Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appealing Thoughts 3-29-10

I recently completed the supplemental brief which should be filed on or about April 1, 2010. This represents the completion of what we thought most relevant to raise. The appeal process is a very tricky process where one can talk too much. Literally an appellant without any argument from the government can affirm his conviction. A civil society truly would not promote a system like this. Those who say it’s the best in the world and think it fair are sheltered and naïve. But with the Lord’s help even two nobodies like Scott and I can prevail amidst the perilous traps. This brief was sent via email to the lawyer so it can easily get posted on this site if you’ll find it interesting. It is cutting edge at this moment. A timing I believe was under the providential control of the Lord. There are basically 2 arguments. The statute is void for vagueness as applied and a speedy trial violation on the indictment. Even Bill Julian could get his conviction reversed with this argument supplemented with the fact 1,349 cannot stand alone without a predicate offense. Unfortunately for Farral and Dewey they pled out to charges different than our indictments so none of these arguments are relevant. I sent this email to a few clients who can confirm its content and origin once it is posted. My opinion of briefs even my own is they are just a practice of judicial masturbation. Truth, justice, integrity, are not the virtues available in a system of witchcraft. Pretend, mysticism, conjuring of spells in the recognized language. When a favorable ruling comes down I can promise you it will have absolutely nothing to do with the merits of the case. That was Alsup’s job to obtain a trial irrelevant to any real facts. The appeal process is a separate bottle not about facts but procedure. Did we pressure enough error in the procedures to survive Alsup’s machinations of evil? We shall soon see. The oral arguments are set for May 10, 2010. The court can rule anywhere from 2-9 months after this date.


judge allslop said...

Crime syndicate takes another hit, Alsup bullshit rebuked.

The U.S. Supreme Court scaled back a favorite tool used by prosecutors in fraud cases, ruling in favor of Jeffrey Skilling on his conviction for leading the Enron Corp. accounting fraud while stopping short of granting him a new trial. The court also sided with former Hollinger International Inc. Chairman Conrad Black, telling a lower court to reconsider his corporate fraud conviction. With both men, the effect on their convictions will be determined by lower courts. Skilling’s lawyers said before the ruling that a victory on the honest-services question would give them grounds to seek reversal of the rest of the conviction, along with his 24-year sentence. The government has said even the conspiracy verdict that was directly before the high court might not have to be overturned.
“We’re back in the game,” Daniel Petrocelli, Skilling’s lead lawyer, said in a telephone interview. He said today’s ruling would be “fatal to the government’s case.”

Fatal in the Dorean case as well?, more decisions coming.

judge allslop said...

Criminal enterprise Fannie Mae ran crooked books for years, got caught, ran insane risk models for years (80:1 leverage), got caught again, the second time by the market and essentially forced the government to step in lest they default on over $3 trillion in paper sold to, in large part, the Chinese. Now, having screwed you, the taxpayer, through outright fraud and ridiculous risk-taking and being a prime architect of the housing bubble, they now propose to bend you over again.

WASHINGTON, DC — Fannie Mae (FNM/NYSE) announced today policy changes designed to encourage borrowers to work with their servicers and pursue alternatives to foreclosure designed to (assrape anyone who does what banks and other commercial entities do every day )– intentionally default when it suits them. Defaulting borrowers who walk-away and had the capacity to pay or did not complete a workout alternative in good faith will be ineligible for a new Fannie Mae-backed mortgage loan for a period of seven years from the date of foreclosure.(pompus assholes) Borrowers who have extenuating circumstances may be eligible for new loan in a shorter timeframe may be able to make a campaign contribution to Congress to have their penalty status lifted.(what the f#@& does this mean?)
“We’re taking these steps to highlight the importance of working with your servicer (our desire to screw you twice )– once via forced taxpayer support, and now directly,” said Terence Edwards, executive vice president for credit portfolio management. “Walking away from a mortgage is bad for borrowers and bad for communities (Pumping housing prices was ruinously bad for the economy but our executives made millions doing it and now that the bubble has collapsed we have to get whatever we can from those who got scammed, and our approach is meant to deter the disturbing trend toward strategic defaulting individuals from availing themselves of the same options that major banks undertake every single day on their commercial properties). On the flip side, borrowers facing hardship who make a good faith effort to resolve their situation with their servicer will preserve the option to be considered for a future Fannie Mae loan in a shorter period of time (to be ripped off a second time by buying another overpriced house).”
Fannie Mae will also take legal action to recoup the outstanding mortgage debt from (financially rape borrowers) who strategically default on their loans in jurisdictions that allow for deficiency judgments. In an announcement next month, the company will be instructing its servicers to monitor delinquent loans facing foreclosure and put forth recommendations for cases that warrant the pursuit of deficiency judgments (for prohibitions on the sale of KY Jelly and Vaseline in those jurisdictions).

near the end said...

sop yo is a fol

near the end said...

sop da oil gona stops an yo's gona cry lik thee litle grl yo's is. HA HA HA

Car said...

I owe a bunch of you a I'm sorry. I've been researching this for quite some time now and have come to the conclusion that Kurt and Scott have been right on all along and falsely accused; again I'm sorry.

Yetter said...

