Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Job Sighing

Unemployment is escalating but the job of sighing is still available. The book of Job was the first book of our scriptures. It was the beginning of revelation. We in Christ should be far beyond this knowledge in our relationship. Most of my critics only have this base knowledge and therefore mislabel my confidence in Christ as arrogance. I no longer pass through my trials as Job nor should any of us. God has given us so much more revelation in advance at our trials than Job obtained by his trial’s end. Job went through 5 areas of sighing. Remember he had no idea of a personal Savior who took all our sighing upon Himself.

His first sigh was for death. He wished he had never been born. This is true for all who deny Christ but was not applicable to Job. Think of all that would have been lost to Job personally and to all the world if he were to truly get his sighing wish. This is a place where faith is not expressed and his ignorance of God is obvious. I’m not picking on him. I view him as an amazing man of fortitude who survived the devastation of discovering that all his perceptions of God were factually anemic.

His second sigh was of God. How can a man not sigh and wonder about God’s character when his trial seems to defy all he suspects of God. Probably within eyes distance of 10 fresh graves, on an ash heap trying to find comfort from boils, with all his wealth looted it would be hard to calibrate “God blesses the righteous” with the set of facts before him. If he could make his complaint to God face to face surely He would grant me relief, or would He? This certainty was no longer his possession. Nothing added up. My gut tells me God is just but so was I in my thinking.

Third his sigh is of the past. Longing for the good old days with the comfort of a mind of understanding. This wasteland of confusion gives me no hope. I had a loving family, hope for a future, a good name and reputation, and wealth. Why did it change? I hate change! What benefit can there be to all that is lost?

His fourth sigh was one of retrogression. Here he cannot reconcile how his life of good works brought this fruit. Is there no difference between the righteous and the wicked? Maybe every truth I know is a lie.

Finally there was the sigh of betrayal. Job was a man that was sought out and well respected. Known as a righteous man full of good works. Where were all that showed him honor now? Why and how did he become a byword and a taunt? Has God betrayed me also?

Trials like this are truly God’s blessing. Job learned this though we have this as advanced knowledge. The answers sought by Job’s many questions are already answered for us in Christ. These trials will measure you but not you alone, they will measure all associated or friendly. This Dorean trial is no different except I am accused as delusional because I do not take the path of sighing to truth but faith. All have been measured. Most of you have failed and could justify my sighing, oh but some of you have soared to the great heights of faith and you like Job will receive the double portion at a minimum. Also you have remained unemployed at sighing because faith caused you to rightly put your hope in the faithful God Job discovered but you already knew that going in. That deserves a sigh of relief!


Bucks said...

What ever happened to Phase One. Nothing was supposed to be posted until phase one was completed. Just be real and let us know whats really going on.........Lets get to the bottom of it!!!!!!

BigO said...

I would like to see Phase One posted just as you would, and trust me I and I'm sure most of the clients could use it!!! But if we see Phase One with the chance that some hater could hack into the system and make life hard for us it would'nt be worth it for me.

I visited with Kurt last Saterday, and he assured ME that everything is still in motion, as a matter of fact my faith was renewed afresh!!!

Furthermore he looks good, healthy, and very strong!!!

I also plan to visit Scotty within a few weeks are so.

So I say to you Bucks keep the faith, Pray without wavering, and continue to pray for my HERO's


BIG"O" 1+1+1=1

BigO said...


Bucks1 said...

Thank you for your reassurance. It's been hard because we have not heard anything from Dr Johnson in a good while. I'm hoping that Kurt will not use the internet, but go back to his original idea. I have been and will continue to keep the faith and pray.

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mike prince said...

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dr. ira gilac said...

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~~The Swami~~~ said...

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