Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year

2006 will be the year the mortgage industry gets a fix. Thanks to clients like you and a government unashamed of its corruption we will see change. Who elected these fools, these arrogant crooks who think they can plunder and equate it to justice? I say we give them a rude awakening, one they don’t see coming. Everyone knows a contemptuous heart can’t view itself in honesty except for the contemptible. That is why they are completely blind at the moment to their destiny. They have the FBI operating around the world like a red-tipped cane hoping by feel the might understand the landscape. I really am amazed anyone would fear such pathetic souls. I taught my children by 3 years old that people like this were insignificant. A badge, a pat on the back from important people, or a grand scheme does not make a man. His ability to maintain integrity in this millennia is the measure of his manhood. During the break I got a letter from Scott that speaks to this truth. He is ready for battle and so am I. Hopefully they send us their most delusional (men of virtue to them) experienced champions so their defeat will send dread through the camp of fools. One of the ways I’m certain they are wimpy is by all the weapons God has had me set aside as agents of overkill. Forgive me if I seem too eager, but stupidity, ridicule and blatant prevarication needs a swift kick in the teeth.


tcob247 said...

"I taught my children by 3 years old that people like this were insignificant."

Kurt ..... you have children and a wife? What do they think about your situation?
Are they living in a free and clear home?

"One of the ways I’m certain they are wimpy is by all the weapons God has had me set aside as agents of overkill."

Did God reveal this to you during your fast?

When are you going to answer some of the questions that people have posed on here lately?
Or are you more concerned with the $20 commissary that was stolen from you than you are about people who sent you millions of dollars and tied up their homes in trust?

son of a prophet said...


anyone knows why they put the motto

"IN GOD WE TRUST" on the frannies (FRNs),

when they DONT??????

the govt. neither belives in God, nor do they 'Trust' (anyone)

must be a secret illminati message???

tcob247 said...

Thats relevant?

Stillwaiting said...

They put "in God we Trust" because at the time they knew we were a nation of christians of which this country was found on. By placing "in God we Trust" they knew that we would go along with the scam. That is the reason.
Now lets get back to the matter at hand. We have paid, waited and now is the time to deliver. No more BS from KS.

Solvo said...

tcob247 said...
Thats relevant?

Your relevance?

son of a prophet said...

liten up, will ya?

Einshtein said..."everything is
relative"......(soemthing about everyone being cousins)

Just dont go to West Virginal and say that. (where its true)


WillToFight said...

Integrety, just about the only thing you can take to the grave.

Problem is, many don't care or consider integrety as being an attribute or a condition worthy!

That conflict of interest that allows one to knowingly and willingly take from another human being, to the point of destroying that beings life and liberty freedom and happiness only to better his/her financial material position in this life.

There can be not greater sin, taking or destroying the life of another human being for the sake of greed!

This discribes the bank and many of it's personnel in brief. They are destroying souls and lives.

I appreciate your reving up for the battle Kurt and Scott. We are closer to this battle of battles.

TACO it is clear you don't very long on what you say. Your opinions are based on ignorance. Your ability to attempt to understand is juvenile and incompetent. You are programmed to the highest degree.

I'm sorry for you! The greatest empathy goes out to you, due to what you will find out about yourself in time!

Peanut Gallery said...

SD. The answer to your question is on the last post. I did not want to bog down this new post and get everyone in an uproar.

It seems that you are the one obsessing with the $20. since you have mentioned it several times. I think Kurt mentioned it once as an illustration.Get some new material.

SOP. Still no responce from you. The "spirit" must be telling you to ignore questions regarding Scripture.
I see that you take alot of time researching other things such as the Illuminati. You know that the Illuminati are just a bunch of "Dirty Jews" don't you? I mean is it not common knowlege that they control all the money? LOL

son of a prophet said...


SOP. Still no responce from you. The "spirit" must be telling you to ignore questions regarding Scripture

NO. what the spirit has told me, is that you are trying to determine whehter or not I am a Jew. (and this, you will never know. Let the "Spirit" tell you.)

Peanut Gallery said...


Guess what, I don't give a flyin flip whether you're a Jew or not.

Guess the "spirit" was wrong on that one. LOL

Peanut Gallery said...