Nothing like a good barbecue and a cold beer on a summers day. God's speed gentleman, I'll throw one the barby for ya.

sopsback said...


me to, i am gong to trow a couple of fish on the grill and fry them!!

and i wont even need to use any oil!!

just take them right out the freeza and trow dem on the grill!!!

they alrady oiled pretty good.

just trow dem on the gill, and in 2 mints they a nice dark brown reddy to eat!!!!

even my buddy own a fish and chimps joint, he say he can save money on the oil.

when he haf his special on friday, fish an chimps, he just trow da fish in da frylator and he dun even need to put oil in it. they all reddy to cook. it save him lot of money.

he not to brite, but even he sayed dat he no dat there was a good side to dis oil mess.

Yetter said...

Just to set the table, how about a history lesson from a couple yrs ago.

"I thought I would take a moment to clarify some truths. The mail fraud statute was created to protect the public from frauds and swindles related to money issues. At the time these were cons of counterfeiting bank notes. Banks issued their own notes and securities. The mails were being used to defraud victims far away from the cities where these frauds were initiated. Now, as 1341, it is being used far outside the in­ tent of congress. For this reason there £s no implementing regulation to make it a positive law. All those arguments about how the feds got jurisdiction are entirely bogus. They don't have subject matter jurisdiction, they never have, and they never will. From the moment they attacked us they were the criminal. Now let's pretend for a moment that the statute is positive law. The enhancement for financial institutions is not a penalty issue alone. If your theory is correct than congress has created a statute hybrid where part can be proven by the standard of preponderance and part by the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. Explain how this is not barred by their constitution. Look at title 21 § 841 and you will see how there is a separate penalty section. This is how congress addresses their penalty intent. If congress wants to create a penalty enhancement for just sentencing purposes like guns (Title 18 920's) they pass a separate statute. When they change the existing statute like they did in 1989 to 1341 they added elements that if pled would have to be proven. Why did the prosecution always go mute on this subject and Alsup lose all the color in his face every time I brought this up? Why is the FBI trying to develop another indictment if I'm truly going to be down for 25 years? Mortgage and Dorean are irrelevant to 1341. Alsup is the lawless one. All those kissing his ass by following his lead are as lawless as he. You should fear your ignorance not these pirates. I could go after every BoP staff, every clerk, prosecutor, marshal, and judge who has touched this void prosecution if I wanted to. Making them pay the price might be the most loving thing one can do for a person lost in a stuper of ignorance.. brutally enforced.

The conspiracy fails as 1341 does. Neither of these charges can or will prevail. I'm going through this suffering and the motions to protect all of us from crooks while the bankers and their bullies abuse me and confuse you I know right where I stand. I know their weakness and as so as the bullies fail it will be exposed. I wish some of you critics were capable of debate. You don't do any study and merely repeat a fool's retort. You will all disappear when you lose the advantage of deceptive circumstance. Most of you were patriot fans this year but who knows next year. You bet on Alsup be­cause you think he can't be beat. This you do only as a hopeful fan, not one with know­ledge. Prove my comments on 1341 wrong as a favor to all of us. If you can't maybe you should check your own bilge pump, I think it's a little backed up."

Yetter said...

The bankers all withdrew with nothing to plea, Neo, Judge and Seven shouted with glee,down in one with conspiracy, who was damaged?,the duo had the advantage.
Is that crow and barecue I see.

sopsback said...

yo no nuttin', dats write?

whaver hoppens to dat guy nickles and dimes?

he loose all his change invesin with burly baal??

never herd from him anymo?

was wah his name??

bruise cucumber o sumthing???

i no his namel was sum kind of vegebull?

Yetter said...

If God be with you, who can be against you.
Those that pay the least usually expect the most. The chump change required gave a few, little incentive for understanding and to gain the knowledge needed to go the distance. Those that assail you are the asses and retards that support a moraless judicial system and a wholly corrupt mortgage industry.

sopsback said...


"may the oil be with you..."

for a very long time.

dont even nedd to buy sultan loshun when i go to the beech

i get free SPF 1000

all i gotta do is go in the water a few seconds and im all coated up, fully protocted.

sopsback said...

yo "awareness" is about to be tested.

"We're going to have to evacuate the gulf states," said Matt Simmons, founder of Simmons and Co., an oil investment firm and, since the April 20 blowout, the unflagging source of end-of-the-world predictions. "Can you imagine evacuating 20 million people? . . . This story is 80 times worse than I thought."

rember ppl, that the govt. is not going to call for a mass evac, like they said on the rense webbots show the other nite.

they will not do that, because it would immediately collapse the economy, as it would mean that

1) houses are now worthless

2) land underneath them are now worthless

3) therfore, mortgages have now become worthless

4) thus banks have now become worthless

can you see the 'chain reaction" of events?

why they will not declare an emergency evac.

so, ppls awareness is going to be tested.

do you leave, or stay?

if you dont leave now, you may never leave and die there.

will you wait until you step outside your front door and smell oil and say, 'i think it time to leave now'....

it s too late then.

and the oil is not going away.

its not like if you have an odor in you bathroom and you put some bleach in the bowl and wait a few hours for it to go away. you cant stay in the bathroom and breath the bleach, but you can just go into anhter room.

but you cant do this with the oil smell.

there is no other place to go hide from it.

if you wait there until you smell the oil, you will never get out alive from there because you will have to go 000's o miles and everyone esle will be thinkg the same thing: escape

the roads will be jammed with moving vans.

you may really want to think about getting a MOPP-4 bug mask to allow you to drive away from it?

sopsback said...


