like i said they don't do much now when you know they have to see the bigg problem thatthe brokers and such have caused in ther hast to get the money well the could you know (the rates are the loest in 40 years but who knos how long that willlast so get in and get you new loan with a lower rate well what do i care about that just as long as you get in here so i can get my money forgetting you and loan is what matter the most". "cus iI'm a crook ")

I could'nt help my self with that one sorry just had to say it .most brokers are the scum of the earth and don't you think that what people say like wellthere are a few bad ones out ther is ture the fact is there are a few good one maybe and that is it the rest are scum

and business that starts out with hiding the real truth out of some big competion b.s. scam is out to ripe you pofff and put that to gether with the bank's and the raest of the and all of the back room speech they use but don't need to to make sure your goood and in the dark about what a deal you got.

you would be trown back at what some people willtell you given the chance and just a couple of well placed words from you at the right times and thell be telling you all you ever need to know to about their money and what amount you'll be able to getwithout them getting all up in arms about it you would be amaized the things that the average person tells this guy or gal that is in the business to make as much money as they can off of you how much they will tell them and then after there is no doubt that you have come accross some friend that just has to give you a referal to abroker the first time it is spooken your looking for a loann/..

think people what is in it for you and what is init for them and where is the power to move the things to get it coming from and ther you will see the big picture around this and many things in your llife .

it would be nice if the world was a place where everyone shared whatthey had and everyone had whatthey wanted and needed (my thought on how thing were ment to go if there truly is a god and were watch over is just that everyone giving and alll have what they need its so simple that it is hard and next to never going to happen anytime soon but if you take what i said if you look at the fact that were all spoiled kid's who from the time were born and introduced were are selfish and want what you have .. you just watch kids and how much time we spend as perenst teaching them to share and the bring that forward to grown and the fact is the basices never leave they just get refined so you can be accepted by other sand there by be part of the pack. and so on but the littlle things you start with are inbedded in you and come out in the day to day working's that you do to get by or to get over on some company as in corp. buy out or take over or any number of things that go o

the world is not free and you will not be given anything that is worth much without it costing you something i don't care how nice it is packaged it will still be comeing with a price so with that go think about were you efforts sghould be placed and what it isthat is the read deal going on today with this country and what make s more sence that the ones going aganest the power of the bank or the banks who have the power are the ones running the show

You bet I sure think that Kurt is putting so much into the court system that it has caused them to be delaied from going to trial for what now just in CA. not to mention Utha and the waste of time

Time ...time.... is on side time ..was'nt that a song it fit here when taking about theGov't and how there playing this out and in the end nomatter what the one who lost there homes ifthe gov't win they'll get dick cause thegov't don't do shit when it comes to slaping hand of well of banker with big white un marked envelopes in there hand they would rather how's that go

liv eon that little pay check and have all of the peoples hears and pats on the back for a job well done no one ever make s a big deal toi go out of ther way to say that "good job" your weere paid that was the thank's is how i've heard it put but just go ahead and make amistake and see what kinda reponce you get and x10 that if you in the public office or eye. so how hard would it be if I had B ig stack of cash or what ever it was I new you would like and said hey body they don't care about your hard work just look at them only bitching when something goes wrong are'nt they bitch bitch bitch all the time but never a good job thanks for all you did or the like are they nope just the bad ythings thats what they bring up all the time so here you go I just wanted to show you how we think anbout you r work and what you do and all that blah blah ba; just here is a lot of money and big boat if you like ..

latter I need a little favor from you so when you don't say know o.k. dont' even have to say those words itall to easy to know what they ant . and whyt the money or what everthey have for you isn;t

so think what make more real world commensence to to the it's was all just a big scam or that they (Dorean ) made a big enough wave that the bank's had to get something done about stoping them or that the guy that has been to jail before who has a better understandung around the laws and arena that we are here for is stupid enough to not see them coming and or themn after they offer him achance and other sto walk aay knoe he pushes back cus by his own expertize he can see that he has the power to make them back donwn ade give up and then he gets to wiin wiinn

come on how do that sound

and other than I'm in a hurry and wanted to say to much at once for the spelling and gramer here so just keep it already and look at the content abnd you see what it is that is wrong with all the banking and the reast of this world b.s and it an't no guy who is sittingh being railroaded by the system right now that is doing the bad thing s it's something we all should get busy doing something about rather than spending ity on sityes like this and talking about i so if you can't see the problem and where it really lyes than your blind or one of the problems

simple as that how can you knot see it knott heads and the reast of the b.s. is that the banks don't have to put the people that giot into this throught ringer to have them refi out an deven title is an easy thing to put back the way it was if the banks and the title say thatthe trust and all the shit that was file from it are all worthless than there is nothing to do to fix it now is there and making some one write a letter that reads I'MSORRY I WON'T DO IT AGAIN I WAS TRICK or some b.s like that is nothing more that the bank and titlae giving them a bad time for trying to get back whjat is being taken in xx10 everyday y the bank . that sit take a good hard look without all the hipe and distractive input buy both sides and i can't think you would see it any onther way than what is the truth and that of what many way before Dorean ever came along said to be a problem that was large scale and need ed to be fix many other s. so why is it that the court is still how many day ouut from trial

