Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I was transported today directly to Utah. Even with a habeas corpus pending they still went ahead with the extradition. It will be a few days before my next post.

My new address and number are below:

Kurt F Johnson 291301
c/o Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

Any mail that was sent to me and not received will be returned to sender. I appreciate the correspondence I receive. Thank You!


tcob247 said...

Looks like nobody cares

dgwondering said...

"It will be a few days before my next post."

The collective intelligence of the Internet will be significantly raised until then.

Seen it in Utah said...

I am trying to restrain my surprise relating to the last two posts. Somehow the surprise just isn't there. I also expect that I will still feel no surprise when both Johnson and Heineman are convicted. And will feel no surprise when many of their victims realize that they have, in fact, been taken for a very expensisve and disappointing ride.

whataboutjere said...

seen it in utah, let me ask you, is your post regarding the "future disappointment of the clients" conjecture or based on actual fact?

Elmer Fudd said...

"Guy" goes to the psychiatrist office naked and wrapped in saran wrap. Doctor takes one look at him and says "yes i can see your nutz".......

habakkuk said...

I can see that tcob247 is back again....i thought you said you were going to get lost for good. You just cant resist the urge to kick someone when he's down can you.

Alisa said...

I wish somebody would care. Noboby cares about nuthin. Nobody cares about clients and nobody cares about staff.

Now that staff is gone where is the client's remedy, Kurt? We are so close to winning this freakin battle and you still have no damn solution for CLIENTS! What gives, my love?

tcob247 said...

I believe the people who are being kicked when they are down are the clients

Seen it in Utah said...

To whataboutjere:

It is based on actual fact. I have met with and seen Dorean clients who are devastated both emotionally and financially. That is a fact.

down but not out said...

seen it in utah

Names? If asked I am sure they would have no problem with giving that info. I would

whataboutjere said...

seen it in utah, it is not what Kurt did to us clients that caused us this pain, it was what the manipulating monetizers and pettifoggers did when they hoodwinked and bitch slapped us and stole our property at the closing table.

Those who lost their homes will be justly and righteously compensated for their damages and suffering. Then, when all is said and done, where will you stand?

tcob247 said...

downbutnotout.....you don't need to ask Utah for names....there have been several that have posted in here

Go back and read some of those posts.
One guy lost his home and wife + many more stories...just read

KeepYourChinUp said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
down but not out said...


I believe I asked utah for names since has personally met with these clients. Most who post here are using a handle and not their name. We all know that anyone can post anything here with complete anonymity.
To substantiate a claim such as utah's names of the many clients would add a ton of credibility, no?

Seen it in Utah said...

I don't give out names. I respect these people enough to protect their privacy. Additionally, tcob is right--the names are every where. Just look at earlier posts, recorded documents, court case headings. I also really do not care about your concern for credibility. The facts and the people behind bars speak for themselves.

down but not out said...

Should have seen that answer coming.

KeepYourChinUp said...

I will not dignify the negativity here with a response.

Most here (the U.S.) do not even begin to understand the complete scope of this situation.
They haven't a clue what this is all about. They have encountered a small bump in comparison to the Mountain you face Kurt. It is not all and just about you ( oh small minded ones who post bitterly). Much more is at stake here.

For instance; Many actually think they are American citizens, though they are actually United States citizens. Many do not know the sad significance of "October 17th, 2005", Oh and the term "straw man" isn't just a childish term for a scarecrow and the list goes on....

There are those that whine and complain instead of redirecting thier energies with focus to resolve their current situations. With the proper due diligence, research, focus and counseling, you can continue the process that has been started.
Do a google search on mortage debt elimination. Go to a law library. Do something other than sit and complain (as my words fall on deaf ears).

Kurt, Do not be weary in well doing... Keep your visability.
There are those that work invisibly on behalf beholding the same concepts you embrace. Those that embrace attainable lawful sovereignty over legal corporate B.S.

Many are the blind and very few will hear...But the ones that "do know" are golden. There are those that DO KNOW, rest assured in this.

Remember: Your efforts ARE NOT IN VAIN.

