Monday, September 12, 2005

“A Lesson In History”

Now that my fast is completed I am now a lean mean 200 pounds fighting machine. I haven’t been this weight for 15 years. I am fit for the battle body, mind, and spirit. I have personally implemented an aggressive strategy absent all others that should lead to victory. Personal egos and a lack of discernment bogged down those who were helping, and that damaged our goal. I believe that there is some clarity that has returned and that which they started can be finished and redeemed. This and your actions were paralleled in the book of Nehemiah I read this week. Absent the spiritual lesson historically these people offer us a personal lesson. They built the wall around Jerusalem in unity and one accord against all odds, with governmental protest and resistance, for the protection of all their homes and families. Why is it that my helpers and you can’t set aside the self-willed, self-destructive, blame game and bend down low enough to pick up the rock of personal accountability and common destiny, and place it in the wall that will protect our homes and families. Then that will stand as a testimony to other foes that we will defend ourselves? Nehemiah was successful why change and hope for his result? To be continued...


clearlyspoken said...

Where is that old American spirit?

"Give me liberty or give me death"
- Patrick Henry

You won't catch many folks saying that today because it is hard enough to find those who will say give me liberty or give me foreclosure. We are definately missing the fortitude of our forefathers. The courage, strength and faith that founded this country is still there, somewhere deep down - let's get back to it before we have become slaves to a very slick system.

Our forefathers risked all for the coming generations - and all we can think of is ourselves. For shame - if we don't start fighting to perserve what this great nation once was for the future generations - America, as we know her, will die.

We have all heard the song "I'm proud to be an American". One of the lines in that song is "I'll stand up next to you and defend her still today - Oh, how I love this land - the good old USA" Standing against this corrupt system is our opportunity to stand up next to other concerned citizens, and defend our dear country from take over by systems and governments that are not American by nature, creed or conduct.

Is this still America?
Are we still free?
Are you sure?

Are you willing to fight for your country?

Then let's do it! United we stand - divided we fall. Count me in.

Ace said...

Good comment clearlyspoken. Every new generation of Americans seem to be whimpier than the last one. Here is one thing that makes me laugh, God is gone from the public schools, public buildings, and courthouses. We have been feminized, homoized, demonized, and sodomized to the point where it's almost illegal to be a man in Amerika anymore. While our government has our troops spread out in over 150 different countries protecting other peoples borders we are being over run by racial aliens from the south. Don't complain about it though because you might be arrested for " A HATE CRIME" Our houses are all owned by banks, our cars are all owned by GMAC Credit Corp, and our children are all owned by the government. Our inner cities are crime and drug infested hellholes, big oil is using us as sex toys, our government is tens of trillions of dollars in debt which they can never pay, and they pay millions of "people" billions of dollars not to work. And every day I see hundreds of brain dead idiots driving around with bumper stickers that say PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. I wonder how proud they will be when the financial system finally collapses and they find themselves living under a bridge?

clearlyspoken said...

Thanks ace - it's amazing isn't it?

Anyone else willing stand?

Are we fighting or selling out?

I say we stand!

All willing to fight for America -
please rise.

WillToFight said...

I'm all in clearlyspoken or Ace; more than you know!

I have the Will!

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