Son of a prophet said,

Einshtein said..."everything is
relative"......(soemthing about everyone being cousins)

I get the humor. But everything is not relative. Gods truth is absolute, there is no relativeity in it. The problem with that kind of belief gives us the moral relativism we see all over the world today.

tcob247 said...

Solvo said...

Your relevance?

Sir wouldnt you agree that asking questions of Kurt is of much more relevance to this blog than who the Holy Spirit speaks to most, whether the Illuminati are Jews, hurricane manipulation or touting your construction business?

The relevance is, Kurt took in Millions of dollars with a promise of a proven process to eliminate mortgages. His customer service failed badly in assisting customers and he taunted the FBI to come and get him.

The funny thing is, when I post, Dorean (Kurt) supporters berate me and say " why are you on here, you are not relevant, why don't you go away,you say the same thing over and over again, you don't get it, you are programmed "

BUT.....when I do disappear for awhile they say " where is TCOB, what do you have to say now TCOB, looks like he has nothing to say"

What a fricking joke you people are.

I are pissed cause your leader is in jail and he babbles on about nothing and keeps on breaking promises.
I guess I would get all defensive too.

Peanut Gallery said...

Sum of a Profit said,

NO. what the spirit has told me, is that you are trying to determine whehter or not I am a Jew. (and this, you will never know. Let the "Spirit" tell you.)

As I suspected you know nothing of which you claim to believe. You duck every Scriptural question posed to you. If you truely had any head knowlege you would stand up for what you believe. Are you not as a Christian supposed to defend what you believe?

Peanut Gallery said...
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Peanut Gallery said...
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Real Estate Observer said...

What's funny is when this kurt douchebag finally gets convicted he will be ravaged many times in the ass and become some guys prison bitch

Solvo said...

tcob247 said...
Sir wouldnt you agree that asking questions of Kurt is of much more relevance to this blog than who the Holy Spirit speaks to most, whether the Illuminati are Jews, hurricane manipulation or touting your construction business?

I do agree with you on the above statement, as the topic that has consumed this blog aside from Kurt is not "relevant" here. However, I am not a moderator or disciplinarian, so what they debate about is their business and has just as much a place here as that "knife" spammer who posts here regularly.

As for you TCOB, I think deep down you cannot leave this blog. It it due to various reasons, one of which WHEN Kurt prevails, you will be one of the first in line to collect on the fruition of his labors and you will totally deny any negative press you posted. Why else would you keep coming here, to save everyone from Big Bad Kurt? The people who have decided to walk away have, and the ones that decided to stick it out are doing so, and there isn't anything you or anyone else can do about it.

Therefore, keep playing the bad cop until the time comes for you to become a turncoat to collect on your pain and suffering. One thing I know about Kurt is that a small "I'm Sorry for Doubting You" will be all it takes for him to forgive you. That's a fact.

imbigo said...

Good post SOLVO, thats what I meant when I aske tcob about having anything new to say!!!

Its always the same crap!!!

could'nt have said it better myself DUDE...

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


ZUP WILL thanks for the english class LOL. Love Ya Bra! that goes for you too SOLVO

P.S. Going to see Shaq vs. My WARRIORS tonight, should be a good one!!!


imbigo said...



BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


Solvo said...

Sorry, I forgot to send my props out!

What up Will and Big "O"

sd said...

A few days ago I saw a post inwhich someone asked about obtaining "The DVD's"

I saw this in an e-mail and thought I would pass the info on.

This was put up not as a sales pitch from me, but because I saw an inquiry that was never responded to for which I had the info requested. So Remember, Don't Try to Kill the Messenger!

Ordering the DVD’s

In order to receive a set of the three new DVD’s outlining the full details of the “Mortgage Elimination Programme”; please send a blank postal money order in the amount of $70.00 to 125 E. Sunnyoaks Ave. #207 Campbell, CA. 95008. Request the “Early Bird Special” and they shall mailed out immediately after receiving your post. The regular price for these DVD’s is $250.00, which they will return too after December 31st, 2005. Thank you! Note! We’ve had a great response and many orders so there shall be a short extension of the special pricing.

Dr. H. Fred
PS: I do not sign for mail!

Peanut Gallery said...


Did you get a chance to read the last entry on the previous post?

Interested in you response

sd said...


Just got off work, will get to it in a short while.


dgwondering said...

Ah, yes. $70.00 for $250.00 drink coasters.

tcob247 said...

imbigio and solvo....

What do you have to say thats new?

