Monday, December 11, 2006

Court is Funny (11-24-06)

On 11-21 we went before Judge Spero for another settlement conference. This is a face to face sit down with the alledged Judge to sign a plea agreement. Their offer of 20 years can’t be taken serious because nobody signed it. They said if I signed it they surely would. That is them making me an offer to make them an offer. That is a jurisdictional trick I won’t fall for. Spero had a copy of our original plea agreement with our proper commercial endorsements upon them but not the originals apparently retained by our counsel Mr. Kubitz. This created another problem in that counsel has indicated by his behavior we are not to enter an agreement. Spero went into how you cannot sign a rule 11 plea agreement without recourse. Here’s where the Acting classes and poker bluffing start to take shape. If we were at law the intent of agreement would suffice and words would not hinder the result. If though we truly are at commerce my endorsement quashes their goal. This was obvious when Spero became an emotional rant on how they were getting mad at my games and they were surely going to give me life. I said “Wow! Doesn’t anyone ever win a trial” just to break it up a little. I have to tell you I am amazed how grown men can find a sense of honor in a childish racket. Well no deal I guess, pleading guilty is harder than you can imagine. We left with our next date 12-11 to find out if the other defendants are coming and a whole lot more I won’t discuss at this time. Many of you hear of this independently from our God. I’m happy about it also!


neodemes said...

"our counsel Mr. Kubitz."

I may be losing track of the players.

Isn't Kubitz the guy that filed papers specifically denying that he was counsel for Kurt?

"We left with our next date 12-11"

I wonder how that went.

mogel said...

"Tuesday, November 28, 2006
This is my Default
As the end of this battle approaches I fall back onto my default settings. Scott and I both signed our plea agreements. Our settlement conference is coming soon."

mogel said...

"Their offer of 20 years can’t be taken serious because nobody signed it."

Judge Roy Bean said...

Yep, he's got them right where he wants them. Again. For sure this time.

Trial is set for March.

KYHOOYA said...

With the dear Mr. Kubitz holding back & censuring Kurt' & Scott's mail he has there by place hum self in the roll of being their adviser and counsel. Anyone that by their actions censer, delay, alter, or posses and in so doing it present’s information that is needed by person's in their control and prevent them from making decisions necessary in the keeping of their estate, life or trust legal affairs in order or there by making any choose that would by in so doing cause them harm or foul. These actions of one assumes the roll of trustee or legal counsel of another’s welfare.

As in the case when one imprisoned they are the ward of the state and there by all chooses are made for them.

So you see DimNeodemes if you weren’t so dull you could see that this Mr. Kubitz by his very action's of jailer has taken the roll of being the trustee or counselor to our two here.
He has future this emphasized this by holding vital document's needed to make chooses that could (and in this case would) have a very damaging impact on their person's and their estates.

Now do you understand that a little better?

You see if you all would get off your high horses and maybe take a look at what is really going on here. You might just be able to see the way that these people in OUR system do have any idea how their action's can have the neg. affect on someone's life.

Now I'm sure you'll throw a fit about this and jump up and down crying foul that by doing so the crooked parties that have been so minded in their way's up till now and provided you with much to gloat about and I'm sure Cum's close to orgasmic pleasure for you but the fact's are clear and the statement is correct the actions by these involved are that of someone who is been placed in a preemptive roll that witch one takes when they assume the undertaking of counsel on matter's of great importance have they taken upon them self's to make on the behalf of the two as how could anyone see it and other way You have to admit it that if the two are not given their mail they can not be expected to make any kind of choose on it's content and I'm sure you won't find that they weren’t being sent anything of importance because they are as the record show’s their own representation and there by in need of any and all mail in a timely manner as it could be time sensitive by nature.

The law are plain to see and the fact is the state and fed has taken the roll of placing the two guy's as 'Ward's of the State. In so doing have placed such their care and well being has been entrusted hand's of Mr. Kubitz and he has by his actions further indicated that he has taken control of all chooses that need be made in the regard to these guy's welfare and that would be not to exclude the legal address of important notification received in the mail.