Stand firm & stand tall.
So with all the appreciation and admiration I can possibly muster,

Sincerely yours,


tcob247 said...

downbutnotout...Yah...I'm sure people would get on here and lie about losing their houses and beg Kurt to answer questions.

Here is a quote from your esteemed leader the Kurtmeister "With selfish clients and staff I’m wondering if I should put myself above everybody else."

Since you're so big on names ....where are the people who have been successful with this program.


BetUdidn'tno said...

I bet you didn't know

After u made your 1st post on this blog even though you may be using an anonymous name you really are not anonymous. People could actually walk up to the computer that you are posting from. Now that, that is said if you really believe in Mr. K then post a message on how you where involved in the scheme and whether you where a promoter or partner.

livinginxs said...

how many ordered their dvd collection?

livinginxs said...

Any agents have any "real" information? Has anyone heard from Scott in the last month?

Guy or Fle where are you - come forward and let us know the latest info - are you still belivers?

I understand the battle, but I didn't sign up for it. I thought the war was already won for the most part - with over 1,000 "free & clear" titles - when I joined.

I have now been pulled into the fight - and have no contact with the leaders to advise me. They have scattered with the wind to save their own ass or turned this into some big Kurt against the world issue.

Kurt wants to blame the clients for doubting???? No one will even communicate with them to let them know what is going on. Guy - you should at least keep up the calls. Dr. Fred...whats up with you? Did you run off as well? What about the staff - why don't you come forward and speak? Does Dorean still owe you wages?? What about the office that was paid for 2 years in advance - can we get together and use that space to form some sort of movement?

What are the chances of getting money back - for some of these clients who should have never been put in the plan to start with untill it was proven?

Guy, Fle - now would be a good time to speak.

livinginxs said...

Anyone seen eftrans in the last few months...they seem to have droped off the earth as well.

tcob247 said...

VERY good questions
I am interested in those answers too
Have you tried Guy and Fle's e-mail addresses?

eddhunor83910327 said...

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Elmer Fudd said...

LoL another knuckle head promoting something..Hey ED have any CD's to sell with that website?

KYHOOYA said...

to: tcob247 So no work to do huh? Bum I bet that boss of yours would like to know what a time wasting piece of shit you are and who has nothing better to do all day long than to spout off one neg after another GO GET TO WORK BEFORE I SOMEONE TELLS HIM AND YOUR OUT OF A PAYCHECK TO you WIENING BITCH! YA AND OF COURSE YOU DON'T KEEP YOUR WORD LIKE YOU SAID " I'M OUT OF HERE " I GEUSS THAT IS WORTHLESS TO WELL JUST GO'S TO SHOW YOU IF IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT IT MUST BE A PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT. What do you tell your wife everyday that you sit around and post on this blog and play with yourself she must be proud huh? and the kid's what about them there go's my daddy the jackoff for another hard day at doing nothing losserrrrrrr GET TO WORK

tcob247 said...

khooya....you have some nerve dragging my kids into this.
just shows how low you are

I don't have a boss.
I run my own biz so therefore I am the boss.
I can do whatever I want, when I want.
Last week I made $5,850 this week $12,900.

Take your filth elsewhere mighty Dorean supporter

That all you got better to do than sit around and spew your filth about people who actually want answers from someone(kurt) who says he has them all?

I'm not sitting in jail.

What do you do for a living khooya?

down but not out said...


It serves no one to spew the filth and hatred. Dragging tcobs family in to this is a low blow.

newyorklife said...

This is a fight, isn't it? Is the government playing fair?

"If your enemy is angry, irritate them more"

newyorklife said...


I haven't seen "author" around lately. Have you scared him off, moron?

tcob247 said...

he's in jail....lol

Elmer Fudd said...

down but not out said...

It serves no one to spew the filth and hatred. Dragging tcobs family in to this is a low blow.
That's just farrel being himself as usual..Solvo-farrel-kyhooya...Hey kids can you say SYBIL :P

Solvo said...