EXTREME ALERT-MOVE YOUR FAMILIES NOW!: Inside sources have informed me that Full scale Gulf Coast evacuations are expected to begin in next couple of weeks--With Methane now surfacing and Bubbling in Florida waters the potential for a Methane Explosion of unimaginable devastation now comes into focus Further Law Enforcement Sources are being Advised of "ESCALATING VENT DETERIORATION" Two Definitions were provided to me--First "VENT" DEFINITION-"The opening in a volcano from which gas and molten rock erupt" and "ESCALATES"- DEFINITION GIVEN-"To expand step by step as from a limited or local conflict into a General NUCLEAR WAR"--to become unmanageable--You don't need a rocket science degree to read between the lines. Ten Years ago after the Papua New Guinea Earthquake in which "Burnt to a Crisp" bodies were pulled from the Fiery Seas-Stan Deyo and I did multiple Radio programs together over the years, warning of the Methane Hydrate Problems off our Coasts that could turn into "Seas Of Fire". Now maybe you can understand our warnings in perspective!. With massive numbers of Military assets being moved south it is being stated, that Martial Law initially will be on a regional Basis,. You will have no choice-- as you will be moved against your will, to places you really don't want to be moved to. Have you wondered what will become of everyones "stuff" thats left behind in abandoned homes and offices--THEY HAVE!--"To the Victors (THE NWO CROWD) go the spoils"! I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider all the above information and use your GOD GIVEN FREE WILL TO MOVE. There will be a complete shutdown of all commerce and Industry in the Areas affected by the Forced Evacuations. Don't assume your credit cards will work at this time, as a "Cyberattack" is to be Launched against the "US FINANCIAL" System concurrent with the mass evacuations that will deny access to funds--Have Cash on Hand to get you where you need to go. LIFE AS WE HAVE KNOWN IS ABOUT TO TAKE AN APOCALYPTIC CHANGE--FOR THE WORST. Now's a great time to get right with JESUS-as he told us this stuff was going to happen in Matthew 24,Luke 21 and in the Book of Revelation--May the GOD OF HEAVEN Guide and Direct those who "CALL OUT TO HIM IN REPENTANCE AND FAITH". —Steve

Additional Info from Wayne Madsen Reports Emergency preparations in dealing with the expanding oil menace are now being made for cities and towns from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Houston, New Orleans, Gulfport, Mobile, Pensacola, Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater, Sarasota-Bradenton, Naples, and Key West. Some 36 FEMA-funded contracts between cities, towns, and counties and emergency workers are due to be invoked within days, if not hours, according to WMR's FEMA sources.

sopsback said...


i tawt i taw a puddy cat...

i mean i tawt tat tay wood haf slop the oil by now...

it lookin' mo an mo like stop was rite and they cant slop the oil. when he sayed...

sopsback said...

G-d said...

Maybe I will just let the oil continue to run and let it kill everyone.

sopsback said...

cant say that i blame you for doing taht...

they a lots of evil ba*tards on this plant fo sho.

near the end said...


sopsback said...

godd boy!!!

dont be scarred!!!

be a man.

"right till the end" said...


sopsback said...

dun be liek the scarcrow in the 'the wiz'

or cowly line ehter ho nedded curage.

of course, all the ppl ho daid in WWI and WWII werent scarred ehter, else they wunt have gone in the first place.

they werent scarred, but they still daid jest the same.

sopsback said...

teh only case yo got is if yo take you dg money adn leaf the cuntry.

maybe go to elaska o submting.

or maybe ant out a car, mabye their.

everywhere esle, no good.

yo tell me, where yo gonna go?

yo cant run,

yo cant hide

from the oil.

mabye yo bleef it will stop?

even if it stop yseterday, the long term damge will take effeccts in 6 monts.

fish supply cut down.

tonic rain spoil the corps/farms

everything all just f***ked up

seriously, they no where to go?

i joke about it beacuse what yo gonna do?

carck up over it?

die with yo boots on like the solders.

near the end said...

sop u gona hve tooooo xplan yo's slf dn't unerstan wht's yo's sainan. I thunks u a crasy grl. is yo's on yo's proid.

From yo's post yo's sems to be a crazy grl who's dnt's belive's in GOD.

sopsback said...

lastest one from burly baal:



Puppy Twist (really has nothing to do with puppies, just thought that was a good name)
This was brought to me by someone I have known and been in contact with since before we moved to Mexico
ten years ago. This is an incredible opportunity with an excellent assuredy of it happening and with a very short
window attached to it to fund it. I simply cannot tell you the actual program this opportunity is associated with.
Don't ask me. I am actually a member of that real program also, but I do not have the opportunity with it that my
friend does to share with you. He can't come to you directly with it, which is why I am administering it. For those
of you who have been on my listserve for the past ten years, you will trust me on this when I say it is good and
should happen. For those of you who haven't and don't know me well enough, you will probably lose out on an
opportunity to make some quick good cash here, like 200x your money in very short period of time.

