Thursday, June 24, 2010

Habitual Liar 2-01-10

One thing fasting can teach you is the habits of the flesh. It is amazing how the body rants against this truth “man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” If one spent any time in fellowship with God enough to know His words they could easily recognize that their body was a habitual liar. I am surrounded by creatures of habit. All day I can watch gang members, Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, Pisa’s, sick, and staff all behave according to fleshly presumptions. None take a moment of spiritual pause to even challenge these presumptions for facts or truth. The 5 senses are the height of knowledge even though they never react the threshold of God’s word. I’ve always questioned out of my farting if my doubts are like the flesh, a habitual liar. As I’ve moved into the intimacy of God’s love relationship many of my doubts have been exposed as frauds. What’s funny is the doubts always turn to the lying flesh for confirmation. Nothing like having a liar vouch for the veracity of your claim. Ironically it is an internal exercise very similar to what has become the acceptable forum of litigation. Liars are validated by rhetoric, worthless and meaningless oaths. Like witches they conjure truth as a recipe of words formatted in ritual instead of context and fact. But truth is a wonderful substance that never changes because it flows from the love and character of a changeless God. Relating to this personality is where truth will expose all liars including the habitual ones. In fact, if one picks up the habit of dwelling with God’s life happens, and that life is abundantly full of truth, a truth that will supply bread for the flesh and the soul.

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