We've already gone through this, and I am not fle or everyone wouldn't be asking for he and guy to appear. Nice try, though.

newyorklife said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
newyorklife said...

tcob get's what he deserves. Go look at the beginning of this blog. He was the worst with language. Now because he is not using vulgar and filth, he's a saint. Well, you still SUCK!

Hey, there's that "author" person, tcob. He's been released.

tcob247 said...

Jesus loves you newyork

newyorklife said...

He has no choice but to love me. He died for me, and loves my UN-conditionally!

tcob247 said...

same here....isn't that great?

newyorklife said...

about the only thing we have in common.

tcob247 said...

It's the most important one
I bet there is more if we tried.
You like Poker?

newyorklife said...

strip when I play with my wife.

AndyH said...

BetUdidn'tno said:
I bet you didn't know
After u made your 1st post on this blog even though you may be using an anonymous name you really are not anonymous. People could actually walk up to the computer that you are posting from. Now that, that is said if you really believe in Mr. K then post a message on how you where involved in the scheme and whether you where a promoter or partner.

7:16 PM

If you are a goverment official assigned to this case then Where is your professionalism here? You shouldn't allege Keepyourchinup is either a promoter or a partner, or for that matter involved in any copacity other than just an on looker.

Please carry on, and complete your due diligence accordingly. Then after combining all the facts/ discovery, make an educated and informed assertation as to the "actual & factual" involvement or rather actual & factual non-involement of Mr.K in Dorean, rather than jumping to an incorrect conclusion based on a hasty surmise.

I'll let you get back to work now.


Friend of Keep's.

These are treacherous times.

guysante14 said...

livinginxs said...
Guy or Fle where are you - come forward and let us know the latest info - are you still belivers?

This is my very first post and most likely my last.

Both Farrel and I are still taking phone calls. Ask anyone on ths blog if I still answer my phones and if I return calls. The answer is yes.

The CCR website was down which stops me from sending out emails and answering my emails since the email system was tied to that same server.

I do believe the CCR website should be up shortly. As for the conference call company... a court order shut it down.

As soon as the CCR website is back up, I will post whatever updates I get.

At the moment, the only positive update I can give you is that the Collateral Estoppel is moving forward... this is what I've been told.

Guy Santeramo

livinginxs said...

No one in here can answer any questions with true knowledge.

I think we are all getting calmed down and we do have so much in common.

We are all loved by Christ

We are all citizens of this GREAT country

We are all seekers of truth and knowledge

And I think we are all starting to realize that even though this may be the truth and legal on paper - the battle may not be won.

I am not giving up and will never stop seeking education and truth - but perhaps will start to purse other paths. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

I am concerned as to why Guy and Fle do not come and post as themselves to provide us with some real info.

A legacy is created only when a person puts his organization into a position to do great things without him. Dorean basicly shut down without Kurt - because he wanted followers not leaders.

Always make others feel needed, important, and appreciated and they will return the same to you.

Son of a prohpet - where are you?

That is how I try to live my life. Living in excess - with plenty to share.

Seen it in Utah said...

I noticed that guysante14 referred again to "collateral estoppel". I explained a while ago--the term "collateral estoppel" means absolutely nothing even close to the way it is used in this blog.

In fact, since it is being used to lead people to believe that a windfall is coming their way (maybe) means that someone is blowing wind--collateral estoppel means that an issue previously litigated and determined cannot be re-litigated--the issue is decided. So, if people are holding out hope that this idea may get money for them--well, it just is not likely to have that result.

whataboutjere said...

seen_it_in_utah, keep diggin, you'll eventually get to China. LOL!

Solvo said...

It's technically a UCC Administrative Judgement via a UCC1 and UCC3 with Apostille, that will be paid on. The Collateral Estoppel is the tool to get judgments "bullet proof".

livinginxs said...

Guy, thank you - it means a lot to the clients and agents to hear directly from you.

Solvo, where can we get ahold of that information regarding the UCC?

seen-it-in-utah, what do you do for a living?

Solvo said...

Each state has it's own UCC codes. You want to start under Chapter 3 Negotiable Instruments.

Elmer Fudd said...

Solvo said...

