Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restoration (2-3-09)

This Elect-Israel are a perfect type of the gospel message. Through their many failings God kept a constant message of restoration. If you do not know this word you don’t know the God who speaks it. Elijah was successful at turning the hearts of the people back to their God. Jeremiah was not. But the Lord in Jeremiah’s case still swore by Himself He would restore the people. My objection to the retards is they have no sense of God’s work of restoration and therefore their words whether intentional or not are always lies. Being an active or passive servant of the devil still exempts you from being a servant of God. Sure the pathways of God’s perfecting restoration defy logic or reason. The wisdom of this world could never decipher them. Only the eyes of faith can see it afar off and trust in God’s timing what is seen in faith will be seen in the eyes of flesh. I have told you consistently what my eyes of faith are seeing. I can and have justified this vision by God’s word and still you don’t believe? Do you really think Alsup can prevent God from restoring what the devil tried to steal from you? Oh ye of little faith. Our restoration is closer than ever when will you exercise your faith? Is there no desire in you to please God? What if restoration comes and you missed your opportunity? Have you enjoyed this trial so much that you would like to do it again? I tell you the truth, even though the faith of others will bring you your restoration only your faith can keep you there. God is giving me many signs / clues that I am close to prophetic pronouncement to you all. Every indication I have is that this word is approaching me. God is bringing change. Not what Obama promised or envisioned but what He intended all along.

For those of you who are clients and not son of Christ you are still receiving restoration. It is not a matter of righteousness or of deserving. God is one who will always give first and prove His faithfulness.

This is for you Big Dave. How’s this for restoration; when I came to jail Steelers were champs, when I get out they’re champs again! Oh did I let that little piece of info slip out? Better check your eyes of faith and see if you see it. No logic, no earthly wisdom, no court remedy, will see.

Big O tell them what a solid scriptural foundation I laid for you about our time and place in the restoration work of God.


Yetter said...

"This is for you Big Dave. How’s this for restoration; when I came to jail Steelers were champs, when I get out they’re champs again! Oh did I let that little piece of info slip out? Better check your eyes of faith and see if you see it. No logic, no earthly wisdom, no court remedy, will see."
Better put away your terrible towel Dave, and put up the welcome home banner.

judge allslop said...

Dorean stimulus package passed by a higher authority...sweet.

habakkuk said...

And to think that i was pulling for the Cards to win it all...That wasn't very prophetic of me, was it? lol!

judge allslop said...

“The era of paper shufflers is over. Farmers are going to inherit the earth again. Bankers should learn how to drive tractors.” – Jim Rogers (self-styled Asia & Commodity analyst)

WASHINGTON, DC -- (Marketwire) -- 12/31/08 -- Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2008 list of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians." The list,in alphabetical order, includes:
Yourfavorite,politician,lobbyist,bank,banker,neocon-zionist,otc trader,regulator,fed chairman,treasury secretary and any other ponzi specialist I may have missed,here.....

sopsback said...





Feb. 25, 2009

Just got off the phone with an inside source... As it was explained to me Fort Knox is now seeking the logistical support to warehouse large amounts of new Gold...

This is for incoming not outgoing gold...

What this means I will leave up to you...

Looks like the the US is making moves to BUY Gold while the Dollar is Strong...




dr. ira gilac said...

crupt jdges TAKE NOTICE!!!

yo, dat meens yo beans...yo day is CUMMING!!!!
they eventally get around to yo!

-------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Nancy Lazaryan

Date: Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Subject: Fw: BREAKING NEWS...AD HOC Committee to Hear Evidence of crimes committed by judges


Please send this to your ENTIRE mailing list! .....


Saint Paul Minnesota

February 27, 2009

Minnesota Legislators to Discipline Judges

In response to dozens of petitions by the citizens of the state of Minnesota, an Ad Hoc committee has been scheduled to hear the evidence of the corruption within the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Spearheaded by minority whip Rep. Dan Severson, the bipartisan joint committee will convene on March 13th, 2009 at the State Office Building at 9:00AM in room 300N.

The ad hoc committee was formed because the chairs of the senate and house committees that oversee matters of the judiciary have refused to hear the citizen petitions concerning corruption in the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

The evidence to be presented to the ad hoc committee is massive and includes transcripts being altered, bribery, extortion, denial of access to the Grand Jury and numerous state and federal felonies by certain district and appellate court judges. Bills of impeachment against many judges will be brought.

Never before in the history of the state of Minnesota, and perhaps the nation, have the legislative committees charged with overseeing the matters in the judiciary refused to listen to the evidence of crimes being committed by judges.

Article Six Section Nine of the Minnesota Constitution clearly directs it is the intent of the people for the Legislature to discipline the Judicial Branch. The courageous legislators that have agreed to participate in the Ad Hoc committee number over a dozen and more are joining as citizens from across the state meet with their legislators and encourage participation.

Additionally, a press conference will be held the week of March 9th, 2009 to discuss the introduction of judicial reform bills and the agenda for the Ad Hoc committee.


Rep. Dan Severson at 651-296-7808

Nancy Lazaryan at

Scott from Vineland said...

Haven't been here for several weeks. Looks like the faithful have pretty much cleared out all the nay-sayers. Way to go, boys! The lack of dissent has left this forum dreadfully dull.

habakkuk said...

Hows that mortgage origination coming Scott?

Yetter said...

"The lack of dissent has left this forum dreadfully dull."
Your eyes are wide open and yet you see nothing.

Scott from Vineland said...

habakkuk said...

Hows that mortgage origination coming Scott?
I'm not an originator, Hab... you know that.

But since you asked, business is actually bangin' right now. Rates are low and refi boom is pretty strong. Housing market still very weak, of course, but there are a few brave souls out there buying low.

Scott from Vineland said...

Yetter said...

Your eyes are wide open and yet you see nothing.
There's nothing new under the sun, Yeti. There is certainly nothing new being said here.