Wednesday, May 24, 2006

V (5/7/06)

I hear there is a movie out there called V is for Vendetta. That it shows the truth through fiction of the Vanity of the Vice of tyrannical government over its Victims. May all learn from these Visions. V also stands for Victory and I like the symbolism of this letter in that two paths are taken from one point. You see Victim or Victor all stem from the same set of facts. It is merely choices of the Vanquished or the Valiant that determine the path. Verbose rhetoric Vacillates the weak while Viral faith recognizes it as Vile. Vast Visits of Vermin does not Verify the truth. Only Voracious Vigilance will get you through this Vortex of Vomit. Verily I say unto you that the Varied path of the V holds the Voice of reason or Vertigo and only you can choose the way you'll go.


WillToFight said...
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WillToFight said...

Heavy use of the Letter V

I think I get it Kurt! Keep on the path , you know the key (Volume), the verbs the vibration (positive)!

And the Word was made Flesh!

Kurt Said...

It is merely choices of the Vanquished or the Valiant that determine the path.

I choose Valiant!

habakkuk said...

LOL!! Nice one Kurt...VERY good. For a crazy lunatic (so says the judge) you sure got a lot of witt.

The Lord be with you.

KYHOOYA said...

Now if Spock form the planet Volcan were only here. He could only say one thing & that is....?

\\ //

Peace Brother

If blind by site, let it not be by vision of insight.

Fight onward & let the witless witness the power to be free........

Good to see that through it all you can keep a light sprit about you.

q:^)> L8r Dudes

With that said. Your turn SOP .... Take it away...... you old treky you.


imbigo said...

We'll be there Friday...

see you then or maybe not!!!

either way we're ther!!!

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


mogel said...

House leaders demand FBI return papers. Sound familiar? The FBI must be trying to find a "V" (victim) somewhere that it can bait.

AP - 1 hour, 21 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - House leaders of both parties stood in rare election-year unanimity Wednesday demanding the FBI surrender documents it took and remove agents involved in the weekend raid of a congressman's office. "The Justice Department must immediately return the papers it unconstitutionally seized," House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

Yetter said...

From Dennis Hastert point of view, it's ok for us to trash the constitution,but don't step on my constitutional rights and take my unholy records. What a bunch of whores.

mogel said...

Speaking of "V", here is a link for you:

Justice7777777 said...

With so much wisdom overflowing, how did Kurt ever wind up in prison?

I can't wait to see what letter sponors sesame fraud street next week!

neodemes said...

" With so much wisdom overflowing, how did Kurt ever wind up in prison?"

My guess would be, transported by Van.

Speaking of Sesame Street, is the Cookie Monster still stealing his lunch?

Yetter said...

speaking of fraud and sesame street, the citadel of honest mortgage derivatives fannie mae stock, is getting cheaper,you should load up.

WillToFight said...

Justass666 said...

With so much wisdom overflowing, how did Kurt ever wind up in prison?

Neodomenes said...

Speaking of Sesame Street, is the Cookie Monster still stealing his lunch?

Mogel, Yetter

Here these two go again! Juvinile responses in an adult blog!

When they were not here for a few days, I thought they might have taken some of the facts from this page showing the awesome corruption that has permeated our goverment.

Then try and see that they are not safe from the clutches fo the New World Order themselves.

But I guess they enjoy licking boots in group think and lockstep hoping they will get a crumb.

Do you know who your enemies are?

WillToFight said...


How do you respond to Fannie Mae (CEO accountants others) stealing 11 Billion.

Then the Feds and others come in and give us a show and just slap they're hand with a 400 mil fine. The land of "Nod" public accept this!

Do you?

Damnit I want to know where the 10.6 Billion went! I want that back!

I want someone in jail. If Fannie goes bankrupt who cares. We don't need companies that are criminal any way!

Justass666 shouldn't some of the employees at Fannie Mae be in Jail. Shouldn't we want the whole 11 Billion back in the public coffers?

Come on Guys you really have a chance to shine here.

WillToFight said...

The Politics of Paranoia and Intimidation
Why Does the NSA Engage in Mass Surveillance of Americans When It's Statistically Impossible for Such Spying to Detect Terrorists?

FLOYD RUDMIN | May 25 2006

The Bush administration and the National Security Agency (NSA) have been secretly monitoring the email messages and phone calls of all Americans. They are doing this, they say, for our own good. To find terrorists. Many people have criticized NSA's domestic spying as unlawful invasion of privacy, as search without search warrant, as abuse of power, as misuse of the NSA's resources, as unConstitutional, as something the communists would do, something very unAmerican.

jackie said...

has anybody herd from Dr Fred. in the last four days he not pick up the phone or email. thank you

WillToFight said...


Did you get his may update

WillToFight said...

The U.S. Government's Long History of Experimenting On Military Troops & Their Own Documents That Prove It


Learn the unsettling truth about the various causes of Gulf War Illness
Depleted Uranium Exposure, Chemical & Biological Exposure,
Experimental / Investigational Drugs and much more...
2 Minute Trailer Available Online

mogel said...

Will To Fight: Humor is sometimes used as a weapon to deflect the truth to make the truth look silly. Neodemesne & Justice666 do that quite well. I see their future occupation as a stand up comedian in some dive of a nightclub. Their sarcasm is only exceeded by their ignorance. Whoops! My mother use to always say, "sarcasm is just a tool of the Devil." I just want to know, can you say "doodoo" in Court or is that just simply too unprofessional to say & could get you cited for contempt for saying that too many times?

Course the Strawman argument is just basically saying that the "Court is out of order." I wonder if that is enough for getting cited for contempt? Afer all, didn't Mr. Spielbauer get cited for presenting a frivilous argument of "vapor money" & Judge Alsup said he should have known better than to present this argument that has been shot down in other Courts, but Mr. Spielbauer presented this argument anyway, & got cited a contempt charge of what was it? $10,000 or $20,000, or $25,000 Dollars he had to pay, can't remember. The proof is there in the Judge's actions that the lawyers obligation is first to the Court, (don't present anything we don't want to hear) & then lastly to his conscience of beliefs. I assume a client would come second in that priority, not really sure. The irony there is Mr. Spielbauer never got the opportunity to even defend his brief, not even for a brief moment, because he got caught with his briefs down, whether Mr. Spielbauer was competent or incompetent, we'll never know because he was never examined by a psychiatrist from the State. LOL.

oksurewhynot said...

Reality check
The court will play for awhile and then reel it all in - like a dealer at a Vegas table.

Pray for these 2 misdirected souls.

Elmer Fudd said...

WillToFight said...

Did you get his may update

That means you need to send him more money..