You post the same crap over and over again too.

Free country

I'll post what I want, when I want.

Not so free for Kurt though

Go Heat

sd said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
imbigo said...

tcob said..

I'll post what I want, when I want.




tcob247 said...


Heat Have Little Trouble Defeating Warriors Again
Miami Extends Winning Streak Over Golden State to Four Games

OAKLAND, Calif. (Jan. 11) - Dwyane Wade had 32 points, 11 assists and five rebounds and the Miami Heat won their fourth straight against the Golden State Warriors, 110-96 on Wednesday night.

Shaquille O'Neal bounced back from two subpar games to finish with 21 points and 10 rebounds for the Heat, who won easily despite shooting only 8-of-19 from the free throw line - 1-for-11 by O'Neal.

Antoine Walker added 19 points and five assists off the bench and Gary Payton had 13 points, seven rebounds and six assists in the Heat's fourth game of their season-long seven-game road trip. Miami goes to Seattle, Utah and Los Angeles to play the Lakers before heading home.

The cold-shooting Warriors lost their third straight playing for the first time since last Thursday's 99-89 home loss to the Indiana Pacers. Golden State got hammered on the boards by the bigger Heat players.

tcob247 said...


I never got an answer back from you.
I wanted to hire your contrecktion company to build me a lego castle.
I sent an email to the address you gave ( but no response.
You keep telling me that I never e-mail you and then you give fake addresses.
You don't own a construction (thats the way you spell it) you are just a 5th grade dropout hillbilly who goes to his sisters house to use the computer.

You are a shining example of a Dorean supporter

light1rae said...

We have been patiently watching all players on this blog, and are encouraged K & S by your steadfastness in achieving the mark. Our prayers are with you.

son of a prophet said..., back to mortage illumination.....

Did God create everything that exists?

Does evil exist? Did God create evil?

A University professor at a well known institution of higher learning challenged his students with this question.

"Did God create everything that exists?"

A student bravely replied, "Yes he did!"

"God created everything?" The professor asked.

"Yes sir, he certainly did," the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created everything; then God created evil. And, since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are, then we can assume God is evil."

The student became quiet and did not answer the professor's hypothetical definition. The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once more that the Christian faith was a myth.

Another student raised his hand and said, "May I ask you a question, professor?" "Of course", replied the professor. The student stood up and asked, "Professor, does cold exist?"

"What kind of question is this? Of course it exists. Have you never been cold?" The other students snickered at the young man's question.

The young man replied, "In fact, sir, cold does not exist.

According to the laws of physics, what we consider cold is in reality the absence of heat. Every body or object is susceptible to study when it has or transmits energy and heat is what makes a body or matter have or transmit energy. Absolute zero (-460 F) is the total absence of heat and all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist. We have created this word to describe how we feel if we have no heat."

The student continued, "Professor, does darkness exist?" The professor responded, "Of course it does."

The student replied, "Once again you are wrong sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in reality the absence of light. Light we can study, but not darkness. In fact, we can use Newton's prism to break white light into many colors and study the various wavelengths of each color. You cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it. How can you know how dark a certain space is? You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this correct? Darkness is a term used by man to describe what happens when there is no light present."

Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir, does evil exist?"

Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course, as I have already said. We see it everyday. It is in the daily examples of man's (banksters??) inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime and violence everywhere in the world. These manifestations are nothing else but evil.

To this the student replied, "Evil does not exist, sir, or at least it does not exist unto itself.

Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold...a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God's love present in his heart. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light."

The professor sat down.

The young man's name -- Albert Einstein

getmeoffthisride said...

It looks as if Scott was released from Tooele County Jail. Solvo, is this true and where can we find his new address? We're refinancing and need to get him the quit claim.

Thanks - K

habakkuk said...


Great story.....i dont know if thats was really Einstein in the story but who cares, i've never heard it explained better than that.

Judge Roy Bean said...

getmeoffthisride - According to the court records, Scott and Kurt aren't eligible for bail and are in the custody of the US Marshalls in the transfer process from Utah back to the Northern District of CA for another hearing there.

It's not always like putting them on a bus or on a plane and going point-to-point; The USMS moves prisoners in a scheduling boondoggle that matches physical transport resources and costs to how many prisoners need to be where at there ultimate destinations. It appears outwardly to have no rhyme or reason but there are all kinds of considerations. He (or they) could actually be in transit at any number of facilities in between.