We've already gone through this, and I am not fle or everyone wouldn't be asking for he and guy to appear. Nice try, though.

Just thought i'd bother you alittle...:P

newyorklife said...

The CCR site is back up and running, and fle put in an entry today.


Elmer Fudd said...

It has come to my attention that a group of people spearheaded by Bill Julian, a Dorean Broker who is trying to remain "invisible" is CURRENTLY marketing the Dorean process without acknowleding TDG and is using Dorean statistics of 2500 Free and Clear, etc. The presentation was the exact Dorean process minus the Re-Fi stage. They purport to have 1 free and clear property under their belt and some in the works. Maybe they have their own collateral Estop...Good News :P

KYHOOYA said...

To: tocob247 id bet you made that kind of money LOL you got to be some piece of work as for your kid, (I don't recall using any names) but you needed somthing to bitch about other than answering the ?? I asked as I new you would hey you go right ahead take a shoot at mine see if I blink I no where I come from & were I stand so you see theres nothing you could say that could chang any of that, Oh and the fact that I get up and go to WORK might mean iI know that my family think of me just fine but you go right ahead and take it for what you want (jump on that better than train to try to make your self feel or look better ) I see right through itAT LEAST i CAN SAY THAT i KEEP MY WORD AND DO WHAT i SAY I'M GOING TO DO YOU ON THE OTHER HAND DON'T for example did'nt you say you were done posting and were not coming back you can't be doing the things you say in here about work or your life and have such a low selfrepect issue that makes you have to go back on your word to respond to post in here what a joke you are theres no way you could possably be work any kind of job and have the time you spend on here posting and if you made the money you say than $3000.00 + exp. you lost would'nt matter much and keep the (I'm here to save everyone from themself's shit for somebody eles) with said to answer your ??? I'm a contractor and have been for 19 years married one kid very happy other than, I don't like getting ript off by creditors or anyone for that matter. Anyone tells me I can't do anything about it ( or act that way by there actions) I made about $25K + expences & the last time I checked my expences and such were about $258K I like to keep the money were it belong working for me as I worked for it. so do the math. I've had my company for 15yr. and counting and know what it takes to keep it running and as I said there no way you could spend the time you do here and be making anything like you said and you go on telling yourself that your not the piece of shit and that you are here to help but I'm here to say your full of it and YOUR WORD DON'T MEAN SHIT TO ME ) anyone that can't do what they say there going to just means that they just do what the benifits them the hell with the resest again WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE! L8R

BY THE WAY IT KYHOOYA DUMSHIT AS IN (Keepyour head out of your ass)

KYHOOYA said...

To Solvo give me a break not fle. than your @#$%^ under his desk

Solvo said...

Final Jeopardy. This person happens to be Solvo.

KYHOOYA - Who is fle, Alex.

Alex Trebek - Ohhhhh. I'm sorry KYHOOYA. That is the incorrect answer. How much did you wager? That leaves you with Nothing, but we have a nice parting gift for you. A batter operated toaster oven,

KYHOOYA said...

Solvo said...
Final Jeopardy. This person happens to be Solvo.

KYHOOYA - Who is fle, Alex.

Alex Trebek - Ohhhhh. I'm sorry KYHOOYA. That is the incorrect answer. How much did you wager? That leaves you with Nothing, but we have a nice parting gift for you. A batter operated toaster oven,

5:48 PM

Your kidding me, A batter operated toaster oven, do you know how long I've wanted one of those? Thanks, Please send it to me right away.

Send care of: KYHOOYA
thats:(keep your head out of your ass)
2417 Bulwishieum Court
Havyurway Ca, 92578

whichever way you want it no matter. nice catch on the pilvering web site.

KYHOOYA said...

to:Seen it in Utah said...
I am trying to restrain my surprise relating to the last two posts. Somehow the surprise just isn't there. I also expect that I will still feel no surprise when both Johnson and Heineman are convicted. And will feel no surprise when many of their victims realize that they have, in fact, been taken for a very expensisve and disappointing ride.