I have been proposed an opportunity that you should take advantage of. Without going into too
much detail, suffice to say it is akin to a venture capital offering. If you are not sure how that works, you
can google several venture capital sites ( and this is becoming a common
way to raise funds for many businesses as well as causes.
He is offering a one-time opportunity to realize a 200X return on your contribution. Because I am
administering the payment portion of this offering through my Liberty Reserve account, we will be
offering purchases on incremental units of $25. Each $25 unit will net you a $5000, one time payment.
We do have a limit total of 1500 units available and a three week deadline to fund it. If we reach the
required units before the deadline we will obviously close the offering. All units up to the 1500 limit, will be
put into the venture. Payout will come at such time as the venture is able to withdraw its capital. This is
estimated to be sometime before the end of this year. We will then do a spend back to your LR account.
If, for some reason, we are not able to fund by the deadline, we will refund your unit(s) only. Any units
funded over the 1500 available will be refunded promptly. We do not have to have 1500 units sold to put
this into effect. Any number of units go to work. It's just that if we don't sell 1500 units we leave a lot of money
laying on the table that could go to helping someone. Because of the private and confidential nature
of this venture, I am not able to share much more about this, but the venture is well conceived, the source
reliable and the capital achievable. This is not just US and Canada. This is available anywhere Liberty Reserve
is available, pretty much worldwide.


sopsback said...

Since Liberty Reserve has a receive fee, and we have to cover two of these; you to me, and me to him,
do a spend of $26 for every unit you wish to purchase. 1 unit $26, 2 units $52, 5 units $130, 10 units $260 etc.
Spend to Liberty Reserve U5267776 (detailshere)
In the memo box of the spend put: PT, Your first and last name, your email addy, and number of units desired
Example: PT, Berry Ball, , 2 units

Make a copy of your spend to include the transaction ID number after you do your spend.
You can also go into your history file and find this transaction ID number.

Confirm your spend.
Send an email to with the following information in it.
In the subject line put the same thing you entered in the memo box of your spend
PT, Your first and last name, your email addy, number of units you purchased.
In the body of the email put:

Name of program - Puppy Twist
Your Full Name
mailing address including city, state and zip code
home phone number
cell phone number
normal email address
gmail back up email addy in case that one goes south
Your liberty reserve number and username
Paste in the email a copy of your liberty reserve spend that includes the transaction ID number.

That's it. Simple. Don't make it complicated. There is no reason this program will not deliver. This is actually
in process of funding now. What I can't tell you is all the detail he shared with me about why and how he is able to do that. Only 1500 units available, at $26/unit, no mas.

sopsback said...

For those of you who haven't and don't know me well enough, you will probably lose out on an
opportunity to make some quick good cash here, like 200x your money in very short period of time.

200X yo money eh???


it even better than the dg.

the govt. should iinvset in it and close the deifict.

sopsback said...

For those of you who know me well enough....

yes, we no.


send yo e-gold to "derailshere" beefo yo go off track.

wht we no is dat yo will loose yo money quick beefo it make 200X yo money.

yo haf a beeter chance of clening up the oil spill in 200 minutes than making 200x yo money.

sopsback said...

For those of you who haven't and don't know me well enough, you will probably lose out on an
opportunity to let me make some quick good cash here, like 200x my money in very short period of time.




ho can i make some 'quick good cash'???

should i start a HYIPs list like yo did an get all the fool to send me e-gold or LR??

sopsback said...

That's it. Simple. Don't make it complicated. There is no reason this program will not deliver. This is actually
in process of funding now. What I can't tell you is all the detail he shared with me about why and how he is able to do that. Only 1500 units available, at $26/unit, no mas.






and then, you wait.

for what?




sopsback said...


near the end said...

SOP your a crazy girl and from your posts u don't believe in GOD.

near the end said...

SOP your a crazy girl and from your posts u don't believe in GOD.

near the end said...

SOP your a crazy girl and from your posts u don't believe in GOD.

judge allslop said...

Bankers Shopping List
√ Legislative Branch of America
√ Executive Branch of America
√ Judicial Branch of America
√ Millions of Individual American homes across the nation
√ Rights to Collect Deficiency Judgments for Decades into the Future (effectively creating indentured servants to appraisal-fraud based debt)
√ America’s Present and Future
Mission Accomplished?

judge allslop said...

What's with Watadope? Same thing as Allsuck, too much BofA.