Never have there been a case that is extended by the fact of someone over a year later being added to it by the pros. not even a month not when there has been no time waved and the def. has not given ther right to a speedy trial and due process up and the fact thatthe court keeps putting out that some littl paper that kurt has filed because the jailers is holding his mail back in the attempt to cause him to be less thatn informed or what ever but holding the mail way longer thn would be needed to check it for the normal so he calls him his councel what eles would you calllsomeone that took on the roll of making the chose of weather something is rioght for you to have or is information you need to see wheen you are working in a system that is not that help full in the first place to soemine rep. them self in court I would say anyone that want to make choses for me on what i get to see and what i need to have for mail and what is need to mount a def. is someone that just walk into the roll of my lawyer na d councel ..

can't you all see that is whatthat was about and not what the ass holes that are to stupid or paid to be that come on here and say things like what a hairbrained idea that was now look what he ha ssdoe in some attempted at winning this thing.... your all abunch of plants or whatevber you want to call; your selfs because that is so stupid to think that was the intent of the doc's kurt filed and for the court to try and use thhe few thing that he has done to say that is the resone for the time on this tio stop is bullshit abnd they know it .

they have done all they can to delay it from trial because they know once uit dose it is much harder to keep out of the public eye qdnthe other part is that they are palaying the old est game in the world around this type of thing time and waiting it o

if they just keep them lock up long enough then the masses will fade away and then it will be easyto deal withem after that time time time watch the distractore and what they do every time something heats up in here and or there is some news about this case they run around as quick as they can so as to =make sure that everyone heeards them more so tahn anything else

again the oldest trick in the bag you have and people start to forget you as soon as your out of site as in (outogf site out of mind ")

and then you have the play of getting the most in print or wording and the most prole to keep saying it ovetr and over and then over again and what do you get well a bunch of people that will think what they say is the truth when it is 'nt and when it loks like your not winning people over then you just add in some other person al blog name that is you backing you up so to seem like there is something to what you say it easy and simple we are all so easy to lead around it not funny but it is the truth.

time over and over saying the say thing and when corrned just add more of andy nonexsistent bloger s to yyour side the give your credibility . and win them over that's the Gov't for you .

now who is scaming who about the tryuth in all of this and who is scaming from what in all of this is


is it that hard to see I don't think so just look and then say by by tio the one 's on here that arepartof the proble m and watch what they do I would like to see what happened if they werejust inored and not given the time of day or better given back tere same one line post to show no real hard side of this just what they make it out to be and then if need twist it to show how the gut in jail has caused the delay and there by the stoping of the time clock and they have done so much that it has been stopped for what now a year and counting come march it will have been two years from when scottwas arested on a fud warrent i might add that is bull shitfrom the start was that before or after he was askedto turn himseklf in that the warrent saying he was hioding out and had ran from the law was push to take themmout of state and sitthere then bring them back whebn that was the holew inbtention ion the fiorst plkace whytthere they were all over the place i think N>C had the first things put into law that were in responce to this why not them and the guys going therefuck that it's all bullshil land is set up to keep youtalking in big round numbers and going round and round and round so as not bo see the real deal gioing on

tell me with some proof why it is that two guys are in jail for 20 months and no trial yet show me the proof of what was file by kurt that caused such a delay and show me something that was'nt saying that Alsup was not fare minded enoughhto sit this case and shoul step down becase evenwith that (and it being the truth he should walk away but hey its not over yet that just might bethe next move bt the delayers) show mr the proof not just saying it and wanting to beleive it to be true there are niot enough paper to file that could delay this that long but the one who have the power to can keep coming up with all sorts if crap to delay it and sayoing it is do to kurt .

wake up everyone if you think that what your being feed by the neysayers here is true you need to get your head out of your ass and you knoe what keep it there



comebackfromfantasyland said...

all be done by december 23 remember!


how about changing that 'a couple of more weeks' to a couple of more years..

mogel said...

2007 better or worse? Some people think a new currency for North America is in the works, called the "Amero" to replace the Dollar & would be instituted if the Dollar fails:

Alot of people who have variable rate mortgages are going to start feeling their increased payments come the first of the year. This should cause more foreclosures. More foreclosures means plumeting real estate prices. Higher interest rates will certain kill the real estate market. If higher interest rates aren't charged, the dollar is going going to tank even more. Some believe the Dollar has now lost 98% of it's value in the last 100 years. It's a no win situation for the Federal Reserve right now, whatever they do. M3 money supply is increasing rapidly to mask the real problems.

I don't think Dorean clients can wait 2 more years before serious economic problems in this country are upon us.

mogel said...

neodemes said...

moogie observes...

"I don't think Dorean clients can wait 2 more years before serious economic problems in this country are upon us."


Well, thank goodness you and Dorean helped all those folks eliminate their mortgages. That must be a real relief.


Yetter said...

Just to lighten thimgs up and to honor our heros serving every where,wisdom from the military manuel.
As the test pilot climbs out of the experimental aircraft having torn off the wings and tail in the crash landing,the crash truck arrives, the rescuer sees a bloodied pilot and asks"what happened?".The pilots reply:"I don't know, I just got here myself!" (Ray Crandle, Lockheed test pilot)
"Mankind has a perfect record in aviation, we never left one up there".
"When the pin is pulled,Mr Grenade is not our friend.- US Marine Corps"
"Any ship can be a minesweeper. Once."
"Don't draw fire;it irritates the people around you."-Your Buddies
"The only time you have too much fuel is when your on fire."
A sign at the entrance of a SR-71 base in Japan. "Though I fly through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil. For I am at 80,000 feet and climbing."
More Later. Gods speed Kurt and Scott.

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Askinstoo said...

Just thought I'd say Hey!!!! We you the one who was asking me where I was working on the internet? Take it easy, I'm enjoying this California weather!!!! I just moved here from the east sooooo :)

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