Monday, September 12, 2005

Good News!

Dorean as you know it has ceased. There is no more staff and the only thing left to do I can finish myself. I am disappointed in that those who should have jumped at the opportunity to help me in my need thought only of themselves. With selfish clients and staff I’m wondering if I should put myself above everybody else. I have desires and good reasons to justify it. Good news for all I fight for your honor whether you deserve it or not. I will deliver the promise without a staff because God has provided those who will share in the victory. When history has finished the Dorean story how will you be written in? As the selfish cowards who benefited by those with courage or one with courage who earned their victory and the continued blessing of keeping the freedom gained? You should thank him who you worship that I do not get offended by your blame, ignorance, selfishness, and live by a standard higher than personal passion. You critics won’t understand this since most critics bark out their own weakness. Most of you think I’m in this for the money which is your life’s concern not mine. You think I belong in jail because you know nothing of the law. You think I am losing because I am in jail. You never think the obvious is to confound the stupid. I can promise you this, the governments fear of me and the Dorean process was not because I spent time bragging on my stupidity. I have only this to finish and I have all I need to accomplish it. To pay everyone back who is a complainer and to prove the government is the conspirator in fraud in the mortgage industry. Fannie Mae will make Enron look like preschool of fraud when I am finished. They know it and they know I know it. The best investment anyone can make in the next two years is puts or short sale of Fannie Mae stock. Their bonds are junk, their books are cooked, their staff are crooks and their bully protectors are scared. You guys don’t know how to read the corporate US. Law = contract, force = fear, news = propaganda, benefits = privilege = loss of freedom, money = confidence, integrity = protect the lie. You guys who are so smart to read the tea leaves as it were are just noisy suckers. Mindless puppets who can’t feel the strings pull.


Still Believe said...

Is Scott still on board with you?

down but not out said...

Godspeed, go make history.
Who cares about a refund?
Oh I know tcob and all the other naysayers.
There ya go tcob go get your refund.
I believe Kurt ans Scott will be vindicated, even by doubters such as your self.

Ace said...

Kurt, When you finally win this thing where are we going to put all those bankers who will have to be arrested on grand larceny charges? How many new jails will we have to build to hold them? Seeing thousands of banksters wearing bright orange shirts with the word prisoner on the back. Now that would be a religious experience!!!

you will know them by their fruit said...

Kurt you sound like the character "Danger" from Million Dollar Baby.

clearlyspoken said...

Kurt and Scott -

Still continuing for you both in prayer - the battle may be fought in the courtroom - but, as you know, it will be won on our knees.

WillToFight said...

I'm all in! But there is more where "WillToFight" comes from!

Great blog Kurt! They have all made since to me.

There are warriors out here hanging in there!

tcob247 said...

downbutnotout....I swear to you I will personally sign that refund check over to you if I get it.
Translation.....I believe it will never happen.

If you believe him so much why don't you go "all in" and join the fight even to the point if going to jail yourself??????
Are you up for it?

Big talk no action I presume.

Oh well, I got better things to do.

Over and out

Tony Tuba said...

Since it hasn't been mentioned in a while, I'm assuming the collaterel estoppel didn't work. Much like the bridge loans, the stopping of making house payments,the promised protection for those thrown into a foreclosure situation,ect.

down but not out said...

Sherri h,

What part of escrow account don't you understand?

whataboutjere said...

dbno, please, do tell, what DOES escrow mean?

Elmer Fudd said...

down but not out said...
Sherri h,

What part of escrow account don't you understand?

7:36 AM

Hey douche bag the young lady asked a question, to which she has all the right too since i guess she's been left holding the bag like alot of others...Since you know so much instead of being such a loser why don't you help her and direct her like your buddy kurt wants you too. See that's the problem even if kurt was on the up and up which i don't think is true. He keeps idiots like this guy and others around him who don't give a shit about anyone. So kurt my question is with people like this asshole supporting you, how can you convince your clients to do anything to help out your so called situation when sarcastic jerkoff's like DBNO post in here like that.

Andy Jack said...

This is my first time making a comment! All I ever wanted to do is get up to bat to take a swing so here goes. Our founding Father's are rollingover in graves for the mess we letting our banking industy get to. Ignorance is bliss maybe? I think that people are basicly ostriches & are afraid to seek the truth! That takes to much work. I am calling my myself Andy Jack after one our greatest hero's that KILL THE BANK!!! I also want to part of killing the bank. The most powerful number is one because thats were it starts. Lets all be # 1 with Kurt as he was the one to start it all!!!!!

Tony Tuba said...

The money Kurt is talking about is not from the collaterel estoppel(sale of the judgments). Even if it was from the sale of the judgements; $5,000,000.00 divided by 500 clients = $10,000.00 for each of the 500 people. Wow, that won't even pay my legal fees I've had to spend. I don't think that is where the money came from.