(St. George, UT) – A Notice of Appeal to Federal Judge Clark Waddoups court order vacating an Injunction against Bank of America and its subsidiary ReconTrust Company halting all foreclosures in Utah was filed Friday, June 25, 2010 by St. George attorney John Christian Barlow.
Barlow told KCSG News he was “troubled by Court ruling but unrelenting in pursuit of redress for his client (Cox) and other homeowners who have become victims of mortgage lending gone mad.” Barlow said he has motioned the court to allow Cox’s complaint to include a “Class of Citizens” currently in foreclosure in Utah. Barlow contends his client’s rights to remedies were taken away from her by a faceless lender who continues to overwhelm homeowners and the judicial system with motions and petitions as a remedy instead of making a good-faith effort in face-to-face negotiations to help homeowners as the Utah legislature intended. The David and Goliath legal battle over federal versus states-citizens rights is headed to the 10th Circuit Court. Judge Waddoups’ Memorandum of Explanation in support of vacating a statewide Preliminary Injunction halting all foreclosures by the Bank of America only served to raise more questions.
1.) Why is the judge’s ruling at variance with his previous rulings this year as noted in a Letter to Judge Waddoups submitted to the court June 10th, 2010 by the Plaintiff’s counsel John Christian Barlow, Esq. and E. Craig Smay, Esq. and posted June 21, 2010 in the court docket, after the Ruling and Memorandum of Explanation.
2.) Why did Judge Waddoups essentially brush aside the Plaintiff’s pleading that included the Supreme Court decision Cuomo vs. Clearing House Association in which the Court said…“If a State chooses to pursue enforcement of its laws in court, its targets are protected by discovery and procedural rules” meaning a state has a right to enforce its own laws against national banks.
3.) Why hasn’t Judge Waddoups recused himself from all Bank of America or ReconTrust Company related cases since he was a senior partner in the law firm Parr, Waddoups, Brown, Gee & Loveless now Parr, Brown, Gee & Loveless that represented the Bank of America in Utah Fourth District Court, Case No. 070402786 before he took the bench. And, the law firm continues to represent the Bank of America and its subsidiaries. According to the Code of Conduct for US Judges, a judge should recuse himself when there may be a conflict of interest.
4.) Why shouldn’t Judge Waddoups recuse himself from any case in which his old law firm represents either the plaintiff or the defendant until he takes full distribution of his retirement fund with the law firm as disclosed in Judge Waddoups most recent Financial Disclosure Statement that shows he only took a partial distribution of his retirement from the firm’s 401K

林志宏 said...


judge allslop said...

Bored sometime? Track the history on this company, it will amaze you.

California jury orders Fidelity units to pay $5.7M

The company had been sued over a mortgage fraud scheme.

A California state court jury this week ordered two subsidiaries of Jacksonville-based Fidelity National Financial Inc. to pay $5.7 million in punitive damages after finding employees of the companies played a role in a mortgage fraud scheme. The San Diego jury also said the two companies should pay a share of $1.1 million in compensatory damages awarded to three investors who filed suits over the scheme.The lawsuits alleged that employees of Fidelity subsidiaries Chicago Title Corp. and Chicago Title Insurance assisted a Southern California financial planner, Rollo Norton, in fraudulently obtaining loans for a condominium project.
Norton, who pleaded guilty to mail fraud, testified that an escrow officer and a local office supervisor at Chicago Title knew what they were doing was wrong.
“We’re pleased that the jury found by clear and convincing evidence that Chicago Title employees participated in this fraud,” said Michael Kirby, an attorney for the plaintiffs.
Mark Schiffman, chief litigation counsel for Fidelity, said Thursday that there were 10 claims filed against the Fidelity companies. He said after a 4½-month trial, the jury found in favor of Fidelity on six of the claims and another claim resulted in a hung jury or mistrial.

佩春 said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................

sopsback said...

i like to joke around with burly baal, but i thing that he a good guy...

but he crack me up with his:



over the years, i have invested in doxens of burlys HYIPs and loosed money on every singel none of them.

and i never once even send him a nasty emial or nothing.

never even made a complian about him to anynone in any agency.

burly a good egg, if yo like pains....


sopsback said...

i like to joke around with burly baal, but i thing that he a good guy...

but he crack me up with his:



over the years, i have invested in doxens of burlys HYIPs and loosed money on every singel none of them.

and i never once even send him a nasty emial or nothing.

never even made a complian about him to anynone in any agency.

burly a good egg, if yo like pains....


sopsback said...

rember a few weeks ago, somenone name 'slop' say dun be srupise if yo see a nook plant go....


rember that?

sopsback said...


National Geographic News
All power plants that use steam to turn turbines to produce
electricity rely on water for cooling, regardless of the fuel
source—coal, nuclear, natural gas or oil. “If the water supply
for these facilities becomes contaminated with oil, cooling
water systems could be damaged. The nuclear plant at Crystal
River, FL, supplys 1.6 million people in Florida with power.
They will shut this down if the oil too close to
the water intake system at the plant.


sopsback said...

The nuclear plant at Crystal
River, FL, supplys 1.6 million people in Florida with power.
They will shut this down if....

dat guy slop must have ESP/N on his cable tv or sunting to no dis...

sopsback said...

"They will shut this down if....

is this the same as gong....


i tawt so?

sopsback said...

better strat checking prices on 'dialup'


near the end said...

sop it loks liks u maks ups all ths chit yo's a weirdo.

judge allslop said...

