Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sitting In Judgment 2-11-10

I have finally discovered in the annals of witchcraft that is called law in this country what crime has been committed against Scott, Donean, and I, and ultimately all the clients. I have been able to from first instance know I was being victimized but was lost in the effects instead of the cause. The tragedy in all this is that all those from Alsap to the fruit inspectors will continue to think a criminal got away with one when this casa is overturned. They are so wise in their judgments that they cannot confess of their own criminal conduct. Still the Lord proves He is a deliverer from wickedness and no hope is blossomed in their hearts and no repentance in their spirit. This is our lot without God. We are criminal injure innocence and then are offended if their innocence prevails. Not one “I’m sorry” will ever reach my ears. Not one “God forgive me” will reach the Lord’s. This case was on the large seals the corruption in each of our hearts where we all sit as judges. The best ending to this story is for all to come to the truth of God and His judgment. Though all the evidence is squarely before everybody’s eyes, blind men will not see it nor cry unto God for His merciful healing.

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