As anyone know in the day to day working's that involve business and legal matter's that the mail is the number one form of issuances to let the other party know your intentions.

You have to agree with that now don't you?

son of a prophet said...


isnt that what a person does when they are watching one play cards over their shoulder; they are said to be "kibbutzing" ??

Judge Roy Bean said...

Kyhooya, you really don't know what you're talking about. Postal Operations Manual (POM), section 615.1 provides that mail is to be delivered to the institutions authorities who, in turn, deliver the mail to the addressee under the institution’s rules and regulations.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Regulations (28 C.F.R. 540.14) requires prison staff to open and inspect all incoming general correspondence and allowing staff to read outgoing correspondence of inmates in federal medium and high level security institutions.

Their goofy attempt to attach Kubitz into their case was shot down in flames, much like most of the looney-toons tricks they've tried to use.

kaz4541 said...

ok, so what happened on Dec-11th? anything good happened? what do you think everyone, will this be done by x'mas?

son of a prophet said...

postal opterations fall under the auspices of USDOT-THE US DEPT. OF THE (BANKRUPT) TREASURY

son of a prophet said...



ricco7777 said...

Hi Fellow Kurt and Scotters,
I've tried to contact Dr Fred for the DVD's. He hasn't responded. Anyone interested in making me a set of copies? You can email me at

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Who would have thunk it??????

I just asked the Judge's daughter to marry me and she said yes!!!!! Judge Bean we are going to be related!!!!!!! The best of BUDS!!!!!!!! Fishing Buddies!!!!!!!! Drinking Buddies!!!! We can play pool together!!! We can go to strip joints together if you don't tell your daughter. I can probably get one of my old girlfriends to give you a little bit!!! (Wink Wink - Nudge Nudge) This is going to be great!!!!!! I love you Dad!!!!!!!!

oksurewhynot said...

So many good causes out there and you pick this one.

So many other ways to protest and you pick this one.

So many other ways to spend your life and you pick this one.


oksurewhynot said...

If court is funny, you are the only one laughing.

What will you do if you are convicted for 20 years? Have you played "what if", or is that for sheer mortals?

oksurewhynot said...

Is jurisdictional a word?

You ended your sentence with a preposition.

Acting classes and poker bluffing? Why doesn't this surprise us?

What does your daddy say about all this?

~~The Swami~~~ said...

oksurewhynot said...
So many good causes out there and you pick this one.

So many other ways to protest and you pick this one.

So many other ways to spend your life and you pick this one.


Perhaps I should post a "downer whoa is me" post like you do - yeah that would make everything better. Life is what you make it grass hopper.

KYHOOYA said...

Judge Roy Bean said...
Kyhooya, you really don't know what you're talking about. Postal Operations Manual (POM), section 615.1 provides that mail is to be delivered to the institutions authorities who, in turn, deliver the mail to the addressee under the institution’s rules and regulations.

Federal Bureau of Prisons


I Know more on the topic than you seem to. The fact and the law are clear and wheather you want to cut and paste all day long will not cover that up.

Your way out there on this and the fact's is YOUR WRONG!

The case will be a good one for a mistriaol or of that line do tothing's like this and the other's like the judge Alsup not stepping down and having know good resone not to being there is some show of his personal O.P. being injected here . I don't care how the court's want to look at it (We know why that is now don't we) the court are what they are this case and that of one's thatt follow can only make small dent's in it to show some that there is need for change.
The one that do not want to look at the fact's that show there is corrupt actions by the person's in power here and that there is a brotherhood of judge to judge and any that fall under them and carry out their direction's that will at all cost protect it self.
You would have to be a morron to not see that and when there is something that slip's by and get's exposed the old stand by fall's into play of "We had know idea that this was happening, we will look into it right away and make the nessasay changes so that it won't happen again" or some other B.S. release from the P.R. dept or their same.

The one's who are of knowing that thing's like this have there use in today's system of twisted interpitation. In that same light however the fact that this is also a door for the one's in power to twist and use the very same to have 'Their Will' be carried out.