Good God, how deep is this rabbit hole going. Next it will be Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. It seems the joggers from Quantico are front running for the crime syndicate. A network of Broward County attorneys, law enforcement officers and mortgage brokers are accused of falsifying a slew of documents to obtain $16.5 million in loans that they used to buy and flip properties during the real estate boom, according to an indictment unsealed Wednesday.
Federal prosecutors said the Broward-based group was organized by ex-Plantation police officer Joseph Guaracino, who recruited five other current and former cops in that city as well as a Lauderhill officer and an FBI agent. They allegedly posed as “straw” buyers who pledged to buy and live in 38 condos and homes in Broward and Palm Beach counties. The defendants, arrested Wednesday, are accused of conspiring to submit false income records, job descriptions, bank statements and loan applications to dupe lenders in South Florida and elsewhere from 2004 to 2007.
But their real goal — disguised by the false paperwork — was to rent the properties and then sell them, thereby “realizing substantial profit,” according to the indictment. Without working together as “straw” buyers looking for primary residences, the individuals would never have been able to quality for so many mortgages and generate handsome profits, the indictment says. Some of the profits were used to purchase even more homes. The real estate closings were handled by prominent Fort Lauderdale attorney Steven Stoll, who owned a title company, and Boca Raton lawyer Stephen Orchard, who worked with Stoll. The title attorneys falsely represented to the mortgage lenders the source of the down payments from borrowers needed to close the transactions, according to the indictment returned Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale. Stoll’s attorney Robert Nicholson on Wednesday defended his client, saying, “Steve Stoll is very disappointed the government has decided to ignore the substantial evidence of his innocence.” Two other mortgage brokers and a processor who worked for Stoll were also charged. Although the law enforcement officers didn’t use their positions to carry out the alleged mortgage scheme, their case stands out amid a recent flurry of federal loan fraud prosecutions because it involves eight current and former law enforcement officers. The 13 defendants named in the indictment will have their first appearances in federal court Thursday.
This indictment charges a group of individuals who conspired to enrich themselves by committing mortgage fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer. “It includes a number of professionals who betrayed their profession for greed, and in the process, undermined the integrity of the mortgage marketplace on which we all rely.” Among others named in the indictment: Joseph Guaracino’s brother, Dennis Guaracino Jr., and John Velez, both former Plantation police officers. Velez, a former SWAT team and Street Crimes Unit member, was named Plantation Police Department officer of the year in December 2004. Also charged: current Plantation officers Daryl Radziwon, Casey Mittauer and Joseph DeRosa, along with Lauderhill officer Joseph LaGrasta. FBI agent Robert DePriest, of Plantation, was also arrested. An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment. In a statement, the Plantation Police Department said that in June 2007 it became aware that several of its officers were possibly involved in mortgage fraud and requested the assistance of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.
FDLE, along with the U.S. attorney’s office, notified the department in January that three of its officers were targets of a probe. They were immediately placed on administrative leave with pay. On Wednesday, their status was changed to unpaid leave.

judge allslop said...
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judge allslop said...
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judge allslop said...
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judge allslop said...
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judge allslop said...
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judge allslop said...
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sopsback said...

why yo post the same antricle 7 tym es?


da ppls hear cant red or sumthing?

judge allslop said...

OOP'S. Held that last m-80 a little too close.

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near the end said...

sop you are a weirdo why don't you leave noone here believes anything you say.

judge allslop said...

How will (how much?)Billy Alsup,BOP,FBI,the states of California and Utah apologize to Dorean trustee's and clients when they become the plaintiffs.

Kidnapping survivor Jaycee Dugard will receive a $20 million settlement from the state of California following a claim she filed against the state's Department of Corrections for the "psychological, physical and emotional injury" she suffered as a result of their "lapses" in dealing with her accused kidnapper.
The 30-year-old Dugard said in the February claim that if not for the state department's lax monitoring of Garrido- who was on parole for ten years of Dugard’s time in his control- she would have been discovered sooner. In 1972, Garrido was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year old girl (the case did not go to trial since the victim refused to testify). In 1976, he kidnapped and sexually assaulted Katherine Callaway. Catherine Murphy, his former wife, has also said that Garrido was abusive, alleging he kidnapped her when she tried to end their relationship.

sopsback said...

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judge allslop said...
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near the end said...

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judge allslop said...

In the process of securitization your mortgage changes owners. In some cases this happens many times. The paperwork in many cases has been lost, is incomplete or simply impossible to sort out.
If you do not believe this contact your servicer and try to hunt down who now owns your mortgage. You will be stonewalled almost from your first inquiry.You will note here that servicers in some cases are getting huge money. For what? They are supposed to be simple middlemen between your payment and funds transfer to the lender, therein being paid for the service, hence the term servicer.
If you pay the servicer, but the present owner of the mortgage does not get the funds, you will be sued for payment. You will have to sue the servicer to get your funds back. If servicers had to be bailed out that means they were not operating as a fiduciary, but as a speculator of some sort. You can therefore be royally screwed. If the real lender does not get paid you should be asking what happened to your money?

Dr. Caligari said...

We shall soon see. The oral arguments are set for May 10, 2010. The court can rule anywhere from 2-9 months after this date.

It didn't even take them 2 months. On July 6, 2010, the Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed all of Johnson's and Heineman's convictions and sentences.

judge allslop said...

Congratulations on your victory, there is no bank mortgage fraud.

judge allslop said...

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Regardless of whether Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or a securitized Trust Fund purportedly “owns” your loan, the Servicer controls your destiny. Back in 1995, I first started seeing Servicers manufacture a default on a current loan and institute a foreclosure action even though the consumer had made every payment on time. Once this process begins, it is virtually impossible for the consumer to straighten out the problem and get back on track. This is because the Servicer’s policies, procedures and technologies are set up to automatically trigger a series of unstoppable events once there is the slightest deviation e.g., an increase in your interest rate on an Adjustable Rate Note, an increase in escrow items, a late payment, or bankruptcy.
Through the mortgage auditing work that I have been doing since 1991, and particularly with all of the expert report writing I have been doing over the past two years analyzing the securitization of these residential mortgage transactions, I can tell you with certainty that even though the noise has quieted down since the bailout, the house of cards is crashing down at lightning speed.
I subscribe to the Bloomberg Terminal to research whether or not my client’s loan is in a particular securitization trust which is tremendously helpful. For example, an attorney I am working closely with here in Massachusetts has a client who was facing a foreclosure sale date of July 15th. The foreclosing entity was Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee of the IndyMac INDA 2005-AR1 Mortgage Loan Trust-AR1. Using Bloomberg, I was able to establish that the loan in question is not being tracked as an asset of the Trust. I wrote an expert report laying out the fraud; the foreclosure was canceled; and now the foreclosing law firm is begging the attorney I am working for not to sue them.
There is so much fraud throughout the system that it is unimaginable. We are now living in a criminal culture where the Banksters are running the show with impunity. Virtually every subprime securitization I have audited is suffering default rates between 20% to 57% of the entire portfolio. Each of these securitizations is a Ponzi scheme. There was never going to be enough money in the system to return the investors’ principal. Those in the know (spell that SERVICERS) knew these loans were designed to fail and purchased credit default swaps and other derivatives to short the deals.