10:48 AM

What, are you here to rescue everyone from them self's too. I see just another spoon to stir the pot. It shur must be getting a bit hot up the in those bankers control seats huh? Keep it comeing it know matter the juggernot has been started ther know stopping it now. Good luk L8r

KYHOOYA said...

To: solvo ops(pilfuring)(pillfiring) well here's what i'm tring for (steeling). I'll have too look that one up. L8r

tcob247 said...

Khooya....I would really like to respond to you.
But, I really need someone to translate what you say.
What dialect of english is it that you are speaking.
I have never seen this particular sentence structure and spelling.
I have to read it 2 or 3 times to try and make any sense of it.

Anyway, just because you have a hard time believing that I can make that kind of money doesnt mean there are people in the world who can't.

Maybe that is why you don't, because you limit yourself.

It doesnt matter if I am a millionaire or a pauper. I don't like to lose $4,500 to someone who broke promises and shaded the truth. Simple as that

Are you interested in seeing proof of my income or do you just like to come on here and spout off your negative garbage.

My e-mail address is tcob247@hush.com.
E-mail me and I will scan my check stubs and show you the proof.
By the way, my final numbers for the week were $31,012.50.

Post your e-mail address in here so I know it is you that is e-mailing me.
You interested in the truth or are you just jealous?

By the way, yes I did go back on my word and post again in here.
I am sorry.
Will you forgive me?

This is an open forum isn't it?
I shouldn't have made that mistake.
I apologize.

I have 4 great kids and I am proud of them.
Two of them are in the military.
You really stoop low when you drag them into this with your name calling.

Shows me your integrity

KYHOOYA said...

To:tcob247=( True Collective Obediant Broker 24/7 hr. a day you spend here posting your neg.

habakkuk said...
I can see that tcob247 is back again....i thought you said you were going to get lost for good. You just cant resist the urge to kick someone when he's down can you.

tcob247 said...
I believe the people who are being kicked when they are down are the clients


Their you have it folk's the first time tcob247 stand's up to help and the help he give's is too KICK THEM WHEN THERE DOWN SOME MORE!
If you don't mind I'll opt out when it come's my turn for help from you. I like to keep the medical cost down as much as I can. WHAT AN ASS WIPE YOU ARE

BY THE WAY FOR THE RECORD (to criedisize or bagger 24-7) I don't sit around and do nothing,as you stated in one of your other post That's for dam sure. as for you that's another thing.

Answer me this oh riguous one saver of all you think need it. ? if your here too help warn people that mightbe thinking they want to go through the program frome them making a big mistake as you stated earlier on this blog that was why you were here that hers my ?? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE IF THE RESONE FOR YOU BEING HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS TO SAV PEOPLE FROM MAKING THE MISTAKE YOU MADE, YOU CAN;T JOIN THE PROGRAM NOW SO I GEUSS YOUR JOB IS DONE IS'NT IT GO AWAY LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD. QUIT SHARING SO MUCH OF YOUR MISRABLE DEPRESING PETHEDIC LIFE WITH US. There are others out there that need you PLEASE GO SAVE THEM AND leave us be. oh yah last but not least Mr. I WORK FOR MYSELF SO YOU CAN DO WHATEVER WHEN EVER YOU WHAT CAUSE YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. That right there say's it all for me mr. boss if you really worked for yourself you would know this: YOU HAVE LESS TIME, WORK HARDER AND JUST TRY AND GET TIME FOR YOURSELF THAT STATMENT SHOWS ANYONE HERE THAT DOSE WORK FOR THEM SELF THAT YOU DON'T BECAUSE THE LAST THING YOU HAVE IS TIME TO DO WHAT EVER WHENEVER HAWEVER YOU WANT. You go ask around and see what feed back you get on that statment there oh Mr. Boss Man but that statment amoung others like: "You got it EZZZ," "I WISH i HAD YOU JOB," I have heard from time to time from employees of mine and others. the grass asways looks greener on the other side well you better get back to work Mr. Boss WHAT A LOSSER YOU ARE why don't you go back and see if you can find three things on this blog that you have posted that were possitive I bet you that paycheck you said you made this mouth against mine you ca'nt
L8r Losser

marys_sick_of_the_BS said...

