Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Victim Of Victor 3-09-10

Someone wrote that they lost their house to a Wells Fargo foreclosure even though they were making their payments. Also they expressed that they were my victim. I would like to say to you that your desire just to live a peaceful existence without any troubles is a utopia vainly imagined. First you claim to be my dupe and second could not defend yourself against an unlawful foreclosure. I am not picking on you for your state saddens me but you must recognize that in 5 years of exposure to myself and Dorean you have progressed little and your sentiments are all retreat. You will not find the repose you seek for predators will always find you. I do ask that you don’t give up on me so at the end when I am given opportunity to complete my work you will have saved all the information on what’s transpired so I can deliver you. I am not a dupe of the government or Wells Fargo. Each of them I fear none I respect their power and cunning but they have seriously underestimated Scott and I. I do not boast in us but I have seen what simple men of faith accomplished in battle. My prayer for you is that you will shun away from foolish thinking and ponder what happened to you in light of what God desires to bring to you. Then you will understand better where joy and rest can be found and will not see yourself as a victim but a victor. Please, please, please be a good steward of the records and I will use them with my victory to secure yours.

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