I wasn't trying to bash Kurt. My point is, it is finally time he does something he says he is going to do. We judge on performance not rhetoric. I'm not seeing results.

tcob247 said...

I noticed you didnt respond to my question, but instead chose to bash a lady who was asking a legit question.

I will sign over my check to you.
Don't hold your breath because we wont get it.

Just like all the other promises Kurt made which Sherri pointed out.

So my other question was, why don't you actually do something if you believe in Kurt so much.
You just sit there flapping your lips in agreement.

Are you ready to go to Jail for this?
Are you?
r are you another one of Kurts "supporters" who give lip service but then run when it gets hot.

(I know the answer)

whataboutjere said...

sherri, where did you get the $5m figure?

kaycee said...

I just found this blog site today, as I have been left in the dark as to who I can contact to get help with my mortgage now that "there is no Dorean". I find it offensive that clients are being called "selfish" when they have paid money for a service and are now getting ready to lose their homes. This wasn't a game to me. I have been told that there is money in the bank, but it isn't being spent to help the clients. To me, when I have given money for a service, and that service isn't being performed, and there is money to help get my process done, but it is being withheld for whatever reason, that is fraud. I believe in the process. I believe the banks are corrupt, and I believe the government is too. But, when something could be done to help clients and isn't being done that is a problem. I'm sure there are hundreds that feel the same way, and I feel bad for those that have already lost their properties. I just hope sometime soon, they will find a way to win it back. And I hope those that haven't lost their homes find a way to save them. This isn't the definition of selfish. And there is no way that clients should be described in this way.

tcob247 said...

AMEN brother

down but not out said...

The escrow comment was three post back. I thought that was the C.E. monies. Am I wrong? Sherri must have more info than we do since she has relayed a dollar figure of five mil.

Nice to see tcob and fudd are back to their name calling and hostility.

I meant no hostility in my question to sherri, but since the usual suspects are themselves hostile with their remarks they automatically asume everyone is just like them

Tony Tuba said...

Whataboutjere, below is what Kurt said in Saturday's post.

"I am more exposed to damage than any client because they will not take personal accountability to help protect and finish what I started. I wish you all who think the 5 or 6 million collected made me a rich man would focus the truth of battle and help each other. It is my desire to set up an escrow and deposit the monies for you to make claim."

down but not out said...


As a client in the process like you are, why would I be going to jail, and not you too?.

whataboutjere said...

sherri, oh, okay. No, that money was given by a private investor to start the dorean group and run the business etc...

neodemes said...

"Good News!
Dorean as you know it has ceased."

That IS good news.

Dorean Victims Unite

whataboutjere said...

And we wish you and YOUR tired old story would cease to exist.

newyorklife said...

neodemes said...
"Good News!
Dorean as you know it has ceased."

Did anyone catch the rapper "Eminem"'s remake of "Hi, My Name Is" about NeMo?

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tcob247 said...

Like usual, you totally missed my point.

First lets get this straight.
I did ot do any name calling nor did I exibit any hostility
Please show me where I did so.

My point about Jail was.......
If you are such a Kurt supporter, would you be willing to go to jail like he has for his convictions?
You could push the envelope like he has and put yourself in that position.

My point was, you are not a strong enough follower to do that.

If anyone should get the tag of name caller and hostility maker, one should look no further than NEWYORKLIFE.
How can any supporter of dorean and humanity support the kind of vile that comes from his mouth

son of a prophet said...

I find this amusing as no one really seems to know what is really going on here but speculation.

Right now the outcome seems to be in the balance and points can be made for both sides; ie., scam/defeat vs. legit/victory.







***ETC. ETC. ETC..






******ETC. ETC....




IF the DG did take the trusts and use them as collateral to say buy a few billion Iraqi dinar, as I have said before, in a few years they will certainly be able to pay everybody off with $200,000-300,000 $$$$ with no problem when the Dinar is revalued to the US dollar.

Elmer Fudd said...

Stick your Dinar where the sun don't shine...As for DBNO the way you said it i took it as an assault on the young lady, so hence i'm sticking up for her..But she did ask a question and she prob will get no answers as usual.. So Kurt farrel ran away too huh knew he was a sissy..

Solvo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Solvo said...

Elmer Fudd said...
So Kurt farrel ran away too huh knew he was a sissy..

That couldn't be any further from the truth as I talked to him today, but I'm sure he'd love for you to stand in front of him and make that claim. Your delusions have removed you from any hope of credibility.

Elmer Fudd said...

I'll stand in front of anybody pal..Even in front of you and say it to your face..Bigshot

Solvo said...

You're so brave, "pal". I bet you are just a brave as Elmer Fudd really claims to be....FICTION.