\"newyorklife said...

The CCR site is back up and running, and fle put in an entry today.


I say, who gives a flying crap about libo fle? Let\'s not shift the focus from \"their fraudulant activities\" (like you could prove that your bond was valid in court) to the more important issues:

-why don\'t you post more info on the current status of the collateral estoppel funds that were promised? I heard that the funds are in escrow.

-When will they be paid out to the first 500 clients?

-When will the rest of the 2500 get paid their damages?

-Who dropped the ball on this?

-How will the clients get their damages?

-How are we clients to be assured that there will be no more problems with flunky employees as Kurt suggests?

-How are we clients to be assured that the FBI won\'t confescate the funds if they ever get into our possession?

-If the disclosure web site is ready, then why is it not published so that we can input our claims?

These are the more pressing issues fle, not whether another broker is continuing the process conducting so called fraudulant activities. I can assure you this, we clients DON\'T GIVE A FLYING CRAP ABOUT YOUR PETTY BROKER BS and even care less that you\'ve posted that on your forum! Tell us when we can expect the damages that were promised! This is what we want to hear.


KYHOOYA said...

to: tcob247 I'll say this, you must love that hole you live in, Cause you don't know went to quit, do you? I'll make this short and swe.. well I'll make it short anyway. You would be best to find someway to post other than all of the derogatoy, dispitful post that you do now all you can be here for is to get some kind of jolly off of others and your statment about help others so they don't become victoms is b.s. at this piont. Look around what thret is there to anyone joining up with dorean anymore so if that was truly your objective that ,Job Done but if that was not and ou continue to post the neg. dihearting and out right spightful messages and comments to all that hold on to there chance of redemtion and by your own words you came itto this looking for something to change what possion you were in let it go and let other have there piece of mind to let go or see it through I mean there is know point to carring out your hate anymoer if you do it is not at dorean its you just tring to be an ass. Now I've tried to be as nice here on this post as I get I would consider this.

2nd. I would reconsider putting you pay or anything out to sonmeone you don't no here or anywhere it could have very devistating resultes in so many differant way . Just my two cence take it if you want

3rd my finger is tierd and can't type another word so plz concider what I have condence here for the sake of saing to much and let people be it;s ther life live your own. TO SEND WARNNING WHEN KNOW DANGER IS AT HAND IS IN IT SELF DANGERESAND CAN CAUSE HARM INTENDED OR UNINTENDED As for the rest of it if it make the differance to you than hey what ever you what me to beleave about you that know problem I beleave

have a great day!
Then share it with someone whos not.

try getting everyone to do that, Mortgage elimination would'nt be a thought. L8r All

KYHOOYA said...

To : Mary's sick of the B.S
dam nice post. So Ferral how about it you think you can muster up the balls and do somthing that woorryy about your broker rights and get something that a move forword,

Don't point your finger at someone to blame because if you look at you hand you'll find three fingers pointing back at yourself

Alls well that your intentions were but that don't make it right, get some answers , some thing , and that crape about what the other broker would have closed up and ran along time ago is no excuse STAND UP if you beleave that is FLE.,Guy, kurts dad , office staff, swiss bond oh! did I say that if it there and was put up for a instrurment that a bond is a bond go after it ( judgement just a thought.

L8r have a great day

KYHOOYA said...

Help I can't stop posting someone plz help. just tring to lighten up the mood LO alittle ha ha..

hope you all have a great day!

tcob247 said...

khooyah....you are too funny.
I believe you post more than I do.
Also, you are incredibly more negative

I have to read your post two or three times just to understand it.
Are you an educated person?
Are you sure you are self employed?

I noticed how you side stepped my challenge to you so that you would know the truth about my claim.

Seems you are scared of the truth.

It is much easier for you to get in here and flame me than to actually seek out the answers.
Typical of your type. My offer still stands

By the way....I TOTALLY agree with Mary sick of the bs post.
You hit the nail right on the head girl

Have a great weekend.

Jesus loves you too khooyah

livinginxs said...

Well said Mary -

son of a prophet said...

I am still here. I check this blog once in while.

