Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Last Question (3/2/06)

All the staging is complete and the final question to be answered before one falls in battle and one remains standing is one that has supporting evidence for 2 right answers. Only one is right here and in this guidance we could use your prayers. Jesus never spoke what He was not told. Faith coming by hearing. Then you have God listening to man and backing up His words as though they were His own. Then calling things out which are not as though they were. As we come to our last and all important task which of these is God’s method? I guess there is a built in default here in that if I don’t hear by the deadline (soon) than I must call out as though thing were. Therefore it is a decision that will be made whether I get the comfort of foreknowledge or not. Regardless He who deserves the glory shall have earned it.

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