Solvo said...

Elmer Fudd said...
I'll stand in front of anybody pal..Even in front of you and say it to your face..Bigshot

Since you named yourself after a cartoon character and also claim to be a "bad *ss", I think your new name is.....

Elmer DUDD

Elmer Fudd said...

Eh Solvo why don't yo just go back to doing what you do best..Scamming people.

Elmer Fudd said...


Elmer Fudd said...

Funny how you are alwyals in contact will farrell? Are you the puss?

Elmer Fudd said...


Elmer Fudd said...

Bet you are one of the scammers involved..

Solvo said...

I'm always in touch with Guy to, if you would read, dudd.

Why don't you go back to doing what it is you try every accomplish something as easy as shooting a rabbit, but are too stupid to succeed, dudd.

Elmer Fudd said...

Solvo i'll shoot the rabbit and you keep scammin people...Come back to reality knucklehead.

Solvo said...

I'll take that under advisement, so happy shootin'

KYHOOYA said...

To: tcob247 I thought we talked about you posting on this blog. Again my point is confirmed, that you are nothing but a piece of shit sitting around all day posting neg. on here. If you even have a job it is at best screwing your boss out of a honest days work dip shit. now you should go! if I recall right you said that you were through posting and would'nt be back, I geuss your word stand's for SHIT! just as i thought I don't have time now but I will be back later to remind you of you place if you need that. You give everyone nothing but shit not one word form you is ever been of any means to send help to anyone. again YOU SHOULD GO you piece of shit

BigRog said...

The bible in many places reminds us that the battle belongs to the Lord. The book of Romans tells us that we do not war against flesh and blood but against spiritual foes. Prayer is the best weapon that we have and the best way that Kurt and Scott can be assisted in this righteous war.

The USA was founded on freedom of worship, not freedom from worship. Today the USA is far from the Christian Nation that it was when it was started (witness the founding documents and the belief systems of the founders). The current banking situation is just an indication of how far the USA has declined.

KYHOOYA said...

To: solvo stand up and be who you are! or are you to ashamed to admit that you are Farrel L and take all the ?????? I agree with WHAT A PUSSY and a joke to think for one min. that anybody would belesve that your not Farrel is just shows haw you want to hide from that masses. You know something when I saw you at the convention I said it seems tome that everybody here is o.k. except that guy overthere he looks like a snake, later I would find out that was you you SHADY IN YOU ACTIONS and by thoughs you have caused others to be shodowed by it. and as for Guy s.and your dealings with him it was very apperant on the converance calls that he felt he needed to cover his ass in regards to legal issues and that he was left out in the cold by YOU WHEN YOU DID'NT HAVE THE GUTS TO EVEN SHOW UP FOR THE CALLS AT THE END. YOU WOULD THINK YOU WOULD BE DOING ALL THERE WAS TO DO TO HELP PEOPLE INSEAD OF HIDING BEHIND YOU COMPUTER, OH THATS RIGHT I FOGOT YOU HAVE THAT $260,000.00 THAT YOU PUT IN THAT OFF SHORE ACCT. TO HELP YOUR SELF TOO i BET YOU STEPED IN WHEN THING STARTED TO GO BAD AND SAID YOU HELP BY SETTING UP THAT ACCT RIGHT? YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT AND YOU KNOW IT SO HIDE YOU LITTLE FAGGOT AND POST UNDER A FOOLS NAME. NO ONE BELEAVES IT. LET ME TELL YOU THIS IF i WERE TO HAVE GIVIN YOU $$$ INSTEAD OF GOING TO KURT DIRECT I WOULD BE ON YOUR FRONT DOOR WITH A PLANE TICKET FRON A TRIP TO THAT OFFSHORE BANK TO GET MY MONEY i HOPE YOU DON'T RUN IT TO ANYBODY LIKE ME OUT THERE BECAUSE i DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES AND DON'T CARE HOW YOU THINK WOULD STOP ME FROM DOING JUST AS I SAID you would be going with me weather you liked it or not pussy later dick for brains oh one more thing you go right ahead and post all your little bulshit it won't change a thing nor will I be of mind to post you back your not worth the time I spent allready soo have at it solvo LOL what a joke you might want to take that dick out from you mouth before you get started so we can hear you better dick for brains now I'm running late, well some things just have tio be said thanks for nothing crook!I beleave Kurt was refering to you also in that post about everybody running for them selfs

ignorance is bliss said...

I've been following this for sometime now. I don't know any of the players personally, however they did convince me to do research on the subject.

The information appears to be correct.

It wouldn't be the first time in history that people have been persecuted and prosecuted for exposing the truth.

Educations don't come cheap and sometimes with some pain, especially when dealing with the ignorant masses.