None of these posts makes any sense to me as I have said before.

Its hard to believe that some (most) of the posts are not from the same person (or two) as the grammar is so ridiculously poor as to be contrived. No one who could have an understanding of banking at this level could really possibly speak/write so poorly as some of these posts. What a way to pretend one is different people posting.

Anyway, they dont want religious posts here, so I have ceased posting.

Still waiting for my 1,000,000 Iraqi dinar that I bought on e-bay to arrive. Then all I have to do is wait for the exchange rate to climb. And this might be soon as gold is starting to make a break toward $500/oz.


complainers suck said...

Didn't Guy come here and say the he and fle are still taking phone calls? Well if any of you are clients, why don't you call either of them, instead of begging for it on this blog? Maybe you are not a client, therefore, it's none of your business?

So, to Mary (whom I doubt is a female), tcob247, etc., if you want these answers pick up the phone. Otherwise, you must not be a client, and have no standing to make a phone call for your answers, so you are reduced to begging for it here like a crack addict, which makes your motives perfectly clear.

newyorklife said...

Looks like someone knows how to use that noggin' on top of their shoulders.

KYHOOYA said...

Anybody know were I could find some of that KOOL-AID that I heard about in an earlier post. From the looks of everything, now would be a good time for a good long drink.

I read a story a couple of days ago I thought I might share, and no I don't care if anyone want's me to or not. <:.

So it news clip went like this: Working on his farm located in a small town of Ohio as he did most days. Henery Penrea was 82 years old and had lived on that farm for nearly 60, he had never been in any trouble with the law and new just about everybody that lived there, So when one afternoon he was taken by suprise when a helicopter and 10 or 12 federal officers in suit. As they landed they started asking henry questions about growing "Weed" and looking focasing on this large plant that, He asked what they wanted and if they had a warent too witch thier reply was thet saw what looked like a pot plant when flew over and the man pointed at this bush in the yard witch could'nt have looked further from a pot plant as than you can think of and as quick as they came they were gone. Well this made henry a bit upset and not being one to take crap from most henry wanted to know why these people just came on to his property without cause. he started think and it came to him as he talked with some others in town. The fact was that that henry likeed to get on this local radio show and voice his opion about the way this great contry of are is " Going to hell in a hand basket" and that it's largly do to that lying no good President Bush and he needs to be replaced before it;s to late. He would go on about the state of thing and how if the peiple of the contry don't wakeup soon there is not going to be much of one. he had talked with the radio station and found out he was not he only one that had something happen to them like he had. Whhen Henry put it all to gether it made sence that someone had heard the radio spot and that was a little visit from as he put it (President Bush henchmen) told not charged him with any crime but to make sure that he knew that they wre lisening and he better be careful what he is saying. The comments that he made on a local talk radio show that were less than possitive still get said by Henryand so has the story I just told you as henry said ""Somebody's got to get the message threw to the people out there before it's to late and that he had thinks that G.Bush should be inpeached for lying to all the people here and that there starting tto see that he is a snake and that the election was fixed tthere was not rtaht many people here that voted foe him not the second time.

Well there you have it from the biggest little town in america and what we need to do about just some of the things that our contry has wrong I didn't want to type the whole story and hope you got the jest of it I sure you did but like he said we all need to "WAKE UP BEFORE WE DO AND THE COUNTRY THAT ARE FOUNDING FATHERS GAVE UP SO MUCH FOR IS GONE!"

With that said I 'll bid you all a far well and hope of a better tomorrow but I'm not too optomistic from what I have read and seen here. It very well seem's that Kool-Aid might be the end result when it all done if some changes arn't made very soon.

AS for Dorean Kurt, Scotty My hat's off too you. You have set in motion juggernot of questions that wheather your a supported or not need to to be answered. I hope in it's wake will forever change a country of people that no of nothing differant that have only for a short time expereanced what it's like to live with nothing and looking for you next meal is the bussiness of the day.