judge allslop said...
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notorial dissent said...

Well Kurt, I was going to ask you how you celebrated Independence Day, but then I realized that you couldn’t, since you’re still locked up, and going to remain locked up for a very very long time to come.

Then I was going to ask if you’d bothered to tell the faithful few that your oh so impressive supplemental brief wasn’t oh so impressive, to wit, it never made it in the door. But, I know better than to expect that kind of honesty out of you.

Apparently the Appellate Court’s gag reflex is still working though where total drivel is concerned, but hey, the one you did get in the door was amazing in it’s own right. Imagine trying to put that much tripe in one place and then attempting to serve it up to the court with a straight face, and the hope of not getting sanctioned for wasting their time. I will give your attorney credit for having found some almost reasonable sounding excuses for your nonsense, not that they were anything but wishful thinking. She did a really good tap dance, unfortunately it was to the wrong music.

And I know better than to ask if you bothered to let your faithful few know that not only was your appellate brief denied, but that it was roundly and soundly laughed at, chewed up, and spit back out. You can take heart in that you must have provided a little amusement for what must have been an otherwise dull and boring term.

You do have kind of a unique distinction, not only of being a twice convicted felon, but of having beend judicially declared a fool, that, and in a published opinion no less. Way to go Kurt, always knew you had it in you, and always said you were a larcenous fool, now I’ve judicial proof of it. I don’t remember when I’ve seen an opinion from any judge that comes straight out and calls a fool a fool, but then you always were special. They also pretty well tore your attorney’s attempts at damage control into little itty bitty pieces of confetti, and then they stomped all over them. Like I said, way to go Kurt.

Appellate Brief OPINION “The record clearly shows that the defendants are fools, “

And I particularly like the last part,

V. Conclusion
For the foregoing reasons, the defendants’ convictions are

sopsback said...

some nun said...

"....there will be a "public perception" of the dorean group..."

....and a 'private' information of whats really going on....

which nun was that?

from which order of nuns?

was it the sisters of mercy?

sopsback said...


ho yo meen?

jimmy noone?

dats it!

noone said it!!


sopsback said...

but if noone said it, ho can it be troo??

sopsback said...

but if noone said it, ho can it be troo??

becoss noone donst lie.

Joseph said...

Kurt said: "The oral arguments are set for May 10, 2010. The court can rule anywhere from 2-9 months after this date."

Seems to me if a decision is already made in the appealate court and it's less than 2 months later, the court didn't really seriously consider the real issues.

Maybe it was meant to be that the case should be held in the highest court of the land in the Supreme Court?

Some things you can always count on. For example Notarial Dissent to "come and throw things in your face when things don't go your way." If Christ were to come back and see the behaviour of Notarial Dissent who pretends to be the source of might and right, we would certainly say, " If that is what it means to be a Christian, I am certainly not a Christian." When a court lowers itself to "name calling", like using the word, "fool", than the court has lost all decorum and credibility.

There are constants in life you can always count on irregardless of opinions that are meaningless.

The Dorean Group hava always been in the right since day one. That hasn't changed and never will irregardless of feeble and prejudicial opinions.

There's more than one way to skin a cat. This is not over.

sopsback said...

some nun said...

This is not over.

sopsback said...

hey, somenone.....

waht kind of mints do yo like?

choc mints?

pepper mints?

raspberry mints?


how bout' settle mints?


i tawt so.....

near the end said...



Dr. Caligari said...

From the court's (unanimous) decision (bolding added):

"Defendants Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman were indicted for conspiracy and multiple counts of mail fraud related to their illegitimate debt-elimination business. They were adamant in their desire to represent themselves and assert an absurd legal theory wrapped up in Uniform Commercial Code gibberish. Both defendants were examined by a psychiatrist and found to have no diagnosable mental disorder. . . . The judge practically begged them to accept counsel but they refused. The district court found that the defendants were competent to represent themselves and that such was their constitutional right. Defendants now contend that Indiana v. Edwards, 554 U.S. 164 (2008), decided by the Supreme Court after their trial concluded, required the
district court to terminate their self-representation because of what they describe as their 'nonsensical' legal 'antics' after the trial began. They say they may have been competent to
stand trial but not to represent themselves.

"The record clearly shows that the defendants are fools, but that is not the same as being incompetent. Under both Faretta and Edwards, they had the right to represent themselves and
go down in flames if they wished, a right the district court was required to respect. There was no legal or medical basis to foist a lawyer on them against their will."

sopsback said...



