Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 Feasts 1 Truth 1/19/10

In the Jewish culture 7 Feasts were established as Holy convocations to be observed. Observing these feasts in their type or allegorical meaning reaffirms this solitary truth of Christ as God incarnate. The gospel (good news) message was and is that God condescended to lift a fellow creature into a loving relationship within the Godhead. This initiation is God generated and God executed. These feast established this truth. In the Jewish culture that had a civil new year or calendar and a spiritual new year or calendar. Based upon the selection the order of these feasts would be determined. In the spiritual year Passover is first. Let us use this calendar as reference.
Passover: Is God supplying a propitiation remedy to death. Christ is the fulfillment. God here does the work.
Unknown Breed: This is the type of removal from the sins of man. Christ again fulfills this type by His burial for 3 days.
First Fruits: This was fulfilled by Christ on resurrection day. He rose as the first over comer and the gateway for all who would follow.
Harvest: Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrives to remind and confirm the witness of the work of Christ. Still man has contributed nothing to his salvation.
Trumpets: Here the blasting proclamation of redemption is heralded with silver trumpets. Now the complete work of Christ with the aid of the Holy Spirit makes its testimony known to man individually and collectively. Revelation happens in upon us. Interestingly this is the fifth feast in our order the number for grace. The gospel revealed is grace to mankind.
Atonement: This is our Sixth Feast and six being the number for man. Finally, the completed work of Christ has been revealed to us through the proclamation of redemption and we enter a valley of decision. Will we accept the loving invitation or reject. Will we take His atonement or face Him as a rebel? If the acceptance occurs our 7th Feast arrives.
Tabernacles: Dwelling with God. Not as creature/creator but in the intimacy of husband and wife.
This has been a very cursory review but a complete analysis would only not you greater revelation that Christ did all the work and any religion that demises or adds to this work. is ignorant of the nature, value, and potency of that work. 7 Feast proclaims the sole message of the goodness that Christ sought you out and made a way of provision to supply all you lacked.

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