I will say this for the one's who are sure to have differant feelings about this post or the process I say to you, That all though Dorean lacked what I beleave may have been unforseable for anyone is the foresight to see the onslought that would be put in motion by there upheville and expresion of won battles by the promotion to harvast the people needed to win (BY THE WAY, THE ONLY HOPE OF EVER WINNING A CORRUPT GOV.) the unwillingness to let go WHEN THEY SAW THAT IT WAS MORE THAN THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO DEFEAT all of the work to got them to that point ( BROKERS,BACKING,BONDS,LEGALRESURCH,AND MONEY TO NAME JUST THE SHORT LIST)when they thought all they had done was well enough and not willing to give this work up they went for it ready to FIGHT and WIN even if they had though that maybe we need more (LIKE THE PEOPLE ALL FIGHTING TOGETHER AS ONE) THEY AS YOU WOULD NOT HAVE TRIOWN IT ALL AWAY THOEY TRIED TO RALLEY US TOGETHER BUT THAT WE DID 'NT IS THE TESTEMENT TO THE FACT THAT THE POWERS TO BE COUNT ON THAT AND ONLY STEP IN AND CAUSE WHAT IS NEDED TO STIR THE POT AND WE FOLLOW RIGHT AS HISTORY SHOW WE WILL AND THAT TAKES CARE OF THAT FOR THEM WE ARE OUR WORST ENEMY AND THERE BEST DEFENCE Has this caused it harm it has but every day we see ad's out there telling us that there idea or product is the best and will dio it all and then they say. so we buy it up and sometimes it work's out and were happy and sometimes it don't and we bitch but for the most part we go try another something don't we? what I see here is someone willing to put up more than anyone at the chance of it working out and doing everything he can to insure that it will but did'nt see what was gioing to kill it ( THE LACK OF YOU AND ME STAING STRONG) who would see this you would think that everybody would see the buig picture and it would be a no brainer but nope were the stupid one and the ones to blame for the end result.

So to all of you who are in suport of Dorean (Kurt) I say well you spun the wheel and you number didn't come up if you lost big as I no some have look at it and ask your self were you about to loses some of that or manybe alll that you lost any way before you signed up ( why would you be looking for mortgage elination or alike if you were'nt only thing logical ) so pick up the pieces and move forword what ever that maybe for you I can't say and would not blame you for any chose that gave you a close to it.so good luck in all of you future ventures

and for the rest out there who may not of lost or it has not the impact of others I say to you mostlt the same but that you as we all must take thae responcability of you action and face the outcome know that for the fact that we all could not stay strong for whatever the resone it was that in it's effect that defeats that is the one constant if you look on this blog you will see as people come and go with there suport and non-suport as the wave of opertunity show's ask youself what brought you here in that you find your answer to were the blame or such belongs and to you I wish the same that you find success in all your future indevers anyway I've said too much and not enough but time to move on



I have one last post taht I would like to share but don't have time now just for th erecord taht will be my last but it s non retorical in nature.

KYHOOYA said...

O.k. I've just read my last post and see the reson for everybody telling me thta they have to read it two or three time's br fore they understand it in my defence i'm not stupid (oh! like that don't open the door for for comments)
two things Firsst is that I have a cordless keyboard that has at time been none to miss letter's or any number of thing if batteries get low or iI turn away from screen when typing ect. Why I find the need to explane this is beyond my but here I am doing it arn't I/
secondly there could be any of the following at differant times happening when posting do to the small screen , lack of time to proof read and my mind go's why faster than I could ever think of type. so at time I may look at a sentence and think that would sound better another way by I don't remove the parts that I retype ot it never gets proof read at all ect. ect. bha bha right with that said I will be changing .... well let's face it the liklyhood I'm going to change anything except the batteries in my keyboard is nill to none so as you have stated you may have to read two or three time but you get it in the end right ? get it? o.k. last facter being that I don't have the time to post in the day and sometime it just gets late so I have hit that go post butten noing that there were a lot of mistake's but said the hell with it I need to get to sleep as is the fact now so hope this has shed some light on that issue and we all can move on as for the one's that felll they mist there calling as a high school english teacher please feel free to corre...I mean go @#$%^& yourself hey but in a good way! o.k?

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