This is a very tricky area and has t be watched for if let to run without it will go that of being a crime by it action's as we see many time in manby cases.

How some want to use this is very tricky indeed. Carfull what you ask for it could be with a twist of tommorow's events you to could be sitting infrount of one who you by your own suport given them power over you and there will is now law.

If your so naive to beleive that the system is per and would not use it's power to have it's way in this or any oother case than you need to go and look up some real cases about how the act's of judges in their power and chioses have ben so to carry out their corrupt and personal want's.

I'm sure you will say something like "sure there is thing that anr'nt perfect in the system but that's not happening in this case"

Ya Right !

It's is never found well almost never at the time it is taking it course but later when it has been seen and there by action taken to correct it the damage has been done and the one who have been responcable for it's doing are either dead or out of power to the point of nonreprisal.
So the end result's were what they wanted any way and there action were the direct cause for it.
How in the world do you find your way to the door knob without falling and hitting your head from missing the WHOLE THING ALL TOGETHER.

You've seeing the selfserving picture and the the real life one that is taken here.

theer are thing's that have been done here by both sides that are not right but the fact that the system is doing these is a good indecation that there is a much deeper problem that needs' to be looked at and there be put in to play some form of correction to stop it from spreading in the future.

The bank's are sneeky and underhanded by your own and many other's here. Their action's are some of what have caused many to lose their home's in the wake. I hear you cry out that this is what the dorean group has done in it process mant time also.

Now let me saythis to you and ant other's that want to take your line of thought on this. The bank with their vast and ever growing knowlage on the topic of money has to it own use the endless system of support to enforce it will's and policies. now when it come to trying to fight that they have the use of the law system to carry out their want's and nbeed's

Why would you this that some thing or one that has this kinda power and info store could be that of one who has caused more to lose their home's than any other I know of.
Yet you say that big bad Dorean has done this and should be put in jail and forgotten.

How do you sleep at night?

Sure people have had some problem's surrounding this process I won't deny that but the fact if what we have to look at is why and what was the motive or aperastis that hass brought this to play.
was it just the action'sd of dorean or was it that of other forces that were the cause of lose was the doreans group out to steal and with that inmind only ?
was the process set up in a way that show's that there was intent to cause harm?
I see none of this I see no real gain by them I see no act of out right criminal intent.

You see what your told or want but there is one thing clear that the act's of the bank's are far more damaging to life and properties than that of the dorean group but yet the many on here crying foul will fight them instead of the real problem the BANK's

Say what you will but most alll have at one point or another posted on here that they think that the bank's are not doing thing's in a good way and that most have said that they think thier action's are criminal so if tha tbeing the case why is it that no one ios going after the bank's?

Oh that's right there is!!! getta grip and fight the real cause of teh cancer and not the one's who have tried to .
I gotta runn so correct as you will I diont have the timne

neodemes said...

LOL - what a maroon.

KYHOOYA said...

neodemes said...
LOL - what a maroon.

9:27 PM

Yep you sure are.

You self proclaimed know it all.
Why don't you run along bact to your little eite where you can act as big knight-witt and make everone do and say what you want them to, cus other than a few quotes from somebody at that back of the cereal box realastate course you took your a hack and no doubt an unemployed one at that.

LOL , What more can you expect from a twitt like you in responce to anything real that is posted.

Know you like it the way you do on that little piss of a site where no one can say anything that goes against you pea brain ideas or their they have to go, right?

Why don't you blow me and or better yet why not just blow away, come back when you can offer up more than you lip's service and the fact's that are nothing more than someone eles you cut and paste to at like something of an expert.
I'll say this you have a good chance ofbeing an expert at one thing with all that hot air you blow around. Can you guess what that is?

Ha!Ha! LOL
like I said, BLOW already. come back as one of your other Blogger names,and post. they don't have any better post's you do but at least I don't have to see that 'Little Man" sitting on a horse that you use for you picture representation of what you must think of yourself.

Good Knight already Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!

So laugh it up there funny boy! The only thing funny here is what a joke you are Neonumnutts. Now run along and don't you forget that.


neodemes said...

Like I said, "what a maroon."