They could be out of touch for a couple of days at a time.

usarock said...


You need to go to an Attorney and have him remove Kurt and Scott as your Trustees
It will cost you about $350.

Thats what my Title Company wanted in order for me to re-finance

son of a prophet said...

(Y)Our benevolent govt.....

Sarasota is Mean?

A place to live - that's right at the top of UrbanSurvival issues, along with something to eat, some water, and a chance at upward mobility. Today, more than a few cities in the U.S. have been actively "criminalizing homelessness" says the latest report from the National Coalition for the Homeless. From the executive summary of this year's report comes the list of "meanest cities in America":

#1 Sarasota, FL. After two successive Sarasota anti-lodging laws were overturned as unconstitutional by state courts, Sarasota passed a third law banning lodging outdoors. This latest version appears to be explicitly aimed at homeless persons. One of the elements necessary for arrest under the law is that the person “has no other place to live.”

#2 Lawrence, KS. After a group of downtown Lawrence business leaders urged the city to cut social services and pass ordinances to target homeless persons, the city passed three “civility” ordinances, including an aggressive panhandling law, a law prohibiting trespass on rooftops, and a law limiting sleeping or sitting on city sidewalks.

#3 Little Rock, AR. Homeless persons have reported being kicked out of bus stations in Little Rock, even when they had valid bus tickets. Two homeless men reported that officers of the Little Rock Police Department, in separate incidents, had kicked them out of the Little Rock Bus Station, even after showing the police their tickets. In other instances, homeless persons have been told that they could not wait at the bus station "because you are homeless."

#4 Atlanta, GA. Amid waves of public protest and testimony opposing the Mayor’s proposed comprehensive ban on panhandling, the City Council passed the anti-panhandling ordinance in August 2005. In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Atlanta stood firm in its resolve to criminalize panhandlers. A Katrina evacuee who was sleeping in his car with his family after seeking refuge in Atlanta was arrested for panhandling at a mall in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood, even after he showed the police his Louisiana driver’s license, car tag, and registration as proof that he was a Katrina evacuee. In addition, during the first week in December, the Atlanta Zoning Review Board approved a ban on supportive housing inside the city limits.

#5 Las Vegas, NV. Even as the city shelters are overcrowded and the city’s Crisis Intervention Center recently closed due to lack of funding, the city continues to target homeless persons living outside. The police conduct habitual sweeps of encampments which lead to extended jail time for repeat misdemeanor offenders. In order to keep homeless individuals out of future parks, the city considered privatizing the parks, enabling owners to kick out unwanted people. Mayor Oscar Goodman fervently supported the idea, saying, “I don’t want them there. They’re not going to be there. I’m not going to let it happen. They think I’m mean now; wait until the homeless try to go over there.”

The rest of the top 20 "Mean Cities" list is:

6. Dallas, TX
7. Houston, TX
8. San Juan, PR
9. Santa Monica, CA
10. Flagstaff, AZ
11. San Francisco, CA
12. Chicago, IL
13. San Antonio, TX
14. New York City, NY
15. Austin, TX
16. Anchorage, AK
17. Phoenix, AZ
18. Los Angeles, CA
19. St. Louis, MO
20. Pittsburgh, PA

Texas has 4 out of 20, while California has 3 out of 20, something Texas media has noticed.
The Coalition report also offers up some examples of how criminalization of homelessness works:

For example, when a city passes a law that places too many restrictions on begging, free speech concerns are raised as courts have found begging to be protected speech under the First Amendment.

When a city destroys homeless persons’ belongings or conducts unreasonable searches or seizures of homeless persons, courts have found such actions violate the Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Courts have found that a law that is applied to criminally punish a homeless person for necessary life activities in public, like sleeping, violates that person’s Eighth Amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment if the person has nowhere else to perform the activity.

Laws that do not give people sufficient notice of prohibited conduct or allow for arbitrary enforcement by law enforcement officials can be unconstitutionally vague. Courts have found loitering and vagrancy laws unconstitutionally vague.

To be sure, some cities get dinged for making it illegal to pee on the sidewalk in public - and things like making it a crime to steal a grocery cart. On the other hand, common sense says that people shouldn't have to pee in public.
Here's the Catch 22: If you don't have money, in many cities, you can't find a place to relieve yourself. Unless you are a customer of a business, that is. I can tell you after traveling across much of the country in the past year or two that gas stations will withhold restrooms keys from non-customers.

