Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angry God Alternative 2-17-10

As opposed to the solitary deity of idolatry you can imagine Pantheisa such as the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Hindus etc. The problem for man is the deciphering which God deserves what loyalties. If one’s life is indebted to a creator, a fertility God, a game God, an agricultural God, a weather God and the list goes on what alms go where? These gods being equal but not unified are given over to competitions and petty jealousness. How do you have clear lines of demarcation when your herds prosper under good weather and abundant crops to feed them. This collective of gods still leave you with an angry God though you can deceive yourself that the one whose blessing and favor appear can be an advocate to the angry one. Every approach is trepidations and dreadful. No relationship is ever contemplated only appeasement. The simplest version of this is Ying-Yang for the lost generations depicted in cartoon through Mad Magazine as Spy vs. Spy. Each side is equal and one is good and one is evil, presumed to be black and white. But when you have equality in opposition there is no advantage or anything superior. Good cannot triumph over evil. The best is a stalemate. How creation could occur from a stalemate I cannot fathom. Besides there is no morality in this scenerio because to evil good is evil. If you happen to place your allegence with either rside you will perceive your status as good. You can’t even enjoy the idea of fair since unfair cannot be derived from euality. The forces of Starwars are fanciful impossibilities. No matter the imagination of man in designing his religions or Gods he will always come to God with the limitation of creation. No one could have fathomed the unified one god revealed to man. He is the only possible God that can explain creation, the contradictions in our being, and our relationship to Him. This God is like no other. He is not angry and seeks not appeasement only relationship. Of course the relationship forces a loss of rebellion or religion the two levers of our pride and control. There is superiority, righteousness, truth, that is exclusive, goodness and evil. A real being that can’t be imagined that will be the other of a relationship. There may be many alternatives but there is only one God.

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