Saturday, September 03, 2005

“Still In The Fight”

I am in the 32nd day of my fast and starting to hear the voice of direction I was longing for. Both dry fasts lasted 5 days and were each a catalyst to understanding. This Friday Utah adds charges. If justice were apart of this battle I would defeat them for good. It will not happen but I’m certain they will lose. Goliath ((The Feds) intends their brothers into battle first before they show up. After Utah is slain Colorado, Texas, and others will join the party. These are good practice as long as I don’t mind the suffering. When a man loves truth more than his life the government playbook becomes obsolete. The huff & puff blow your house down is not scary to a man who will gladly give away his house. I have one life I am willing to lose and they have 3 trillion of fraud and a million jobs they are desperate to preserve. I can play these cards without fear. They on the other hand can tolerate not one mistake. They will have bankers as witnesses and ignorant client’s mistakes are inevitable. What will the story be then, when all the propaganda is pierced by realty? Shame and change is what I predict. To be continued…


SEO said...

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Ace said...

seo, you are an asshole. I hope someone sticks a cigarette up your ass and smashes your whole vast collection of handbags made in communist China over your retarded head. Does this blog look like a place to sell handbags? Oh well, your probably just another moron who was educated in the public school system. Go make another mortgage payment to Henry Kissassinger and the New World Order.

tcob247 said...

his contribution acually made more sense than some of the shit in here.
Yours included

They_and_or_Them said...

"Seek not to change the world; seek only to change your mind about the world" - ACIM

son of a prophet said...

Hold on. Estoppel $$$$ is coming soon!

Tom Flocco knows where it is....

Figured we need some entertainment while we wait for it. lol

Elmer Fudd said...

Tom Flocco= Wack adoo :p

tonyyy said...

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sovern said...

makes no sense to me how one person says one thing on here and another says something completely differ.I have no choice at this point to try to believe in the dorean group,because they have 4300 dollars of mine.That i know i will never see again.So i get on this blog to find out the latest news.If all you can do is try to sell crap or curse and down grade other people stay the hell away.Kurt i do believe that your tapes you are selling should be sent to the people that took trust in your process for free.Now that you are selling this tapes this makes you look like a bigger fraud,but i will stand by you for a little bit longer.

clearlyspoken said...

To those sick of the advertising -

seo and tonyyy appear to be part of a recent trend in advertising where any new blog entry is automatically sent an advertisement in the comment mode via spamming. This is done by a computer program that is preset and runs without anyone having to be there. Once they find your blog, the number of spam-comments usually increases with each post. It is a real pain to put up with - I know as it happened to us. Thankfully, there are ways to block it - should those who keep this site going like information on how to block spam-commenting - just leave me a comment here and I will send the information along to you.

Hope this is helpful.

sovern said...


tcob247 said...

sovern...."Now that you are selling this tapes this makes you look like a bigger fraud,but i will stand by you for a little bit longer."

You are exactly the type that these scammers feed on
You keep coming back for more.
In your own words
Good luck
You deserve it

WillToFight said...


What is your purpose for hanging around here?

tcob247 said...

what is your purpose to respond to me?
You like to see people get scammed?
I guess this is a free country and I'll "hang around" here if I want.
Why didnt you ask the other idiots in here who post nothing relevant why they are hanging around.
At least I am on topic.
Why are you defending Kurt? May I ask?

down but not out said...


Last I checked this was still the United States where one is innocent until proven quilty by a jury of their peers. We can proclaim guilt on each other as much as we want in the arena of public opinion, but until it is officially proclaimed by a court it means nothing.

tcob247 said...

he is guilty of scamming me out of $4,500 with lies.
He is guilty of hijacking my house.
Those are facts
I'm sure it won't be long before he is convicyed in a court of law as well

sovern said...

TCOB Ive never in my life been scammed by anyone, hell yea im going to stick in there a little longer,because that is a lot of money to me.It takes me almost 8 weeks to make that money.And what the hell do you mean by coming back for more I think Kurt owes me them tapes for free.Ill be dammed if i give one more penny to anyone.DOWN N OUT lets remember something we live in America where the goverment believes they are the creator.As time passes people start doing what they say when they say are you will pay the price.Anymore you are guilty till proven innocent.The lord says "You shall have no other GOD before me".Hmm as long as the gov okays that first.yea right

tcob247 said...

well congratulations on being scammed for the first time via Dorean.
Too bad it took you so long to make that money and they took it away in an instant.
False promises and greed.
Don't worry you are not alone. It happened to a lot of good people

sovern said...


tcob247 said...

looks like no one gives a damn anymore
Don't blame em
You are losing your audience Kurt

complainers suck said...


On the contrary, people are coming to read the entry by Kurt, and that's it. It seems everyone has had enough of yours and dgwondering, etc. adding no value to this blog and constant complaining.

COMPLAINER_SUCK and you are one of them?

complainers suck said...

...and the only business you are taking care of 24/7 (hence your user id) would be having others sick and tired or your complaining.

TwinGift94 said...

I come to this blog to get updates from Kurt and not to read bitch and moan posts by a bunch of sour puss complainers. But this is the internet world we live in and unforutnately we have to put up with their crap and profanity laced tirades. When things move forward in the courts, their words will just be a distant memory which will fade quickly from view and relevance.

Adios complainers and you certainly due suck.

sovern said...