"OK," you're muttering, "Why is the People's Economist pointing out all this homeless stuff?"

Ah, glad you asked. I see a large number of news stories and social markers that suggest to me that the number of homeless in America will be making a dramatic increase in future years as our middle class is ripped apart and bifurcated more clearly into the "Haves" and "Have nots." Examples:

Total Foreclosure Inventory and New Foreclosures jumped at the end of 2005.

The new book "Strapped: Why America's 20 and 30-somethings Can't Get Ahead" is making lots of headlines around the country because it rings true with millions.

Bankruptcy filings hit an all time record in 2005 says the Law News Network: Quote on point: "Consumer bankruptcy filings for 2005 were 2,043,535, up from 1,552,967 in 2004. On an annualized basis, 1 in every 53 households filed bankruptcy. (Household numbers are based on 2005 estimates by the US Census.) Chapter 7 consumer filings, providing consumers with the greatest relief of their debts, increased 47.2 percent in 2005. Chapter 13 consumer filings, requiring consumers to repay a part of their debts, declined 7.9 percent. "

Credit card minimum payment requirements are up, and tighter bankruptcy laws for individuals have been enacted in recent months, all well documented along the way here.

Then there's the offer I received as an email this morning offering to disclose to me Donald Trumps "Real Estate Secrets of the Masters" as a collection of CD's. I immediately filed this in my "You know the housing bubble is over when" file.

Sadly, it's not like I'm the only one seeing the middle class squeeze out at work. A reader in (Saudi) Alberta (Canada for the truly sleepy) writes:

Sunny cool Alberta. oil industry flying, housing strong, 1/3 of people doing better than ever, except that savings are low, and consumption is quite high. good times but with a black horizon for those who can see into the distance. {the black horizon is not really very far] ps join the club and be in the top stratosphere of this third. 1/3 struggling to keep it together wondering why in a province of supposed plenty life just seems to get harder every day. They should probably work 16 hours a day instead of only 12. OR MAYBE 18. OR be a bus driver or government employee then you would make it to the the top 1/3 without really trying. ( WITH BENEFITS)

The bottom 1/3 is as always, except worse. Petty crime, incarceration, and desperation. on a bigger scale. Is there anything new under the sun. With 5000 years under our belt or thereabout, plus lost times, you'd think we could have got it right. nah. Sunny cool alberta is a fascinating microcosym; The top of economic booms and the bottom of busts. Even bigger than Texas. yeeee haawwww This will be the biggest of the big so yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaw god bless

Yup, no doubt about it: 5,000 of history (for this go 'round anyway) might seem like enough time for people to come up with workable ways of growing food, sharing wealth, and generally getting along without Crusade versus Jihad, but apparently not.

ticktoc123 said...

Einstein was once asked to name the most powerful force in the universe. After reflection he answered ..... "Compound Interest"

gtazman said...

I need help. The bank that is foreclosing on me says that my claims for TILA and RESPA violations have expired since I transferred my ownership rights to the Kurt and Scott in the irrevocable trust. How do we get around this issue.

getmeoffthisride said...

usarock - The lender and title company said it was not a problem to have the property transferred back to our name. They're working on it right now. They will probably take care of the payment through escrow. Thanks for the information.

usarock said...


Have them removed from your Trust.

Or you can ask Kurt how to save your house. He could put something useful up here instead of worrying about his meal money.

Clueless Fudd said...

usarock said...
Or you can ask Kurt how to save your house. He could put something useful up here instead of worrying about his meal money.

Get some new material usaCock!

gtazman said...

usarock said...

Have them removed from your Trust.

Or you can ask Kurt how to save your house. He could put something useful up here instead of worrying about his meal money

I Quit Claimed back in August. I am not in the trust now, but since then I filed Notice of TILA violationa against Wells Fargo, Does anyone know how to counter this crap from the lender's attorney?

usarock said...

chewless pud

what new material do you have?

Clueless Fudd said...

usarock said...
chewless pud

what new material do you have?

This is the first time I acknowledged you for being your true self, which is a Cock-Dick-Penis-PeckerHead-Willy-Weiner-Schlong-DingDongand the list goes on..

That's fresh material, so try it yourself sometime....