Joseph said...

Notarial Dissent said: "I was going to ask if you’d bothered to tell the faithful few that your oh so impressive supplemental brief wasn’t oh so impressive, to wit, it never made it in the door. But, I know better than to expect that kind of honesty out of you."

I was going to ask you Notarial Dissent if you were perceptive enough to know that THERE IS ALWAYS a lag time between Kurt's writings and when they actually get posted, but why bother asking that question when you know it's true, so it's really quite unrealistic to expect someone in jail who has no access to a computor to immediately post the news of the appeal denial. So how you can pervert such facts into some sort of hiding of real timely events to be tantamount to dishonesty, is really quite immature on your part. Maybe that's a new low for even you.

Appellate Brief OPINION “The record clearly shows that the defendants are fools, “

It appears to be a fact that the Court violated the Defendants rights to a speedy trial, so the only fools are the courts and those administering so called justice.

And to say the mail fraud statutes are vague, does not make someone a fool no matter how you want to twist the record. A vague statement is just not enforceable.

All this shows is further evidence that the courts are conflicted and prejudicial.

When Judge Alsup said, "he had never seen such bad faith before" referring to Kurt's filings and doings, this is also more proof that the Courts are the one's protecting the banking interests who are the real criminals here.

I don't believe for one moment, the statement of Judge Alsup as being genuine or true. It's just a statement of putting someone down for just the effects of the moment trying to make Kurt look like the most horrible person the Judge has ever met. To think that the Judge hasn't ruled over murderers, rapists, arsonists, and the like and to make such people on a higher character level and of "better faith" than Kurt is pure nonsense by Judge Alsup. It shows the Judge has an agenda to serve.

I hope all those Judges have good fire insurance policies because at the Lord's coming, they will surely be burnt to a crisp and who will be the fools then? The wicked will not stand that day for sure, no ifs or ands about it. The Lord will not put up with this nonsense much longer.

sopsback said...

Joseph said...

"They were adamant in their desire to represent themselves and assert an absurd legal theory wrapped up in Uniform Commercial Code gibberish."

How ironic that the Judge would say that when Judge Alsup indicated that the Uniform Commerical Code couldn't be used in their criminal defense because the court said, "the statutes that they were charged with "had nothing to do with the UCC." In other words, they were barred from even defending their theories. So in essence they were denied due process pure & simple. That's an appealable issue right there.

judge allslop said...

Crime syndicate brown noser's Dr no and Tony the talking jackass couldn't contain themselves, masturbating over court appointed loser's first brief. Guess they don’t know more than one can be submitted. Will friends of Bill (FOB) throw their head magician under the bus, not willingly. Much more to come and the rumors of Doreans demise are premature.

habakkuk said...

Near the end said....

"Hey sop do you like fried chicken and watermelon like them negro's do."

And you claim to be a Christian? Gimme a break. Pathetic.

near the end said...

I'm just like notorial dissent.

Notorial emailed me and said he was sorry about what he said but he just could not bring himself to do it in public on this blog. Good man notorial i'm sure Kurt forgives you.

near the end said...

Habakkuk, What in the world can you find wrong with that comment.

It's a known fact that Negro's love fried chicken and watermelon, just like japan folk like sushi and mexicans like taco's and italy folk like's pasta. Geeeeeeeeeeee's your rolled up tight arn't ya dude.

Also I'm serious about notorial dissent he did send me an email apoligizing about what he said about Kurt.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
sopsback said...

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it wee wee need to cum to a conkwusion, yo no wha i am thaying?

judge allslop said...

They have successfully kicked the can down the road which we know they are masters of and was the intent in the begining. The meter is running on them as well.

judge allslop said...

How sad,no honor amoung criminals.
"Suicide" huh?

Hundreds of Federal Agents Fall Victim to Ponzi Scheme

(July 8) -- FBI agents are supposed to unearth scams, not become victims of them. This time is different.Some 300 retired and current federal agents -- representing the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- collectively invested tens of millions of dollars of retirement money in what turned out to be a Ponzi scheme allegedly run by a Florida man who committed suicide last month, an attorney in the case said. The FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission are now investigating and trying to recover funds."There are definitely [agents] who have lost their life savings," Fort Lauderdale attorney Michael Goldberg, who is representing the victims, told AOL News. The reaction of the agents? "Pretty much what you expect," Goldberg said. "Shock and anger." Behind it all, authorities said, was a self-described retirement investment adviser named Kenneth Wayne McLeod, 48. For years McLeod served as a trusted adviser to federal agents around the country, making free financial projections for retirement and in some cases offering high-yield returns of 8 to 10 percent on certain investments, according to an SEC filing in the case. On June 22, McLeod was found dead in Jacksonville, Fla., of a gunshot wound. His Florida-based companies, Federal Employee Benefits Group Inc. and F&S Asset Management Group Inc., appear to have been shut down and all assets frozen, authorities said. Calls to both numbers went unanswered this afternoon and the voice mails were full.McLeod allegedly mentioned to prospective clients the names of many federal agents he knew, including straitlaced FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, according to the website Gang Land News, which reported on the story today.

sopsback said...

they shuld of invested with burly baals Hiyps.

they wood of make mo money.

esp. if they got in early.


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Ruby Walters said...

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